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Millions of Americans are living with attention deficit disorder. Get feedback from other members, discuss the latest medications, and offer advice at our ADD & ADHD support group.

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Child has it Father and Coach
Has been a problem throuout my life. Concentrating problems i grew up with it
I am a mother of five children and grandmother as six grandchildren. Me me me me you know just want my thing

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Re: Katee Questions about ADD
Sorry the previous link wasn't working. Ear lump diagnosis.   Read more...
Posted by jenalovely on Sun Sep 8

I am a over 50  woman with several deseases to call ,my own        bipo;pr, yskittzo][effective anxiety ptsd and adhd    On ywo different meds for mental amd Addereal for adhd      git a couple other names for others   but gotta keep tabs on what ya take    Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sat Apr 20

Re: mdicines
To answer your question,,,,,,, there are tons of medications out there for ADHD  i am an adult with it.....I started when I was in school.....4th grade....Got off the meds to see if I could be "normal"  Yeah right....what's thatThe medication Adderall com   Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sat Apr 20

Re: Re: ADHD & Anxiety & TTM
Quote: Originally posted by fr872foe Quote: Originally posted by mydestiny As a mother Im dealing with a child that has all 3 of the above. What can I do to make our lives normal? Or will normal ever exsist in my situat   Read more...
Posted by fr872foe on Fri May 13

Re: I'm new to this group venue (adult adhd)
ADHD is common and it can be treated with proper awareness and adequate treatment. Instead of going for pills and all kinds drugs, you can opt for the spiritual side of life through Yoga and Meditation. I have heard that it can really change the outloo   Read more...
Posted by Teddcool4u on Tue Apr 26

I just feel so scattered all the time with thoughts,what can i do to organize things right,I get so stressed and overwhelmed easily be it at work or home its very frustrating!Please Help!!!!!!I REALLY NEED IT!!!!!     Read more...
Posted by Redsox1973 on Tue Oct 12

See more...

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