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Sneezing Only in My Office

Posted by Helen76F

I never sneeze except for when I'm in my office - -everytime I walk in in the morning, I start to sneeze! Could I be allergic to something? Is it maybe a ventilation issue. or maybe i'm allergic to my co-workers lol

Re: Sneezing Only in My Office

Posted by Alwaystired73

In an old office, my co-workers and I got bronchitis several times a year.  I think it was because the ventilation in the building was bad.  Maybe  you should request that the ventilation be checked ... could be moldy?

Re: Sneezing Only in My Office

Posted by RobJ

I had similar issues at my office. We were all constantly sneezing. One reason was because of how low the temperatures were. I would constantly ask the building managers to raise the thermostat a bit. The ventilation system was also in shambles. I would definitely tell the maintenance folks about your issues. 

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