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Millions of Americans experience back pain, from muscle strains to herniated discs and sciatica. Share your questions, tips, coping strategies, and more with other back pain sufferers.

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Working mother of two It hurts!
I am married , I have grown kids and grand kids . I am employed in retail .

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support group
Hi, I'm looking for a support group that meets at a regular time and place to talk about chronic back pain. Anyone know of such a group in the Dallas area? Thanks, Ron   Read more...
Posted by Ron on Wed Dec 23

Re: Re: online solutions to pain???
Quote: Originally posted by CoEagleldy have you tried walmart, or cosco? walmart have alot of meds for 4.00 per script, and cosco is suppose to be cheaper than walgreens which has 300 plus percent, increase of their meds. my doctor gave me vali   Read more...
Posted by CoEagleldy on Sat Mar 21

Back pain during biking
I always have some back pain when I am biking.  Anyone else have this?   Read more...
Posted by jim e on Wed Jan 14

Re: Back Pain
everyones situation is different, but I would suggest pilates and yoga. Just go slowly and dont oversress your weak areas. Good luck   JM   Read more...
Posted by johnem21 on Thu Jul 10

Re: Back PAIN from "Line of Duty" Injury
Quote: Originally posted by GhandisBeliever Traumatic injuries that cause spinal neuropathy, Sciatica, PAIN and sleepless nights. I personally had a "burst fracture" that caused bone to shape into shards that severed and punctured my spinal ner   Read more...
Posted by GhandisBeliever on Tue Oct 7

Re: lower back pain from running
I swear by advil ...sometimes a hot bath helps.  Or beer LOL   Read more...
Posted by DanTFowler on Thu Sep 25

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