Bipolar Disorder Support Group

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, but with the right treatment and support, it can be managed. Talk to others about mood swings or the challenges of caring for a family member who has the condition.

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I am Bipolar 2 wth psychotic features. It's rare, most people with bipolar have "episodes". I am constantly cycling, Father and Coach
Mood swings are awful

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Has a doctor actually diagnosed you Bipolar?? Because that isn't something to go around saying you've when you really are unsure. Depression differs from bipolar. With depression it's complete darkness and dispair and hopelessness. Bpd is mania/hypomania    Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Fri Mar 21

Re: Can't Afford Your Medication
I know that at times you think there is no hope because you don't have insurance.....But you do......all towns gave aGood  Sameritan or Goodwill or Salvation Army Most towns have a Mental Health Clinic where you can ask about the help in that town.....We    Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sun Apr 21

have you hit "ashamed yet:>>>
At one point I was told that  should be ashamed becasue I am Bipolar and Skitzo=effective....  I have tried to figure out why...... I am just like everyone else.... People put stigmatisms on us just becasue we are different....I am more different than you   Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sat Apr 20

90 miles an hour with nothing to do but computer and beading. right now that doesnt saticfy, nothing seems to but when i can sleep. SOME ONE TALK TO ME FOR A LIL BIT   Read more...
Posted by turtle12 on Tue Feb 9

Re: Biopolar Disorder
My friend's 15 1/2 yr old daughter is 5 1/2 months pregnant.  She was told that she could not take any medications for her bipoar disorder while pregnant. Is this true?  I have been reading about Abilify for bipolar. Is it safe during pregnancy.  She is "   Read more...
Posted by mymalachi on Thu Jan 21

Re: Bipolar and major depression
i do not have bipolor but my husband does and we are thinking my son does. as hard as it is for the person that has it it does take a tole on the family. most people do not like to talk about it so as a wife you deal with things people can not understand    Read more...
Posted by shannonmom0f3 on Fri Nov 6

See more...

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