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Resveratrol - In Vino Veritas

 At the beginning of 1920s, it had become widely known that the lipid status of the blood and the cholesterol levels are closely related to the origin of heart and vascular diseases. However, during the scientific examinations of the general health condition of the population of the so called industrial countries, the following was reported: although the above mentioned relation is in most cases valid, the same cannot be said for the French. Despite the fact that the proportions of the lipid status have increased to a similar degree with them, as well as the blood cholesterol level, and the fact that their diet includes an adequate amounts of saturated fatty acids, i.e. they do lead a life that matches the developed countries, in their case the frequency of appearance of heart and vascular diseases is still significantly lower than in other surveyed countries.  Scientists named this phenomenon ?The French paradox?. It was soon clarified that the explanation for this phenomenon cannot be found in the genetic predisposition of the French, but that it can be contributed to the regular consumption of high-quality wines.  Namely the wine especially red wine is rich in polyphenoles that have a very beneficial effect on the human body.  The word polyphenol is a collective name for a group of compounds. This group includes so called flavonoids, lignans, camarines etc. Today, we are familiar with more than 4000 polyphenols, whose physiological effect depends on the molecular structure. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that protect our cells and our body by neutralizing the harmful influence of free radicals that appear during the physiological processes, i.e. external influences, and through this process they support our immune system, which means that they delay the beginning of the aging process. The most characteristic polyphenol found in red wine is resveratrol. This compound can be found in larger amounts in vine, in the skin of the fruit, or in grabbers, but it can be found in lesser amount in gentian, peanuts and cranberries. Plants produce it in order to defend themselves from infections. Its amount depends on the type of grapes, on the climate conditions, or the cultivation manner for example, with regularly treated grapes, since the plant?s defense is externally aided, the resveratrol levels are lower. In nature this compound can be found in four forms, out of which the so called trans-resveratrol seems to be biologically most active. The main active component of Resveratrol, as the name itself says is, resveratrol, which is complemented with the valuable grape seed extract, as well as coenzyme Q10. The most famous ingredients of grape seed extract are flavonoids with antioxidant effects, named, oligomeric proanthocyanidins OPC that play an important role in the protection of blood vessels. Coenzyme Q10 is responsible for supplying the cells with energy, with its help nutritious matter turns into energy. The combination of coenzyme Q10 and resveratrol apart from the prevention of aging also has an energizing effect that helps us conquer challenges of everyday life. 

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