Life with Chase
By Chases Mom

My son has autism and ADHD and I needed a place to be able to vent or just share his accomplishments.

Walmart the store

Chase is one of the friendliest kids I have ever seen.  Whenever we go to Walmart in our town it is never a short trip.  He knows everyone who works there by name and if he doesn't then he will by the time we leave.  He stops and greets all of his "friends" and they seem to love it.  One lady named Helen has become grandma and gives him a huge hug.  This is one of the things I absolutely love about him.  He has no prejudice and treats everyone with the same enthusiastic greeting.  You should see the faces of the older men and women when he runs up to them to say hi.  You can always tell the ones that miss their own grandchildren.  One woman was in a wheelchair and she got all teary eyed and even though she couldn't understand a word he said she pretended she did.  Chase talks a mile a minute and has a hard time staying in his own conversation let alone carrying one on with someone else.  Someday I think it would be awesome to take him to a nursing home to visit, you know they would absolutely love him.

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Chases Mom
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My name is Char and I have a 5 year old son with autism and ADHD. I also have 2 other son's one is 21 and the other is 3. My 3 year old is the only one who hasn't yet showed any symptoms unless you count copyitis.

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