Recovery from Adderall Addiction
By roxychick

anyone sharing their stories of addiction to adderall?..

prescription speed

Has your addiction to adderall led you to do things you usually wouldn't? Like, lie, steel, scam?.. to a stranger or a loved one? Looking back , I dont know what was going through my head I was A speed junkie thanks to my doctor introducing me to a tablet of amphetamines!!  I used, abused and fell victim to a full blown diseased disgusting addiction, I didnt recognize where the old , the sober me dissappeared to? I was addiction thats all that I became... Sound familiar to anyone?

M E M B E R   P R O F I L E
Life is good.. Live at let live... It is what is is... What can I do about that?
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I grew up better than I could have asked for, was always a good student through college and like to continue to stay sharp on my awareness of different subject matter

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