Cancer - Original Articles

New Treatment Options for Older Prostate Cancer Patients?

A study encourages more aggressive treatment.

Aspirin and Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Can a daily dose of aspirin help prevent cancer?

Complementary Therapies for Breast Cancer

From supplements to mind-body medicine—what you need to know.

Surviving—and Thriving—After Prostate Cancer

A survivor shares his story.

Painkillers and Breast Cancer: What’s the Link?

Aspirin and other painkillers may reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in obese women. Here’s how it works.

Diabetes and the Risk of Head and Neck Cancers

Could you be at risk for cancers of the head and neck?

Aspirin Therapy to Prevent Stomach, Colorectal, and Esophageal Cancers

Could this over-the-counter staple help prevent cancer?

Thinking Pink: Savvy Ways to Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness

Help ensure that your choices support the cause.

Breast Cancer: 6 Lessons From the Past Year

What the latest research on preventing, detecting, and treating breast cancer means for you.

Should Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Have Surgery?

The Pros and cons of surgery.

Breast Cancer and Calorie Restriction

Can weight loss help prevent breast cancer?

Breast Cancer by the Numbers

All the latest statistics on the most common cancer in women.

Should You Be Screened for Breast Cancer?

New research suggests mammograms may do more harm than good. What do these findings mean for you?

Eat to Beat Chemotherapy Side Effects

A healthy diet especially important during chemotherapy since the right foods can help boost your immunity and reduce inflammation. Learn more about what to eat during this challenging time.

Is a Clinical Trial Right for You?

Interested in participating in a clinical trial? Here’s what you need to know about trials: the different phases of research, the benefits, and the risks.

The Link Between Shift Work and Cancer Risk

Shift work (working during the time when most people are asleep) may increase your risk of cancer—learn what you can do about it.

Should You Exercise When Treating Cancer?

For cancer patients and survivors, exercise can help improve physical functioning, fatigue, and quality of life—and may improve chances of survival.

Does Alcohol Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

Alcohol consumption is a significant risk factor for cancer, but the headlines may be a bit misleading.

The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Right Mastectomy Bra

You might expect bra shopping after a mastectomy to be a different experience, but it's still all about comfort and fit.

Chemo Bath Can Extend Life For Some Patients With Abdominal Cancer

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), commonly referred to as the “chemo bath," may offer an alternative option for patients with advanced forms of abdominal cancer.

"Cold Caps" May Prevent Hair Loss From Chemo

One of the most psychologically and socially devastating side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. Although not yet FDA-approved, cold caps have helped many women hold onto their locks.

High Cholesterol May Promote the Growth of Breast Cancer

New research from Duke University Medical Center finds a byproduct of cholesterol may be linked to the growth and spread of breast cancer. But are cholesterol-lowering drugs the answer?

Can Honeybees Detect Cancer?

Research shows bees can be trained to sniff out early-stage cancer.

The Link Between Citrus Peels and Skin Cancer Protection

Can citrus zest prevent skin cancer? It may. While more research needs to be done, there is an association between citrus peel consumption and a reduced rate of skin cancer. Don’t toss that sunscreen just yet, though!

10 Ways to Avoid Job Stress When You Have Cancer

While there are many benefits to working while sick, you’ll still have to cope with job stress and the side effects of treatment. Here’s help.

Divorce Rates Among Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis may raise a woman's risk of divorce. Here's why.

Consider Becoming a Platelet Donor

Many patients undergoing chemotherapy are in need of platelets. Here's how you can help.

What's Your White Blood Cell Count?

In addition to knowing your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol numbers, you should also know your white blood cell count. Here's the lifesaving reason why.

Nanomedicine: New Options for Cancer Patients

Nanometer, nanotechnology, nanomedicine. You may have come across these terms, but what do they mean? And how can they help you?

Chemo Brain: What You Need to Know

The brain fog experienced by people with cancer can be controlled. Here's what it is, and what you, or a loved one, can do about it.

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