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How Much Should Caregivers Be Paid?
Great site is requesting your input. Go to and answer fill out the Caregiver Pay Survey:  How Much Should Senior Caregivers be Paid? It's a known fact that caregiving is one employment sector that will grow as our populatio   Read more...
Posted by StellaK on Tue May 10

Re: Bi-Polar
I have major depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder with agoraphobia, and PTSD. I take seroquel xr for all above and trazedone for sleep problems. The seroquel seems to be helping, but I am also in a very stressful living situation that con tributes   Read more...
Posted by Sheila C on Sat Apr 2

Re: What about me?
st. johns wart is very good at relaxing i know what you mean. also do you have any kind of hobbies at all that you like doing? do you have a pet that you have that you enjoy. these are the things that help you relax. i know it is very stressful taking car   Read more...
Posted by sweetheart47 on Tue Dec 21

Re: beyond stress to defeat
I  can certainly understand where you are coming from. I am in a different state but have great frustration. I am 45 years old taking care of my 83 year old father who has Parkinson's Disease. A mother who is 78 years old and has Alzhiemer's Disease, Bipl   Read more...
Posted by Daybreak65 on Fri Dec 10

Re: Help
Hi Donna, Unfortunately we have something in common, our husbands with MS.  I just joined & posted a blog.  I am Maria & we live in SWFL now since May 2008 moved from NY.  I struggle alot with my husband & it takes a huge toll on our marriag   Read more...
Posted by cuchie8614 on Wed Dec 9

I think this has been the most stressful month I've ever had. Rewarding but stressful. I moved my ex-mother-in-law into my home after her being in the nursing home for 6 years,. Her blood sugar was out of control along with her blood pressure. I have gott   Read more...
Posted by tmzapped on Wed Sep 16

See more...

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better myself
I go 2sleep early so I can bef2f plenty of rest, but when I wake up in the morning I have a very bad headache and my body feels so . weak and feeling like I hadn't slept in days why is that ? I hate it already I can, never wakeup feeling good.Read More
consequence and retribution
advair, atrovent, steroid shots, u make me sick, u stupid lungs, now dont dare quit, u got ur own self into this sh*t! now its all on you if u stay or split.Read More
Growth internallyRead More
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