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upset about sugar free stuff

Posted by motherhen44100

I get so upset because everyone thinks that if your diabetic, they need to get you sugarfree stuff. You try to tell them it is all  about carbs. how many carbs you eat. Sugarfree has a lot of sugar alcohols in them. So it messes you up, and then if you eat too many, it gives you water stools.

Re: upset about sugar free stuff

Posted by Fabulousat40

I am so glad someone feels my pain! All my co workers constantly say "She can't eat that, she's a diabetic" No sugar for her. I know what I can and can't eat by now. Back off!

Re: upset about sugar free stuff

Posted by DLee

I totally agree with you on this one. So many people seem to think that they know better what is better for you then you yourself do, I too tell people that I know what I can and can't have, and if I do have something that maybe isn't so great for me, I compensate for that later. It does get really frustrating at times, even though you know that they are really only trying to help and they think looking out for your best interests.

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