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One in four Americans will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Connect with other members to exchange coping tips, discuss treatment options, and receive much-needed support.

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I am a full time grad student working toward a master's degree in mental health counseling. My practice will specialize ... there is not enough room for that!!
I have been daigonis with depression 4 years ago my depression i feelpainlot want go a way i cannot at this point anyway

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Re: lady blue
Quote: Originally posted by lady blue iá didá thisá iá will do it for the readersáá iá do notá likeá what stress has done to me ...   Read more...
Posted by lady blue on Sun Jan 19

Re: mental health
Quote: Originally posted by lady blue Quote: Originally posted by lady blue á ... ...   Read more...
Posted by lady blue on Sun Jan 19

answers for the 16 year old son,,,,
My heart goes out to you so very much,,,,,,Fibro ain't something to mess with...I have it and I spend alot of time in bed......But to have a son that is depressed enuf to end it and top it off a cutter........I had a foster daughter like that and it wasn'   Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sun Apr 21

Senior depression
I've been depressed since I was 16.á Mom constant stae was depression and dad was an alcoholic.á Now I'll be 62 and it feels worse.á Tired of meds working for 2 months and then stopping.á Living alone and being senior is a bad combination.á Do not look fo   Read more...
Posted by MADILE on Sat Apr 28

Re: depressed and hard for family members to understand
Can totally relate to the feelings posted on this site..I have the same type of feelings and dont know how to deal with them...VERY hard not to just give up.Been on meds for years now and does take awhile to get adjusted to them ..all the sleeping andá up   Read more...
Posted by strugglewithin on Wed Jan 26

Re: Does anyone else feel like me?
feel alot like you and cymbalta 90mgs ,webutrin,xanax,gabapentin ect..too many to list doesnt make me happy or even feel like leaving the house so TOTALLY understands.........So NO your NOT ALONE :)   Read more...
Posted by strugglewithin on Wed Jan 26

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