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Diabetes requires a lifetime of maintenance, but you don't have to do it alone. Join a community of people eager to share their knowledge on everything from diabetic-friendly meals to therapeutic exercises.

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14 years type 2 controlled by healthy diet.

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Difference in Monitor Results
I have been using the same glucose monitor for at least 10 years with no problems.  I recently changed to another monitor.  The glucose results on the new monitor are running 3-5 points lower than my older monitor .  I've been using both because I was con   Read more...
Posted by gaylynn on Sun Mar 17

Re: carbs and sugar
It has been said that a low carb diet can help you in dealing with diabetes in a much better way. This will help you in the better blood sugar control. Lot of medical experts now say that eating low carb food will be very useful for diabetic patients.    Read more...
Posted by Teddcool4u on Tue Apr 26

Re: upset about sugar free stuff
I totally agree with you on this one. So many people seem to think that they know better what is better for you then you yourself do, I too tell people that I know what I can and can't have, and if I do have something that maybe isn't so great for me, I c   Read more...
Posted by DLee on Wed Mar 23

Re: A little help.......
There are some tips to solve your problem: Your blood sugar can also go too high if you do not take the right amount of diabetes medicine. You can also get sick if your blood sugar becomes too low.   Read more...
Posted by Angela Parker on Thu Dec 16

Re: Finally Taking it seriously
Good for you!  "One Day at a Time" I found some good resources at http://www.westerndiabetic.com   Good luck! Tom   Read more...
Posted by Tomboy on Tue Mar 16

Re: Cinnamon to Help Regulate Blood Sugar
lol. i put cinnamon on everything hopefully this will help me!   Read more...
Posted by JohnGreenW on Thu Sep 4

See more...

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