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Living with epilepsy can be a challenge, but you don't have to go it alone. Members of our support group can offer valuable information and support to help you cope with your condition.

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Re: Is Epliepsy Genetic?
You have to know what someone about experience seizures possess some differences on their brains than the others. There's something that triggers the mind cells, which then sends mixed signals towards the brain and begins to seizure. While having seizures   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Mon Mar 24

Re: Looking for a Chat Room Support Group?
I've only known about the live chat at www.epilepsy.com thanks for the information.   Read more...
Posted by RheaG on Fri Jun 11

If anyone here is looking for a support chat room for epilepsy, go to www.unitedfight.org we are a website united in supporting others as well as ourselves in the fight against epilepsy and some other chronic illnesses   Read more...
Posted by Keppra2000mgs on Tue Mar 2

Re: ?? what is it ??
Quote: Originally posted by wisegirl213 Hi all ... I'm Lori and I'm new ... I started having grand mals out of the blue last jan and it took six months before they could get them under control.  I'm currently taking lamictal and neurontin.  Th   Read more...
Posted by findhope on Tue Feb 9

i am a mothe of a 17 yr.old boy who started have them at the age 13 out of the blue ,i understand what you are going though  if you need any thing i am here due to the fact he is on 7 meds twice aday and the vns is is a device that is in place to help wit   Read more...
Posted by paula1293 on Thu Jan 7

An old epileptic
I have had it for 49.5 yrs now. When I was 18 mos old I turned coal black and had a temp of 108+. The drs did not understand epilepsy back then like they do today. The 2 main drugs back then were Valuim and Phenabarbatrol and the off shoots.  I just wish    Read more...
Posted by cjtielking on Sat Aug 1

See more...

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