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I've had some success with p90x...
I just finished p90x and had some awesome results.  Lost 2" around ym waist, 2" around my hips (problem area!!), and took 2min off my 5K time.  I'm super happy with the results.  Here are my before and after pics:   Read more...
Posted by CaitlinSnyder on Thu Jul 12

Re: Need advice on excersises
Variety!  Shock those muscles!  Try getting a book of workouts and make 3-4 workouts, alternating every month.  You can work the same muscle groups, just in different ways.  It doesn't allow them to adapt to the workout, and you won't hit a plateau!  If y   Read more...
Posted by CaitlinSnyder on Thu Jul 12

Re: DESPRITLY need motivation to start excercising
Have you tried doing a progam that's all pre-determined?  Something like TurboFire from Team Beach body (the makers of p90x)?  It takes the guesswork out of everything (will this work, what should I do for a workout today, am I going to see results?).  If   Read more...
Posted by CaitlinSnyder on Thu Jul 12

Re: Shin splint help
I too have terrible shin splints , most prominent in my left leg, where my foot was broken, I've tried everything. It actually feels like the bone is going to break when I bear weight on it. Could I have a fracture etc?   I have worn the best shoes, arche   Read more...
Posted by BillnKY on Thu Mar 11

Re: Too Tired to Exercise
I really agree with Kaithey...It is really not that easy to do so...But belive me i am telling you ma own experiance. Dont take this as a neagative point but exercise is more effective with weight loss pills..some of them like xenical 120mg or acomplia ri   Read more...
Posted by kenny09 on Fri Nov 20

Re: Best Abs Exercise
 I actually do a similar exercise! I think that running is a great ab workout too!! I love running bc its cardio but also helps tone your entire body.   Read more...
Posted by Dottie on Thu May 28

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