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Newest diets
I thought it would be cool to start a thread on the newest diets out there and what to watch out for. What diets have you guys tried, what works and what doesn't?   Read more...
Posted by dietjunkie on Mon Jun 23

Welcome guys!
Hi guys, I thought I'd say hello to my fellow group members. I joined the QH Health Care & Current Events group a couple of months ago simply to ask a few questions about health insurance. Now I've got a blog going and can't stop giving out advice on    Read more...
Posted by whatsnewkay on Thu Jun 12

Re: Music Negatively Influencing Kids
Although I think it's healthy for children to be exposed to music and other arts, it is alarming to know what messages they're being bombarded with. It has never been more important for parents to communicate with their children about the topics they are    Read more...
Posted by whatsnewkay on Thu Jun 12

Re: Not So Healthy Fast Foods
My friend?s daughter was noshing on some nuclear green colored frozen treat the other day and I couldn't help but look at the nutrition label when she was finished. I was shocked when I couldn't figure out what the sugar content was on the label because t   Read more...
Posted by whatsnewkay on Thu Jun 12

Re: Cereal recall!
Hi Dave, I'm shocked and then not surprised at the same time. I can't get a tomato in my salad if my life depended on it. Now we have to deal with this tomato recall as well. I really don't have much faith in the standards set by the FDA. I first became a   Read more...
Posted by whatsnewkay on Thu Jun 12

holistic medicine and insurance coverage
Do most insurance companies pay for holistic treatment?  
Posted by whatsnewkay on Thu May 1

See more...

Latest Blog Entries from QH

Oral Health
Dental Decay Dental decay is the biggest problem for your teeth. It will be the main reason for other, more serious dental diseases if it goes untreated. Dental decay is like dental erosion, except that the acid comes from bacte Read More
Crooked Teeth And Issues
Invisalign Method Invisalign is a great system to straighten adult teeth and very comfortable to keep it with the teeth. Invisalign uses an aligner made of plastic that lookslike a transparentretainer that a person would have af Read More
Bad Breath Issues
To prevent bad breath, you can go to your family dentist every six months to examine your teeth and gums. It will help to protect you from gum, tooth, or other diseases, and your dental hygienist will check your mouth properly. You can also have plaque Read More
Stop Using Old Methods to Clean Your Teeth
Some people still use an ancient method to clean their teeth that actually destroys them. In some parts of the world, people still usea powder that comes from woodto brush their teeth. They burnwood and turnit to ash that is used as tooth powder. When Read More
Gum Diseases Treatment
If you brush your teeth properly twice every day, keep them clean, and floss regularly, it lessens the possibility of gum disease. If you don¿t brush your teeth, bacteria builds up and plaque turns to tartar that, day by day, causes of gum disease (as Read More
See more...
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