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Why High Cholesterol Should Not Be Neglected
It is very important to possess normal levels of cholesterol in the body. It's not that cholestrerol levels are always poor, but greater levels of cholesterol may cause severe health issues. Unhealthy life styles and meals habits are among the main leads Read More
Sunshine healthings and new foods
Today has been a wonderful day filled with all kinds of new and exciting thing to try and new foods.Read More
Parenting is hard but very rewardingRead More
better myself
I go 2sleep early so I can bef2f plenty of rest, but when I wake up in the morning I have a very bad headache and my body feels so . weak and feeling like I hadn't slept in days why is that ? I hate it already I can, never wakeup feeling good.Read More

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Re: Is It Safe To Use Kamagra Pills ?
Thanks Paul Denton, I'm in very much relief now. I was stressed, if this medicine is appropriate for me or now. I also had a conversation with my physician, and he too have said affirmative things regarding kamagra pills.   Read more...
Posted by JohnOtero on Mon Dec 22

Re: How do i get my roommate to stop smoking??
It is very hard to get people to stop smoking, you can ban him from smoking at all   Read more...
Posted by Jean boice on Sun Nov 23

Re: Anxiety
You can't fight anxiety, you can test to teach yourself to "let" the anxiety happen and deep breath slowly your way through it. Understanding that anxiety can only continue for a certain amount of time. It isn't an easy thing to do but, you can study to d   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Thu May 15

Re: Drug For Weight Loss
Thanks slynnem9 that's nice info..  
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Wed May 14

Can Sex Cause Depression?
Often i get very depressed never ever but recently i realized after i have sex or masturbate it seems to obtain much worse could that be causing me to become depressed. One of my friend recommend me this, Generic Viagra Soft Tabs pills . Please help me to   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Tue May 13

Re: Is Epliepsy Genetic?
You have to know what someone about experience seizures possess some differences on their brains than the others. There's something that triggers the mind cells, which then sends mixed signals towards the brain and begins to seizure. While having seizures   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Mon Mar 24

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