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The Harmful Effects from a Medication Mix-Up

See how one 12-year-old girl is doing after an alleged prescription error led her to experience severe hallucinations.

How a Man with Cerebral Palsy Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

Bonner Paddock made history when he made it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world but it was an extra ordinary feat because Bonner was born with cerebral palsy. It causes low muscle tone and problems with movement and balance, he had specially made braces made for his feet in order to make the trek. Bonner spoke to INSIDE EDITION about his struggle to reach the top and his other achievements of competing an Iron man triathlon.

Why Do Ears Pop on Airplanes?

Dr. Preeti Chopra of Doctor On Demand explains why you might experience this common discomfort when traveling and what you can do to relieve the pressure.

A Woman Transforms Into Pamela Anderson

See the incredible steps one woman has taken to attain 'Baywatch' beauty Pamela Anderson's signature look.

Health News in 2:00

Get the latest health news you can use with 'The Doctors' in 2:00.

Medication Mix-Up Triggers Hallucinations

Hear how an alleged pharmacy error caused a potentially life-threatening reaction in a 12-year-old girl.

Unhealthy Beauty Hacks to Avoid

The Doctors reveal unhealthy beauty hacks you shouldn't try at home!

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Installed in Million Dollar Healthy Home

See how The Doctors' and Lennar's Million Dollar Healthy Home is being outfitted with the latest in high-tech appliances.

Reducing Your Risk of Colon Cancer

'Beverly Hills: 90210' star Luke Perry joins The Doctors to discuss the importance of early detection in fighting colorectal cancer.

Help for a Boy Who Can't Smile

A couple whose son was born with a rare neurological condition that causes facial paralysis reaches out to The Doctors for help.

3 Herbs You Need To Know About

Find out if those new herb, oil, or supplements being worshiped for their health benefits live up to the hype.

Is Health Care a Business or a Common Good?

Shannon Brownlee, Senior Vice President, Lown Institute, talks about the fundamental question of seeing health care as a business or a necessary common good.

From Bench to Bedside: Hemophilia

Researchers are now testing gene therapies on hemophilia A and B. The therapies are designed to help blood clot better.

From Bench to Bedside: HIV

Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully used personalized gene therapy to target and edit one protein in patient's white blood cells, allowing them to control HIV without drugs.

New Virus Strikes Kids

A virus that was first seen in the 1960's is making a potentially deadly return in children.

Understanding How Drugs Affect Men and Women Differently

Dr. Paula Johnson, Executive Director, Connors Center for Women's Health and Gender Biology talks about the different effects of drugs on women and men.

Back Pain Got You In Its Grip?

Dr. Anthony Virella gives us pointers that can help us get over the hump. Learn more here!

The Next Health Crisis: Hospital Acquired Infections

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases is interviewed by Dr. James Hamblin from The Atlantic, about the dangers that lurk in Hospitals.

How Can Acupuncture Relax You?

Acupuncturist Dr. Daniel Hsu shares ways we can relax our mind and body. Learn more here!

They Tried to Make Me Go to Pre-Hab

Acupuncturist Dr. Daniel Hsu talks about how we can train to get well before surgery by strengthening bones, making muscles stronger and more. Learn here more!

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Why I Hope to Die at 75

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, University of Pennsylvania, talks about the reasoning behind dying sooner than your life expectancy determines.

Uma Mera Diabetes Tipo 1

Team Uma Mera en la caminata del JDRF por la diabetes tipo 1


Uma Mera en la caminata del JDRF por la diabetes tipo 1

Loneliness and Longevity

A new study shows that loneliness may be as much a threat to longevity as obesity.

The Power of Music to Generate Specific Emotions

Robert Levenson, professor of psychology, University of California, Berkeley, discusses the basic affective science perspective of emotion and music.

Vocal Emotion Binds People Into Communities of Feeling

James Davies, Assistant Professor of Music, University of California, Berkeley, explains what operatic emotion is.

The Thrive Course

A 6-week course

10 Best Places in the World to Retire

Retiring abroad can offer a more affordable health care and better quality of life, these are the top locations.

Doctor Stork's Prescription: Kiss to Boost Immunity

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares how smooching your sweetie can help lower your stress levels and boost your immune system!

Doctor Stork's Solution for Garlic Stench

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares a quick tip to rid your skin of garlic stench in a cinch!

The Germiest Places Around You

The bathroom and the trashcan aren't the only places dangerous bacteria like to hang out.

Does Stress Make You Forgetful?

Do you lose more things when you're stressed? Yale professor Rajita Sinha discusses the link between memory and stress with Tanya Rivero.

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Cats

Obsessed with cats? Sick of people calling you a crazy cat person? Now, you can shut the haters down with cold hard scientific facts because your love of kitties is awesome for your health.

Doctor Burnout: The New Norm

Dr Koplow's discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, about doctor burnout due to overwork and understaffed care facilities.

Is Creatine Safe?

This scientifically proven muscle-builder is one of the most popular supplements on the market¿and one of the most misunderstood.

Call for New Health-Law Rules for Pregnant Women

Health advocates are asking officials to allow pregnant women to enroll in the U.S.'s plans at any time. WSJ's Louise Radnofsky reports. Photo: Getty

The Scientific Proof That Meditation Combats Stress

David Gelles joins HuffPost Live to discuss the scientific proof that meditation combats stress.

Google's Workplace Inspired This Intel Employee To Make Her Office More Zen

Lindsay Van Driel joins HuffPost Live to explain how Google's workplace inspired her to make her office more zen.

How Aetna Is Getting It Right When It Comes To Workplace Mindfulness

David Gelles joins HuffPost Live to explain how Aetna is getting right when it comes to workplace mindfulness.

7 Wacky Sleep Facts

Everyone sleeps, but how important are your sleep patterns to your health?

Celebrity Secrets: Cupping Therapy

his ancient health remedy can actually immediately help relieve stress and pain

Death Café: Discussing Death with People You Don't Know

Instead of selling snacks, these cafes are giving advice, on death

What Makes Us Feel Good?

Recent neuroscience research has found that certain people may be more predisposed to anxiety and fear while others have higher levels of anandamide also known as the "bliss molecule."

New Development Tracks Defibrillator Malfunctions

A new method of tracking medical device malfunctions, the unique device identification (UDI) number, may lead to a curb in malfunctions of lifesaving devices such as the personal defibrillator.

Th Most Common Causes of Hiccups

Dr. Preeti Chopra, an allergy and immunology specialist with Doctor on Demand, explains the three most common causes of hiccups.

Ask Us Anything: Are Aphrodisiacs Real?

Bits of plants and animals are supposed to boost our libido, but what does science say?

Potential Benefits of Essential Oils

The Doctors reveal the real deal behind purported health benefits of essential oils.

Must Binge TV?

Find out how binge watching your favorite TV shows could affect your health.

Frostbite Treatment and Prevention

With temperatures around the country hitting record lows, 'Home and Family' medical expert Matt Iseman, MD shares some important information about frostbite. Frostbite most commonly occurs on the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin. In extreme cases, the effected tissue can turn black and die. In this segment Matt explains basic frostbite first aid and also shares tips to prevent frostbite from occurring.

Hidden Health Benefits of Honey

Honey - you can do more with it than put it in your tea. We'll show you how the sweet stuff can help suppress a cough, soothe burns and provide sleep relief.

From The Archives: Meditation

HuffPost Live has spoken to practitioners and teachers of meditation to hear their thoughts and stories about meditation's way of changing the quality of one's life. We take a look back at their conversations.

Do You Trust The Internet More Than Your Doctor?

Professor Yanos Kariklass joins HuffPost Live to explain why people trust the internet more than their doctor.

Most Common Food Poisoning Sources Revealed

Did you know that nearly 50 million Americans get food poisoning each year?

Hat's the Best Way to Administer Eye Drops?

A pharmacist shares a step-by-step process for the best way to administer your eye drops.

Tips to Help You Save Money at the Pharmacy

A pharmacist reveals a number of eye-opening tips to help you save money on your medication.

Is There A "Wrong Side" Of The Bed?

Sleep Awareness Week kicked off on March 2. That means it's time to think about your sleep habits. We discuss the "Pick Your Sides" survey and explain which side of the bed Americans prefer to sleep on.

The One Thing That Could Trip Up You and Your Partner In Bed

Sleep Awareness Week kicked off on March 2. That means it's time to think about your sleep habits. We discuss the "Pick Your Sides" survey and explain which side of the bed Americans prefer to sleep on.

Should You Work Out on an Empty Stomach?

'Biggest Loser' trainer Bob Harper reveals the benefits of working out on an empty stomach.

5 Surprising Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

This wonderful household elixir has been shown to help with many situations outside of the kitchen. And when a 16oz ounce bottle will only set you back $4, you don't have much to lose.

My Eating Disorder Consumed 10 Years Of My Life

Gabi Holzwarth discusses how an eating disorder kept her from enjoying life for 10 years.

How Fitness Devices Are Serving As Triggers For Eating Disorders

Gabi Holzwarth talks about certain fitness devices and other things that she finds to be triggers for thinking about eating disorders.

Sized Up: Disabled By My Disorder

Our weeklong Deep Dive series "Sized Up" delves into the complexities of eating disorders. We discuss what happens when an eating disorder takes hold and renders a person confined to their house, kicked out of school or even shunning society.

This Man Faked A Drug Addiction To Hide His Eating Disorder

Eric Cebellos details his struggle with an eating disorder and reveals the extreme lengths he went through to hide it.

This Is What An Eating Disorder Does To Your Brain

Dr. Kim Dennis reveals the detrimental effects that an eating disorder can have on your brain.

Surviving Death: Caregiver's Cure for Loss

More than 15-million Americans are living with or loving someone suffering with Alzheimer's disease. Now, a woman who survived the loss of her husband is helping others with their role as caregiver

Designing Your Dreams to Reconnect with a Lost Loved One

Behavioral therapist Cynthia Richmond shares a surprising way you can attempt to reconnect with a lost loved one in your dreams.

Several Wesleyan University Students Overdose On Molly

Several students at Wesleyan University were sent to the hospital due to a Molly overdose.

Superbug Causes One Death In North Carolina

Superbug cases have been reported in North Carolina and has led to one death.

Stress Can Be a Real Headache, Literally

If you've ever thought to yourself that stress gives you a headache, now there's science to back it up.

Mother Puts Human Face on Anti-Vaccination Issue

A powerful blog post by a Pickering, Ont. mother shows why vaccination is an important societal issue

When Is The Right Time To Quit?

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart announced he's leaving the show. In a candid explanation, Stewart described why this is the right decision for him and his career. Join us as we discuss how to identify when it's the right time to quit your job.

What Jon Stewart Taught Us About Knowing When To Quit

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart announced he's leaving the show. In a candid explanation, Stewart described why this is the right decision for him and his career. Join us as we discuss how to identify when it's the right time to quit your job.

DIY Relaxation Kit: Keep Calm & Carry on Anytime, Anywhere

Carry a little piece of mind everywhere you go with this meditation kit.

Ineffective Flu Vaccine?

The Doctors discuss the CDC's prediction that the 2014-15 flu season could be the worst since 2008 due to the latest vaccine being less effective at fighting off a mutated strain of the virus.

Measles Vaccination Rates in Schools

The Doctors weigh in on alarmingly low rates of measles vaccinations in certain Los Angeles County schools.

10-Minute Health Fixes: Morning, Noon and Night

The Doctors and "Prevention" magazine's editor-at-large Anne Alexander share simple steps you can take to improve your health around the clock!

Measles Outbreaks Linked to Disneyland

In light of a recent surge of measles cases in the U.S. linked to an outbreak at Disneyland, The Doctors stress the importance of vaccines to help stop the spread of potentially deadly diseases.

Binge Drinking and Your Immune System

Can one night of binge drinking affect your immune system?

Doulas for the Dying

When you hear the word 'doula' most people think babies... but now, there are doulas for the last months, weeks and days of our lives. That's because as many as 60-percent of nursing home residents have no regular visitors... leaving many to die all by themselves.

Optimism and Your Health

Optimists have significantly healthier hearts, new study suggests.

Can Your Ability to Perform This Exercise Predict Death?

Can you stand up from a seated position on the floor without using your hands for support? Your ability to perform this exercise could determine how likely you are to die in the next six years. The Doctors discuss the theory behind the test.

FDA Approves New Device To Treat Obesity

The FDA has approved a new device that might be able to help fight obesity.

Watch a 77-Year-Old Woman Lift 215 Pounds!

An inspirational viewer stuns us all when she shows off her incredible fitness skills.

What to Do If You're Sore After a Workout

Bob Harper explains what you can do to help alleviate pain if your workout really threw your body for a loop.

Laboratory-Grown Muscle That Can Contract

Laboratory-grown muscle that can contract

10 Leading Causes of Death

We interrupt your day to bring you our most depressing countdown yet. Join as we count down the top 10 Leading Causes of Death.

How Nancy Writebol Survived Ebola

Though she almost lost her life, the first American woman with this frightening disease has strengthened her resolve to help others. See Nancy Writebol's inspiring journey.

Mom Hacks: How To Swaddle a Baby

how to swaddle a baby

Mets Fans Receive 2 Tickets For Donating Blood

Mets Fans donated blood at Citifield and received 2 complimentary tickets and a chance to meet Mr. Met at the Blood Drive.

Cops Cheer NYPD Officer Shot by Crooks

NYPD's Aliro Pellerano leaves Bronx hospital after being shot during armed robbery.

Success Without The Fulfillment

A man can be successful on his resume, but not feel accomplished. Journalist Brad Wheelis experienced this when he was climbing the corporate ladder. He joins us to discuss his book "The Perception Myth" and how you can find fulfillment in yourself.

Helping 4-Year-Old Chloe: Results of Castor Bean Oil Trial for Seizures

See how a 4-year-old is doing after she participated in a clinical trial using a special castor bean oil to help treat seizures caused by a deficiency of glucose, which helps fuel the brain.

How This Ambitious Journalist Changed His View Of Success

Brad Wheelis joins HuffPost Live to explain how he was able to change his view of success.

The Future Of Medicine Is Here

The future of medicine is upon us, and this high-tech healthcare environment is poised to democratize medicine, according to Dr. Eric Topol, author of "The Patient Will See You Now." He joins HuffPost Live to discuss.

How You Can Drop A Dress Size In A Year By Doing This One Simple Thing

Jill Herzig joins HuffPost Live to explain how you can drop a dress size in a year by doing one simple thing.

Anti-Vaxxers And Their Critics Might Not Be As Different As We Thought

While anti-vaccination supporters are often criticized for their beliefs, a new study shows that the skeptics and their critics might not be as different as previously thought. How will these new similarities help us better understand anti-vaxxers?

How This Gym Helps You Get In Touch With Your Feelings

Rosemarie "Bud" Seaman and Sandy Canfield join HuffPost Live to explain how Ultimate Fitness helps people get in touch with their feelings.

How These Quick Yoga Moves During The Work Day Can Improve Your Health

It's well-known that sitting all day increases the risk of heart attacks, depression and cancer. But there are ways to battle this unhealthy activity. We discuss how a new app will help you improve your health with a little bit of yoga.

5 Easy 'Digital Detox' Resolutions

If you're looking to cut your Internet time in 2015, here's how to do it.

Genetically Engineered Babies Lead to Evil Eugenics

Genetically Engineered Babies Lead to Evil EugenicsIntelligence Squared U.S. Debates - Kaufman CenterImagine a world free of genetic diseases, where parents control their offspring's height, eye color and intelligence. The science may be closer than you think. Genes interact in ways that we don't fully understand and there could be unintended consequences, new diseases that result from our tinkering. But even if the science could be perfected, is it morally wrong? Would it lead to eugenics and a

What Are Your Nails Trying to Tell You?

What are your nails trying to tell you Maria LaRosa has the answers.

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Human Body

Ever wondered why you're left handed? Or confused by why we yawn? Take a look at the human body's biggest mysteries with All Time 10s.

Why These Busy Newlyweds Took A Uni-Moon Instead

William Powers' new book "New Slow City" details his experience of burnout and his experiment to live a minimalist lifestyle in New York City. He joins us to discuss why he and his wife took a "uni-moon" as opposed to a traditional honeymoon.

How To Live A More Simple Life

William Powers' new book "New Slow City" details his experience of burnout and his experiment to live a minimalist lifestyle in New York City. He joins us to discuss his journey and what he learned from a more simplistic lifestyle.

What Planet Fitness Has In Common With Fox News

Emily Abbate and Lou Schuler join HuffPost Live to explain what Planet Fitness has in common with Fox News.

5 Brain Drains to Avoid

Every day the average person has 70,000 thoughts! If you want your brain to function at its bests, you have to make sure you're treating it right.

Health Disparities and Awareness in America

Hear the unpleasant truth that age, gender and race may play a role in how patients are treated.

Are Night Owls Ruining Their Health?

Want proof that we live in an early bird world? Look up synonyms for night owl and you'll see words like "corrupt" and "depraved". We're not kidding. Plus, studies show people who hit the hay early and rise with the sun are happier and healthier. So, what are you to do if you like to burn the midnight oil?

Secret to Perfect Productivity?

The Doctors share a simple trick for accomplishing more tasks during the workday.

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares the telltale differences between the common cold and flu, featured in The Doctors' HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.

Health Goth

It's official: #healthgoth has gone mainstream, thanks to a profile in the New York Times. But, is the idea of being a gym-going, juicing, health nut antithetical to the goth lifestyle? HuffPost Live talks to self-identified health goths.

Goths In The Gym: How To Be A Health Goth

It's official: #healthgoth has gone mainstream, thanks to a profile in the New York Times. But, is the idea of being a gym-going, juicing, health nut antithetical to the goth lifestyle? HuffPost Live talks to self-identified health goths.

Doctor's Advice: Get Intense to See Result

Learn the benefits of high-intensity interval training with tips from The Doctors and Dr. Phil McGraw's "The 20/20 Diet" book.

The School That Makes Everyone Feel Included

The IDEAL School and Academy of Manhattan focuses on providing for all students, as students with special needs learn alongside other students. Angela Bergeson, the head of the school and a co-founder, joins us live to discuss the unique approach.

Why Inclusion Works So Well For Children With Down Syndrome

Angela Bergeson joins HuffPost Live to explain why inclusion works so well for kids with Down syndrome.

Smile Social Experiment

Watch as a team of happy smilers hit the streets of Hollywood to see whether their smiles would generate a smile back from passersby, and learn how you can help with "The Doctors" #smileback experiment.

Dr. Jennifer Berman's Smileback Experiment

Web Exclusive: Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman's conducts a social experiment, called #smileback.

Jennifer Aniston in 'Cake': Painkiller Addiction in America

The Doctors weigh in on the alarming rise of prescription painkiller abuse in the U.S. ¿ an issue highlighted in actress Jennifer Aniston's new film, "Cake."

Town Tries to Ban Tobacco Sales

Local officials in Westminster, Massachusetts, stirred up controversy when they drafted legislation to ban the sale of tobacco products within the town. Did the government overstep its bounds?

Maggots Removed from Man's Ear

One man got the shock of a lifetime when doctors found a nest of maggots burrowing through his ear canal! Plus, ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon shares how maggots can be used for medicinal purposes.

Are You Addicted to Mobile Devices?

Hear how far some people will go to have the latest in technology, and learn the potentially serious side effects of too much tech.

Teacher Breast-Feeds in Class

The Doctors weigh in on the story of a high school teacher who breast-fed her infant during class.

Holiday Health Tips

The Doctors offer quick tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays.

Are You Sitting to Death?

Studies show that sitting for long periods of time can be hazardous to your health. Learn about an innovative contraption that could help you keep moving, even if you have a desk job.

Reese Witherspoon in 'Wild': Coping with Loss

The Doctors discuss healthy and unhealthy ways to cope with loss ¿ a theme explored in actress Reese Witherspoon's acclaimed new film, "Wild."

3 Tips to Help Swallow Pills

One in three people have trouble swallowing pills. The Doctors offer three tips for making the medicine go down easier.

Aromatherapy Gifts For Under $5!

2 easy steps to make holiday gifts for under $5 dollars. Make a nice bath oil gift. Learn how to make your own bath oil using essential oils.

Holiday Party Survival Guide: Top 5 Hangover Cures for the Morning After

Last night's holiday party turn into a rager? We rounded up the five best hangover cures to save your liver (but maybe not your dignity)

The Holderness Family LIVE

YouTube stars Penn and Kim Holderness join HuffPost Live to talk about eating healthy during the holidays, #XMAS JAMMIES" and how they balance parenting with entertainment.

Holiday Health Survival Guide

Head into the holidays looking and feeling great ahar Takhtehchian, Editor-at-Large at SHAPE Magazine, to give us her top tips for upping your beauty and wellness game as you cruise through these next few weeks.

E-Cigarette Use On The Rise Among Teens

A new study reveals that e-cigarette use is outpacing traditional smoking among teens, a trend surprising some researchers while troubling others. We speak to the experts on the latest data and ask why more teens are skipping the '"real thing."

Teen Use Of E-Cigarettes Outpaces Traditional Cigarettes

A new study reveals that e-cigarette use is outpacing traditional smoking among teens, a trend surprising some researchers while troubling others. We speak to the experts on the latest data and ask why more teens are skipping the '"real thing."

Sunny Anderson Makes an Emotional Announcement

Today, Sunny Anderson gave us an important update on her health, plus a fun way to help you at home eat healthier.

How Fainting On The NYSE Trading Floor Changed This Woman's Life

Erica Dhawan joins Caroline to reveal the moment that made her realize she was in danger of burning out.

Burnout Among Young Women

Between family and careers, women in their 20s and 30s have a lot on their plates. We look at how we can help women prevent and manage burnout.

5 Natural Energy Boosters For This Holidays

Need an instant pick-me up? Here are 5 quick and easy ways to boost your energy level.

Apps for a Healthier You

Dr. Jeanine Downie brings us up to speed on the best healthcare apps.

Should You Sit on Public Toilets?

Yeah you should! Stop with the hovering.

After Workout Recovery Tips

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine provides the top tips and techniques for an after workout recovery.

New Products for a Head Start on Your 2015 New Year's Resolutions

If "Stop Procrastinating" is your number one New Year's Resolution every year, don't worry -- we've got your back. And if numbers two, three and four on your resolution list have anything to do with weight loss, health or beauty boosts, we'll help you out there, too...or rather, Beauty and Wellness Editor Rachel Hayes will. She's the founder of, and we asked her how to get rolling with our resolutions now so we won't lose resolve later.

How Beer Goggles Work

Find out how the alcohol you drink make you take risks, crave sex, and drink more...and more.

Men Open Up About 'Emasculating' State Of Infertility

The inability to have a baby usually falls on women's shoulders, but did you know half of fertility problems are related to male factor problems? As part of our weeklong infertility series, HuffPost Live takes a Deep Dive into male infertility.

Male Infertility Has Nothing To Do With Sexual Performance

Dr. Marc Goldstein talks with Alyona about how infertility has absolutely nothing to do with sexual performance.

Why Men Are Struggling With Infertility In Silence

Alyona is joined by our HuffPost Community to discuss why men are struggling with infertility in silence.

Holiday Getaway In Northern California- Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn

Inttroduction to visiting The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, in Northern California.

Are Doctors Dangerous Behind the Wheel?

'The Doctors' weigh in on a recent study showing that surgeons are more likely to get into car accidents than people with any other profession.

The Buzz on B-12 Shots

The Doctors weigh in on the reported health benefits of vitamin B-12 injections.

Expired Food and Medication: Toss It or Take It?

'The Doctors' reveal whether certain expired foods and medications are safe to consume.

Dangers of the Kissing Bug

Learn about a parasitic bug that can cause a potentially deadly infection in humans when bitten. Could you be at risk?

For Baby's Delicate Eyes | by JOHNSON'S®

Did you know that a baby's eyes and blink reflexes continue to develop long after birth?

This Is What Texting Is Doing To Your Body

Dr. Kenneth Hansraj joins HuffPost Live to explain why texting does to your body.

Are Poinsettias Toxic?

The Doctors reveal the truth behind this common holiday myth.

2 Tips to Stay In Shape During the Holidays

Payal Kadakia, CEO and co-founder of, shares her top two tips to stay fit during the holidays!

You're Doing OK, Mom! By JOHNSON'S®

If your baby could talk, he'd say you're doing great. JOHNSON'S® proudly recognizes all that moms do for their babies.

Is Waist Shrinking With a Corset Healthy?

The Doctors discuss the dangers of using a corset to contour the body. Learn how constricting undergarments can harm your internal organs.

Using Corsets for Beauty

The Doctors chat with a young woman who says she and her friends use corsets to attain a desired, shapely appearance.

Why Does Flying Make You Feel Sick?

When you fly in an airplane, do you feel terrible? Julian did some digging to figure out why this happens!

Shopping Under the Influence

Hear how that extra glass of wine in the evening could cost you more than you think!

How Long Will Your Holiday Leftovers Stay Fresh?

Dr. Rachel explains the golden rule for keeping your holiday leftovers fresh.

7 Harmful Things Flying Does to Your Body

Have a safe flight.

Change Is Needed in the Health System

Peter Katzmarzyk, Associate Executive Director at the Pennington Biomedical Research CenterWarner Thomas and CEO of the Ochsner Health System, Randy Watson, Director of Insurance at the Caddo Parish School Board, and Clayton Williams, Director of Health Systems Development at the Louisiana Public Health Institute discuss the changes that the health system must undergo.

Changing Health in Louisianna

Mike Reitz, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, talks about the changes that have to be made to Louisiana's health care system.

Does Spending More on Health Services Help Cure Disease?

Steve Clemons, Washington Editor at Large for The Atlantic, interviews Elliott Fisher, Director of Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. They discuss the question whether spending more money on health services provides for better health care.

Improperly Cooked Rice Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how to safely store and consume leftover cooked rice to avoid causing foodborne illness.

Eat Yourself Warm

Sam Champion tells us how eating helps bodies to regulate temperature.

Average Daily Sugar Intake Gives Man Liver Disease

Australian film maker Damon Gameau commented on his documentary 'That Sugar Film,' presented at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Damon explains, how the average daily consumption of sugar from 'healthy foods' can lead to fatter liver disease.

Could This 'Brilliant' New Technology Spell The Demise Of The Flu Shot?

John Bohannon and Chris Emdin join HuffPost Live to discuss a new flu shot alternative.

From Popcorn To Vending Snacks: FDA Ups Calorie Count Rules

The U.S. FDA is announcing new calorie rules on Tuesday that will require everywhere from theaters to vending machines to include calorie counts.

How To Take The Best Nap

There is nothing better than a great nap, but can we nap better? Dr. Sara Mednick author of Take A Nap, Change Your Life shares the guidelines for getting the best nap possible.

Health Effects of Grenade Injuries

Learn the long-term effects of the injuries a 19-month-old baby sustained by an exploding grenade. Will he have lasting brain damage?

Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

The secrets of people who never get sick. Presented by Cynthia Sass.

Cure for Hiccups?

The Doctors offer a simple ¿ and sweet ¿ solution to halt hiccups.

4 Easy Ways to Get Healthy Today

4 easy ways to get healthy today. Presented by Cynthia Sass.

4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Cynthia Sass presents the 4 questions to ask your doctor.

Think Small

Think small with Cynthia Sass.

Instant Energy Boosters

Cynthia Sass suggests these instant energy boosters.

Stay Cool

Stay cool with Cynthia Sass.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated with Cynthia Sass.

Reward with Music

Reward with music with Cynthia Sass.

Stand Tall

Stand tall with Cynthia Sass.

Sneak Time

Sneak time with Cynthia Sass.

5 Ways to Make Dining Out on Turkey Day Stress-Free

If you're thankful for dining out on Thanksgiving, you're not alone. Millions of Americans head to restaurants to break bread with family during the ultimate American holiday. Just because you're not slaving over a hot stove, though, doesn't mean you won't be dished a serving of stress. Here are five tips on how to eat out - and keep peace - while dining out this Turkey Day.

Your LifeMinute Guide to Holiday Survival

You know those cheerful greeting cards that are about to start piling up in your mailbox...the ones wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! Easier said than done, right? So we called in Dr. Taz, Integrative Health Expert and author of the book The 21-Day Belly Fix, to arm us with a seasonal survival guide to combatting those holiday health hazards.

Woman Sinks Dizzy Backwards Basketball Shot for Layup4Lauren

A woman taking part in the Layup4Lauren challenge took a blind shot, backward, and scored -- for herself and the charity. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) has the story.  Subscribe for more Vuz:

Doctor on Demand: Sleep Tip

Dr. Anthony Youn, a participating physician in the groundbreaking Doctor on Demand app, reveals how much sleep the average person should be getting to stay healthy and alert.

Preparing for End of Life Situtations

Anita Brikman from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization explains how to start the important conversation with friends and family about end of life issues, including what to do when the worst happens.

Pro-Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Follow these tips to avoid tech-related injuries with your cell and more.

How Does Having a Purpose in Life Impact Your Health?

Does having a sense of purpose in life keep you healthier?

Brain Games to Improve Your Memory and Keep Alzheimer's Away

Dr. Fiona Gupta shows us how to flex our brains to stay sharp!

Greg O'Brien on Popularizing the Talk About Alzheimer's and Cancer

Journalist Greg O'Brien's public fight to make his heart-wrenching personal journey against both Alzheimer's and prostrate cancer known.

Busy Mom Must-Haves: Be Prepared for Winter

The Polar Vortex is arriving early! Here's your LifeMinute guide to what to have on hand at home.

New Mom on Making Breast Milk Butter

The Doctors talk with a new mom who decided to make butter using her breast milk. Is it safe to consume the unusually prepared dairy product?

Which Is Worse: Holiday Shopping Edition

The Doctors weigh in on which is worse: eating free food samples while shopping or accepting a free hand massage at the mall.

911 Abuse: Woman Pulls an Ebola Hoax

A blatant abuse of 911: The Doctors discuss the story of a woman who pretended her feverish sister had Ebola to expedite emergency response times.

The Health Benefits of Red Wine Baths

Rejuvenate your body ¿ by bathing in wine? The Doctors weigh in on the reported health benefits of vinotherapy.

Your Household Appliances Could Kill You

We look at how common household appliances could threaten your life.

Grocery Shopping Could Kill You

We look at little-known grocery-shopping dangers that could kill you.

Double Dipping Could Kill You

Double dipping may seem harmless, but it can make you sick -- or kill you.

Healing Energy: How Chakra Therapy Can Restore Balance

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman visits intuitive psychic Char Margolis to learn how chakra therapy can help restore balance and rid the body of bad energy.

The Health Benefits of Pets

Drs. Rx: Adopt a pet to help prolong your life. The Doctors share the health benefits of owning a pet. Share a photo of you and your pet on Twitter with #TheDoctors.

Make a Dr. Appointment With This App

Trying to make a doctors appointment can be difficult during flu season. This smart phone app is aiming to help with that.

3 Natural Headache Cures

These medicine-free methods work in minutes.

At What Age Would You Want to Die?

Hear why a leading health expert says by age 75 he would opt out of medical treatments to prolong his life and would let nature take its course.

Prolonging Life Vs. Leading a Fulfilling Life in Your Golden Years

Hear from a couple in their 80s who say they prove you can lead a fulfilling life after age 75.

Shockwave Therapy: Would You Shock Yourself Smarter?

Boost your brainpower ¿ with a jolt to the head? The Doctors put an experimental shockwave therapy to the test.

How Can Emotions Wreck Your Health?

See how you can save yourself from the harmful effects of stress.

Why Scratching an Itch Makes It Worse

Scratching an itch might feel good in the moment, but you could be making the discomfort worse. Tara discusses why this is.

How to Healthily Use the End of Daylight Savings Time

Brenda Prinzavalli, organizational guru, shares pointers on how to take advantage of this year's end of daylight savings time.

Doctor on Demand: Prescriptions on Speed Dial

See how you can avoid germs at the doctor's office and fill prescriptions with the touch of a button using the groundbreaking Doctor on Demand app!

Facts About Daylight Saving Time

You may not think twice about setting your clock back, but the effects are greater than you think.

Megan's Story: Surviving a Stray Gunshot

Learn how Megan, a young woman wounded during a 2014 nightclub shooting, narrowly avoided serious injury. Plus, hear how she is moving on from the life-changing event.

The Dangers of Counterfeit Drugs

Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall reveals the shocking ingredients used to manufacture counterfeit medications. Plus, learn how you can avoid falling victim to an online scam.

Acupuncture: A Cure for Cramps & PMS?

For years, I suffered from cramps and PMS before and during my cycle. After years of unsuccessfully attempting to suppress these symptoms with over the counter drugs like Aleve and Advil, I opted to try traditional Chinese medicine at the recommendation of a friend. On this episode of Conscious Living®, I visited healer Afsheen Nehoray, L.Ac., a Los Angeles based acupuncturist to see if this form of alternative healing could help.

How Does a Sneeze Travel on an Airplane?

Think you're safe from germs because that disease-infested sneezing vermin is ten rows away? Think again!

The Little Things To Be Grateful For In Life

The difference between a good day and a bad day might have less to do with what actually happened and more to do with what you're choosing to see. We've rounded up some of the little things worth being grateful for. In the words of Andy Warhol, "You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you."

Your Medicine Cabinet Is Big Pharma's ATM

Join Dr Koplow's discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D about the use and abuse of psychiatric medications due to overmarketing for ever expanding markets.

Are There Health Benefits for Being Scared?

Scare yourself skinny watching terrifying TV? Find out how many calories you could burn from being on the edge of your seat!

The Shocking Source of Man's Itchy Ear

Hear the shocking story of a man who found a live cricket lodged inside his ear. Plus, learn the safest way to remove an insect from the auditory canal.

The Horrifying Cause of a Woman's Nosebleeds

Meet a Scottish woman who discovered a leech the size of a forefinger lurking inside her nasal cavity! Find out how she contracted the bloodsucking parasite, and see how it was removed.

Bone Marrow Transplant for Sickle Cell Disease

When Jamar and Tirzah's oldest daughter, Marley, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was 4 years old, doctors told them Marley had a 60 percent chance of having a stroke within three years. The only way to prevent Marley from having a stroke was for her to have a bone marrow transplant. Hear their story.

How Sickle Cell Disease Affects the Body

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that in people with sickle cell disease, the red blood cells become rigid and shaped like sickles, causing them to clump together in small blood vessels, which can slow or block blood flow and oxygen to the rest of the body.

More Reason To Eat Chocolate!

A Columbia University study finds that for people with age-related memory decline, eating more chocolate high in flavanols can improve memory. Maria LaRosa has the details.

How This Informercial-Making Business Leader Realized He Had To Lead A Heal

How This Informercial-Making Business Leader Realized He Had To Lead A Healthier Life

3 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Drug-free remedies that really work.

Carol Alt Opens Up About Her Eating Disordered Past: 'I Just Didn't Eat'

Carol Alt joins HuffPost Live to discuss her eating disordered past.

How to Get the Most Out of a Good Night's Rest

Our expert weighs in on how to get the most out of our limited sleep.

Ebola Symptoms Demonstrated By Mannequin To Train Doctors

First responders at a Florida hospital are practicing how to handle a patient with ebola using a high tech mannequin. Sean Dowling (@SeanDowlingTV) has the details.

Eating Chocolate May Help Improve Memory

Scientists found that substance in cocoa can help boost your memory - but that doesn't mean you should binge on chocolate. Jennifer Rizzi reports.

What the Health: Shocking Medical Cases

A 132-pound ovarian tumor? A tooth growing inside a nose? The Doctors discuss shocking medical cases you have to see to believe!

Foul Trends That Need to Be Flushed

From deliberate defecation in public pools to home break-ins involving the use ¿ and abuse ¿ of bathrooms, 'The Doctors' discuss foul trends that need to be flushed.

The Doctors' Health and Beauty Product Deals

Need a little retail therapy? See how you can save big bucks on the hottest health and beauty products with The Doctors' Deals!

Seven Facts Men Can't Handle

Penises can break. 'Nuff said.

Contagious Panic: Subway Passengers Run Away from Fainting Man

Would you help someone who fainted on a subway train, or would you panic and run away? The Doctors question whether it's ever OK to try to protect yourself against possible infectious diseases by refusing to help others.

Could You Be Kicked Off a Flight for Looking Sick?

The Doctors talk with a 72-year-old woman who was escorted from a plane because fellow passengers said she looked sick and could be contagious. The Doctors discuss how airlines should respond if there is a sick passenger on a flight.

Hidden Medical Costs of Surgery

The Doctors discuss unexpected out-of-network medical charges, which can be devastating for patients who are not prepared to pay the extra costs. Learn what you can do to avoid hidden fees.

Here's How Fear Can Kill You

With news of a woman dying of a heart attack in a haunted house to the real-life condition that inspired Wes Craven's classic 1984 horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street", could it really be possible that fear and nightmares can kill us?

Death By Desk: How to Get Moving at Work

Work may be hazardous to your health! In fact, research shows sitting at your desk all day long could end up killing you. We have some tips to get you moving while at the office

Killer Commutes: Could Your Drive to Work Be Killing You?

Traffic jams, road rage, fender benders, and construction¿could your drive to and from work be killing you? The latest traffic news is an eye-opener for commuters.

The Health Risks of Jealousy

Learn how being anxious, jealous and moody could increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

Can Fear Kill You?

With news of a woman dying of a heart attack in a haunted house to the real-life condition that inspired Wes Craven's classic 1984 horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street", could it really be possible that fear and nightmares can kill us?

Why You Shouldn't Avoid Something You Fear

Author Jeff Wise joins HuffPost Live to explain why you shouldn't avoid something you fear.

Does Diet Coke Give You Cancer?

Are Diet Sodas Safe To Drink? In this brand new, special edition of ATC, we examine the case for and against the claims that Diet Sodas are unsafe to drink.

Breath Test Helps Doctors Spot Diseases

There's a new, painless way for doctors to spot a variety of medical conditions and all it takes is a simple breath.

AP/GfK Poll Many Doubt Hospitals Can Handle Ebola

A Gfk poll out of the Associated Press suggests many people think that hospitals can't handle ebola.

Extreme Facial: New Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Would you be willing to try almost anything to get younger looking skin - even if it meant getting poked with pins?

How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

The better you know your girls, the more likely you'll be to notice if something out-of-the-ordinary¿and potentially dangerous¿pops up.

Swoosh The Dog Helps Kids Cope with Cancer

Can animals help kids with cancer feel better? Researchers are studying a drug-free and inexpensive way to make hospital stays for pediatric cancer patients more bearable.

Groom Your Bathroom for Good Hair and Good Health

A tool-free bathroom renovation can rejuvenate your health and hair, according to Home Improvement Expert Brian Kelsey who has solutions.

A Cup of Joe or a Healthy Smoothie: Which One Will Cure the Shakes?

What's better for you after a night of hard drinking: a smoothie or a cup of coffee? Our hangover subjects test out both remedies to see which one does the trick

The Effects Tuberculosis Can Have on Your Bones

Dr. Ian Smith reveals the ways in which tuberculosis can spread outside your body and the shocking effects in can have on your spine.

The Real Deal: Colon Cancer Test

An at-home screening test for colon cancer claims it could increase your chances of surviving the second-leading cancer killer in the U.S. by diagnosing it early. Does it work?

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Instantly

Amy Rushlow offers some quick tricks to un-stuff your sinuses stat.

Parry-Romberg Makeover Reveal

Virginia previously appeared on "The Doctors" to seek help for her Parry-Romberg syndrome, a rare disorder that caused the left side of her face to progressively deteriorate. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon describes the surgery he and his surgical team performed on her. See Virginia's new look!

Can We Live Forever?

We all know there's an average life expectancy for us - but is it possible to do anything to extend our lives? Does all that fitness obsession really matter? How dangerous are our hobbies? Let's take a look!

How Safe Are Hot Tubs?

What should you know about hot tubs and what should you look for? WSJ's Heidi Mitchell discusses on Lunch Break with Lee Hawkins.

Why You're More Likely To Catch The Flu Than Ebola

Dr. Pamela Peeke joins HuffPost Live to explain why you are more likely to catch the flu than ebola.

Super Powers You Didn't Know You Had

Human bodies have a lot of powers! Here are a few of them.

Why Do We Dream?

Have you ever wondered why humans dream?

What Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Dr. Drew Pinsky gets candid about his personal bout with prostate cancer. First Dr. Drew reveals why his wife's intuition was key to saving his life. And later, Dr. Drew dispels some common myths about undergoing prostate surgery.

Medicine Cabinet Hacks

Lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas shares alternate uses for common items found in everyone's medicine cabinet. Learn how to treat dandruff with Aspirin, whiten your nails with toothpaste, and a lot more!

Birth Defect Causes Woman to Lose Teeth

Learn about a rare genetic condition that has left one young woman with just six teeth. Hear how the disorder has affected her life.

How to Drink Sensibly

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares simple tips to help you enjoy a night on the town without overdoing it, featured in "The Doctors"' HealthSmart column in "USA Weekend" magazine.

Living with Chronic Diarrhea

Meet a young mom who says her life has been severely impacted by chronic diarrhea. She visits gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez for possible solutions to her embarrassing problem.

Christopher Reeve's Son Matthew Reveals Breakthrough Spinal Cord Treatment

Matthew Reeve joins HuffPost Live to reveal a breakthrough spinal cord treatment.

When Bacon Is a Life-Saver

Find out how resourceful doctors helped save a 4-year-old girl's life using a favorite breakfast meat.

There's an App for Cuddling

Just want to cuddle? There's an app that connects people who are searching for "gentle, no-pressure intimacy." The Doctors discuss the health benefits of cuddling, but suggest cuddling with those you know and love.

Motorcycle Safety

The Doctors discuss a shocking viral video of a motorcycle crash and share safety tips for bikers and drivers.

Father with Morning Sickness?

Did you know about 90 percent of expecting dads experience at least one pregnancy symptom? Learn why.

Brain Surgery Results

Find out how Hayden is doing a few months after she had life-saving brain surgery to help reduce seizures.

The Importance of Taking a Tech Break

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the importance of putting down your cell phone every once in a while. Find out the damage you might be doing to your body by constantly texting.

Debra Wilson Gets a Physical

"MAD TV" actress Debra Wilson gets her first physical since turning 50. Learn the importance of getting regular checkups, and hear why colonoscopies are particularly important for people over age 50.

Changing Minds on Medical Marijuana

Hear how Chris, a veteran narcotics officer, decided to try treating his 11-year-old son, who has up to 300 seizures a day, with medical marijuana.

Finding Hope in Medical Marijuana

See how medical marijuana has helped Caden, who used to have up to 300 seizures a day.

Searching for Treatment for Seizures

Caden has had seizures since the day he was born. He was diagnosed with catastrophic epilepsy when he was 2 months old, and has had up to 300 seizures a day. Hear his mom's search for a treatment.

How Much Sleep Americans Are Really Getting

Caroline discusses how much sleep Americans are really getting and whether or not it's enough.

Do's and Don'ts Before Anesthesia

Learn what you should and shouldn't do before going under.

How to Wake Up Better

You snooze you lose!

Watch as INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret Gets Endoscopy - How Safe Is It?

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret took our cameras along for his endoscopy, the same procedure Joan Rivers had before she died.

Juice Cleanses Can Do More Than Make You Skinny

Juice Press is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by putting pink caps on their bottles. Dr. Jeffrey Mechanick and Marcus Antebi to explain how jusice cleanses can do more than make you skinny.

Gym's Advertisement Raises Eyebrows

A gym trying to drum up business posted an unusual advertisement outside its doors and we aren't sure if memberships increased, but they definitely got some extra attention.

Airline Passenger Recounts False Ebola Scare

NSIDE EDITION spoke with Paul Chard, a passenger on a flight that became was temporarily quarantined by the CDC when a passenger became ill, suspecting Ebola could be the cause.

Shaking Hands with TV Doctor Returning from Liberia

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke with ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Richard Besser who says he was not at risk for contracting Ebola while in Liberia.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross discusses common risk factors for breast cancer, featured in The Doctors' HealthSmart column in "USA Weekend" magazine.

The Real Deal on Health Rumors

Can hot tubs truly affect a man's fertility? Is it actually harmful to lick an envelope? The Doctors sort health fact from fiction.

Devastating Double Diagnosis

One couple opens up about their daughter's struggle with severe scoliosis triggered by Prader-Willi syndrome ¿ a rare and life-threatening congenital disorder.

The Doctors' Deals

Need a little retail therapy? See how you can save big bucks on the hottest health and beauty products with The Doctors' Deals!

Surprising Home Danger for Dogs

Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell discusses the shocking story of a dog that swallowed 43 socks! Plus, learn the warning signs that your pet may have ingested a dangerous foreign object.

Pregnant Despite Vasectomy?

Board-certified urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains how a vasectomy could potentially fail.

Breakthrough Spinal Brace for Scoliosis

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Cahill demonstrates a breakthrough procedure for treating children with severe spinal curvatures.

Hazardous Home Air Quality

Learn the importance of regularly replacing the air filters in your home.

Urgent Care Secrets Revealed

Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of "Reader's Digest" magazine, shares secrets for saving time and money at urgent care centers.

Beardless Dad Traumatizes Toddler

The Doctors discuss how a dramatic change to a parent's appearance can affect young children.

Healthy Tailgate Tips for Men

Relax, no one wants to ruin your superfun tailgate party with boring health advice. And hey, if you watch on, we'll even tell you where to get some help for that flailing Fantasy Football team of yours...

Devious Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

The Doctors reveal three factors that could be preventing you from losing weight.

The Pantry Whisperer

General internist and nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis offers simple swaps you can make in your pantry to help regulate your hormones and lose weight.

No. 1 Devious Reason You Can't Lose Weight

Learn how manipulative restaurant menus might be making you fat and how to choose which is the healthiest meal to order.

Surviving Flesh-Eating Infection

Hear the story of a woman who survived a flesh-eating infection and how the condition still is affecting her life.

Doctors' Prescription

What is the one drug killing one in 10 Americans that's totally legal?

Y Eye Lift Results

See how Ingrid looks after the Y Eye Lift procedure, and find out if it could be right for you.

News in 2:00

Get the latest health news you can use with "The Doctors"' News in 2:00!

How PCOS Affects Your Body

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross explains how polycystic ovarian syndrome affects the hormone levels in your body, which leads to chronic inflammation.

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Procedure

Watch cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yan Trokel perform the Y Eye Lift procedure, which provides an alternative to having surgery.

Asthma Triggers

Learn what can trigger a severe asthma attack and why it can be life-threatening.

Fight of Their Lives

Bryan and Miesha both are professional mixed martial arts fighters, but the scariest moment they ever faced was while they were on a family vacation in Mexico when Bryan's mom, Chris, had a severe asthma attack while snorkeling.

Dr. LaPook Weighs in on Ebola Scare

CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the increasing concern over Ebola spreading in the U.S. and what people need to know about this disease.

Bathroom Beware: Must Know Before You Go

"The Doctors" investigates where you are most likely to find bacteria in public bathrooms.

Doctor Says CDC Is Lying About Ebola Risk

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Dr. Gil Mobley who showed up at the Atlanta airport wearing a biological protection suit with a grave warning that the CDC isn't doing enough to protect Americans from Ebola.

How Many Could Be At Risk From U.S. Ebola Patient?

ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser spoke to INSIDE EDITION while in Liberia about the latest details on Ebola patient Thomas Duncan and how he came in contact with the deadly disease.

Can You Have Too Much Medical Care?

Is it possible to get too much medical care? The Doctors discuss the risks of over-testing and over-diagnosing patients.

Tamala Jones Talks About Surviving a Brain Aneurysm

From ABC's 'Castle,' actress Tamala Jones recounts her near fatal brain aneurysm. Tamala, who's now a spokesperson for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, explains the pathology of an aneurysm and shares the lifestyle changes she's undergone in order to prevent another aneurysm from occurring.

Which Is Worse: A Fly or a Cockroach?

Which is more dangerous to your health: a fly on your fish, or a cockroach in your casserole? The Doctors have the surprising answer!

Dr. Richard Besser On Handling Of Texas Ebola Patient

INSIDE EDITION spoke to ABC's Dr. Richard Besser in Liberia, ground zero of the Ebola outbreak about the disease hitting U.S. soil and what people need to know.

Update from a Pre-Teen Gastric Bypass Patient

Twelve-year-old Alexis underwent gastric bypass surgery to help curb her uncontrollable weight gain following surgery to remove a brain tumor. See how she's doing six months after the procedure.

It Took A Devastating Diagnosis To Help This Woman Start Living For Today

It Took A Devastating Diagnosis To Help This Woman Start Living For Today

How to Pick The Right Bedtime

Given the importance of a good night's sleep, how do you pick the best possible bedtime? WSJ's Heidi Mitchell and Stanford University's Dr. Rafael Pelayo discuss with Tanya Rivero.

Are Bad News Bad for Your Health?

The Doctors discuss how negative news reports can potentially have harmful effects on your health.

Carrie Amos Shares Her Fave Cancer Fighting Juices

Carrie Amos shares some of the healthful things she drinks, and does, to stay in top form post-cancer.

Simple Moments of Contagious Kindness: Helping a Neighbor in Need

See one viewer's simple moment of contagious kindness, and learn how you can take part in The Doctors' #SMOCK campaign!

DIY Thyroid Check

The simple cancer screening you can do right now

Acupuncture and Why It May Just Be for Everybody

Dr. Daniel Hsu shows JD & Kristina some of the benefits of acupuncture.

Drs. Rx: Sweet Onions for Bee Stings

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares an all-natural solution to soothe the sting from a bee or wasp attack.

Will Shanna's Dad Agree to Lose Weight?

Find out how Shanna's dad, Bob, responds to her emotional plea for him to commit to getting healthy.

Laura Survived an Almost Deadly Bike Accident

Laura was on a bike ride when she hit a curb, flipped over and the bike landed on top of her. One of the handlebars punctured her thigh and just missed her femoral artery. She thought she would bleed to death. Hear how Laura survived.

Why Does Airplane Food Taste So Bad?

Why does airplane food taste so disgusting? Why do I hate the sound of my own recorded voice? Dr. Travis Stork and Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello answer the question, "Why?"

Woman Struck By Lightning

Hear one woman's harrowing story of being struck by lightning. Plus, learn what you can do to reduce your risk of being hit by this potentially deadly weather occurrence.

Innovation in Business

Without a focus on continuous improvement, no business can stay relevant in a changing market over time.

The Future of Medicine

Our vision for the future of health is all about thinking outside our walls.

The Future of Health

Our vision for the future of health is all about thinking outside our walls.

Business Innovation

Without a focus on continuous improvement, no business can stay relevant in a changing market over time.

Shrinking Prostates Without Surgery

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - or BPH for short affects about half of men over age 60. Now there's a new non-surgical procedure that doctors are using to shrink prostates

Mom's Struggle to Survive After Teen Prank

Hear the story of a mother who was critically injured after being hit by a rock that was allegedly thrown from a highway overpass by a group of teenagers.

Dr. Sears Visits the Family of a Prank Victim

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visit the family of a woman who was critically injured when a rock crashed through her windshield during a road trip. See how the family is coping, and meet the surgeon who helped save her life.

Fake Endorsements Exposed: 'The Doctors' Do Not Endorse These Products

The Doctors set the record straight about fake advertisements that claim they endorse certain "miracle" products.

High-Dive Fail: Teenage Girl Survives Bad Fall from High

"The Doctors" exclusive: The teenage girl who survived a shocking fall that made a big splash online reveals what went wrong.

Unexpected Barbecue Danger

Hear from one woman who was rushed to the emergency room after a tiny metal grill brush wire became lodged in her throat. Learn the potentially deadly consequences of this unexpected barbecue danger.

Memory Musts to Train Your Brain

The average person misplaces up to nine items per day. Experts say stress, fatigue and multi-tasking can be the culprit. We talk to the experts and find ways to help train your brain to find things faster

Centenarian Secrets to Living Long And Strong

There are 55,000 Americans who are now one-hundred years old or older! Two women share their secrets on how to live a long, full, and happy life

How to Keep Your Ears Safe

Our ears are important for maintaining balance, protecting against infection and controlling body temperature. Do you know the three things to avoid in order to keep your ears healthy and working?..

Watch Claims to Predict Time of Death

A new wristwatch claims to estimate when your life will end, so you can make every second count.

The Doctors Weigh In on the Alleged Details in Joan Rivers' Death

The Doctors weigh in on shocking reports regarding the death of Joan Rivers.

Mom Injured by Pranksters: An Interview with Sharon Budd's Family

In this web exclusive clip, see more of pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears' visit with the family and doctors of a woman who was critically injured when a rock crashed through her windshield during a road trip.

Mom Injured by Pranksters: Sharon Budd's Family Speaks Out

The Doctors are joined by the daughter and son of a woman who was critically injured when a rock crashed through her windshield during a road trip. Hear how the ordeal has affected their family, and find out how their mom is doing today.

Ebola: Inside The Deadly Outbreak

Ebola: Inside The Deadly Outbreak airs on both Discovery Channel and Discovery Fit & Health on Thursday, 9/18 at 10/9c

Top 5 Places You Never Knew Germs Lived

Everyday items can host more germs and bacteria than you might expect. Learn the places in your home where the most germs live and good practices to help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep you and your family healthy.

Your Perfume Is Literally Killing Me

From your co-worker's perfume to the housekeeper's cleaning solutions, workplace air is often a mixture of fumes that, due to poor air circulation, can be harmful to one's health. Now some companies are choosing to go fragrance-free. Should yours?

What Is Hospice?

Ken Berger from Charity Navigator shares ways to evaluate a charity to select for your donation.

The Serious Medical Condition Caused By Scents In The Workplace

From your co-worker's perfume to the housekeeper's cleaning solutions, workplace air is often a mixture of fumes that, due to poor air circulation, can be harmful to one's health. Now some companies are choosing to go fragrance-free. Should yours?

The Global Health Care Shortage Is Huge And Getting Worse

The WHO says the world is already short 7 million health care workers, and that the number will grow to almost 13 million by 2035. What's brought this shortage on and what are the real world consequences for patients and doctors?

The Ebola Outbreak Is 'Completely Spiraling Out Of Control'

Raphael Frankfurter joins HuffPost Live and talks about just how severe the ebola outbreak has gotten.

Health Care Needs Help

The WHO says the world is already short 7 million health care workers, and that the number will grow to almost 13 million by 2035. What's brought this shortage on and what are the real world consequences for patients and doctors?

Can a Juicy Burger Really Cure Your Hangover?

Comedian Jeff Danson pulled a rookie movie last night. We all know what happens when you drink beer before liquor and now he's paying the price. Can a juicy burger help ease his pain?

The Deadliest Workout: Hidden Health Hazards in the Gym

We look at some dangers and unknown diseases lurking at the local gym.

How Sleeping Too Much or Too Little Could Kill You

We all need sleep, but too little or too much of it could kill you.

How Organic Food Could Kill You

Here's how consuming organic food can actually be dangerous to your health.

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Cooking Dinner

Keep your family healthy by following simple practices for a cleaner home. From proper hand-washing, to keeping your kitchen restaurant-quality clean, learn ways to prevent bacteria and illness before, during and after meals.

Look Up and Thrive

A compilation of beautiful, submitted photos .

3-Year-Old Receives 'Ironman-Like' 3-D Printed Hand

Three-year old Rayden Kahae of Wailuku, Hawaii received a mechanical body-powered hand, or as he likes to call it an 'Ironman' hand.

Don't Fear the Colonoscopy

Does the idea of having a colonscopy leave you with a feeling of dread? Find out just how important this diagnostic test is to pinpointing early signs of colon cancer.

Deadly Drug Combinations That May Surprise You

Dr. Daliah Wachs discusses surprising drug combinations that can be deadly.

How to Prevent Hangovers: Don't Go Shot-for-Shot, Go One-for-One

Sure, you've heard it before, but are you actually doing it? Dr. Keller Wortham explains the importance of drinking one glass of water after every alcoholic drink to help prevent a hangover.

Top 3 Questions You Should Ask During a Physical

Take a look at the top 3 questions everyone should ask during a physical.

AOL On Call - Germs

AOL Expert Dr. Karen Latimer on what you need to know to prevent germs.

Doctor's Warning After the Joan Rivers Tragedy

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Dr. Roshini Raj, Assistant Professor of Medicine at NYU, about what went wrong during Joan Rivers' throat surgery and what people need to know.

What Should You Do After a Spider Bites You?

Should you worry when you are bitten by a spider?

How to Incorporate Probiotics Into Your Diet to Stay Healthy

Dr. Sheeba Ben talks to Sarah about how to keep your whole family healthy from germs by incorporating probiotics into your diet.

How to Hit the Court in the Heat Without Getting Burnt

Dr. Melissa Leber from New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital talking about how to handle heat when you hit the tennis court.

What Happens to Your Body When You're Hungover?

You feel like you're dying, but what's actually going on inside your body when your hungover? Dr. Keller Wortham breaks down the science behind a hangover

The Biggest Mistake People Make When They're Drinking

You're doing it wrong. Stop using diet soda as a chaser and start using juices to avoid getting a hangover. Here's why.

How to Cope with Caregiver Burnout

Anita Brikman from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization discusses signs of caregiver stress and ways to cope with it.

Top Ways to Train Your Brain

The average person misplaces up to nine items per day. Experts say stress, fatigue and multi-tasking can be the culprit. We talk to the experts and find ways to help train your brain to find things faster

Centenarian Secrets To Live Long And Strong

There are 55,000 Americans who are now one-hundred years old or older! Two women share their secrets on how to live a long, full, and happy life

Three Things to Avoid to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Our ears are important for maintaining balance, protecting against infection and controlling body temperature. Do you know the three things to avoid in order to keep your ears healthy and working?

Adderall: Candy for College Students?

Join Dr Koplow's discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D about the true effects of Adderall on college students.

Healthy Hygiene Products for the Whole Family

Do you know what's really in the products that your family uses every day? Lifestyle Expert Nicole Brewer says it's important to check labels when shopping so that you can avoid dangerous ingredients. The new mom shares some healthy choices you can feel good about when buying for your kids.

This Is What Peace Looks Like

A montage with photos around the world representing peace.

Post-Summer Shape-Ups

When it comes to post-Summer shape-ups, there's more to it than just hitting the gym. Shape Magazine's Editor-at-Large Bahar Takhtehchian shares tips on how to step up your routine to bring out the most beautiful you this Fall.

Managing Bladder Leakage

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross offers three tips to help manage bladder leakage so it won't prevent you from participating in the activities you love.

Heart Palpitations: When It's Time to See the Doc

Your heart skips a beat...or at least it is a little 'off." It isn't something romantic, it is a heart palpitation. Are your beats 'normal' for you or something of concern? When you need to see a doctor and symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

How Sunlight Affects Your Health

One of the best known benefits of sunlight is its ability to boost the body's vitamin D supply, but what happens when you can't get outside in the sun? George Washington University's Dr. Michael Irwig explains how sunlight, or lack of it, can affect a person's health.

5 Animals That Are Better Than Doctors

Just when you thought that holistic healer on Craigslist was the pinnacle of natural medicine, here are 5 medical breakthroughs that are so natural... they're actually animals.

AOL On Call - Vaccinate! Don't Procrastinate!

Dr. Karen Latimer answers important questions about kids' vaccinations.

Easy 'Rise and Shine' Tips

Having trouble getting out of bed? Try these tips to get you up and going.

Six Easy Stress Busters

Dan and Laurie share six easy ways for you to alleviate daily stress.

Shocking Anti-Obesity PSA Sparks Huge Debate

An anti-obesity campaign video "Rewind the Future" featuring a 300-pound man having a heart attack in the ER as his life of overeating flashes before his eyes is sparking a debate with critics saying it does more harm than good.

'The Talk' Co-Host Sheryl Underwood LIVE

Comedian and "The Talk" co-host Sheryl Underwood sits down with Nancy Redd to discuss an issue that many face but don't discuss: bladder leakage. She shares her personal story and talks "Underwareness."

Harboring Hearts CEO On Helping Families Hit With Cardiac Disease

Michelle Javian joins HuffPost Live to talk about Harboring Hearts.

Harboring Hearts CEO's Advice On Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Michelle Javian joins HuffPost Live to share some tips that'll help keep your heart healthy.

Helping Families Hit By Heart Disease

Heart disease affects families, not just individuals. Michelle Javian co-founded Harboring Hearts to help cover transport, lodging and childcare for families dealing with the disease. She joins us live.

Patient Details Living With First Portable Artificial Heart In NYC

Daquain Jenkins joins HuffPost Live to reveal how Harboring Hearts helped save his life.

'The Talk's' Sheryl Underwood Lets Suitors Know She's Wearing 'Depends'

Sheryl Underwood joins HuffPost Live to reveal why she informs suitors that she wears Depends.

Pot-Smoking New Mom Fights to Breastfeed Preemie

Crystal Cain, a new mom in Oregon, says the hospital wouldn't allow her to breastfeed her premature daughter because she uses medical marijuana.

4 Must-Have Medical Tech Devices for Senior Care

There are almost 40 million Americans over the age of 65. Seniors want independence and now new technology is allowing them to live at home longer than ever. We'll introduce you to four high-tech devices that you need to know about.

Is The #IceBucketChallenge Taking Money Away From The ALS Cause?

Ben Kosinski joins HuffPost Live to shed some more light on the #IceBucketChallenge.

Prescription Advertising Has Created a Nation of Hypochondriacs

Join Dr Koplow's discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the amount of prescription drugs on offer.

Widow of Ebola Virus Victim Speaks Out

Decontee Sawyer joins The Doctors to remember the work of her husband, the first American citizen to die from Ebola. Patrick Sawyer was working in Liberia, where he likely contracted the virus from his sister.

Why Tourette's Is Often Misdiagnosed

For many Tourette's sufferers, the stigma keeps them from being able to overcome their condition and feel welcome in society. We speak to those experiencing this firsthand about what most don't know about Tourette Syndrome.

This Is What Sleep Deprivation Does to You

The effects are startling.

Billion Dollar 'Manopause'

If you've got low testosterone, a new industry wants to help you get your manpower back. Low-t replacement therapy fights fatigue and low sex drive for aging men -- but with little long-term information on its effects, is it worth it?

Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Being 'Oversold?'

If you've got low testosterone, a new industry wants to help you get your manpower back. Low-t replacement therapy fights fatigue and low sex drive for aging men -- but with little long-term information on its effects, is it worth it?

'Human Dolphin' Can Hold Breath For More Than 20 Minutes

Known as "the man who doesn't breathe," Stig Severinsen holds the world record for holding his breath longer than anyone else: 22 minutes.

'Biggest Loser' Host Alison Sweeney's Biggest Health Tip

Alison Sweeney joins HuffPost Live to talk about the importance of sleep.

'Biggest Loser' Host Alison Sweeney Praises Italians With This Health Tip

Alison Sweeney joins HuffPost Live to discuss the importance of cooking.

How To Live Over 100 Years

The lifespan of Americans is around 79 years. Best-selling author Dan Buettner found pockets around the world where people reach age 100 at rates 10 times greater than in the United States. He and those he found share their stories.

Members Of This Religion Live Longer Than Most Americans

Dan Buettner joins HuffPost Live to reveal which religion's members have a longer life expectancy than most Americans.

These Big Mistakes Are Costing Americans Years In Life Expectancy

Find out what mistakes Americans are making that's costing them years in terms of how long they can expect to live.

We Have To Talk About Balls

If we want to raise awareness about testicular cancer, we have to talk about balls. Survivor Thomas Cantley joins us to talk about "I Am Ballsy" and introduce us to the 6-foot wide ball he rolls around the country to raise awareness.

My Dog Helped Me Through Testicular Cancer

Thomas Cantley talks with Caroline about how his dog helped him get through testicular cancer.

Why I'm Traveling Cross-Country With A Giant Testicle

If we want to raise awareness about testicular cancer, we have to talk about balls. Survivor Thomas Cantley joins us to talk about "I Am Ballsy" and introduce us to the 6-foot wide ball he rolls around the country to raise awareness.

Everything You Were Too Afraid To Ask About The Ebola Outbreak

Doctors in West Africa are fighting the worst Ebola outbreak in history. A top specialist leading the charge is now infected and there's no cure. Dr. Thomas W Geisbert, Dr. Stephen Morse, and Dr. Jonathan Epstein join HuffPost Live to discuss the spread of the disease and how it can be stopped.

Fran Drescher's Big Tip For Cancer Prevention: 'Detox Your Home'

Actress Fran Drescher joins HuffPost Live to give her biggest tip for preventing cancer.

Potential Hair Dye Dangers: What You Need To Know

INSIDE EDITION spoke with dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day, about the dangers of dying your hair, after actress Pauley Perrette suffered an allergic reaction that landed her in the hospital.

Bed Bug Treatment: How To Deal With An Infestation

Summer is filled with all sorts of creepy crawlies, but usually you can breathe easy, knowing they'll stay right on your picnic blanket and away from your pillow. But it's been found that bed bugs are on the rise across every major metropolis in Canada, and there's potential for it to get worse.

Germ Warfare: How To Navigate The Washroom's Microbial Minefield

Jason "The Germ Guy" Tetro explains how you can protect yourself in the washroom's microbial minefield.

How Your Health Insurance Company Can Still Screw You, Despite Obamacare

No law has done more to reform health insurance and protect consumers against the industry's most heinous practices than the Affordable Care Act. But Obamacare didn't magically transform insurers into benevolent entities solely devoted to taking care of sick people.

Why Smelling Farts Is Good for You

Next time someone comments on your stinky farts, just tell them you're saving their life. Check out this video to see why people say smelling farts is healthy.

Fish Oil Treatment for Brain Injuries?

The Doctors discuss the pros and cons of using fish oil for injuries such as Grant's.

Fish Oil for Brain Injuries?

Fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin joins The Doctors to discuss the heartbreaking ordeal her family underwent when her teenage son, Grant, was hit by a car going 40 miles per hour while strolling through their neighborhood. Hear what lead her to turn to alternative treatments to help her son recover.

This Law Could Change The Fate Of Epileptic Children Everywhere

Holley Moseley joins HuffPost Live to reveal how legalization of marijuana could change the lives of epileptic children everywhere.

How Medical Marijuana Could Save This 11-Year-Old's Life

Holley Moseley joins HuffPost Live to reveal how marijuana could save her daughter's life.

Why This Mom Won't Break The Law For Medical Marijuana

Holley Moseley joins HuffPost Live to explain why she won't consider breaking the law for medical marijuana.

A Family's Fight For Medical Marijuana

11-year-old RayAnn Moseley has intractable epilepsy, and her parents think there's only one cure: a medical marijuana strain called Charlotte's Web. Marc Lamont Hill talks with her mother about her fight to bring the drug home to Florida.

Why More Than 9,000 People Are Waiting For This Strain Of Medicinal Weed

Joel Stanley joins HuffPost Live to explain why so many people are highly anticipating the "charlotte's web" strain of marijuana.

How to Survive a Rip Current

ER physician Dr. Travis Storks explains what you should do if you get caught in a rip current. Plus, learn the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Must-Have Beach Day Products

Make the most of your day in the sun with these beach time tips from Elycia Rubin, contributing editor for "Men's Health" and "Women's Health" magazines.

The Unknown Benefit of an Exercise Ball Workout

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how using an exercise ball can not only be a great core workout, but can also give a boost to your immune system!

Which Is Worse: Swallowing Pool Vs Ocean Water

Is consuming pool water worse than getting a mouthful of ocean water? ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross have the answer!

Should You Shower After Swimming?

Find out whether it's better to shower before or after a dip in the pool.

Is Barefoot at the Beach Worse Than Poolside?

Is that relaxing stroll on the beach worse than going barefoot around the pool?

Simple Homemade Sunburn Remedies

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano shows some simple home remedies that will take the sting out of sunburn. Sophie's remedies are all non-toxic and include ingredients that you probably have at home.

The Doctors Get Vaccinated: The Importance of Adult Immunizations

To demonstrate how quick and relatively painless adult immunizations can be, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon receive recommended vaccinations on stage.

Should You Seek Our Alternative Medicine For Infertility?

Dr. Nancy Gahles and Will Storr join Nancy to debate whether or not one should seek alternative medicine for infertility.

Summer Bug Bites: What to Look For

When summer bug bites swell, it's usually an allergic reaction, but there are times when a visit to the emergency room is necessary. WSJ's Sumathi Reddy and Dr. Richard Lockey discuss on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.

Hotter Temperatures Linked To Kidney Stones

Here's one more reason to avoid the summer heat: a recent study found a link between kidney stones and hotter weather.

Twitter and Your Relationship

Too much time on Twitter may lead to conflict, infidelity and divorce, new study finds.

Is Crossfit Really Worth It?

From CrossFit to spinning to marathon running, we're pushing our bodies to the limits. But how we exercise can have long-term effects on our body. We discuss the risks and healthy alternatives.

Outrageous Beauty: The Colonic

What's the deal with colonics? Shannon Ray gets in the trenches and gets all the details on this notorious procedure by getting her own colonic.

Dr. Karen Latimer's Tips for Avoiding Pool Electrocution

Pool electrocution is more common than you might think! Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from minor issues that can lead to deadly results with AOL Health and Parenting Expert, Dr. Karen Latimer.

This Man Plans To Run Across America Barefoot

Alex Ramsey joins HuffPost Live to share his plan to run across the country, completely barefoot.

Why This Man Hasn't Worn Shoes In A Decade

Daniel Howell, PhD joins HuffPost Live to reveal why he hasn't worn shoes in ten years.

Is Going Barefoot Best For Your Health?

Daniel Howell, PhD and Sierra Larson join HuffPost Live to discuss the health issues surrounding going barefoot.

Doctor to the Stars Says: Protect Your Eyes and Ears

Tips to help you live longer from 'A Short Guide to a Long Life' by Dr. David Agus, doctor to the stars, bestselling author, and one of the world's leading cancer researchers.

Is Cannibalism A Healthy Diet?

A lecturer on human origins at a University in England told Popular Science that eating an entire human body would probably supply you with 81,500 calories.

The Scary Truth About What's Really Making You Sick When You Fly

The sound of the guy sneezing behind you three rows back is pretty gross, but he's probably not the reason you're getting sick from flying. With Summer in full swing and travel plans on the horizon, this video is a must see if you want to protect yourself from all the germs and viruses that are stowing away on your plane.

Natural Sun Protection Tips

Sarah Nagel of Holistic Habits shares natural tips on how to protect your skin in the summer.

How Breakups Affect Your Health

We know breakups can be emotionally draining, but are they bad for your health? From stress levels to pain perception, get the details about what actually happens to your body when you're nursing a broken heart.

Amputee OT: A Youtube Phenomenon!

Two million Americans are living without a limb. Now one woman is using YouTube to help them face everyday challenges and she's becoming an internet star while doing it.

The 4th of July Could Kill You

Being patriotic is a good thing...until you blow yourself up.

Why the Lazy Days of Summer Are Good for Your Health

Finally, after the winter that simply wouldn't quit, summer is here! The season of sunshine isn't just a mood booster, though. Summer can actually be good for your health!

Sound Healing: Can It Lead to More Positivity in Your Life?

Carey explores sound healing and tries to tap into the universe's frequencies.

Is Hypnotherapy a Fantastic Voyage Through the Unconscious Mind?

Carey explores her unconscious mind with a hypnotherapist as her guide.

How a Horse Named Buddha Can Help You Live in the Moment

Can equine therapy help Carey find her focus and live in the moment again?

Body Stress Release: The Healing Power of Touch

Carey sees a stress release specialist to soothe the tension in her muscles.

Is Hospice Care Leaving Patients Behind?

America's hospice industry has exploded over the last 15 years and for-profit companies are raking in much of the $17 billion industry. But with increasing claims of fraud and mistreatment, why are many hospices putting patients last?

Former For-Profit Hospice Nurse: I Saw Patients Not Treated Properly

Julia Golden, a former nursing assistant at hospice care facility VITAS, says she witnessed questionable business practices.

The Business Of Dying: Hospice Care's Booming $17 Billion Industry

Prof. Josh Perry explains the history and rise of the for-profit hospice care industry's over the past decade.

Family Claims Hospice Facility Kept Relative Sick To 'Bill More Money'

David and Tracy Dunn claim VITAS hospice didn't treat David's grandma, Evelyn Maples, properly and accuse them of billing fraud.

Weight Loss Pills: Too Good To Be True?

Marc is joined by a panel to discuss the legitimacy of the diet pill phenomenon.

Why Do We Believe In Magic Little Pills?

This week Dr. Oz testified before Congress and admitted to using "flowery" language to promote products that would be a "magic weight loss cure for every body type." There is no such thing as a magic little pill, but why do we still believe?

8 Everyday Things That Are Bad for You

Here are 8 everyday things dangerous for your health.

Considering the FDA's Regulations for Organ and Tissue Donation

The Doctors discuss whether the FDA's current regulations for organ and tissue donation should be modified.

Why You Can Teach An Old Brain New Tricks

Your well-being begins with using your brain, literally. Physician and former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona joins us to discuss how you can protect your brain's health.

Is There Organ Donor Discrimination Against Gays?

Three months prior to suffering a sudden and fatal heart attack, 48-year-old Rohn and his partner of eight years, Dan, spearheaded a fundraiser for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE); however, after Rohn's tragic death, his tissue was rejected by CORE, allegedly due to his homosexual lifestyle. The decision was made in accordance with the FDA's strict guidelines for donor tissue transplantation, prohibiting the eligibility of human tissues from males who have been sexually active.

Get Healthy By Using Your Head

Welcome to Thrive on Live with @CaroMT. Your well-being begins with using your brain--literally. Physician and former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona joins us to discuss how you can protect your brain's health.

Why The US Needs A Surgeon General

Your well-being begins with using your brain, literally. Physician, and former US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona joins us to discuss how you can protect your brain's health.

Why Google MD and Internet Diagnoses Are Problematic

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D - Child & Adolescent Psychologist, about the misuse of Google and online resources as diagnoses tools.

Home Remedies: Blister Cures

Try these treatments to heal and prevent painful blisters

Tapping Points for Stress Relief

Jessica Ortner, author of 'The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence,' first discovered a life-changing stress release technique when she was extremely ill, and she felt immediate positive effects on both her physical and emotional well-being.

How To Quickly Release Stress By Tapping

Do you feel stressed when you walk into work? There are a number of ways to make a stressful environment calmer and more manageable, and luckily, Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, was here to explain exactly how. To "tap," you gently press nine acupressure points on the body. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Jessica Ortner Joins Marlo Thomas

It was such a treat to have Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, as my guest on Mondays With Marlo. From showing us how to identify and release our stress through establishing a daily meditation routine, to sharing her own personal struggles with¿and triumph over¿weight loss, to lending a few tips on managing stress at work, Jessica is truly an expert in her field. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

What Does Palpebra Mean?

Time to test your medical vocabulary - what is Palpebra?

What Is Verruca Vulgaris?

Time to test your medical vocabulary - define verruca vulgaris.

Which Internal Organ Is the Largest?

Which organ is the largest - liver, heart, stomach or bladder?

Anesthesiologist Accused of Sexting During Surgery

Sexting during surgery! Dr. Arthur Zilberstein, an anesthesiologist in Seattle, has had his license suspended after he allegedly was caught sexting during surgery.

Weird Facts You Didn't Know About the Human Body

"Man, I'm sweating babies over here."

Hospital Fatalities: How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

The Doctors discuss factors leading to the increasing number of fatalities due to hospital errors, and ways you can protect your loved ones.

Male Faces Evolved As Defense Against Fists

The structural differences between the faces of men and women may be due to millions of years of violence.

Lighter Bedrooms Possibly Linked To Obesity

A new study suggests shrinking your waistline might be as easy as unplugging. A team at the Institute of Cancer Research found women have a greater risk of gaining weight if their bedroom was light enough to see across at night.

The Benefits of Organizing Your Health Documents

Organizing editor Brenda Prinzavalli talks about the benefits of organizing your health documents.

How to Survive After an EMP

Survival expert, Karen Hood demonstrates what you'll need to have on hand in order to survive an EMP.

The Dangers Of Self-Diagnosis Via Wikipedia

Dr. Daliah Wachs sits down to discuss the dangers of using online websites to diagnose your symptoms.

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Boomer Esiason On His Son's Cystic Fibrosis: 'It Breaks Your Heart'

Boomer Esiason joins HuffPost Live to discuss his son's battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

Bring K-Y® Into Your Love Nest

K-Y® Set Out on a Mission to Inspire Everyday Moments of Romance. Get inspired at

Medicare Will Now Cover Gender Reassignment Surgeries For Some

On Friday, the US Department of Health and Services review board ruled that transgender Medicare recipients may no longer be automatically denied coverage for gender reassignment surgeries.

The Health Benefits of the Asian Ginseng Root

Moon Cho of Ying & Yang Living talks about ginseng root and its medicinal powers. For all of Moon's Asian living tips, visit her website at

Dr. Ava Says: Why Do I Have Body Odor?

Dr. Ava Shamban explains why the human body sweats, where the sweat comes from, why the sweat smells, and gives tips on how to fight the odor.

Can Music Improve Your Health?

JD and Rebecca discuss the power of music.

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep

Instructor: Nicole Lynne Hooley 500 RYT, 85 RPYT Music: "Beat of Your Heart" by Summer Heart

5 Yoga Poses To Put You In A Good Mood

Instructor: Nicole Lynne Hooley 500 RYT, 85 RPYT Music: "Beat of Your Heart" by Summer Heart

5 Yoga Poses To Get You Through Your Midday Slump

Instructor: Nicole Lynne Hooley 500 RYT, 85 RPYT Music: "Beat of Your Heart" by Summer Heart

Volunteer Doctor Helps Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

A Florida doctor spent time and organized a team to provide medical care to patients affected by a typhoon in the Philippines.

Ayurveda to Pick Up Low Energy

Moon Cho of Ying & Yang Living is joined by Ayurveda expert, who tells us how to pick up our low energy with Ayurveda, the Indian practice of holistic medicine and healthy living. Visit Ying & Yang Living website at

Treating and Preventing Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's ear, an infection of the outer ear and ear canal, leads to more than 2 million doctor visits every year in America ¿ and nearly $500 million in annual health care costs. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares an easy, at-home solution to treat the condition.

Toxic Reaction from Peeing in the Pool?

Can peeing in pools cause a toxic reaction? Research published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology reports that when chlorine combines with uric acid ¿ a component of urine and sweat ¿ it can form volatile chemical compounds that may affect the heart, lungs and central nervous system.

Dr. Sears' Swimming Pool Safety Tips

From the dangers of pool drains to preventing poolside slips, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares tips for staying safe while swimming.

Deadly Freshwater Amoeba

One couple shares how a deadly freshwater amoeba called Naegleria fowleri tragically claimed the life of their 7-year-old son ¿ just four days after his symptoms began.

Protecting Against Deadly Freshwater Amoeba

One family raises awareness about a deadly freshwater amoeba called Naegleria fowleri that tragically claimed the life of their 7-year-old son. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the amoeba is contracted, and why it can rapidly lead to death. Plus, learn tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from the microscopic, waterborne parasite.

Swimming During Pregnancy

Is it safe for pregnant women to go swimming? The Doctors weigh in.

Is It Safe to Wear Contacts While Swimming?

The Doctors weigh in on wearing contacts in the water.

Fecal Bacteria in Public Pools

A 2013 study conducted by the CDC found that more than half of public pools in the U.S. tested positive for E. coli. The Doctors and environmental scientist Jen Ervast share tips to help swimmers prevent sickness from contaminated pool water.

Staging a "Swim-Tervention"

Statistics show that nearly half of American adults are afraid of deep water in pools, and between one-third and one-half never learned how to swim. Lisa, 46, is a mother of two who falls into these categories. Swim instructor Emily Cohen and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman stage a "swim-tervention" to help Lisa take the plunge and conquer her fear of water.

Hummus Recalled In The U.S. Over Listeria Worries

Your chips are about to get pretty lonely. Some hummus and layered dips are being pulled from shelves at Target and Trader Joe's because they could be tainted with something called listeria, a nasty and potentially fatal infection.

Harvard MD: What You Should 'Never Ask A Doctor'

Dr. Eddie Phillips joins Josh to reveal what question you'd better not prepare to ask your doctor.

Members-Only Restrooms?

Would you pay an annual fee to avoid using a public bathroom? The Doctors discuss this new trend sweeping across New York City.

Amniotic Fluid Embolism Explained

Learn about the rare and unpredictable complication that caused Stephanie's heart to stop during the delivery of her son, Jacob.

Ayurveda for Healthy and Holistic Living

Moon Cho of Ying & Yang Living is joined by Ayurveda expert, who talks about the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and how to apply it to your life for healthy living.

Ayurveda to Calm High Energy

Moon Cho of Ying & Yang Living is joined by Ayurveda expert, who talks about how to use Ayurveda, the Indian practice of holistic and healthy living, to calm your high anxiety levels.

Everyday Ethical Issues Doctors Face

Many patients prefer doctors who are the same sex, class, race, tax bracket¿even those who have the same cholesterol level. But does effective healthcare require doctors to relate to their patients, or keep some distance to stay objective?

Thousands Exposed To Hepatitis A At Missouri Red Robin

As many as 5,000 people could have been exposed to hepatitis A after eating at a Red Robin restaurant in Springfield, Missouri.

Could Shaking Hands With Your Doctor Be Bad For You?

Could shaking hands with your doctor be just as hazardous to your health as smoking? INSIDE EDITION spoke with Dr. Richard Besser after a new medical report advised doctors to stop shaking hands with their patients.

Confessions in the Doctor's Office: The Dangers of Lying About Your Health

Are you keeping secrets from your doctor? Do you tell your physician the absolute truth? If you don't you could be putting your health and life at risk!

Using Cellphones to Detect and Monitor Health Conditions

Seven billion of us use one¿now the phone you talk, text, and tweet with could do much more for your health

What Orange Tongue Says About Your Health

What is your tongue trying to tell you when it has turned an unusual shade of orange? The Doctors offer tips for keeping your tongue a healthy shade of pink.

How 'The Doctors' Producer Dell Stays Cool

The Doctors are green with envy about the calm, zen-like way one of the show producers approaches the often stressful job of creating The Doctors television show. Learn his secret to remaining cool as a cucumber.

This Will Make You Never, Ever Want To Get In A Hot Tub Again

With warmer spring days and cooler nights upon us, plus summer vacations in the not-too-distant future, it's officially hot tub season. But while a soak in the hot tub may sound relaxing, is it hygienic? Does shaking in a few chemicals actually do the trick?

What'S Making You Sick?

Winter brings cold and cold brings the season we all seem to get sick. Many of the things we do every day, even without thinking, could be harming our health and putting us at risk for getting sick

The Doctors' Deals: Discounted Prices on Health and Beauty Products

Save money on the hottest health and beauty products with The Doctors' Deals.

Dr. Oz: 3 Tips To Start Living Healthy Today

Dr. Oz gives his top three tips on how we can start leading a healthier lifestyle today.

Two Successful Kidney Transplant Stories

Meet Eric and Grace, and Bob and Diana, two couples who turned to a live donor transplant exchange program to get the kidney transplants Grace and Bob both desperately needed. Hear their stories.

When a School Fight Becomes Assault

The Doctors talk to a young man who suffered structural damage to his face from a schoolyard brawl. Should his assailant, a fellow student, face criminal charges?

How the Live Donor Transplant Exchange Program Works

Watch as Eric and Grace, and Bob and Diana meet for the very first time, and learn how the live donor transplant exchange program works.

In The Mirror: A Look Into Male Body Image & Body Dysmorphic Disorder

It doesn't matter if you're watching television, going to a movie, reading a magazine or even walking down the toy aisle...the proliferation of the 'perfect' female image is everywhere in our culture. But with the rise of larger than life action heroes, more men and boys are falling victim to the pressures of negative self-image. Impossible ideals of strength, weight, and brawn leave many men feeling weak and emasculated.

Myth or Reality: Mosquito Bite Relief

Are you a mosquito magnet during the summer? Can meat tenderizer bring relief for that annoying itching?

Myth or Reality: Bee Sting Relief

Is a common baking ingredient the answer to a painful sting? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears sets the record straight.

Man Survives Chainsaw Impalement

The Doctors talk to a man who survived being impaled by a chainsaw. Learn what you should do if you're ever impaled by an object.

Stars' Strange Secrets: Eating Clay Vs. Sun Tanning Your Private Parts

When it comes to your health, the stars' secrets may not always be award-winning. The Doctors weigh in on which celebrity health habit is worse for you: eating clay to reduce toxins in the body or sunning your bare lady parts for more vitamin D.

Three Secrets to Happiness

Nataly Kogan, CEO and "chief happiness officer" of the new app, Happier, joins The Doctors to share three secrets to boost your happiness. Try them today!

Preventing Runner's Runs

Lindsay felt pretty good while running her first marathon - until mile 19. "Then, I got that feeling in your stomach that something is going to happen, and something is going to happen soon," she says. She confesses she didn't reach a port-a-potty in time. The Doctors develop a game plan for how to hydrate and fuel up before endurance exercise to help avoid embarrassing bodily functions.

Why You Shouldn't Text on the Toilet

A recent study found that 75 percent of Americans admit to using their cell phones while on the toilet. Some of The Doctors fess up to toilet texting and bathroom browsing themselves, but E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that germs can get on your phone and follow you beyond the restroom. Learn the results of The Doctors' Facebook poll.

Clippers Fan Rebecca Grant Reveals Youthful Secrets

INSIDE EDITION caught up with LA Clippers fan Rebecca Grant who shares her beauty secrets that keep her looking younger than her 45 years.

Fast Track for Fast Fda Approval

Dozens of medical devices are getting around the long FDA approval process by using a special exemption and it could be responsible for saving thousands of lives

Growing Artificial Organs: Medicine's Next Big Thing

When you think of 3D you think movie and video games. Now, researchers are using 3D printing to grow body parts and engineer artificial tissues and organs

Pioneering Treatment Relieves Pelvic Pain

It's a pain that makes you feel like you're on fire. Meet a doctor who uses electricity to help his patients and ease their pain

Can a Pill Prevent Anger?

Could popping a pill prevent anger? The Doctors discuss a new drug being developed that may help people with "short fuses" keep their tempers in check.

Black Bowel Movements Explained

The Doctors explain what can cause stool to appear black.

The Three Different Types of Bruises

Learn the three types of bruises and the best ways to treat them. Plus, find out when bruising could signal a more serious health condition.

Can Personality Predict Lifespan?

Can personality predict lifespan? A new study says your disposition may be as important as your family history in determining how long you live.

7 Things I Learned During My Year Without Alcohol

HuffPost Blogger kelly Fitzgerald joins HuffPost Live to talk about what she learned during her year without alcohol.

Vibram "FiveFinger" Toe Shoes Settles Lawsuit, May Be Bad For Your Feet?

If you own a pair of those barefoot running shoes, you could be entitled to some money!

Dangers Lurking In Your Bathroom

Jeff Devlin of DIY network showed INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander some hidden dangers in your bathroom that you might not know about.

5 Ways to Get Moving in the Morning

Has your get-up-and-go gone up and went? Fear not! Check out these tried-and-true ways to maximize your mornings.

What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Singer Debbie Gibson recently revealed to fans her struggle to fight the symptoms of Lyme disease, a disease one can contract from an infected deer tick.'s Dr. Karen Latimer has all you need to know to avoid getting the disease in the first place. For more videos like this one, visit

'Princesses: Long Island' Star Ashlee White's Terrifying Stroke Crisis

'Princesses: Long Island' star Ashlee White's terrifying stroke crisis - 'I Kept Saying, Please Don't Let Me Die'.

Should LSD Be Used to Treat Anxiety?

LSD for anxiety? Hear how researchers are testing the use of the illicit, psychoactive drug to treat anxiety in terminally ill patients.

Unexpected Uses for Honey

Registered Dietician Crystal Petrello talks about a variety of things you can do with honey.

New Retreats Take You from Detox to Zen in 24 Hours

Retreats that used to offer a week of detox and relaxation shorten it to accomplish everything you need in 24 hours. Lauren Lipton discusses on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty.

Kids and Heat Illness

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Be sure to prepare your youngest to your oldest children for playing in the sunlight. It's crucial you know the symptoms for heat illness and's Dr. Karen Latimer will explain what they are. For more videos like this one, visit

Man Gets Accidental Vasectomy After Doctors Operate On 'Wrong Site'

A British man who was scheduled to have a different procedure might not be able to have children after doctors operated on the "wrong site."

Coca-Cola Removes Controversial Ingredient From Powerade

Powerade will no longer contain the ingredient "brominated vegetable oil" which is also found in some flame retardants and linked to health problems when consumed in large amounts.

Evzio - a $3 Drug That Could Sell for $500

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, Child & Adolescent Psychologist about the true cost and charge cost of drugs.

Joan Marie Whelan's Intuitive Medicine

What role can intuition play in medicine and healing? Watch renowned medical intuitive Joan Marie Whelan put her unique skills to the test!

How Tragic Loss Inspired Lifestyle Coach A.J. Johnson's Career Change

Celebrity life coach AJ Johnson emotionally explains how the loss of her parents propelled her change careers and turn grieving into action.

Dirty Secrets Some Restaurants Don't Want You to Know

You probably go out to eat expecting a lovely experience with clean plates, napkins and seats. But are they? From the menu to the restroom, Dr. Ian Smith reveals dirty secrets some restaurants don't want you to know!

How to Increase Your Brain Power

Amy McGorry with Prevention Magazine discusses tips to boosting your brain power.

Stop Sitting Your Life Away

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and shares tips to stay in shape.

Should Doctors Care About Cost?

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the

How to Maintain Bone Health

Amy McGorry with Prevention Magazine discusses ways to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Woman Booted from Gym for Showing Her Baby Bump

Melissa Mantor, 31, says she was asked to leave the Planet Fitness in Charleston, South Carolina because she was showing her pregnant stomach.

Anti-Aging Myths Exposed

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares three anti-aging myths, featured in The Doctors ' latest HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.

Being Too Healthy Cost Me My Friends

Deborah Copeland joins HuffPost Live to explain how being too healthy hurt her social life.

Purse on the Ground Vs. Purse on the Table

You know that beautiful bag you just purchased? The one that cost more than your rent? Which is worse: leaving it on the floor, or placing it on the table? Only one way to find out¿ Watch!

The Health Risks of Text Messaging

Can texting be hazardous to your health? Learn what you can do to avoid lasting health problems from too much time spent on your phone or tablet.

How to Be Stress Free in April

JD and Rebecca discuss National Stress Awareness in the month of April.

Gabrielle Reece on Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Gabrielle Reece tells JD and Rebecca what she continues to do to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Terri Trespicio on Why Not All Stress Is Bad for You

Editor of Terri Trespicio tells JD and viewers that all stress is not bad, and gives insight on how to cope with it.

American Homes Harboring Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug'

A new U.S. study found the "superbug" known as MRSA is now setting up shop in people's homes.

Downtime May Help You Live Longer

Disconnecting for 20 minutes a day improves all parts of your life says 'A Short Guide to a Long Life' author Dr. David Agus, doctor to the stars and one of the world's leading cancer researchers.

Pastor Miles' Intervention: Healthy Changes

The Doctors identify health issues that each family member needs to address. Will they start taking the necessary steps to improve their health?

Numerous Studies Confirm the Dangers of Texting While Driving

Numerous studies show that texting while driving significantly increases the risk for an accident.

Simple Steps Women Can Take for Positive Changes This Spring

Beth Battaglino, R.N. and CEO of, shares her advice for women of all ages for achieving results that can have a lasting impact on their overall health and well-being., has been recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the "Top 100 Websites for Women" for the third year in a row and was named the top women's health website by Dr. Mehmet Oz in O, The Oprah Magazine.

How Stanford Doctors Use Rodin Art for Diagnosis

Dr. James Chang from the Stanford School of Medicine uses sculptures from 19th-century French artist Auguste Rodin to teach his students the diagnostic process. Stanford's Cantor Arts Center now shows in an exhibition how that works. WSJ's Monika Vosough reports.

Establishing Doctor-Patient Trust

The Doctors reveal how they make their patients feel more comfortable when discussing sensitive health topics.

When Do the Deadliest Heart Attacks Happen?

Research shows you're more likely to die of a heart attack at night or during the weekend. Find out what conditions can affect your care and how to get the best treatment.

Can You Get Lice From Taking A Selfie?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Marcy McQuillan of Nitless Noggins head lice treatment center about the possibility of getting lice from taking a selfie.

Backlash Against Facebook Group That Fat Shames Women

The Facebook Group "Women Who Eat on Tubes" started by U.K. filmmaker Tony Burke, encourages people to upload pictures of women eating on London tubes along with degrading comments.

The More Experience You Have, the More You Know When Something Isn't Right

Chuck explains that instincts don't come out of thin air, they're built on past experiences and observations of causes and effects.

Do You Trust Your Gut?

Are gut feelings the best ways to make decisions?

7 Health Apps You Need To Know About

When it comes to your phone, do you suffer from app overload? While there may be some you can live without, there are some that can keep you healthy! Check out seven apps that could benefit your health

Helping The Disabled Dance

It's been years in the making and now the rolling dance chair is ready to make its debut. We'll introduce you to the woman who choreographed its production to help some kids do something they've never been able to do before

Study: Brains Peak at 24-Years-Old

According to a new study done at the Simon Fraser University in Canada, if you're more than 24-years-old, your brain is "over the hill!"

The Damage You're Doing To Your Feet By Wearing High Heels

Whoever said pain is beauty definitely wore a pair of high heels! The Wall Street Journal says women spent more than $38 billion on shoes in the U.S. in 2011, and more than half of those sales were for heels over 3 inches high. Before the next time you slip on those heels, make sure you know how much damage you're doing to your feet by wearing them!

Which is Worse: Unwashed Hands vs. Overusing Sanitizer

We all know that washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to keep them clean, but why does the restroom have to be so far away? Is it okay to substitute the sink for some hand sanitizer? Or is anti-bac sanitizer overkill? Find out!

Are You Addicted to Selfies?

Could your obsession with selfies be putting your health at risk? Is the increase in plastic surgery linked to the popularity of the photos?

Troy Dunn on Repairing Relationships for Your Health

Motivational speaker and father of eight Troy Dunn, author of 'Family: The Good F-Word,' joins The Doctors to share tips for overcoming the biggest roadblocks and repairing the key relationships in your life.

AOL On Call Immune System

AOL On Call Immune System

AOL On Call Kid Nutrition

AOL On Call Kid Nutrition

AOL On Call Allergies

AOL On Call Allergies

How Your Wardrobe Can Affect Your Mood

What does your wardrobe reveal about you? Fashion expert Lawrence Zarian explains how the color of your clothes may indicate ¿ and influence ¿ your mood.

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares healthy nutrition tips for traveling, featured in The Doctors ' HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.

Coachella Health Hazard: Heat Stroke

Consuming too much alcohol in the Coachella desert climate can elevate your risk of heat stroke. Learn how to prevent the life-threatening condition.

Family Rescued at Sea

On March 20, 2014 Eric and Charlotte Kaufman embarked on a sailing trip around the world with their two young daughters, Cora, 3, and Lyra, 1. But their journey was abruptly cut short when Lyra became seriously sick at sea. The family sent out a distress call ¿ 900 miles off the coast of Mexico ¿ and they were rescued by the California Air National Guard. Charlotte's brother, Chad Michael, and The Doctors weigh in on the parents' decision to take the high-risk boat trip with young children.

Coachella Crash Diets?

Every spring, crowds flock to the California desert for The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. In preparation for the star-studded event, many women are taking extreme measures to lose weight. Merle Ginsberg, senior writer for The Hollywood Reporter , sheds light on the alarming trend.

Coachella Drug Dangers

Intervention specialist Ken Seeley explains how music festivals can be a danger zone for people dealing with addiction.

Violating Employee Privacy

When is the right time to inform your employer about a medical condition? The Doctors weigh in.

Why Do Our Fingers Prune in the Bath?

The Doctors reveal the answer to the age-old question of why our fingers get pruney during a long, luxurious bath.

5 Tips for a Smooth Surgery

Undergoing surgery? Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello shares five potentially lifesaving tips every patient needs to know.

How a Nail-Biting Habit Could Cause a Heart Attack

Could biting your nails be deadly? The Doctors explain how one man's extreme habit triggered a heart attack that led to his death.

New Research Concludes That Family History Supports Athletic Achievements

Does becoming a star athlete have more to do with training or family history?

ASMR Explained

Isle Blansert, creator of The Water Whispers, joins The Doctors to explain ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Learn why some people experience a "braingasm" when they hear certain sounds, such as whispering or lip smacking, which helps them fall asleep.

Are There Gender Difference in Dreaming?

A recent study showed that men and women may dream differently. The Doctors explain why this might be true.

Risky Bodybuilding Behavior

A Brazilian bodybuilder did more than pump iron to boost his bicep muscles. Arlindo De Souza injected mineral oil and alcohol into his muscles to bulk up his biceps to unnatural proportions. The Doctors discuss the dangerous trend, warning that the risks include severe infection and death.

Which Is Worse: Kim K's Tiny Bikini Vs. Madonna's Shower Door Lick

The Doctors debate which is worse for your health: Wearing a sauna suit to lose weight like Britney Spears, licking the shower door like Madonna, or wearing a bikini, several sizes too small, like Kim Kardashian?

Using EFT Tapping to Overcome Anxiety

Imagine being able to instantly zap all your stress and anxiety away with just a simple touch of your fingers. You can, according to promoters of a new psychotherapy called "tapping."

Is Shape-Wear Squeezing Your Organs?

Sherry Lee Meredith discusses a new report that shape-wear could be squeezing your internal organs on Go Curvy.

The Best Checkup Check List for the Doctor

Dr. Daliah Wachs is giving a list of tests that everyone should have done to make sure they are healthy.

Sunlight Impact on Weight

A good dose of early morning sunlight may help keep your body mass index in check, new research shows.

6 Health Lies You Probably Believe

Sorry, but washing your face just isn't fighting that acne.

Dr. Keri Peterson Helps You Find a Doctor Online

Dr. Keri Peterson joins JD and Rebecca to discuss the best way to search for a doctor on the Internet.

Party Drug Ketamine Could Be Used To Treat Depression

Ketamine is a drug intended to be used as a tranquilizer that's turned into one for the party scene. But now ¿ it could be used to treat depression.

Homemade Electrolyte Popsicle

Electrolyte popsicle v8 TITLE AT END AOL specs

The Reality Of Living With Cystic Fibrosis

Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, co-founder of Emily's Entourage, joins Ricky to discuss what it's really like to live with cystic fibrosis.

The $1,000 Pill That Costs 68 Cents to Manufacture

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the new drug that was cleared by the FDA but is too expensive to reach most patients.

Nick Cannon Talks Lupus Diagnosis

Nick Cannon joins HuffPost Live to discuss being diagnosed with Lupus.

Reduce Stress in Just 14 Minutes

Here's an anti-aging secret: Reduce stress to soothe your telomeres. In this Health Smarts video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, reveals the link between your telomeres, stress, and aging, and how vigorous exercise helps keep you young.

What Are Symptoms of Stress?

Symptoms of stress can be nearly any biological or psychological reaction to a stressor, says Elissa Epel, PhD, associate professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. In this video, she explains.

Nearly a Third of First Time Prescriptions Remain Unfilled

Nearly 1 out of 3 patients fail to fill first-time prescriptions, study finds.

3 Steps to Boost Your Happiness Right Now

Happiness has many health benefits. Being happy helps you manage pain and stress, and prevent heart disease and cancer. In this video, Robin Miller, MD, shares 3 easy tips to boost your mood today.

4 Ways Indoor Plants Improve Your Health

Can indoor greenery actually minimize cold symptoms, improve headaches, and make you happier? Check out the many benefits plants provide.

In Health Care, It Is Not the Building - It's What's Inside That Matters

Child and adolescent psychologist Steven Sussman, Ph.D, explains why it's not the hospital that determines the quality of the medical treatment, but the doctor.

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery

Dr. Robert Sema says there are no wrong queries when you want to know what's going to happen in your surgery.

Staying Healthy at 50 and Beyond

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips to stay healthy as you age from The Doctors' latest USA Weekend HealthSmart column.

How to Save Your Muscles as You Age

In this video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how weight training and other workouts slow down age-related muscle loss to keep you lean and mean well into your golden years.

How to Avoid Germs and Infection at the Hospital

If you'll be checking into a hospital anytime soon, take steps to avoid catching a dangerous infection. In this video, Robin Miller, MD, tells you how to steer clear of germs and bacteria.

Boost Your Brain Function and Memory with Exercise

Working out builds your brain as well as your muscles. Fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how exercise boosts brain function and helps memory loss from dementia and Alzheimer's.

Take a Walk to Reduce Your Stroke Risk

Walking is one of the best things you can do to prevent a stroke. In this video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how walking reduces blood pressure, eases inflammation, and improves cholesterol to prevent heart disease and lower stroke risk.

Teach Your Kids to Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout

Teaching your kids how to manage stress is one of the best skills a parent can pass along. Pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, shares tips to help kids keep their stress in check.

Doctors Have Begun to Use Google Glass in the Operating Room

Google Glass can make a huge difference in the operating room.

Debunking Some Outdated Assumptions About Pediatric First Aid

Our medical expert Dr. Michael Patrick talks about some common first aid myths.

Retail Clinics Are Offering Benefits and Low-Cost Convenience

More and more retail-based clinics are opening up across the country. It can have benefits like low cost and convenience, but experts say it's not the place to go for kids' primary care or serious medical issues.

How to Stay Safe on Your Spring Vacation

Dr. Yael Varnado, Medical Health Expert, is giving Rebecca and 'The Better Show' viewers some great tips to keep you safe and healthy on your spring break.

Amputee Travels Cross Country to Get Prosthetic Limbs

It took thousands of miles for one man to take a few steps. A double amputee traveled from St. Lucia to Nebraska to get donated prosthetics that allowed him to walk again.

School Condom Wrappers Have Parents Upset

Students in Boston getting condoms at their high schools isn't very controversial anymore. But what does have some parents up in arms .. are the wrappers some of those condoms come in! Greg Wayland has more.

Shailene Woodley Looks Into the Oil Pulling Trend, but Does It Really Work?

For the last few weeks, it seems like everyone we know has been talking about oil pulling - heck, even Divergent star Shailene Woodley is a fan of swishing oil around in her mouth! Like most proponents of the Ayurvedic practice, Shailene says that oil pulling keeps her teeth white and kills plaque. But does it really live up the hype? Before you run to the bathroom for a 20-minute swishing session, you'll want to watch our breakdown of the ancient practice!

Why Communication Is Key When Your Partner Is Ill

LA Law's Jill Eikenberry was first diagnosed with breast cancer the same year the TV series made its debut, in 1986. Despite their busy television careers, she and her husband, co-star Michael Tucker, still managed to stay focused on each other. Eikenberry and Tucker describe to Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, how their communication changed after Jill's diagnosis and the effect that had on their relationship.

Five Things You Should Know About Caring for a Loved One

Caring for an ill family member can be a tall order. Although care giving can be one of life's rewarding experiences, the role comes with enormous responsibilities and pressures. Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, shares five tips to support you in your care giving role. The development of a caregiver team, knowing and using your resources and taking time out for yourself are just a few things that can help you navigate your care giving journey.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for a Loved One

It's difficult to find time and energy to look after your own health while taking care of a loved one, but it's vitally important to do so. This is a lesson that actress Jill Eikenberry learned when she was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer while dealing with the needs of her mother, who was debilitated by dementia. Eikenberry, along with her husband, actor Michael Tucker, sit down with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, to discuss their care giving experiences.

National Poison Prevention Week

Important tips to prevent and treat exposure to poisonous substances.

Tips for Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet This Spring

Spring is here and it's time to shift over your medicine cabinet for the season. Toss out what's old and make room for new. National beauty and wellness correspondent, Stacy Cox shares what to stock up on.

Chef Alex Reznik on the California Glove Law

A new California law requires all food service workers, including chefs and bartenders, to wear gloves at all times. Chef Alex Reznik weighs in on why this well-intentioned law may fall short of protecting consumers.

Can LSD Actually Be Good For You?

Rick Doblin joins Ricky to talk about why LSD may actually have positive effects on the human body.

How LSD Can Help With Anxiety And Mental Health Issues

Ricky is joined by a panel of experts who weigh in on how LSD may actually be able to help people with anxiety and mental health issues.

Can LSD Be Good For You?

The first LSD study conducted on patients in 40 years has revealed the drug has lasting therapeutic effects when it comes to anxiety. Should LSD be reconsidered in medical circles?

The Health Hazards of Sitting

Spending most of the day sitting can cause more than stiffness. It may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death, even if you exercise regularly. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Avoidng the Sunday Blues

Got the Sunday blues? Learn why you shouldn't give in and how you should be spending your Sunday.

Manic Mondays Increases Heart Attacks Risks

Did you manage your stress over the weekend? If not, you could be at risk for a fatal heart attack. The Doctors explain why stress levels are at the highest on Monday morning, and what you can do to chill out.

Shocking Source of Earache

A 48-year-old woman who had worn a hearing aid for many years was recently admitted to the E.R. for a severe earache. When her hearing aid was removed, the startling source of her pain was revealed. Find out what was discovered inside her ear canal!

New York City's Rat-Infested Restaurant Map?

Could you unknowingly be dining with rodents? The Doctors discuss a new interactive map of New York City that shows residents which restaurants may have a rat problem.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Medical Mistakes?

Pharmacies can make mistakes, how can you protect yourself?

Why It's Hard To Go To The Doctor When You're Bisexual

March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month, an effort to raise the profile of the unique mental health & well-being issues facing bisexuals. So, why do bisexuals have a higher suicide rate than their gay counterparts & what can doctors do about it?

Bisexual Health: The Worst Of The LGBTs

March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month, an effort to raise the profile of the unique mental health & well-being issues facing bisexuals. So, why do bisexuals have a higher suicide rate than their gay counterparts & what can doctors do about it?

Dangerous Male Drug Trend

A new party drug cocktail is sending increasing numbers of men to the emergency room. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how this dangerous combination affects the body.

High-Tech Pillow for Improved Sleep

Suffering from a lack of sleep? Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross explains how the Sleepow memory foam pillow ¿ equipped with an embedded sound machine and mp3 player ¿ can help you get a better night's rest.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need Before Driving?

How much sleep do you really need before getting behind the wheel? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears has the answer.

Natural Remedies for Car Sickness

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross shares natural remedies for car sickness.

Do Casinos Pump Oxygen and Pheromones Into the Air?

The Doctors tackle the rumor that Las Vegas casinos pump oxygen and pheromones into the air to keep gamblers alert and stimulated. Is this true?

30 Minutes of Activity Can Help You Live Longer

Want to add years to your life? Get off the couch. Integrative medical specialist Robin Miller, MD, explains that being active for just 30 minutes, five times a week, could cut your mortality risk.

Tylenol Troubles: 150 Americans Die Yearly from Acetaminophen Overdose

It's one of the most popular pain medicines in the U.S., but every year 150 Americans die from accidently taking too much acetaminophen. Before you reach for another pill, find out how much is too much when it comes to taking Tylenol

Does Sleeping In Once a Week Help You Catch Up Lost Sleeping Hours?

True or False: Naps help you sleep at night. Exercise is a good sleep aid. Sleeping in makes up for sleep loss.

Can Doctors Be Taught How to Talk to Patients

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the need for improved doctor-patient communication.

A Mother's Quest to Save Her Son

Mother, Jenn Mcnary, fights to get both of her sons eligible for medical treatment of Duchenne, but the FDA won'y approve the drug quick enough.

2014 Goals: Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Lose weight? Go to the gym? Stop smoking? Whatever it is you promised yourself you would do this year, we have ways that will help you reach your goals.

Strategies for Keeping Caregivers Healthy

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares healthy tips for caregivers, featured in The Doctors ' latest HealthSmart column in USA Weekend magazine.

Meal Challenge: Family Drops Thousands of Calories for a Week

Rachael Ray is challenging two families to trade routines and see what happens! One keeps a strict, veggie-packed diet while the other thinks they don't have the time to eat healthy and has always opted for higher-calorie takeout. See what they learn from trying each other's choices for a week.

Power of an Hour

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical officer for Pfizer, shares the power of an hour. Learn how you can improve your health in just 60 minutes.

U.S. Healthcare Ranking

The Doctors respond to a distressing report that ranked the United States healthcare system one of the lowest among the developed nations in the world. Hear their views on how to best improve the healthcare system in America.

Apps That Help Users Sleep

Health care professionals recommend that people get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night, but 40% of Americans get less than seven. A few mobile apps are designed to help users go to bed and increase their amount of sleep.

Daylight Saving Time Survival Guide

Thing losing an hour of sleep is no big deal? Not so, say experts, who suggest these great tips for getting your internal clock back on track.

When Should You Call 911?

We've all been taught to call 9-1-1 when distressed, but what constitutes a true emergency?

5 Easy Ways to Fight Fatigue

Just say no to more caffeeine and yes to these simple tips for improving your energy.

Daylight Saving Time Tips

Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta shares secrets to survive 'springing forward.' Plus, how to have a perfect nap!

Tummy Grumble Meanings

Craving something sweet or spicy? Learn the health secrets your hunger pangs reveal!

National Doctors Day!

Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson shares a special surprise with The Doctors.

The Risks of Contaminated Stethoscopes

Are doctors' stethoscopes more contaminated with bacteria than their hands?

Organ Rationing: Your Location May Determine Your Survival Chances

Today more than 119,000 people in the United States are waiting for an organ transplant. We've discovered it's not just how sick you are, but where you live that determines if patients will get the organ they so desperately need.

Mom Suffers Stroke After Giving Birth

Learn how a pregnancy complication caused one woman to suffer a severe stroke after giving birth. See her inspirational story of survival ¿ and the incredible progress she's made on her road to recovery.

Which Masks Are Best at Blocking Air Pollution?

Chinese cities are frequently plagued with high levels of air-pollution, making a good face mask a necessity. Writer Debra Bruno tells Michael Arnold what to look for when buying a mask.

Paying It Forward with a Kidney

After Harry Damon's son, Nick, died in a snowmobiling accident, the 55-year-old firefighter struggled for a way to honor him. After getting in touch with the National Kidney Registry, Harry decided to give the ultimate gift: his own living kidney to a complete stranger.

Meet the Donors and the Recipients in the Kidney Chain

After Harry Damon's son, Nick, died in a snowmobiling accident, the 55-year-old firefighter struggled for a way to honor him. After getting in touch with the National Kidney Registry, Harry decided to give the ultimate gift: his own living kidney to a complete stranger. The Doctors meet more than a dozen donors and recipients in the Nick Damon Memorial Chain.

Man's Gift Launches Chain Reaction

After Harry Damon's son, Nick, died in a snowmobiling accident, the 55-year-old firefighter struggled for a way to honor him. After getting in touch with the National Kidney Registry, Harry decided to give the ultimate gift: his own living kidney to a complete stranger. Learn the inspiring stories behind the life-saving chain reaction Harry launched.

Why Do We Hiccup?

Why do we hiccup? See if this question can stump Dr. Charlotte Grayson.

Attempted Murder by Feces?

The Doctors weigh in on what a nurse allegedly attempted to put in her husband's IV bag.

How a Kidney Chain Works

After Harry Damon's son, Nick, died in a snowmobiling accident, the 55-year-old firefighter struggled for a way to honor him. After getting in touch with the National Kidney Registry, Harry decided to give the ultimate gift: his own living kidney to a complete stranger. UCLA's kidney exchange program director Dr. Jeffrey Veale explains how a kidney chain works. And, learn about recent advances in kidney surgery.

Can Your Toes Predict Your Personality?

According to the ancient Chinese and Indian practice of foot reading, your toes may reveal aspects of your personality. Find out what secrets your feet may be exposing!

Skateboarding Dangers: Chris' Urethra Tear

Professional skateboarder Chris Swanson, 36, is used to the bumps and bruises that go along with his profession, but he was wholly unprepared for the mortifying injury he sustained during a stunt. While performing a routine trick on a makeshift ramp and handrail, a wrong move sent him flying several feet into the air before slamming his groin on a metal rail, tearing his urethra.

Repairing a Below-the-Belt Injury

Male urethral and penile reconstructive surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman explains the surgery he performed to repair Chris' torn urethra.

7 Surefire Ways to Pump Up Your Willpower

Brigitte Kali offers you seven great suggestions to set goals and reach them.

NASA Technology Offers Alternative to Traditional Physical Therapy

It's hard to get back on your feet when you can't put weight on your legs, but now NASA technology is allowing for some out of this world rehabbing. Taking a walk on the anti-gravity treadmill is the new alternative in physical therapy.

The Willy Wonka Of Weed: Ontario's Newest Medicinal Marijuana Factory

Huffington Post Canada's Sunny Freeman visits Tweedy, a brand new medicinal marijuana facility in Smith Falls, Ontario.

The Willy Wonka Of Weed: Ontario's Newest Medicinal Marijuana Factory

Huffington Post Canada's Sunny Freeman visits Tweedy, a brand new medicinal marijuana facility in Smith Falls, Ontario.

American Exercise Habits Are Pretty Embarrassing

The exercise habits of the average American are appalling, according to a study recently published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

Doctors Driven to Bankruptcy

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the issue of financing for doctors through medicare and medicaid.

Surviving a Burn Accident

On September 26, 2013, 23-year-old Tatiana's life was forever changed when an accidental flash explosion from a bonfire set her ablaze. Tatiana recounts her harrowing story of survival, and explains the physical and emotional challenges she now faces.

Pregnant Woman Loses Unborn Son to Drunk Driver

Colorado mom Heather Surovik was days away from giving birth when she was hit by a drunk driver, resulting in the death of her unborn son, Brady. The driver at fault, who was a repeat DUI offender, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony vehicular assault and driving under the influence ¿ but under the current Colorado law, he could not be prosecuted for murder, because Brady was not considered a person.

Blue Light Phototherapy for Jaundice

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what causes jaundice in babies, and shows how blue light phototherapy treats the condition.

Living with Severe Burn Scars

Twenty-three-year-old Tatiana's life was forever changed when an accidental flash explosion from a bonfire set her ablaze. Tatiana explains how her injuries and resulting skin grafts have left her with a limited range of motion in her neck and lips. Plus, learn the difference between first, second and third-degree burns.

Cutting-Edge Laser Hair Removal

Celebrity skin care specialist "Nurse Jamie" performs a cutting-edge laser treatment to zap away unwanted hair on one man's feet.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Device

Aesthetic dentist Dr. Jonathan B. Levine demonstrates how the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device works to get a glowing smile.

Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman demonstrates how fiber optic laser technology is used to disintegrate kidney stones.

The Top 5 Weight Loss Surgeries

Rachel McNeil spoke with a surgeon about five weight loss surgeries and the best candidates for each.

Later School Start Times Could Help Students

A new study on adolescent sleep deprivation shows a later school start time could help students' education.

Flatulence Friends and Foes

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman break down your flatulence friends and foes to help reduce your risk of breaking wind at an inopportune time.

The Doctors' Confessions

Our Docs are divulging their most mortifying secrets. Find out who hasn't had a pap smear in more than four years! Plus, one of The Doctors accidentally pooped their pants while driving to the airport. Can you guess who?

Mystery Butt Bump

Proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld examines a woman with a mysterious bump on her backside. Find out what it is and whether you could be at risk.

Finding Help with the Doctor on Demand App

Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears show a woman how the new Doctor on Demand app can help her find a solution for a lingering cough!

Which Is Worse: Sleeping on Dirty Sheets Vs. Drying with Dirty Towels?

Which is worse? Drying off with dirty towels or sleeping on dirty sheets?

Could Too Much Anesthesia Cause Suicide?

Did too much anesthesia play a role in the recent death of a woman? What you need to know before undergoing an elective procedure.

Valentine's Day Health Tips

The Doctors share tips for a happier, healthier Valentine's Day.

Best Way to Remove Ear Wax

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares the best way to get rid of excess ear wax.

Secrets Your Saliva Can Reveal

Smokers beware: Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman divulges the secrets your saliva can reveal.

Secrets Your Blood Can Reveal

Blood is perhaps the most vital fluid in our bodies. Learn how it works, and hear how doctors may be able to predict a heart attack from a blood sample.

What's the Sweatiest Part of Your Body?

Which body part creates the most toxic sweat? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork has the answer.

All About Stomach Acid

Did you know that the acid in your stomach could dissolve a razor blade? Learn how the body protects against this acid eating away at your stomach.

Urine: What's Normal?

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman shares everything you need to know about your urine.

What Is Sputum?

Find out when you should worry about the phlegm your body is producing.

Find Your Purpose to Strengthen Your Mind

Want the secret to better brain health as you age? Have a sense of purpose. In one study, older adults with a strong sense of purpose were less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, explains Robin Miller, MD.

Reasons Why Americans Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

About two-thirds of Americans say they're not getting enough sleep at night. The reason why may be right in front of them¿literally! From computers and televisions to cell phones and digital alarm clocks, we live in a world where we are flooded with light after the sun sets.

The Silent Disease That Millions of Americans Don't Know They Have

One in nine Americans suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and don't even know it. This silent killer often affects people with untreated high blood pressure and diabetes. Find out if you're at risk and when you can do to prevent CKD.

Soothe Stress with Laughter, Tea, and Qi-Gong

Need to relax? Stress can cause a host of health problems, but there are some proven ways to find relief. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, explains how laughter, black tea, certain scents and chi-gong, a martial art, can help drive stress away.

6 Natural Back Pain-Relief Techniques

Dealing with back pain is ¿ well a pain. But alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, yoga and herbal therapy may relieve your symptoms. In this video, Robin Miller, MD, reveals what other alternative medicine techniques work.

#Cheknominate: Coppafeel! Want You To Check Your Boobs

#CHEKNOMINATE: Breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel! believe that knowing your boobs could save your life. They encourage 18-30 year olds to check their breasts regularly for signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Is It a Fever?

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why it's important to know your baseline body temperature.

Male Grooming Trends Rated

Men: Are your grooming habits hot ... or not? The female Docs weigh in on male fashion and hygiene trends.

Are the "Sunday Night Blues" Real?

Monday mornings -- many of us are in the "recovery" phase after dealing with what some are calling the "Sunday Night Blues." It's that achy, depressing feeling we get when we realize the weekend is over, and the work week is beginning again soon!

3 Ways You're Probably Washing Your Hands Wrong

Think you know how to wash your hands? Chances are you're doing it wrong. Reporter Monica Robins visits the handwashing lab of a company that makes soaps and sanitizers for a few tips.

Your Mattress Really Impacts Your Sleep

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series, we talk to Dr. Robert Oexman about how our mattress can influence our health and sleep.

How My Wife And I Became Closer, From Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell shares how she and her wife became closer after they both dealt with health issues. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Health Secrets Your Reflection Can Reveal

What's your reflection really revealing? See how your eyes, ears, nose and neck could be pointing out potential health problems!

Three Mistakes Doctors Often Make

Learn about three common medical mistakes your physician may be guilty of making.

How to Keep Safe in Winter Weather

The Doctors share vital tips for staying safe during inclement winter weather.

The Addictive Nature of Heroin

Intervention specialist Ken Seeley discusses the alarming number of heroin-related deaths in the U.S. and the warning signs of heroin addiction. Plus, why it's imperative for an addict's family to be involved in the rehabilitation process.

Man Has Been Donating Blood for 40 Years

A 70-year-old Michigan man has been donating blood since he was a teenager. That adds up to about 30 gallons of blood donated and hundreds of lives saved.

Have Your Health Insurance Deductibles Increased?

The new year has been bringing higher health insurance deductibles for patients checking into the doctor's office or emergency room. Bob Hansen explains why you could be shelling out more for your healthcare plan in 2014.

Heroin Addiction in America

Following the tragic death of Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Doctors discuss the alarming surge of heroin addiction in the U.S.

Night Time Health and Beauty Habits

Find out which health and beauty habits you're better off doing at night.

CVS Pharmacy's Anti-Tobacco Policy

The Doctors weigh in on CVS Pharmacy's new policy prohibiting the sale of tobacco products in their stores.

Hospital Secrets Exposed

Two registered nurses expose hidden hospital secrets that every patient needs to know.

Tips to Combat Dry Skin

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips for protecting your skin during winter, featured in 'The Doctors' latest article in USA Weekend HealthSmart column.

New App Helps Turn Ordinary Citizens Into Emergency First Responders

When an emergency strikes, many people feel helpless. A new app allows you to spring into action.

How to Stop a Cheek Biting Habit

Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross offers strategies to help one woman curb her cheek-biting habit, which she says is causing wrinkles around her mouth.

How to Survive an Impaling

Hear how one man survived a nail to the heart. Plus, Dr. Travis describes what you should do if you accidentally impale yourself.

Which Is Worse: Popping a Pimple or Picking a Scab?

Which is worse: popping a pimple or picking a scab? Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross has the answer.

Which Is Worse: Holding in Urine or Stools?

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman weighs in on whether holding in urine is worse than holding in a bowel movement.

How to Properly Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Spring is quickly approaching which means it's time to clean and get organized. When doing your spring cleaning this year it's important to properly dispose of old health products or expired medication sitting in your medicine cabinet.

Home Remedies That Help You Skip the Doctor

Do you have allergies, achy joints or acne? These are all common conditions that account for thousands of doctors visits every year.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

When was the last time you gave your medicine cabinet a serious makeover? National beauty correspondent Stacy Cox, shares how to revamp and clean it out, plus tips on two important household must-haves.

A Couple Made a Snow Kidney as a Plea for Donor

Jim, 43, and his wife, Jennie, have been searching for a kidney donor for Jim, but with no luck. Learn what motivated the couple to build a kidney made of snow in their front yard.

The Benefits of Organ Donation

Jim, 43, and his wife, Jennie, have been searching for a kidney donor for Jim, but with no luck. The couple decided to build a kidney made of snow in their front yard, accompanied by a sign that states: "Kidney Wanted." They join The Doctors to discuss the benefits of organ donation.

3 Major Health Threats for Men

Millions of men become ill or die each year from these threats. Find out what tops the lists and how you can protect yourself.

Electronic Medical Record Is a Dirty Word to Many Doctors

Child and adolescent psychologist Steven Sussman, Ph.D, explains why many doctors object to the use of electronic health records.

Woman Hasn't Used Shampoo in 5 Years

Jackie says she hasn't washed her hair with shampoo in five years. Learn how Jackie takes her care of her hair without conventional cleaners.

How to Survive the Cold in Sub-Zero Weather

The Best Ways to Protect Your Health in Sub-Zero Weather

Pulmonary Rehab: Healing with Music

Playing a musical instrument can be fun, but for people with lung problems it can also offer health benefits. See how one man convinced his doctor to make his favorite pastime a form of therapy

USA Weekend: Tips for Weekend Athletes

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips to stay safe during weekend workouts from The Doctors' latest USA Weekend HealthSmart column.

The Secret to Reduce Bloating

A hot bath can be relaxing, but could adding Epsom salt to your soothing soak help reduce bloating?

Epsom Salt Treatment Results

The Doctors ask an audience member to try an Epsom salt bath, a beauty treatment that actress Jennifer Lawrence reportedly uses to reduce bloating before events. See the results of a 20-minute soak.

Dr. Sears Shares His Weight Loss Story

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears discusses his own weight loss journey and how it motivated him to share his story with others.

Why Your Body Physically Reacts to Stress

Stress affects us all. Whether dealing with financial problems, disciplining your kids or trying to make a deadline at work, stress is everywhere and can take a toll on your body and overall health. The Doctors' Dr. Travis Stork and Pfizer Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall sit down to discuss the physical reactions caused by stress.

Reduce Your Chance of Stroke

According to the American Heart Association, certain risk factors can increase a person's risk of having a stroke. Understanding your personal risk factors and learning to manage those that are under your control can help you prevent a stroke. Dr. Travis Stork (The Doctors) and Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, share ways in which you can lower your risk.

Dr. Art Markman Gives Tips on Living a Sustainable Life

Dr. Art Markman sits down with co-hosts JD and Rebecca to talk about his new book "Smart Change", which is all about learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

How Sugar Affects Urination

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman explains that excessive sugar consumption, especially refined white sugar, can have a myriad of negative health consequences, including frequent urination. Learn how.

Does Urine Therapy Work?

The Doctors weigh in on the effectiveness of urine therapy. Should you try it?

Deborah's Successful Experience with Urine Therapy

Deborah explains how she discovered urine therapy and how it has helped her get her life back.

How Sleeping Can Heal Your Heart

Laura Schocker, Dr. Michael Grandner and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum join HuffPost Live to discuss how sleeping can heal your heart.

Would the Doctors See a Hot Doc?

The Doctors weigh in on whether getting examined by a good-looking doctor might be an issue for some patients. Learn about E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork's experiences with female patients while on duty. Plus, would he let family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross or OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton examine him?

How to Stay Safe in the Cold

Too much time in the cold weather can hurt you regardless of what you wear.

How To Kick Your Snooze Button Habit

We'd be lying if we said it wasn't tempting to hit snooze. Considering around 35 percent of us get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night, who wouldn't want just a few more minutes of undisturbed slumber?

I Lost Weight: Scott Sewell

Each week HuffPost Healthy Living and HuffPost Live team up to bring you Motivational Monday, where we feature inspirational stories of dramatic weight loss and life-altering discipline. This week, Scott Sewell shares how he lost 140 pounds!

Sensitive Skin Calming Toner

Jess makes a natural toner that calms down red blotchy skin naturally.

Sitting for 5 Hours Is Equivalent to Smoking Over a Pack of Cigarettes

Bestselling author and Steve Jobs' doctor, David Agus says movement is medicine.

A Dog Could Be Your Heart's Best Friend

Dr. Martin D. Fried MD, fellowships: Hospital For Sick Kids, Toronto - Pediatric Nutrtion & Babies Hospital,Columbia Presbyterian Med Ctr, NY - Pediatric Gastroenterology, talks about the benefits of having a dog.

Justin Bieber's DUI Arrest

Executive editor of Richard Ayoub joins The Doctors to give the scoop on the latest celebrity health headlines. Hear details on pop star Justin Bieber's arrest for DUI.

Victims of Sperm Switch at Fertility Clinic

For couples struggling to conceive, artificial insemination can be a dream come true, but for one couple, their dream became a nightmare when they discovered that their daughter's actual biological father was a former felon who worked at the fertility clinic where she was conceived. It remains unknown whether he switched out sperm donors' samples with his own on more than one occasion. (Part 2)

Managing Cold and Flu Symptoms

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips for treating cold and flu symptoms from the The Doctors ' latest article in USA Weekend 's HealthSmart column.

Sperm Switch at Fertility Clinic

Twenty years after having a child via artificial insemination, one couple discovered that their daughter's actual biological father was a former felon who worked at the fertility clinic where she was conceived. Hear how the family has reacted since learning the shocking news. (Part 1)

Contaminated Spices

The U.S. imports more than 80 percent of its spices, and alarming research from the FDA revealed that roughly 7 percent of them were tainted with salmonella. Learn about the safety protocols that have been put in place to help reduce the risk of contamination. Plus, the best ways to safeguard against foodborne illness.

How to Sit Healthy At An Office Job

A physical therapist demonstrates "the right way" to work at the office to keep your body healthy.

Is Post-Workout Hunger Increasing Your Calorie Count?

Despite the fact that a tough workout might make you want to eat enough for a family of four, your exercise routine probably isn't making you consume extra calories, according to a new research review.

Fitness Trackers And Sleep: How Accurate Are They?

Many fitness trackers measure not only the number of steps you take every day and the calories you burn, but also your sleep habits, with some trackers even claiming to measure the time you spend in each stage of sleep.

These Jobs Have The Most Obese Employees

The transportation, moving, cleaning, truck-driving, protective services and building services industries have the highest prevalence of obesity, according to a study of people in Washington state.

The Awesome Effects of Music

Want to be more relaxed, have a better memory, and have more control over your emotions? Find out how music affects multiple parts of your brain and your life.

'I Will Survive': How Music Affects the Brain

In her book, We Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor shares 40 true stories about survivors who have found comfort, hope and courage through the power of her hit song, I Will Survive. Neurologist and music therapist Dr. Mark Tramo explains how music helps improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Text Alert: Texting While Walking Is Dangerous

Australian researchers used motion-capture technology to measure how people walk while texting.

How Exercise Helps You Prevent Cancer

to prevent cancer? Exercise! In this Health Smarts video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how exercise and everyday physical activity cuts your risk of colon and other types of cancer risk by up to 15%.

4 Fast and Easy Ways to De-Stress

Eating a banana or smooching a loved one, these are just a few ways to lower your stress level this holiday season

Relieve Stress with a Hug

Ever just want a hug? It turns out, a little human contact can do more than boost your mood. In this video, Barbara Ficarra, RN, talks about how a hug can reduce stress in people both before and after a difficult time.

A Surprising Key to Happiness

Taking a stand for something can boost your happiness. The stronger someone's activism is the better they felt, according to research. In this video, Barbara Ficarra, RN, discusses why having passion for a cause can improve your mood.

Obesity & The African-American Woman

Four out of five African-American women are overweight and a Columbia University study found that one in four black women will likely die of obesity-related diseases. It's not just due to socioeconomic factors. We look at what's behind the epidemic.

Shame: Just What The Doctor Ordered

A new study shows that 26% of women and 15% of men say they've been shamed by a doctor for everything from weight to sex to hygiene. But research suggests that shaming doesn't work, so why are docs still doing it?

4 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Right Now

Wanna quit smoking? Lose weight? Here, expert advice on the best ways to create new behaviors that bring about lasting change.

Tips for Cutting Costs on Prescriptions

More than 4 billion prescriptions are filled every year in the U.S.; however, recent reports show that 1 in 4 Americans are not filling prescriptions because the medications cost too much. Learn about an online resource that could help you save money on your meds.

How 3D Printing Works

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears tours a 3D printing facility at the University of Michigan. See how the cutting-edge technology creates exact replicas of his nose and brain! Plus, learn about the groundbreaking medical applications that 3D printing holds for the future.

3D Printing Helps Save Child's Life

See how doctors at the University of Michigan used 3D printing to render a customized, life-saving stint for a young child with a rare tracheal disorder.

New Year's Resolutions

The Doctors share their top tips to keep you healthy in the new year. Plus, learn how to prevent an injury during a workout!

Treadmill Dancing

Internet sensation "The Dancing Treadmill Guy," Marcus, stops by to demonstrate how he dropped two pant sizes!

The Docs Bust a Move

Watch as E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears get inspired by The Treadmill Guy and bust a move on a treadmill.

Five Health Secrets Your Lips Reveal

They pucker, they pout, and they point out problems! OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton divulges five health secrets your lips can reveal.

What To Do If Your Toenail Falls Off

Learn what you should do if a toenail falls off. And, how long will it take to grow back?

Surprising Reasons for a Fever

The Doctors share surprising reasons for a fever. Plus, when should you worry?

What Is Toe Cheese?

The dreaded "toe cheese": Learn where it comes from and how to get rid of it.

Jimmy Carter Announces Major Disease On Brink Of Eradication

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter joins HuffPost Live from The Carter Center in Atlanta to make a major announcement in the field of public health

Sophie Uliano's Homemade Mouthwash

If bad breath is a problem or a concern for you, start breathing a sigh of relief! Sophie Uliano has an assortment of solutions to improve your digestion and remedies for freshening your breath.

Time For Yourself? But How?

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. We know that taking time to focus on our mental and physical health is important, but why does taking that time always come with a side of guilt?

How a Spa Trip Ended in Surgery

E.R. physician Dr. Armand Dorian shares the story of how one man's trip to the spa ended in a 3-hour surgery. Learn which trendy spa treatment you may want to avoid.

Bizarre in the ER: The Risks of a Serious Infection

E.R. physician Dr. Armand Dorian shares the story of an overweight man who came into the emergency department with what he thought was an ingrown toenail and ended up with an amputated foot. Learn the importance of good foot care.

Staying Up Late Vs. Sleeping In

Learn whether sleeping in can help or hinder your health. Plus, is it worse than staying up late?

How To Live A Longer Life

Are coffee and wine actually good for you? INSIDE EDITION sat down Dr. David Agus who offers some surprising tips on how to live a longer and healthier life.

Good Morning Workout Video

Former football star Tony Gonzalez shows you the easiest exercises to help tackle the slopes or the beach this winter

Kidney Donors and Recipients Share Their Gratitude

Dr. Jeffrey Veale, Director of the UCLA Kidney Transplantation Exchange Program helps to raise awareness for paying it forward through the selfless act of kidney donation. Altruistic kidney donor Harry Damon shares his story of how his donation started a ripple-effect saving the lives of numerous strangers.

Essential Sports Protection Gear to Protect Your Private Parts

Find out which two body parts need the most protection while playing football.

Alpine Blitz Workout Video

Former football star Tony Gonzalez shows you the easiest exercises to help tackle the slopes or the beach this winter

What Will ADHD Medication Do to a Person Without ADHD?

Join the discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, about the effects of adhd medication on people who do not suffer from the disorder.

Coffee Vs. Sex: Which Would You Rather Give Up?

If given the choice, would you rather give up coffee or sex for a year? The Doctors explain the health benefits of both and share their answers.

What Causes a Curve "Down There"?

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins The Doctors to describe what causes a curvature in a penis.

Treating a Curve "Down There"

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains a new treatment to correct a curvature in the penis. Could it work for you?

7 Minute Workout: Perfect For Anyone on the Go

Former football star Tony Gonzalez shows you the easiest exercises to help tackle the slopes or the beach this winter

Now is the Perfect Time to Prioritize Health

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series, Dr. Pamela Peeke joins us to discuss her best advice for well-being and health in 2014.

The Perfect Time for Wellness

HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series, Dr. Pamela Peeke joins us to discuss her best advice for well-being and health in 2014.

Sales of Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Have Skyrocketed

Sales of counterfeit prescription drugs soared to $75 billion last year. Monica Robins has an in-depth look at how these dangerous drugs can easily make it into your home's medicine cabinet.

Acupuncture After Surgery

A California doctor is using an alternative form of pain management for surgery patients... acupuncture. And it's working.

4 Fixes to Stop Snoring

Snoring can range from mild to life-threatening, so it's important to try to minimize or solve the issue when possible. Robin Miller, MD, talks in this video about the types of snoring and how to prevent or manage it.

Belgium Passes Euthanasia Allowance for Terminally Ill Children

Dr. Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist in a discussion about the Belgian legislation that allows euthanasia for terminally ill children.

Healthy Tips for the New Year

'The Doctors' has an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips from the latest article, which focuses on strategies for improving your health in the new year.

Why Picking a Theme for 2014 Is Better Than New Year's Resolutions

It always sounds like a good idea -- quit smoking, lose 10 pounds, spend more time with the ones you love -- but are specific resolutions holding you back? We're talking trends in thematic life changes for 2014, and what could work for you.

Acupuncture Helps Alleviate Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Acupuncture helps alleviate side effects of drugs commonly prescribed to treat breast cancer, study finds.

HIP Medical Identification on Your Smartphone Could Save Your Life

Seconds can save lives during a medical emergency. Find out how the same technology that allows people to instantly share pictures and videos from their smartphones is also helping save lives.

Surgeons Perform First Artificial Heart Transplant In France

The prosthetic heart was designed by French company Carmat, using tissue from biological sources like cows in an effort to reduce the likelihood of rejection by the host.

Drug-Resistant E. Coli

A dangerous strain of E. coli called H30-Rx is believed to be responsible for 1.5 million urinary tract infections and tens of thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. Is the overuse of antibiotics creating a global health threat?

Emergency Action Plan Tips

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares important tips for creating an emergency action plan with your child.

The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Personal Health

While it is unclear as of yet how effective the new health care law will be, or how it may change and evolve as time goes on, The Doctors emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for your personal health and understanding your options.

Doc Dish: Dr. Travis' Health Quirk

Find out E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork's unusual health quirk.

7 Ways To Save Your Skin This Winter

Let's face it: winter can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry, chapped and looking dull. That's why Dr. Doris Day is here to share the seven ways to keep yours soft and smooth from head to toe this season!

Winterize Your Skin!

Let's face it: winter can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry, chapped and looking dull. That's why Dr. Doris Day is here to share the seven ways to keep yours soft and smooth from head to toe this season!

How to Relieve Holiday Stress

What simple trick can you do at home to relieve headache and sinus pressure?

The Effects of Music on Your Brain

Christmas carol overload? Learn what music does for your brain and how to deal with others' tastes in tunes.

You Can Burn HOW MANY Calories During Sex?

Nancy is joined by Antony Karelis to discuss a study that aimed to find out just how many calories are burned during sexual activity.

Professor: Sex An Added Bonus To Your Workout Routine

Nancy finds out whether or not sex can replace a typical workout routine.

'Untold Stories of the ER': Funny ER Doctor

This ER doctor uses humor to cut through tension in the hospital.

Facility Treats the Community with Acupuncture

Christopher Gania treats his patients with acupuncture to help them heal, many of whom are Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Holiday Health Scares

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays can also be dangerous. From depression to heart attacks, our experts explain the risks of the season and give tips on staying healthy.

Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick from Author Gene Stone

Author Gene Stone shares the top tips for staying healthy.

Restart Project: Eat Healthy

Tracy Anderson shows how to add more greens to your diet by making a healthy kale smoothie.

Restart Project: Life After Loss

Angela had 3 amazing children and then tragedy struck and she lost her oldest son to an accidental overdose. With the grief consuming her Angela had to find the strength to dig herself out of depression and she found it in the Karate studio that her children grew up in. Now she's ready to make peace with her loss in the studio where so many of her memories of him remain.

Restart Project: Reward Yourself

Tracy Anderson gives pointers on when it is ok to give in to emotional cravings.

Got Low Back Pain? Never Stand This Way!

Low back pain is a common problem, but did you know that changing the way you stand could make a world of difference? Here are simple ways you can correct your posture to keep your back (and body) happy.

USA Weekend: Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips to reduce your stress levels during the holidays in The Doctors' latest USA Weekend HealthSmart column.

Pioneering Surgery Lets Two Little Girls Walk

Two little girls avoided amputation and are able to walk thanks to a miraculous new surgical procedure. INSIDE EDITION has their story.

How Does Antibiotic Resistance Work?

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains what antibiotic resistance is and how it occurs due to the overuse of antibiotic medications.

Parents Discuss Infant's Rare Bone Disease

Andrew Huber was falsely accused of child abuse, until his wife, Bria found doctors who discovered a rare bone disorder in their little baby.

5 Simple Steps to Avoid Jet Lag

Feeling 'off' after a long flight? Here are 5 proven ways to get your mind and body back in the right time zone.

Contact Lens Effectively Delivers Glaucoma Medication

In the future, medication to treat eye diseases like glaucoma could be dispensed from a contact lens, new research suggests.

House Calls Can Bring Medical Costs Down

Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on a novel approach to bringing medical costs down. It involves a variation on the once-common practice of the house call.

Fun Decorating Tricks For The Kids Table, from Sandra Lee

Sandra lee talks about table schemes and activities for the kids table, part of the series Mondays With Marlo for

Jack Osbourne On MS Diagnosis: I Had A Pity Party, Then I Took Action

Jack Osbourne joins Caroline to discuss how he reacted when he was diagnosed with MS.

The Dangers And Pain Of Chronic Migraines

The pain of a single migraine headache last hours, sometimes even days, and can result in physical, mental and emotional side effects. We discuss what can be done and the warning signs of long-term issues.

The Dangers Of Chronic Migraines

The pain of a single migraine headache last hours, sometimes even days, and can result in physical, mental and emotional side effects. We discuss what can be done and the warning signs of long-term issues.

5 Simple Fixes for a More Successful New Year

Executive coach Karen Elizaga joins Lunch Break with five tangible, simple steps to truly better yourself and get ahead in the New Year. Photo: Getty Images.

2014 Goals-Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

Lose weight? Go to the gym? Stop smoking? Whatever it is you promised yourself you would do this year, we have ways that will help you reach your goals.

Undergoing a Prostate Screening

This video contains images of a graphic surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised. Is the man in your life at risk for prostate cancer? Learn the surprising answer when an audience member undergoes an in-studio prostate exam!

Important Prostate Precautions for Men's Health

Chad, 41, says his dad was treated for prostate cancer. He learns what precautions he should take in light of his dad's diagnosis.

How to Dress for Winter Workouts

Don't let cold weather keep you indoors. In this video, fitness expert Vonda Wright, MD, shares tips to bundle up for winter workouts.

"Half-Ton Killer" Talks Incredible Weight Loss

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Myra Rosales who stars a TLC special about her 800 pound weight loss after weighing more than half-a-ton! Rosales talks about her incredible weight loss and recalls the time she was charged with capital murder. The charges were dropped.

Mysterious CRPS Condition Hits Home For INSIDE EDITION Reporter

A medical mystery is afflicting the son of INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret that causes him agonizing pain.

How to Rid Your Washing Machine of Mold

Mold expert Samuel Dixon shares three tips to rid your washing machine of mold. Plus, find out what black mold can do to your health.

My Daughter Beat Cancer But Died From A Hospital Mistake

Christopher Jerry joins HuffPost Live to discuss his daughter, who beat cancer but later died from a mistake from a hospital.

Doctor Explains Mysterious CRPS Condition

CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is a rare condition that causes chronic pain throughout a person's body. INSIDE EDITION sits down with Dr. Elliot Krane to find out more.

The 'Remarkable Difference' Medical Marijuana Made In My Epileptic Daughter

Holli Brown joins HuffPost Live to discuss her epileptic daughter's use of medicinal marijuana.

My Son Is 14 Months Seizure-Free Thanks To Medical Marijuana

Heather Jackson joins HuffPost Live to talk about her son being seizure-free for 14-months due to medical marijuana.

My Son Died After Catching MRSA In A Hospital

Carole Moss joins HuffPost Live to discuss the death of her son, who caught MRSA while staying in a hospital.

Bizarre Occurrences in the ER

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not for one 80-year-old woman who came to the emergency room with something very strange lodged in a pretty private place. Plus, what did doctors find crawling in one man's ear?

Which Is Worse for You?: Drunk Driving Vs. Drunk Walking

The Doctors set the record straight on holding in your pee vs. using a dirty porta-potty, drunk driving vs. drunk walking and binge drinking vs. daily drinking. The answers may surprise you.

At-Home Test for Neck Pain

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares an at-home test you can use to determine whether your neck pain may indicate a serious problem.

How to Prevent Your Lungs from Burning While Running in Cold Weather

What can you do to prevent your lungs from burning when it's cold? And is it dangerous to exercise in cold weather?

Why Eating Spicy Food Can Affect Your Rear End

Do spicy foods give you a hot butt? Learn why hot sauces and peppers can lead to a burning sensation on the other end. Plus, what can you do to alleviate the pain, yet still enjoy your favorite foods?

Health Fears: Cell Phone Radiation, MRSA Infection, and Vaccine Scares

Do cell phones really cause brain tumors? And can the flu vaccine actually make you sick? Readers Digest Editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello joins Dr. Travis to explain when a health headline should cause you to worry and when you can let it go.

Why Does It Burn When I Pee?

A Facebook fan wants to know: "Why does it burn when I pee?" Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears corrects a common misconception about urinary tract infections.

How to Perform a Self-Breast Exam

Breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk demonstrates how to perform a self-breast exam, which she recommends every woman do once a month. "You're looking for changes, something new," Dr. Funk says.

Five Daily Things You Could Be Doing Wrong

Chances are, your daily routines of brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your face and combing your hair are actually being done wrong. INSIDE EDITION speaks with Beauty editor, Jill Percia on how to do them right.

How Video Games Keep You Young

Are you a video game fan? Keep playing -- it's good for your memory! In this video, Robin Miller, MD, reveals how playing video games are a fun anti-aging pursuit to help seniors sharpen their cognitive skills and prevent memory loss.

The Karaoke Cure: Sing Away Stress and Boost Self-Esteem

Don't shy away from that karaoke mic! In this video, Robin Miller, MD, reveals how singing - even if it's off-key - reduces stress and boosts your mood and memory.

Soothe Stress with Laughter, Tea and Qi-Gong

Need to relax? Stress can cause a host of health problems, but there are some proven ways to find relief. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, explains how laughter, black tea, certain scents and chi-gong, a martial art, can help drive stress away.

Deer Hunting Safety Tips

Tree stand falls can mean injury or death for hunters. Emily Longnecker spoke with an injured hunter about the one device that could've prevented his hospital visit.

Obamacare: The Importance of Learning from Mistakes

Dr. Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist discusses the importance of learning from one's mistakes.

Fist Bumping Healthier Than Shaking Hands?

New research suggests the art of fist bumping may be cleaner than shaking hands.

Woman Raises Money to Find Answers for Mysterious Illness

It took years for a Louisiana woman to figure out what disease made her husband ill and eventually killed him. Now she wants to raise awareness and work hard to find a cure.

Treating a Dislocated Shoulder

Learn what you should do if you dislocate your shoulder.

The Doctors' Check-in Challenge Winner, Week 3

This November, check in with The Doctors on TV and Twitter, and you could win $5,000 in "The Doctors Check-in Challenge!" See Dr. Travis surprise the third winner!

How to Safely Remove Embedded Glass

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrates what to do with an embedded shard of glass.

USA Weekend: Treating GERD

The Doctors and USA Weekend explain what you need to know about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Clark's Story

Meet Clark, a man whose selfless act of bravery put him in harm's way and changed his life forever.

Brittany Murphy's Dad Speaks Out

Father of late actress Brittany Murphy, Angelo Bertolotti, and investigative reporter and family friend Julia Davis join The Doctors to discuss the toxicology report recently released from Murphy's hair samples, which showed elevated levels of metals, indicating the actress may have been poisoned.

New Toxicology Report on Actress' Death

The Doctors are joined by toxicology expert Dr. Michael Levine who offers his professional opinion of the new toxicology report issued for the late actress, Brittany Murphy. Murphy's father believes the results show his daughter may have been poisoned. Does Dr. Levine think the results are enough to warrant a reopening of the case?

A Hero's House Call

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith pays a visit to Clark, a man whose selfless act of bravery put him in harm's way and changed his life forever.

Discussing the JFK Assassination

It's been 50 years since the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The Doctors are joined by former Parkland Hospital surgeon Dr. Ronald Jones, who shares his eyewitness account of that fateful day. Plus, could there have been more than one shooter? Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht weighs in.

Dr. Sears' Biopsy Results

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visited gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez to undergo a routine colonoscopy. During the procedure, Dr. Rodriguez removed a polyp and sent it out for testing. Watch as Dr. Rodriguez reveals the results of the biopsy to Dr. Sears.

Colonoscopies Explained

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explains how a colonoscopy is performed, and why it's safer if the patient is under anesthesia during the procedure.

4 Secrets to Taking a Real Power Nap

A little shut-eye can do wonders for powering you through the rest of the day. But be sure to follow these rules about how to do naps right.

Blending the Senses: Can a Medical Intuitive See Diseases?

What if you could see health problems before they are diagnosed? We introduce you to a man who claims he can diagnose your health by simply looking at you.

The Connection Between Our Brains And Our Guts

Dr. Roshini Raj and Nadya Andreeva join HuffPost Live to discuss why they feel that healthy digestion makes you happier and smarter.

The Importance of Being Earnest with Your Doctor

The information you share with your doctor is supposed to keep you healthy, but still many of you omit critical details, distort the truth, or flat out lie when questioned by your doctors. Find out what doctors say are the most common and potentially dangerous lies patients tell in the exam room.

Avoiding Toilet Trouble in Kids

The Doctors talk to Courtney and her son, Holden, who went viral via a video of him describing his hard time on the toilet. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears offers advice to keep Holden healthy and regular.

Dr. Ordon Gets a Prostate Exam

An important element in overall prostate health is getting regular prostate exams. Watch as urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performs a prostate exam on Dr. Ordon. Has his prostate improved since his last exam?

Breaking Down The Strains Of Meningitis

Dr. Amesh Adalja joins Mike Sacks to break down the difference between Viral Meningitis and Meningitis B.

'My Lobotomy'

At the age of 12, Howard Dully was one of the youngest patients to undergo a transorbital lobotomy, a neurosurgery prescribed to treat psychiatric conditions. Howard joins HuffPost Live and shares his story.

Princeton Student On Contracting Meningitis: It Was 'Excruciating'

Michael Moorin joins HuffPost Live to discuss how he contracted meningitis.

Dr. Says Princeton Students Should 'Definitely' Get The Unapproved Vaccine

Dr. Amesh Adalja joins HuffPost Live to share his thoughts on the controversial unapproved meningitis vaccine.

How Oil Pulling Will Change Your Life

Each week Caitlyn & Caroline co-host a conversation where they try something new. This week they try oil pulling, an ancient practice that's said to have many health benefits. Tune in and join the conversation!

The Right Way to Stop a Nosebleed

A specialist has identified the most effective and least dangerous way to stop a nosebleed. The key is to blow then pinch.

My Wake-Up Call To Prioritize Health

Tim Rath joins Nancy to discuss when he decided to prioritize his health.

Hospital Survival Guide

Lifestyle expert and radio host Moll Anderson shares her six tips for surviving a hospital stay. Learn what you should bring with you as you await news and care for a sick loved one.

The Doctors' Check-in Challenge Winner, Week Two

This November, check in with The Doctors on TV and Twitter, and you could win $5,000 in "The Doctors Check-in Challenge!" See Dr. Travis surprise the second winner, and don't forget to watch, tweet and win!

Check-In Challenge Hashtag: 11/14/13

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork reveals The Doctors' Check-in Challenge hashtag for Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Ask Our Docs: Atlanta Edition

What's the best way to regain a pre-pregnancy tummy after a C-section? Is it harmful to exercise if your muscles are still sore from a previous workout? The Doctors tackle questions from Atlanta viewers!

The Breakthrough of Instant Diagnosis

Elizabeth Holmes, founder amd CEO, Theranosin talks with Caitlin Roper about the effects of Theranos instant diagnosis offerings for patients and doctors..

How to Keep Limbs and Joints Strong

Strong knees and a strong grip help prevent joint pain and lower hospitalization risk among the elderly. In this video, Vonda Wright, MD, reveals how strength training is an anti-aging move that fights pain and improves balance.

David Agus: How Aspirin Helps & Vitamin D Hurts

David Agus talks about how aspirin helps and Vitamin D can hurt.

Pay Now, Live Longer: How to Make Health Last a Lifetime

Robert Capps talks about how to Make Health Last a Lifetime.

Myths About Your Body You Probably Believe

Prepare to have your world changed. Here are myths about your body you probably believe.

Francine on Her Mother's Untimely Death

What if you didn't have the chance to say goodbye? One woman shares the tragic details of her mother's death.

Walk to Improve Cholesterol and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Want to improve your cholesterol and prevent Alzheimer's and dementia? Take a walk! In this Health Smarts video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how walking improves good HDL cholesterol to help tame inflammation and prevent memory loss.

Breathe Deeply to Ease Pain

Did you know that deep, slow breathing can lift your sports and even dull pain? In this video, Barbara Ficarra, RN, discusses the pain relieving benefits of this simple breathing technique.

Relieve Pain with Strong Relationships

If you suffer from chronic pain, good relationships can help. Vonda Wright, MD, explains how strong relationships help soothe inflammation and relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Chanting Can Make You Heal Faster

A calm mantra just might turn you into a faster healer. Studies show that being quick tempered hinders your body's ability to heal. Barbara Ficarra, RN, explains why keeping calm can help you carry on.

Do Food Stamps Make Poor People Fat?

Food stamps contribute significantly to an obesity problem in south Texas, according to a recent story in the Washington Post.

Can You Really Afford Your Workout?

If you add up the cost of your gym membership, equipment and the cost of additional classes, you may be losing a lot more money than pounds. We breakdown exercise and spending habits to see if they really are correlated to achieve the best balance.

Can Positive Thinking Help You Heal?

Dr. Steven Sussman, Ph.D, child & adolescent psychologist, explains the benefits of positive thinking for healing.

The Doctors Answer Entertainment Tonight's Health Questions

Have trouble sleeping? Unusual pain during pregnancy? The Doctors answer questions from Nancy O'Dell, Brooke Anderson and Entertainment Tonight staffers.

The Benefits of Foot Rollers for Muscle Rehabilitation

Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c), discusses benefits of foot rollers for muscle exercise and rehabilitation.

The Benefits of Social Media for Your Self-Esteem

If you're a social media junkie, here's good news: It's good for your self-esteem. In this Health Smarts video, Robin Miller, MD, reveals how posting social media updates boosts your mood. So, what's your status?

Healthy Skeptic: Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

Alcohol hand sanitizers claim to be an effective alternative to hand-washing. But are they as good as they claim? The Healthy Skeptic explains.

Generic Drug Fraud?

The Doctors are shocked by a story about a drug company that allegedly falsified its data in order to obtain approval for its drugs by the Federal Drug Administration. Are your medications safe?

Three Health Habits You're Doing Wrong

From sunscreen application to contact lens care, The Doctors share three health habits you're doing wrong.

Three Tips to Disguise 'Man Boobs'

Men: Do you have the dreaded "man boobs"? Learn three ways to disguise them.

Three Habits That Are Making You Stink

Learn three surprising habits that may be making you stink.

Family Hopes Daughter's Seizures Can Be Treated with Marijuana

An Iowa family whose toddler suffers from severe seizures plans to move to Colorado, hoping their daughter can be treated with medical marijuana.

Spend Time with Friends Can Make You Live Longer

Spending time with family and friends may help you live longer. Research shows that people who are socially connected cope with stress better than those who aren't. In this video, Robin Miller, MD discusses the other health benefits of socializing.

Dr. Travis' Nashville House Call

In a special house call, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork heads to Nashville, Tennessee, to meet a man who lost his arm after being struck by a car. See the life-changing surprises 'The Doctors' helps provide to improve his quality of life.

Receiving A 'Fat Letter' Would Have Changed My LIfe

At least 19 states are sending home legislatively mandatory BMI reports, so-called 'fat letters' to parents of elementary, middle- and high-school students. We discuss their effectiveness and their unintended impact on students' body images.

Some People Find Relief in a New Kind of Acupuncture

Dry needling looks like acupuncture but physical therapists say it isn't.

Is Alcohol Making You Ugly?

Would you stop drinking if you found out it might make you less attractive or look older than you actually are? The Doctors check out an iPad app called "The Drinking Mirror," that shows you how alcohol can speed up the aging process!

Small Public Park Improvements Could Boost Physical Activity in the US

Small and inexpensive improvements can help boost physical activity in American parks.

Controlling Your Quality of Life Over the Years

As a cancer survivor himself as well as a longtime supporter of medical research, Michael Milken knows firsthand that quality of life and making smart, healthy decisions can save your life as you get older. And as life expectancy continues to rise, making those choices as a preventative measure has never been more important.

What Drives Michael Milken's Fight Against Disease?

Michael Milken knows a thing or two about health advocacy and trying to make the world a healthier place. As the driving force behind the Milken Institute, Faster Cures, the Melanoma Research Alliance and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, few people have dedicated more time and money to fighting cancer and other serious illnesses than Milken.

How Can We Remove Barriers to Medical Progress?

"There's never been a more exciting time in medical research than today." So states leading philanthropist and health advocate Michael Milken in a conversation with Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., chief medical officer of Pfizer. . The good news is that exciting medical breakthroughs are within our grasp; the not-so-good news is that it still takes too long and costs too much to bring new medical treatments to patients.

Study: Women With Big Butts Are Healthier

It's all about the junk in the trunk! A new study reveals the benefits of having a big booty!

Overweight Teens Have Higher Risk for Adult Cancer

Overweight teens are at a higher risk for developing cancer as an adult.

Some Herbal Products Contain Unlisted Ingredients

Some herbals products may contain ingredients not listed on the labels.

Where You Live Could Determine How Much Medicine You Take

Researchers found that prescription drug use varied across the country.

Top Tips to Look After Your Eyes Eye conditions often do not display symptoms until damage has occurred. Find out what you can do to enjoy healthier eyesight. Find us on: Like us on: Follow us on: Follow us on: Follow us on

Orlando Jones' Halloween Health Question

Actor and comedian Orlando Jones joins 'The Doctors' from the set of Fox's hit new show, 'Sleepy Hollow'. Hear his hilarious health question about the potential effects of fear!

Deborah Norville on the Impact of Celebrity Health Stories

Health stories are a part of the daily news flow. But the ones that often get people talking are when a celebrity brings a health issue to light. Deborah Norville has seen her fair share of those stories during her decades-long tenure at "Inside Edition."

The Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Larissa Roux, MD FRCP Dip Sport Med, MPH, PhD, discusses sports medicine and plantar fasciitis.

The Impact Of Celebrity Health Stories

Health stories are a part of the daily news flow. But the ones that often get people talking are when a celebrity brings a health issue to light.

Penn Jillette: People Against Vaccines Have 'Blood On Their Hands'

Penn Jillete, world renowned magician, performer and filmmaker, joins HuffPost Live to discuss his thoughts on those who don't vaccinate their children.

Midweek Cocktail Chatter with @Joshzepps

Join Josh for the Midweek Cocktail Chatter! Along with a group of expert guests, we want to hear from YOU about this week's top stories.

The Doctors Help in Kidney Search

A South Carolina woman whose husband tried to find a donor kidney for her by walking the streets wearing a large sign recently received a kidney transplant. And they credit The Doctors for the lifesaving procedure.

What Can Your Body Do with an Extra Hour of Sleep?

Here is what your body can do with an extra hour of sleep.

How Yoga Changes Your Body, Starting The Day You Begin

The Eastern practice of yoga has become a modern-day symbol of peace, serenity and well-being in the West. More than 20 million Americans practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study, with practitioners spending more than $10 billion a year on yoga-related products and classes.

Facts About the Human Body

Here are some answers to why you get the chills, pruney fingers, pins and needles, brain freeze, and that falling sensation when you're about to fall asleep.

How Much Does It Take to Overdose?

There really can be 'too much of a good thing'. Check out the amounts calculated for one sitting consumption by a 150 lb. person.

4 Tips to Help You Go Green

Ever consider that a healthy environment can create a healthier you? It's true: Going green can pay some serious health dividends. Michael Roizen, MD, discusses four tips to improve the environment and your health.

The Dark Side of CT Scans

CT scans ahelp doctors evaluate everything from cancer to fractures. But CT scans also deliver a hefty dose of radiation. Kevin Soden, MD, reveals 2 questions to ask your doctor about computerized tomography.

Best Time to Take Your Calcium Supplement

Taking a calcium supplement can help keep your bones strong, but when you take that supplement can make it more effective. Kevin Soden, MD, shares tips for the best time to take your calcium.

Good Sleep Quality and Quantity Helps Reduce Diabetes Risk

The amount of sleep you get and the quality of your sleep can impact on the risk of diabetes. In this video, Robin Miller, MD, explains how sleep can affect insulin sensitivity.

The Media's Role In Health Awareness

Over the course of her career, reporting on a myriad of health-related stories has taught "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville one important lesson: You have to be willing to take the reins when it comes to your health. The fact that she can use her medium -video - to help drive that message across makes her job even more important to her.

Get to Know Your Fasting Blood Sugar

Do you know your fasting blood sugar number? It's the key to preventing prediabetes and diabetes. In this video, Kevin Soden, MD, explains the anti-aging benefits of managing your blood sugar and makes a case for having it tested sooner rather than later.

Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Fitness expert Vonda Wright, MD, says the benefits of strength training go way beyond stronger muscles. Learn how weight lifting helps melt belly fat and prevent arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and other health woes.

How Exercise 'Turns On' Good Genes

Exercise benefits go beyond helping you lose weight. Fitness expert Vonda Wright, MD, explains how just 3 hours exercise a week turns on more than 100 genes that help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and fatty livers.

Sip Chamomile Tea to Stress Less

Overwhelmed by stress? Fix yourself a cup of chamomile tea. In this Health Smarts video, Kevin Soden, MD, explains how the antioxidant flavonoids in chamomile tea affect brain chemistry to help reduce stress.

Reduce Stress Now to Prevent Diabetes Later

Taking steps to reduce stress now will help you prevent diabetes later on. Kevin Soden, MD, explains how stress affects your blood sugar and shares tips to reduce stress.

Where to Store Your Vitamins

Did you know that how you store vitamins can help -- or harm -- their potency? In this Health Smarts video, Kevin Soden, MD, explains why your bathroom medicine cabinet may not be the best place for your supplements.

Sip Green Tea to Get Happy

Need to lift your mood? Sip a cup of green tea. In this Health Smarts video, Kevin Soden, MD, explains how antioxidants in green tea may help boost production of the feel-good brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine to prevent depression.

How to Bounce Back from a Setback

One key to longevity is resilience, the ability to keep on in the face of adversity, such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, outlines his strategy for bouncing back from adversity and moving forward.

Fight Chronic Disease with a Hunter-Gatherer Mentality

It may sound crazy, but one of the best ways to reduce your risk of chronic disease may be to act like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Robin Miller, MD, discusses what made our ancestors lifestyles so healthy.

4 Ways to Banish Depression

Feeling down in the dumps? Being depressed or even a little sad can take a toll on your health. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, offers four tips to boost your mood and help you find your happy place.

Fight Depression by Saying Thank You

Want to feel 25% happier right now? Just say "thank you." In this Health Smarts video, Kevin Soden, MD, explains how expressing gratitude lifts your mood, boosts your immune system, and may help prevent depression.

How to Find a Good In-Home Healthcare Service

If you or a loved one has had major surgery like a hip replacement that requires home health care, finding the right service can be a challenge. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, shares his tips for finding the right home health care for you.

How to Have a Healthy Commute

Long commutes aren¿Äôt very good for your health. They eat into exercise time and add to your sitting time. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, offers tips to make your commute healthier.

How Strength Training Helps Your Health

Strength training has many health benefits. In this Health Smarts video, fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, explains how resistance training help prevent diabetes, osteoporosis, and back pain, as well as age-related muscle loss.

How to Dispose of Prescription Medication Safely

Want to get rid of old prescription drugs knocking around in your cupboards? In this Health Smarts video, Dr. Kevin Soden, shares 4 DEA- and FDA-approved tips to dispose of prescriptions drugs safely.

Tips to Help Men Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis isn't just a women's health issue. It affects men, too. In this Health Smarts video, Kevin Soden, MD, shares 4 tips to help guys build strong bones.

What Belongs in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Are you prepared for an emergency? In this Health Smarts video, Dr. Kevin Soden, shares 4 basic items to include in your medicine cabinet to manage anything from a headache to a heart attack.

The Benefits of Working Out

Exercise comes with many perks. In this Health Smarts video, fitness expert Vonda Wright, MD, shares the benefits of exercise, including appetite control and preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

Three Tips for Going Green and Boosting Your Health

Trying to lower your carbon footprint? You don't have to make drastic changes to go green. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, shares his tips for becoming more environmentally friendly--and healthier.

Eat More to Lose Weight

If you're looking to fight belly fat as you age, here's a tip for you: Eat regular meals. People who eat meals at regular times tend to have smaller waists than people who sometimes skip them. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, explains.

What Nighttime Bathroom Trips May Mean

Do you get up more than once a night to go to the bathroom? It could be a sign of something wrong. Barbara Ficarra, RN, explains how frequent urination may be a sign of diabetes, sleep apnea, kidney problems or urinary tract infection.

Deborah Norville on Inside Edition's Health Stories That Hit Home

Deborah Norville has a lot to celebrate. Her career has spanned decades with major success as a television host and an author, now with her show "Inside Edition" celebrating its 25th anniversary on the air, it's time for some reflection.

The Benefit of Home Workouts for Better Blood Sugar

Not a fan of the gym? Fitness expert Mike Clark, DPT, shares tips for great home workouts to help you lose weight, manage your blood sugar, and prevent type 2 diabetes.

Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Vacation

Short trips, taken frequently, can do as much for you and your health as a long vacation. In this video, Michael Roizen, MD, explains how short getaways can boost your health and reduce stress.

Danielle's 140-Pound Weight Loss Reveal

Danielle, 27, appeared on The Doctors last November and shared her experience undergoing robotic gastric bypass surgery. The Doctors then set her up with a nutritionist and a personal trainer to help her on her journey to a healthier life. Danielle has since lost 140 pounds and gone from dress size 24 to 4! See her remarkable transformation and learn how she did it!

Top 4 Stress Fighters You Need Right Now

When left unchecked, stress can do a number on your body. But you'd be surprised at the simple steps you can take to help lessen or avoid its damaging effects.

Telemedicine: Emergency Room Alternative

This year, nearly 800,000 Americans will have a stroke -- and when it comes to survival and quality of life, timing is everything. Not that long ago, a neurologist couldn't always be in the emergency room, but now there's telemedicine. It's all about providing patients with care they may not be able to get. What telemedicine is -- and why it's considered 'the alternative.'

How I Overcame Intimidation From My Trainer

Blogger Eric Edberg joins Caitlyn to discuss how he overcame intimidation from his trainer to lose weight.

Medicago Fight Flu with Tobacco

Find out how a Canadian pharma company turns genetically modified plants into a vaccine factory.

The 'Intimidation Factors' That Come With Exercise When You're Plus-Size

Josh Brooks and Paige Waehner join HuffPost Live to go over some of the intimidation factors that come with exercising when you're plus-size.

How to Unclock a Kid's Bedroom

Kids lock doors: Handy Ma'am shares three tricks to unlock a bedroom door.

How to Get Gum Out of Anything

Handy Ma'am shares a few good tips to get chewing gum out of anything.

Natural Cures for Diarrhea

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares natural remedies for diarrhea.

Anxiety and Diarrhea

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why anxiety can cause digestive problems.

Is Aspirin Therapy Right for You?

You've got to love aspirin. For most people, it's a safe way to treat headaches and body aches and pains -- and you'll be hard pressed to find something that works better. But is aspirin therapy right for you?

Natural Cures for Awkward Body Problems

From a simple tip to curb burping, to a quick fix for bad breath, The Doctors offer natural remedies for your most embarrassing body problems.

New Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alex Kaplan joins the show to demonstrate how a new type of laser treatment can help you lose your unsightly tattoo in half the time of traditional removal treatments.

The DNA Clock That Tracks The Age Of Your Cells And Tissues

A new study, published Monday in peer-reviewed journal Genome Biology, suggests that we all have an internal biological clock that tracks the aging process -- and may reveal the true age of our cells and tissues. It's hidden right in our DNA.

The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Dr. Dhaval Dhru explains how herbal teas are not quite tea and how to get the most benefits from them.

The Causes of Constipation

David Israel, BSc, MD, FRCPC, discusses constipation causes.

Can a Cocktail Cure Your Hangover?

The Doctors discuss whether drinking alcohol the morning after a night out will help ease the pains of a hangover.

Many Preventative Treatments Are Free Under the Affordable Care Act

Mammograms, colonoscopies, cholesterol screening and breast cancer gene counseling - just a few of the dozens of preventive care services that will be free in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.

The Health Benefits of Standing Instead of Sitting

Standing has been found to reverse a bit of the damage excess sitting does, getting some of the body's functions back to working at an optimal level.

Vodka For Your Sore Throat?

Hollywood beauty expert Kym Douglas shares a simple, and surprising, solution for a sore throat.

Obamacare Will Show The U.S. 'How Big Of A Doctor Shortage We Have'

Dike Drummond joins HuffPost Live to discuss how Obamacare will highlight the doctor shortage in the United States.

Vodka-Based Home Remedies

Hollywood beauty expert Kym Douglas shares simple at-home tips to soothe aching muscles and freshen up stinky feet.

How to Reduce Your Cell Phone Radiation Risk

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation that's linked to cancer and lower fertility. Robin Miller, MD, shares 3 easy steps to limit your exposure to mobile phone radiation.

Should I Check With My Doctor Before Starting an Exercise Program?

Exercise is a great way to help prevent heart disease. In this WisePatient video, cardiologist Merle Myerson, MD, shares some smart safety tips when starting a fitness program.

What's the First Thing I Should Do to Treat My Hypertension?

Treating high blood pressure often starts with making healthy lifestyle changes. If those don't do the trick, says Merle Myerson, MD, in this WisePatient video, your doctor may prescribe medication, too.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Genetics may be to blame for your high blood pressure. But poor lifestyle choices can also cause hypertension, according to Merle Myerson, MD, in this WisePatient video.

You Really Can Become Immune To Your Deodorant

We sweat for a reason. And yet, we spend $18 billion a year trying to stop or at least mask the smell of our sweat.

How Can Exercise Help Me Lower Hypertension?

Got high blood pressure? Exercise can help. In this WisePatient video, cardiologist Merle Myerson, MD, explains why exercise is a smart idea whether your hypertension is mild, severe, or somewhere in between.

What Are the Top Three Things I Should Do If I've Been Diagnosed With Hypertension?

If your doctor says you have high blood pressure, follow these tips from cardiologist Merle Myerson, MD. In this WisePatient video, she shares a three-step strategy to manage hypertension, including healthy lifestyle changes you should make.

PICO Treatment Helps Wounds Heal Faster

Every year about 500-thousand patients in the U.S. develop SSIs, which claim more than ten-thousand lives. Now a new simple treatment for wounds can help heal them before they have a chance to kill.

What Is Low Blood Pressure and Is It a Health Concern?

Some people don't have to worry about their blood pressure being to high but too low. In this WisePatient video, cardiologist Merle Myerson, MD, defines low blood pressure, also known as hypotension.

Five Simple Habits to Help You Trump Lousy Genes

Heart disease and diabetes may run in your family, but your habits have a bigger impact on how you age. Vonda Wright, MD, explains how healthy lifestyle choices, like eating right and not smoking, can trump genetics.

Tips to Decrease Back Pain and Increase Circulation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith demonstrates quick and easy exercises to help alleviate lower back pain and increase circulation.

Vicki Lawrence's Health Scare

Vicki Lawrence -- best known for playing Thelma "Mama" Harper on "Mama's Family" -- tells The Doctors about a real-life health scare.

Mama's Tips for Staying Young

Vicki Lawrence - best known for playing the feisty Thelma "Mama" Harper on "Mama's Family" -- joins The Doctors to play "guess the celebrity," give E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork a gift and offer tips on staying young.

Habits That May Negatively Affect Your Health

The Doctors share surprising habits that may be negatively affecting your health.

More Habits That May Negatively Affect Your Health

Learn why comfy pajamas may be bad for you as The Doctors share the surprising habits that could be negatively affecting your health.

Medical Breakthrough: Relief for Those Suffering from Hemorrhoids

More than 15-million Americans suffer from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Now, a non-invasive treatment is making these bleeding blood vessels disappear almost effortlessly.

Five Dollar Health Fixes to Save You Big Money on Meds

We spend seven-billion dollars on over-the-counter medicines. But instead of doling out cash at the pharmacy, some home remedies can relieve the pain for less cash.

What Is The Future Of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgeons are in San Diego this week discussing the future of the industry, which includes stem cell therapy. Dr. Bob Murphy, the head of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said the industry has a long history of forward thinking. He said stem cell therapy can be applied in elective procedures and reconstructive procedures.

How Much Water You Should Drink

Your body is approximately 70 percent water and needs replenishment to function properly. How much should you drink?

When Doctors Don't Listen

Do you feel like your doctor isn't really listening to you? Check out what two ER doctors say you need to do to make sure your doctor is really paying attention to your medical needs.

True Wellness: European Biological Medicine

At a time when conventional health care is failing many Americans, patients in record numbers are turning to alternative medicine for answers.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Estar Activo

Un experto en diabetes habla de cómo uno mismo puede manejar su diabetes al mantenerse activo. El ejercicio no es sólo acerca de perder peso, tiene muchos beneficios para la salud como reducir el colesterol, mejorar la presión arterial, reducir el estrés y la ansiedad, asi como mejorar su estado de ánimo.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Monitoreo Y Tratamiento De Glucosa Y Azúcar En La Sangre

Janice Hidalgo, Gerente de Proyecto del Programa Educativo de autocontrol de la Diabetes en el IPRO, habla de la importancia de practicar el auto-monitoreo de niveles de azúcar en la sangre con regularidad.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Aspecto Emocional

Janice Hidalgo, Gerente de Proyecto del Programa Educativo de autocontrol de la Diabetes en el IPRO, habla sobre el aspecto emocional de la enfermedad.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Reducir Los Riesgos

Conozca cuáles son los factores de riesgo de la diabetes y las medidas preventivas que puede tomar.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Tomando Los Medicamentos

Janice Hidalgo, Gerente de Proyecto del Programa Educativo de autocontrol de la Diabetes en el IPRO, explica cómo auto-controlar la diabetes tomando sus medicamentos correctamente.

Manejo De La Diabetes - Resolución De Problemas Y Planificación De La Acción

Janice Hidalgo, Gerente de Proyecto del Programa Educativo de autocontrol de la Diabetes en el IPRO, habla de cómo auto-controlar la diabetes, aprendiendo a resolver problemas y tomar las medidas necesarias.

Potential Health Hazards of G-Strings

The Doctors discuss the health risks of women's most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions! See why a high-riding G-string, also known as a "whale's tail," can increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

Potential Health Hazards of Too-Tight Pants

The Doctors discuss the health risks of women's most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions! Learn how overly tight pants can suffocate ladies' "self-cleaning ovens" and promote an environment that breeds bacteria!

How Bad "Bediquette" Can Affect Your Health

Proper etiquette at the dinner table can help avoid embarrassment, but good manners shouldn't end in the dining room! From nighttime flatulence to nocturnal drooling and more, learn the potential health hazards of bad "bediquette!"

Post Workout Sweating

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith offer tips to alleviate excessive sweating post workout.

Food Poisoning Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a warning for the parasite cyclosporiasis. Learn the symptoms and how to keep you and your family safe from infection.

Three Activities to Avoid When Drunk

Learn which three activities you should avoid when under the influence of alcohol.

Home Remedy For Ear Infections

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon debunks a common myth about treating ear infections and offers a natural, effective home remedy.

Doctors Perform Heart Surgery On Fetus

In this video a thin needle is inserted into the heart of a fetus undergoing surgery. Courtesy of the Children's Hospital Los Angeles-USC Institute of Maternal-Fetal Health at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Omega-3s May Not Boost Memory

Omega 3 fatty acids may not boost thinking and memory after all.

New Health Risks of Living Near an Airport Discovered

People who live near airports often say they've adapted to the noise levels, but new research points to evidence that avoiding some heath risks may be out of their control.

Causes of Frequent Urination

Jamie says she urinates about five times an hour. The Doctors share the possible causes of her frequent urination.

Jamie's Urine Test Results

Jamie says she urinates about five times an hour and asks The Doctors about the possible causes of her frequent urination. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performs a urine test to rule out serious health problems.

Tidy Desks Linked to Healthy Eaters

What does your desk say about you? A new study finds if you keep a tidy desk, you may be a healthy eater. But, if you keep a messy desk, you may be more creative at work.

Arm-Wrestling Dangers

Watch the unexpected result when two friends challenge each other to a friendly arm-wrestling match.

Cavity Search Health Risks

Friends Brandy and Alexandria were driving home to Houston, when they were stopped for speeding. Officers said they smelled marijuana, and a male officer called in a female officer to do a cavity search. The Doctors discuss possible health risks the women might face because the officer used the same glove.

Summer Myths: Get the Facts

Can ocean water heal a cut? Can you get sunburned on a cloudy day? We cut through these seasonal myths to find out the facts.

FDA Looks to Regulate Medical Apps For Tablets and Phones

The FDA will regulate certain medical apps for your phone or tablet -- like those that act like an EKG.

Vitamin D May Not Boost Bone Health

Women who take Vitamin D supplements to boost their bone health may be wasting their money. Calcium supplements, however, do appear to slow bone loss.

Underage Teens Get Cigarettes and Alcohol from Friends and Family

A new study finds most underage youth get cigarettes and alcohol from friends or family members.

How 3D Scans Are Helping Knees

After doing some research and consulting his doctor, Chuck Ernst decided his best option for his knee problem was a costume knee replacement created with 3D CAT scan technology.

It's Happened: A Salmonella Outbreak During the Shutdown

A salmonella outbreak from chicken is highlighting the risk that the partial government shutdown could make it harder to detect and track foodborne illnesses. Betsy McKay and the International Food Information Council's Marianne Smith-Edge discuss. Photo: Getty Images.

Richie Davidson, Ph.D.: How Well-Being Can Be Cultivated

In this session we look at emotions as evolved behavioral responses, how well-being can be cultivated, and how our emotions can influence health. We further investigate the nature of compassion and its compatibility with evolutionary theory.

Esther Sternberg, M.D.: How Stress Can Make You Sick

In this session we look at emotions as evolved behavioral responses, how well-being can be cultivated, and how our emotions can influence health. We further investigate the nature of compassion and its compatibility with evolutionary theory.

Foster Farms Chicken Pinpointed As Cause Of Salmonella Outbreak

Health officials urged consumers to cook chicken thoroughly and take other precautions after an 18-state salmonella outbreak that has made hundreds sick in recent months.

Is Taking a Lunch Break Better for Your Health?

Are there real health benefits in taking a lunch break? Heidi Mitchell has answers on Lunch Break. Photo: Getty Images.

You've Got Loren Brill

After being diagnosed with Hodgkins' lymphoma, Loren Brill took her hobby for amazing desserts and turned them into a therapeutic business venture that mixes peace of mind with all-natural baking.

Can Obesity Talks Trigger An Eating Disorder?

A new study suggests that talking to our kids about obesity could possibly trigger an eating disorder. So how do parents have the right conversation with their children when it comes to practicing healthy eating habits?

How Much Stuff Do Our Bodies Make In A Year

The amount of hair, skin, sweat, tears, pee, and, uh, more that our bodies make in a year.

6 Perception Altering Facts About Your Body

Your body is a wonderland. A slightly terrifying wonderland.

What Your Body Does in 30 Seconds

In the next 30 seconds, your body will do an amazing amount of things.

Ginseng Growers Face Poaching Problem

Ginseng can be worth hundreds of dollars per pound which is causing illegal harvest problems in places where it grows naturally.

The Affordable Care Act Rolls Out

Danielle Leigh reports the rollout of the Affordable Care Act-also known as "Obamacare"- began as people are able to start signing up for new insurance policies that begin Jan. 1, when the law's major provisions are set to go into effect.

Tips to Avoid Health Insurance Scams

The Doctors discuss open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act and how you can avoid scam artists who may try to steal your information.

The Effects of Zero Gravity on the Body

As space travel becomes more common, it's important to be aware of the effects that no gravity can have on the body.

How to Avoid Prescription Errors

According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, there are approximately 30 million dispensing errors per year, out of about 3 billion total prescriptions. The Doctors share their advice for avoiding a medication mix-up.

Study: ICU Stays May Lead to Dementia-Like Brain Symptoms

The study looked at more than 800 ICU patients admitted to two Nashville Medical Centers.

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Beer may be better for your health than you think.

What the New Healthcare Law Means for You

Dr. Nancy explains what the new Healthcare Law means for you.

Cocaine, HIV Linked In Research

Cocaine may not only rewire the brain after one use, but could also increase users' susceptibility to HIV, a new study suggests.

Fundraising for Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears raise funds for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation, courtesy of RapidLash ¿ a clinically proven product to boost the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. See how much money they raise, as they "spin it to win it"!

Blood Pressure Risk Can Be Detected in Urine

Measuring sodium levels in a child's urine may help doctors determine those at risk of high blood pressure.

Are There Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Your Shampoo?

Could your shampoo cause cancer? Learn which carcinogenic chemicals in shampoo to avoid.

The Government Shutdown and Your Health

Learn how the U.S. government shutdown may impact your health.

Why Does My Body Do That?

Get answers to why you get the chills, pruney fingers, pins and needles, brain freeze, and that falling sensation when you're about to fall asleep.

Why Your Coffee Maker May Be Dangerous

You might be getting more than caffeine with your morning cup of Joe. Bacteria and mold can form in the coffee maker's water reservoir and piping system.

Millions Visit Obamacare Exchanges On Launch Day as Glitches Persist

On the first day Americans could shop for health coverage on Obamacare's new health insurance exchanges, 2.8 million people visited the federal government's -- as President Barack Obama's administration feverishly scrambled to fix glitches that prevented users from signing on.

Deep Divide Over Health Law Persists

Don't expect the government shutdown to end soon, was the message Tuesday from Senate Republican leaders and Democratic aides. Also, lurking behind the shutdown are two starkly different views of how Americans see the health-care law. Neil King discusses. Photo: Getty Images.

Exercise Vs. Medicine in the Battle Against Disease

A study out of the U.K. shows regular exercise can be just a beneficial as medication when it comes to heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Some Causes Of Premature Aging from Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz talks about some things that can lead to premature aging. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Gym Bag Must-Haves For Fall

Fall is here! Don't let the cold weather stop you from being active. Health and fitness guru, Owen McKibbin shares tips from his fall fitness survival guide to staying on the workout wagon.

5 Things to Know About Obamacare's Open Enrollment

A major part of the health care reform law rolls out Tuesday, giving 48 million Americans without health insurance a new option.

White House Releases Animated Explanation of ObamaCare

As ObamaCare discussions go on and a potential Government shutdown aimed at preventing its funding, the White House releases an animated video on showing the benefits of ObamaCare ahead of its introduction on October 1. (Photo: The White House)

Miniature Horse Used as a Therapy Animal

A miniature horse finds his calling as a therapy animal.

Research Shows Blood Transfusions May Be Overused

There is no doubt blood transfusions can save lives. But growing research shows they can be overused.

5 Things Health Exchanges Won't Tell You

Health insurance marketplaces are the centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act. They are also its most misunderstood aspect. MarketWatch's Thomas Bemis discusses five things health exchanges won't tell you. (Photo: Getty Images)

Healthcare Clinics Are Preparing For an Influx of New Patients

Healthcare clinics are preparing for an influx of new patients as health insurance becomes more available.

I'm Coming Out... As Pro-Vaccine

Some mom coming out in favor of vaccines shouldn't be breaking news. There's nothing edgy about siding with most parents, nearly all the world's governments and the vast majority of medical researchers and practitioners. But more of us need to do it.

Health Insurance Rates May Drop on New Exchange

With new health insurance exchanges opening, patients may be surprised to see the new premiums that are being offered.

Health Questions With Michael Yo

Michael Yo, host of omg! Insider and The Yo Show on Yahoo, mingles with the audience to find out their health questions.

Teenage Brain Development May Be Delayed by Caffeine

There's new evidence that teenagers who overdo their caffeine consumption could be delaying their brain development.

Pig Bladder Helps Jockey Regrow His Finger

A horse chewed off a third of a jockey's finger but he was able to regrow the missing tissue using pig bladder powder. Betty Yu reports on the new procedure.

Controversial Cord Blood Debate

Learn about a controversial new law in Mississippi that mandates medical professionals collect umbilical cord blood from teens who give birth prior to age 16 and refuse to name the father.

Dr. Allen Frances on Overmedication an Overtreatment

Psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances explains why he thinks the health care system is overtreating people who may not need it and undertreating those who do.

When Is a Procedure Necessary?

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork asks, "How does a patient know when something is necessary or not?" Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and director of patient-centered care research at George Washington University, says the most important question a patient can ask is, "Why?"

What Patients Can Do to Avoid Being Overtreated

What can you do to avoid being overtreated or mistreated? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says it's essential to trust your physician and feel comfortable talking with him or her.

Dr. Martin Makary on Overtreatment in Hospital

Dr. Martin Makary, surgeon and hospital safety researcher with Johns Hopkins Hospital, says he thinks the biggest problem with health care is overtreatment. He explains that there's a system of incentives that reward the wrong things and that some doctors prescribe the same treatments for similar conditions without considering the circumstances.

Is Skeleton the New Skinny in Hollywood

On today's News at 90, we saw many underweight celebrities , but is Skeleton the new Skinny?

Six Days Until ObamaCare: Here's What It Will Cost

What will ObamaCare cost you? In many cases, more than you think. WSJ health policy reporter Louise Radnofsky explains. Photo: Getty.

Oropharyngeal Cancer Rates Rose Among Young Adults Over The Last 35 Years

The rate of oropharyngeal cancer has gone up significantly among young adults over the last 35 years, according to a new study -- an increase that may be caused, at least in part, by the most common sexually transmitted infection, human papillomavirus.

What Led to Maggie's Misdiagnosis?

Surgeon and hospital safety researcher Dr. Martin Makary and oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro discuss what might have led to Maggie's misdiagnosis. And learn what Maggie says she would have done differently.

Medical Mistake Risks

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. The Doctors exposes the risks some patients face and share tips for how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

How to Grab Your Doctor's Attention

Learn three ways to grab your doctor's attention.

Four Signs That You Need a New Doctor

Are you worried about the medical treatment you're receiving? Learn the four signs you need to find a new doctor.

What Your Urine Color Says About Your Health

The Doctors spin the "Wheel of Wee" and share what the color of your urine could be indicating about your health.

Weird Body Noises: Ringing in Ears

The Doctors discuss the possible causes of ringing in your ears.

Weird Body Noise: Clicking Jaw

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith describes the possible causes of clicking in your jaw.

Tips to Overcome Gag Reflex

The Doctors discuss the story of a doctor who suggested an inappropriate course of treatment to a female patient to help her learn to suppress her gag reflex. Family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross offers tips to curb your gagging reflex.

Weird Body Noises: Whistling Nose

Plastic surgeon and ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon why your nose might be whistling.

Sit Fresh to Stay Clean After the Potty

Physical medicine specialist Dr. Ian Smith explains the benefits of Sit Fresh, a new product that can be used as an alternative to wet wipes.

What Giving Up Drinking Alcohol Can Do To Your Face

To test the effects of alcohol on your skin, the Daily Mail challenged a 40-year-old mother of two to spend a month without drinking any alcohol. And you can totally see a difference in the results!

Will Talking Urinal Cakes Help Prevent DUIs?

A recent report showed that men account for 81 percent of drunk driving incidents. The Doctors discuss whether talking urinal cakes could dissuade men from driving while intoxicated.

I Haven't Used Soap In Four Years

Some suggest the washcloth is an antiquated resource hog to be replaced permanently by the plastic pouf. Others recoil, as the washcloth is a staple in their hygiene habits. What are the best hygiene habits? We speak with a man who hasn't used soap in over four years.

Mario Lopez Hooks Up to IV After Tough Day

Looks like the Emmys took their told on Mario Lopez, because the TV host posted a picture of him recharging, hooked up to an IV.

The Genital Washcloths I Inherited From My Mother

Some suggest the washcloth is an antiquated resource hog to be replaced permanently by the plastic pouf. Others recoil, as the washcloth is a staple in their hygiene habits. What are the best hygiene habits? We speak with a woman who was passed down a bag full of washcloths meant for her genitals, by her mother.

Skin Care Executive: I Use Lemon Instead Of Deodorant

Some suggest the washcloth is an antiquated resource hog to be replaced permanently by the plastic pouf. Others recoil, as the washcloth is a staple in their hygiene habits. What are the best hygiene habits? We speak with a skin care executive who uses lemon instead of deodorant, and has caught a lot of flak for it.

Bizarre Cases in the E.R.

Dr. Armand Dorian, associate clinical professor of emergency medicine at USC, shares odd cases he's treated in the E.R.

Tips to Stop Your Brain From Aging

As many as 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease and the risk continues to grow as people grow older. We'll show you some simple things you can do every day to keep your brain sharp and lower the risk of memory loss.

4 Common Products with Hidden Powers

Toothpaste can do more than just clean your teeth and oatmeal isn't just for breakfast. From duct tape to dryer sheets, we have some out-of-the box uses for these common household items.

Electromagnetic Stimulation in Physiotherapy

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses the benefits of electromagnetic stimulation in the recovery process.

Using Physical Manipulation to Relieve Pain

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses physical manipulation, a technique used to clear a blockage in a joint or relieve pain.

Physiotherapy and Mobilization Therapy Techniques

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses mobilization therapy in physiotherapy and how it is used to recover joint motion.

Cold Therapy Treatment for Injuries and Pain

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses cold therapy.

The Benefits of Heat Therapy

Matthew Powell, MCPA, FCAMT, CGIMS, discusses the ways heat therapy can assist the body recover.

Spray Deodorant Dangers

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the risks of using spray deodorants and other aerosols, which use butane gas as a propellant.

Could Your Driveway Be Toxic?

A Baylor University study has found that people who live near pavement sealed with coal tar, often used on parking lots and driveways, might have as much as a 38 percent increased chance of developing cancer during their lifetimes.

How You Wash Your Body Says A Lot About You

Some suggest the washcloth is an antiquated resource hog to be replaced permanently by the plastic pouf. Others recoil, as the washcloth is a staple in their hygiene habits. What are the best hygiene habits and how does that change around the world?

Health Roundup

HuffPost's Senior Health Editor Meredith Melnick joins Ahmed to discuss this week's top stories in health news that should be on your radar screen!

High Tech Pill Bottle

This high-tech pill bottle helps you monitor how many pills you've taken and alerts you when you've missed a dose.

Teens Exposed to Pictures of Bad Behavior More Likely to Mimic

Teens exposed to pictures of their friends smoking and drinking are more likely to engage in these behaviors themselves.

Solutions For Uneven Breasts

While only 10 percent of women have perfectly symmetric breasts, Meagan's chest is so uneven that she's suffered depression and insecurity throughout her life. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the cause of Meagan's uneven breasts and the surgical procedures that would correct the situation.

Defining the Perfect Bowel Movement

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and proctologist Dr. David Rosenfeld describe the perfect bowel movement and how to achieve it.

Doctor Punished for Treating Patients Via Skype

Dr. Thomas Trow of Park Hills, Oklahoma was disciplined by the medical board on grounds of prescription violations and treating patients via Skype.

Marketing Healthy Foods To Kids

In response to the public outcry over the negative impacts of junk food marketing to children, food companies have started using popular media characters to market "healthy" foods to children. But is this progress or more of a bad thing?

Here's When You Shouldn't Go To The Doctor

Everyone hates sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office, right? Well, according to (a website that helps people find a doctor and make appointments), here are the best times to schedule your appointments so you can get in and out in a flash.

How to Perform an At-Home Thyroid Check

The Doctors demonstrate how to check your thyroid at home.

Fitness Goes High Tech

Wearable tech gets healthy with Fitbit. CEO James Park says his singular focus on fitness makes his product special.

Celebrity Health Rumors: IV Drip for Hangovers?

Celebrity blogger and expert, Micah Jesse, joins The Doctors to set the record straight about some of Hollywood's biggest health headlines. Find out whether the following headlines are real or rumor.

The Zesty Guy Anderson Davis Reads Your Questions

Commercial actor Anderson Davis, better known as the often-shirtless "Kraft Zesty Guy," helps answer a viewer's question.

Medical Tech

Medical Tech

Trader Joe's Axes Health Care

After years of extending health care coverage to part-time employees, Trader Joe's has told those who work fewer than 30 hours per week they will need to find insurance on the Obamacare exchanges next year, according to a confidential company memo.

Difficulties in Post-Sex Urination

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains why some men may experience difficulty urinating after sex.

Wesley Warren Describes Living with 132-Pound Testies

The Doctors are joined by Wesley Warren, a man whose scrotum grew to over 132 pounds following an injury to the area. Wesley describes his experience searching for help for his condition and explains why he calls surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman his "miracle doctor."

The Man with a 132-Pound Scrotum

The Doctors discuss the story of Wesley Warren, a man whose scrotum grew to over 132 pounds following an injury to the area. Surgeon Dr. Joel Gelman, who performed the surgery to remove the excess tissue in Wesley's scrotum, joins the show to discuss Wesley's unusual condition.

The Cause of Messy Urination

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman discuss the possible causes of messy urination.

Lightning Strikes Man and Pregnant Wife

In a The Doctors' exclusive, meet a husband and wife who were simultaneously struck by lightning¿ while she was pregnant! Hear their incredible survival story.

Rotationplasty Results

See the amazing results of a radical surgery that saved an 11-year-old girl's life.

Should Men Sit Down to Urinate?

Should men sit down to urinate? Cristen explores four countries where men urinate sitting down and why some doctors think it's better for men's health to do so.

Lipoma Removal Surgery

Watch as dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu with the Cedars Sinai Medical Group examines a lipoma on Laura's back and removes it.

Study Suggests Millions of Young Adults Have Better Coverage Under the ACA

A new study suggests millions of young adults have new or better health care coverage since passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Health Experts Want to Cut Down on Unnecessary Tests

Several groups of health experts have come together to cut down on unnecessary medical tests and procedures.

Identifying Lumps and Bumps on the Body

Strange-looking lumps and bumps on your skin or in your mouth can be scary if you don't know what they are. The Doctors identify different types of lumps and bumps you might find and explain whether you should be worried about them and how to get rid of them.

The Purpose of Pruned Hands

The Doctors identify different types of lumps and bumps you might find and explain whether you should be worried about them and how to get rid of them. One cause for lumps on your skin is pruned skin from soaking in water. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears has been soaking in a bathtub for almost an hour to find out what causes your hands to shrivel in water and whether the pruning serves a purpose.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Karent Sierra says signs of oral cancer often appear on the lips, the inner cheek and on the back of the tongue.

Causes of Oral Cancer

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that smoking can damage DNA, and that's why people who smoke are at a higher risk of cancer. Other high-risk behaviors for oral cancer are chewing smokeless tobacco and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

The Biggest Bat in the World

Robert Mies, bat expert and founder of the Organization for Bat Conservation, shows off the giant golden-crowned flying fox, the largest bat species in the world!

Tips To Stay Fit At Work

With all the hours we spend sitting during the workday, it can be a challenge to stay fit. That's why inventor Arshad Chowdhury joins Dena to walk us through ways to get moving at the office and help make us more productive overall.

How To Stay Fit At Work

With all the hours we spend sitting during the workday, it can be a challenge to stay fit. That's why inventor Arshad Chowdhury and trainer Tony Desantis walk us through ways to get moving at the office and help make us more productive overall!

Dangers and Benefits of Bats

The Doctors' stage gets "batty," as Robert Mies, bat expert and founder of the Organization for Bat Conservation, showcases several species of the winged creatures.

How to Treat and Prevent Puppy Bites

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan gives tips to prevent your playful puppy from biting. Plus, learn the best way to treat a bite that breaks the skin.

Hospitals Switching to Digital Notes From Doctors

A doctor's sloppy handwriting can have deadly consequences if a patient is given the wrong medication or too much of it. Now hospitals are turning to technology and switching to digital notes.

How to Prevent Irritation Back There

Dr. David Rosenfeld, a proctologist and colorectal surgeon, says an itchy anus is a common problem that affects about 40 percent of the population. Learn how to prevent irritation back there.

Exercise: Intensity More Important Than Duration

Every little bit counts. That's the message of a new study in the American Journal of Health Promotion, which showed that even a few minutes of brisk physical activity can add up to protect against obesity.

Disgraced Olympian Trying to Inspire Kids

This former Olympian has some experience with performance-enhancing drugs and knows how they can ruin your career as an athlete. Ben Johnson is promoting a new international campaign called Choose The Right Track, encouraging young athletes to reach their goals the healthy way.

A Proctologist Explains How to Deal With Itching

Dr. David Rosenfeld, a proctologist and colorectal surgeon, says an itchy anus is a common problem that affects about 40 percent of the population.

Are You Hurting Your Health By Sleeping With Your Pets?

Do you sleep with your pets? Yeah, us too. Have you had your mattress cleaned lately? Yeah, us neither. And it turns out by not cleaning your bed and sleeping with your furry friends, you could be creating some health problems for yourself!

The Dangers of Droopy Pants

Family physician and sex specialist Dr. Rachael Ross explains the dangers of wearing saggy pants and the origins of the dress style.

Important Facts About The Safety Of Household Products From Alexandra Zissu

Green Expert Alexandra Zissu discusses the importance of knowing more about what you bring into your home. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

How One Small Change Can Massively Improve Your Health

"Take The Stairs" week is officially underway, a challenge that encourages people to take the stairs instead of the elevator in their office or when they're out and about. Experts say that taking the stairs can burn four times as many calories as when you take the elevator.

Chemical In Plastics Could Be In Your Blood From Alexandra Zissu

Alexandra Zissu explains why BPA can be dangerous. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Harmful Ingredient Found In Hand Sanitizer From Alexandra Zissu

Alexandra Zissu explains why hand sanitizer could actually be damaging to your health. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Alexandra Zissu With Marlo Thomas

Alexandra Zissu shares important tips and advice on how to live green. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

Erin Saeger Shed The Baby Weight Once And For All

HuffPost Health and Fitness Editor Sarah Klein joins HuffPost Live to discuss Erin Saeger's weight loss story.

Michael Zazzali

Michael Zazzali

Mysteriously Paralyzed Overnight

Full Segment: Overnight Katrina Starzhynskaya's face became paralyzed and her body numbed. Her medical journey to discover a cure led her into the world of Lyme disease. We speak with her and others about the controversy and terror of this all-too-common illness.

Vaccines: Top 5 Things to Know About Immunizations

It's back to school time! Hard to believe some kids are missing their first days of school because they do not have the required vaccinations. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree -- adults are also falling behind in keep up with their shots, too -- so we thought it only fair that we school everyone on the Top 5 things you need to know about immunizations.

Laila Ali on Growing Old While Staying Healthy

"Getting Old" and health have a relationship dependent on one another. The better you take care of your body today, the fewer health problems you may see as you age . So what is Laila Ali, daughter of former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, doing to ensure a healthy future for herself and her children? In her interview with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer, Ali talks about how she wants to "get old".

Dr. Joe Dispenza on the Rise of Kundalini

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how the pineal gland plays a key role in the rise of Kundalini and connects us with our non-linear selves.

Lynne McTaggart on Researching Her Own Illness

Lynne McTaggart on how she investigated on her own illness and healed herself.

The Banking Approach to Staying Healthy

Thinking of your own heath like you would your checking account -- complete with deposits and withdrawals -- could be a great way to stay healthy. Dr. Holly Lucille explains to to avoid going into the red when it comes to your health.

Laila Ali on Chronic Disease Awareness and Caregiving

The world has watched Muhammad Ali fight his biggest battle to date with Parkinson's Disease. While the disease may physically limit the sports legend, it certainly hasn't stopped him from making an impact and inspiring others.

Heat Safety Requires Hydration and Shade

Even though the end of summer is nigh, staying safe in the heat that still permeates is important.

The Healthy Habits of Happy People

Curious why that one friend of yours is always happy? It's not just the luck of the draw. Science is discovering that diet, exercise, and daily habits play more of a role in day-to-day happiness than once believed. And that even after all these years, adults still have the power to change. Keep watching to see how you can become one of those people that always seems to have a smile of their face.

Bodybuilder Jailed For Steroid Use: 'I Lost My Marbles'

Butt injections for men are on the rise, according to data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These days it seems guys are becoming much more willing to defy age and gravity through cosmetic procedures. Gregg talks about his steroid use and the legal trouble he faced because of it.

'Love For Liam' Raising Money For Sick 3-Year-Old

A 3-year-old Indianapolis boy is fighting for his life after he was recently diagnosed with two illnesses that have made him newly dependent on a Berlin Heart. The device will pump blood for his weakened heart for up to a year.

Curcumin: Ancient Spice May Also Be Alternative Therapy

Yes, Curcumin is a common household spice, but it's also part of the regimen for many who are fighting everything from Alzheimer's to cancer -- it's the alternative they've been looking for.

About a Third of Teens Say They've Experienced Dating Violence

1 in 3 teens say they've been the victim of dating violence in a recent survey.

Can Treg Cells Cure Cancer?

What if saving the body from infection wasn't a matter of targeting what's bad, but fighting what's good? That's the theory behind new research focusing on Treg cells. So how do they work, and can they actually cure cancer?

What's Ruining Your Night's Sleep?

Are you constantly tired at work and never feel like you get a full night's sleep? Here are some things that could be keeping you up at night and sticking you with fatigue every day.

Tips To Getting Over Jet Lag

When Frugal Traveler columnist for The New York Times Seth Kugel appeared on Mondays With Marlo this week, he shared some tactics for avoiding jet lag. First, he said to refrain from drinking alcohol on the plane and reminded us to hydrate (with water) throughout the flight. Don't plan too many activities for the first day you arrive at your destination, and resist the temptation to take a nap. This will make a big difference!

Eternal Children: Mystery Condition Slows Aging

Gabby, 8, and Jeffrey, 29, suffer from a mysterious condition that has drastically slowed their aging process. They join HuffPost Live to share their stories and discuss a new TLC program, "40 Year Old Child: A New Case," about the rare condition.

The Benefits of Sleep for Fitness and Health

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the positive effects sleep has on your fitness and health.

Did Cigarettes Stop Being Cool?

For decades, smoking was the arbiter of cool. It was rebellious, it was glamorous, it was sexy. But more and more people are dropping the habit, and young people are not replacing them. What suddenly made cigarettes un-cool?

Dr. Bostwick - Manejo Del Dolor Con Marihuana

La marihuana medicinal no es solución para el dolor crónico en los adolescentes

Marihuana Y Dolor Crónico

La marihuana medicinal no es solución para el dolor crónico en los adolescentes

Could 3D Printing Eliminate The Need For Organ Transplants?

A team of scientists has created a human heart out of cells that can beat on its own (in a petri dish). And the next year will see great advances in 3D printing biomedical devices. Will this eliminate the need for transplants within our lifetimes? Guests Steven Leckart and Dr. Rob Meagley join to discuss.

3D Breasts Could Be Coming Soon, Biomedical Experts Say

A team of scientists has created a human heart out of cells that can beat on its own (in a petri dish). And the next year will see great advances in 3D printing biomedical devices. Guest Laura Bosworth-Bucher joins to discuss.

The Limits of Alcohol Hand Sanitizers' Effectiveness

Alcohol hand sanitizers are a popular alternative to soap and water. But are they really as effective at protecting us from germs?

Heart To Heart

Full Segment: A team of scientists has created a human heart out of cells that can beat on its own (in a petri dish). And the next year will see great advances in 3D printing biomedical devices. Will this eliminate the need for transplants within our lifetimes?

Oil Pulling: The Best Detox Around?

You might not think that swishing oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes is all that beneficial, but one expert says that this practice, called oil pulling, can have lasting beneficial effects.

Coke To Defend Safety Of Aspartame In New Ad

Coca-Cola plans to run its first ad defending the safety of artificial sweeteners on Wednesday, a move that comes as the company looks to stem declining sales of diet soda.

Sleep Is The New Sex From Dr. Nancy Snyderman

What are the health implications of not getting enough sleep? Dr. Nancy Snyderman said that most people need 7-8 hours of sleep per night. When you don't get enough sleep, your stress hormones rise and you may become irritable and gain weight. It will also put stress on your heart and lungs. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Fight The Snooze Button

The early bird may catch the worm, but when the alarm goes off in the AM, many of us opt for a few more zzz's. Is it possible for over-sleepers to conquer the snooze button and reap the benefits of being morning people? Our experts tell you how!

The Key To A Good Nap

Dr. Michael Breus joins Caitlyn to offer some tips about napping during the day.

The Fundamental Differences Between 'Night Owls' And 'Morning Larks'

Dr. Michael Breus and Dr. Christopher Winter join Caitlyn to discuss some of the differences between "early birds" and "night owls".

How Many Hours A Night Should We Be Sleeping?

Dr. Michael Breus and Dr. Christopher Winter join Caitlyn to weigh in on how many hours a night we should REALLY be sleeping.

Why The Snooze Button Is The Worst Invention Ever

Dr. Christopher Winter and Dr. Michael Breus join Caitlyn to offer their professional opinions as to why the snooze button is an unhealthy invention.

Surprising Diet Myths From Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman shares some myths about dieting on Mondays With Marlo. She stressed that you need to have a reasonable distribution of carbohydrates, protein and fat. At the end of the day, you need to expend more calories than you consume. However, it isn't bad to eat late at night, as long as it's not a big meal.

How To Beat That Afternoon Slump From Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman suggests eating dried fruits and nuts to beat an afternoon slump. If you're someone who metabolizes coffee well, you may also want to have a cup to wake yourself up after lunchtime. Part of the Mondays With Marlo series on

How To Help Someone Quit Smoking From Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Need help to quit smoking? Dr. Nancy Snyderman explained that nicotine is the addicting part of cigarettes, but it's not what kills you -- that's the carcinogens. She suggests getting a nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Try to reduce your triggers and look for support from family and friends. Part of the series Mondays With Marlo on

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Making a Difference

The Shea Center in San Juan Capistrano helps more than 200 people a week with disabilities, including 3-year-old Riley.

6-Year-Old Boy With Blood Disorder Gets Treehouse From Make-A-Wish

Conrad Dixon, a 6-year-old from Wynnewood, Okla., asked for a treehouse. But not just any treehouse. He wanted one where he could stay cool and safe.

Everything You Need To Know About Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act, widely referred to as Obamacare, will become the law of the land starting in 2014. There are a lot of questions people have about the law, and one expert, Michael White, explains some of the most misunderstood parts of the law.

Hospital Teams Up With Ryan Seacrest to Let Patients Explore TV and Radio

A hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina teamed up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to open an in-house multimedia broadcast center, Seacrest Studios, to give sick children the chance to explore radio, TV and new media.

Woman Says She Chooses To Be Stressed Out

We talk about solutions for managing stress addiction. One woman claims she chooses to be addicted to stress.

Woman Says Stress Triggered Her Cancer

We talk about solutions for managing stress addiction. One woman claims stress triggered her cancer.

See What Prosthetics Actually Look Like Inside a Body

At the Bodies Exhibition in Buena Park, California, visitors can learn all about the body and see a unique view of how prosthetics work.

What This Exhibit Can Teach You About Your Body

The Bodies Exhibit in Buena Park shows actual human bodies and teaches important lessons such as the dangers of smoking.

Madison's Foundation: Connecting Parents Whose Child Has a Rare Disease

More than 25-million people in the United States are battling a disease classified as rare, and 75-percent of them are children. One mother is connecting parents with vital information that could help keep their little ones alive.

Night Owls May Be More Nefarious

Night owls may be more nefarious than their early-bird counterparts, according to a small new study.

Deactivate Your Life!

Could you go a week without checking your phone or turning on your computer? In a tech-addicted society, some people are taking a break from all things with a screen. We discuss the brutal withdrawal & enlightening benefits of a digital vacation.

4 All Natural Ways To Detox Your Body

Find out the surprisingly simple activities you can do to get your blood flowing a little better.

Should You Quit Your Job To Alleviate Stress?

Paula Davis-Laack and Dr. Carol J. Scott join Caitlyn to talk about whether or not it's a good idea to quit your job if it's a serious stressor for you.

Makeup Meltdown

It's hot outside! As we approach the dog days of summer it's getting harder and harder to look glam. Our beauty experts have the tricks to help your hair and makeup beat the heat!

The One Place EVERYONE Forgets To Put Sunscreen

Hair Stylist Cassi Hurd and Makeup Artist Kari Bauce join Caitlyn to talk about why it's important to remember to put sunscreen on the scalp.

Why I Took A Digital Vacation & How It Changed My Life

HuffPost Director of Community Tim McDonald joins Caitlyn to discuss his "digital vacation".

Brian Cuban, Mark's Brother, Discusses His Eating Disorder

Brian Cuban joins Dena to discuss his own battle with eating disorders, and gives advice to other men that are struggling.

Bullying Victims May Find Solace in Horse Therapy

For some victims of bullying or domestic violence the best therapy and the most healing sometimes happens without speaking and when the typical therapist is taken out of the equation.

What's Thigh Gap? Dangerous New Trend For Teen Girls

Have you heard of thigh gap? It's one of the newest trends endangering teenagers on social media. Health Professionals say it's "unnatural and unattainable."

New Spa Therapy¿Floating?

Don't just get a facial or a massage at this day spa. Serene Dreams offers floatation therapy, which tries to replicate the healing effects of the Dead Sea. Just one hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of sleep.

Doctor Got Hundreds of Patients Addicted to Drugs

After a yearlong investigation, police arrested a doctor for allegedly causing hundreds, if not thousands, of his patients to become addicted to prescription drugs. Investigators called Dr. Anad Persaud "a drug dealer hiding in a white coat."

Highlights from the Third Metric Conference in London

Arianna Huffington unveiled the expansion of the Third Metric in London and this video provides highlights from the night.

Condoms May Boost Beneficial Bacteria, Study Finds

In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms may help good bacteria in the vagina flourish, a new study from China shows.

Heal Yourself With Food

Trying to avoid over the counter medication? Did you know olive oil can act as your new ibuprofen? Or cranberry juice may keep you from needing that daily sleep aid? Hear are some ways to heal yourself with food.

Simple Music Can Have A Positive Impact on Health

Advances in technology let doctors do amazing things to help their patients recover from injuries and illnesses. But more and more, they're finding that a simple tune can have a powerful impact on a person's health.

Historias Mayo Clinic

Historias Mayo Clinic

Fight Headaches With Food

Not only are there certain foods you can eat or use to fight headaches and chronic migraines, but foods you're already including in your diet could be causing you pain also.

Skin And Sleep Have A Closer Tie Than You May Think

Rebecca Adams joins Ahmed to discuss the relationship between sleep and healthy skin.

Alternative Medicine: The Healing Power of Salt

When it comes to health stories, salt usually gets a bad rap; but what if we told you there's a growing number of people who say salt therapy helps everything from asthma to eczema? You can take this with a grain of salt.. or consider it alternative medicine.

Vaccination Risks And Rewards

Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the risks and rewards of vaccinations.

Ellie Krieger- Spicy Egg Avocado Wrap

Nutritionist Ellie Krieger, RD believes that what you put in your body is equally as important as what you put on your body. That's why Ellie suggests starting your day with a breakfast packed with skin-loving ingredients like avocados whose natural oils help keep skin hydrated and helps reduce inflammation. Check out her delicious Spicy Egg and Avocado Wrap for a healthy alternative for breakfast.

The Right and Wrong Way to Give CPR

CPR is a lifesaving skill when done properly.

Kacy Duke Do You Need to Be More Active

Fitness Expert Kacy Duke understands the important link between physical wellbeing and skin health. As you exercise, the body releases endorphins, natural painkillers that promote an increased sense of wellbeing.

What's Causing Kids High Blood Pressure?

First it was childhood obesity, now kids are coming down with high blood pressure also. Know as the "silent killer," childhood high blood pressure is caused by a variety of factors. How can you keep your kid out of the at-risk group?

West Nile Virus in New York!

There have already been multiple confirmed cases of West Nile virus in New York this summer. What draws mosquitos, potentially riddled with the disease, to certain areas? Puddles and weeds!

Bringing Nature Into the Hospital for Quick Recovery

There's a new trend happening around the country. Find out how bringing nature to hospitals can improve care.

Boosting Your Medical Memory

The average person remembers less than half of what doctors say during their office visits. But now there's a new way to help patients remember all the important information they're doctors say.

The Need for Health Apps Regulation

While most of us use apps for entertainment some health apps serve a much more serious purpose. Now the question is how should they be regulated?

Porque Se Le Sale La Saliva A Los Hombres Por Una Mujer Bonita?

Sientificos han averiguado el porque los hombres babean cuando ven a una mujer bella.

9 Easy Home Remedies From 'Medicine Man'

For 30 years, Eddie Boyd worked at the University of Michigan's College of Pharmacy, where he researched home remedy and herbal use. Now he shares his knowledge to visitors at the Destrehan Plantation in Destrehan.

Lauren Alaina's Fitness Tips

The American Idol runner-up runner up reveals the way she transformed her body.

Compassion in Healthcare: Improving Bedside Manner

New research is making a case for compassion and getting hospitals involved in teaching critical skills to new physicians. Find out how actors are playing a role in the innovative training.

Best Hospitals: U.S. News Releases 2013-2014 Ranking

Some hospitals have more expertise than others when it comes to caring for patients with life-threatening or rare conditions. And people facing such health challenges need every bit of help they can get. That's why U.S. News & World Report publishes annual rankings of the nation's Best Hospitals.

Summer Health Fact or Fiction

Sunburns fade to a tan¿.if you play in the rain you'll catch a cold¿those spicy foods at the summer picnic will give you ulcers¿what's right and what's wrong? We go straight to the experts to find out.

Kidney Stone Smarts: The Truth About Cola and Calcium

Every year one million people in the U.S. are treated for them and there's a lot of misinformation about the masses. Now, we're stomping out some of the biggest kidney stone myths!

Cancer Survivor Supports Voluntary Euthanasia To End Suffering

Description: An intense moral debate surrounds the issue of whether to legalize the choice to end your own life. But the growing sense that prolonged pain has no moral worth is boosting the case for euthanasia. We speak with a cancer survivor about her point of view on the matter.

How Weed Works...Scientifically

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal joins Abby to talk about the science behind medicinal marijuana, and how it works.

Fighting Chris Christie For Medical Marijuana For Kids

Meghan Wilson joins HuffPost Live to talk about how she's fighting NJ Gov. Chris Christie to try to get him to legalize medicinal marijuana for kids.

The Fight To End Your Life

Full Segment: An intense moral debate surrounds the issue of whether to legalize the choice to end your own life. But the growing sense that prolonged pain has no moral worth is boosting the case for euthanasia. What dangers await?

This Child Uses Medical Marijuana

Brandon Krenzler and Mykayla Comstock join HuffPost Live to talk about Mykayla's use of medicinal marijuana.

Valley Fever

Full Segment: Valley fever is on the rise in the southwestern U.S. Some are calling it an epidemic. Although it has affected 4 times more people than West Nile, it gets only 4 percent of the NIH research funding. Is there an "East Coast" bias to health research?

How I Kicked My Diet Soda Habit

Laura Shocker joins HuffPost Live to talk about how she stopped drinking diet soda.

Researchers Make Autism Breakthrough

A new study shows women who produce a certain anti-brain antibodies are more likely to give birth to children with autism. Researchers say this will help them greatly with early detection and diagnosis, hopefully improving the patient's quality of life down the road.

New Eating Disorder Trend

College girls have been trying to escape the dreaded "freshman 15" forever. But now they're trying to stay thin without giving up their Saturday nights out¿by trading food for alcohol.

Toddler Killed in Fire Donates Organs

Even though a Fourth of July fire killed an entire family, the youngest victim is finding a way to help another child live. The remaining family donated two-year-old Cordail's organs, his heart going to one child and his kidneys to another.

Prevent and Get Rid of Wrinkles With Common Household Products

Joey Green, a walking encyclopedia of wacky yet ingenious uses for brand name products joined us live to show us some of the secrets found in his new book, 'Joey Green's Magic Health Remedies Sharing 1,363 Surprising Kitchen Cures Hiding in the Foods and Products You Already Have at Home.'

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Explained

Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a degenerative neurological disorder. Dr. Carlos Portera-Cailliau explains how PSP affects the brain.

Dirty Dentist Patients Tested For HIV, Hepatitis

Not only do former patients of Dr. Jacqueline Marcin have to worry about contracting Hepatitis or HIV, but now they have to pay for disease testing. In a letter, Dr. Marcin offered to reimburse them for any out-of-pocket costs, but some say it doesn't sound likely.

How Physical Inactivity Increases Your Risk of Heart Disease

Learn how physical inactivity increases your risk of heart disease from Dr. Dennis Finkielstein in this Howcast video.

How Smoking Increases Your Risk of Heart Disease

Learn how smoking increases your risk of heart disease from Dr. Dennis Finkielstein in this Howcast video.

Patricia Richardson's Advice For Caregivers

As the 'Home Improvement' mom America could relate to, actress Patricia Richardson went from the TV limelight to being a national spokesperson for Cure PSP - an organization combating a rare and often misdiagnosed brain disease that claimed the life of her father. Hear her advice for all caregivers.

Motherly Advice from TV Moms

Iconic TV moms - Family Ties ' Meredith Baxter, The Wonder Years ' Alley Mills, Home Improvement 's Patricia Richardson and Family Matters ' JoMarie Payton - reveal the best advice from their own mothers.

Which Dr. Knows Best? Oprah's Magazine Reveals Shocking Answer

Could your eye doctor know more about your cholesterol than any other doctor? That's what the health editor at O Magazine, Oprah's magazine, says. She says that many parts of your body can tell what's happening with other random parts of your body, and sometimes different doctors can help you out more than you might think. For example, your dentist might be able to tell if you have diabetes.

Washing Your Hands: The Shocking Facts

A shocking percentage of the population do not wash their hands properly! We dish the dirt on them in this short video and find out what they're doing wrong.

Dr. Drew's Tips for Sinus Inflammation and a Second Face Lift

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon answers health questions on the Katy Trail, a well-known area for walkers, joggers and cyclists in Dallas, Texas.

Cooper Clinic's Preventive Medicine Focus

Tour the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas - a unique health care facility that focuses on preventive medicine.

Dallas Farmer's Market Questions and Answers with The Doctors

The Doctors answer health questions at a popular Dallas Farmer's Market.

Toddler Who Received Windpipe Made From Stem Cells Dies

A 2-year-old girl who was implanted with a windpipe grown from her own stem cells has died, three months after she became the youngest person to receive the experimental treatment.

The Doctor Visit Of The Future

Sam Kean and Eric D. Green join Josh to discuss how people will visit doctors in the future because of the human genome.

My Genes Made Me A Violin Virtuoso

Author Sam Kean joins HuffPost Live to discuss how good genes can help people succeed.

Stop Scratching Your Mosquito Bites! There's A Better Way To Stop The Itch

If you're sitting there scratching at your mosquito bites, stop! You're doing it wrong! There is a better way to get rid of the itch! All you need to do is visit your kitchen!

Doctor Who Sold Cancer-Ridden Bones Dies Of Bone Cancer

Michael Mastromarino, a doctor who was convicted of illegally selling bones and other body parts of dead people to medical offices, died this week of bone cancer. Mastromarino was serving an 18-to-54-year prison sentence at the time of his death.

The Dangers of Bed Rails

Pamela shares how her father died after his head and neck got caught in a bed rail while at an assisted living facility. She wants others to learn from her loss. Investigative reporter Melanie Woodrow examines the potential dangers of these devices.

Woman Loses Leg, Gains Australian Boyfriend

Andrea Haisch lost her left leg below the knee when a giant boulder from a rockslide landed on her during a family rock-climbing trip near Leavenworth. Now she is walking again on her new, prosthetic leg with the help and support of her Australian boyfriend.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Heather Einstein of the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut joins the Fox CT morning broadcast to give some more information about ovarian cancer and what we should know about it. This segment comes on the heels of Pierce Brosnan's announcement this week that his daughter passed away from the disease. Einstein gives statistics and tips regarding the disease.

Five Ways You Can Help Others Be Healthier

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer, is sharing five tips on how to you can be an advocate for a healthier lifestyle.

President Obama Promotes the Affordable Healthcare Act

President Obama has taken to the road to promote the Affordable Health Care Act.

Michael Zazzali: The Rotator Cuff

The Small But Often-Forgotten Protector: The Rotator Cuff

Public Housing Tenants Want Representation

Even though they're told help is coming, public housing tenants have waited years for maintenance in their homes. In the meantime they have suffered through cockroaches, mold and other unmentionables. Now they want representation on the board that serves them.

Best Ways To Prevent, Treat Sunburns

University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy professor Michael White says the most important thing to remember when you're out in the sun is to buy a broad spectrum sunscreen. These sunscreens block both types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. White gives some more tips on how to prevent and treat sunburns this summer.

Top Generic Medication Picks by Pharmacists

Dr. Frank McGeorge goes over pharmacists' top picks for OTC medicines.

Baby Survives Open Heart Surgery To Become Internet Sensation

After surviving open heart surgery at just three months old, little baby Joey Powling has become an internet sensation. And it's all because of his scar!

Meet The Man Without A Heart

Christopher Marshall is the first man to leave the hospital without a heart. Armed with an innovative back-pack and some Velcro, Marshall is making medical history. INSIDE EDITION spoke with Marshall and his miracle medical team.

Doctor Crossover?

Can your eye doctor detect high cholesterol? Does your dentist know about diabetes? The answer is yes!

Officials Warn Against Binge Drinking This Summer

As summer kicks into full swing, celebrations, parties and beach outings are all the more common. And most of these events involve alcohol in some way. One doctor reminds us of the dangers of binge drinking, especially among underage drinkers. 6.5% of adults are considered heavy drinkers, and that number is considerably larger among the 18-24 age group, the doctor says.

Best Tips For Living To 100

We live too short and die too long, at least according to Michael R. Mantell, a behavioral sciences expert. Mantell shares his tips for reaching 100 years of age and gives some great ideas on how to make the most of your lifetime.

Signs That Your Body Is Aging Too Fast

From dark circles to sagging skin¿find out what really matters to your long term health. We have three warning signs that your body is aging too fast.....

Eight Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Surgery

Every year more than 15 million people in the U.S. have some kind of surgery. When it's your turn, will you know the important questions to ask?

Varicose Vein Myths and Facts

Swimsuit season is almost here! While many love it, others hate it because of their varicose veins. But how much do you really know about them? We separate fact from fiction.

Healing Patients with the Sounds of Music

We all have songs that make us move or simply move us, but could music help as we battle different diseases in conditions?

Luci's Locks: Regrowing A Burn Victim's Hair

See how an innovative balloon procedure is giving a little girl back something her burns took away.

Losing the Baby Weight in Less Time

Struggling to get your pre-baby body back? Here's a new method to lose the baby weight a little faster.

Skincare Through The Ages

Summer's here and that means heat, sunburns and wrinkle worries are on the rise. How do you best prep for what the weather has in store? It actually depends on your age and Dr. Doris Day is here to walk you through decades of skincare tips.

Big Data In Medicine - Big Privacy Fears

When large amounts of data are shared, the fear of privacy begins to sink in. How do you know how much is too much?

How I Survived My Fatal Diagnosis

Kathy Giusti, CEO and founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, joins HuffPost Live to discuss how she dealt with being handed a fatal diagnosis.

How To Get Rid Of Acne

Dr. Doris Day joins HuffPost Live to offer some tips how to minimize and possibly avoid acne.

Are Organic Treatements Better For Your Skin? No!

Dr. Doris Day joins HuffPost Live to weigh in on whether or not organic treatments are a better alternative to chemicals when it comes to your skin.

Why Tanning Is So Bad For You

Dr. Doris Day joins HuffPost Live to tell us just why tanning is so unsafe.

Cars Lure Men to Health Clinic

Men are sometimes a little reluctant to talk about their health. One medical group is using beautiful antique cars to get men to start talking.

MRSA: Is It Staph Infection? Or Something Else?

We've all heard about the overuse of antibiotics and the boom in staph infections known as MRSA. If you've had a cut or scrape that just won't heal, you tend to get paranoid -- especially if you're a Googlechondriac -- and look up your symptoms on the Internet.

Weight Gain & Stress: Maybe It's Not Your Fault

Typically, we all know when we're stressed and sometimes we do bad things under stress -- eating is probably the most common one. That's because there's a food restaurant pretty much on every corner and when we're stressed out, we're more likely to say, 'The heck with it! I'm just going to grab a burger, fries, and a shake.' And that food activates the reward part of your brain, making you feel better. But when that feeling fades.. you come back for more.

We Need More Autopsies

Full Segment: Autopsy rates in the United States have declined dramatically since the 1950s, leading to missed learning opportunities and declining medical research. We'll discuss why there's been such a decline and how we all could benefit from more autopsies.

The Dos and Don'ts Of Working Out In Warm Weather

HuffPost's Healthy Living Editor Sarah Klein joins Abby to break down the dos and don'ts of working out in warm weather.

Organization Gives Back to Injured Vets With Hands-On Training

A world-renowned sports facility is working with a special group of athletes this week... Wounded Warriors. The organization hopes to give back to injured vets with hands-on training.

Decline In Autopsies Hurting Our Ability To Understand Causes Of Death

Autopsy rates in the United States have declined dramatically since the 1950s, leading to missed learning opportunities and declining medical research. We'll discuss why there's been such a decline and how we all could benefit from more autopsies. Guest David Dobbs joins Nancy to discuss.

The Proper Way to Eat and Workout

HuffPost's Healthy Living Editor Sarah Klein joins HuffPost Live to go over the proper way to eat after you workout.

Protecting Yourself From Dangers of Manicures, Pedicures

Many people get manicures and pedicures to clean up their hands and feet, but what many people don't know is that there can be some pretty serious dangers associated with the practice. Infections are common at salons that aren't properly cleaned, and one expert on the topic tells us all about these dangers and what you can do to make sure you stay healthy after a day at the salon.

Acupuncture Seems to Help Concussion Sufferers Heal Quicker

Head acupuncture treatments are helping some heal from concussions faster.

5 Ways to Exercise Safely in the Sun

Learn these tips to prevent an exercise meltdown this summer.

How Sitting With Bad Posture Could Be Killing You

The human body isn't designed to sit all day but our jobs often require it. Now new research suggests doing so not only causes weight gain and joint damage but diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. We look into how to help yourself be healthy.

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Full Segment: The human body isn't designed to sit all day but our jobs often require it. Now new research suggests doing so not only causes weight gain and joint damage but diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. We look into how to help yourself be healthy.

Roni Zeiger Explains Why Electronic Health Records Are Useless

A panel of healthcare professionals gives an outlook of the next five years in medicine and what's to come for open, patient-centered health.

Liposuction Procedure Used to Extract Stem Cells

Some people have liposuction mainly to get the stem cells their fat contains.

Alternative Medicine for Sweaty Arm Pits

Are you active? Do you sweat a lot? More than your friends? Even back when you were a kid? Are you the one with the pitiful pit stains? Is it so bad that even the most expensive deodorants don't help? Don't sweat it -- there's a new alternative procedure for your hyperhidrosis (the medical term)!

Deadly Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss is a constant battle many Americans face. Numerous obesity drugs have given patients heart problems or other medical problems but do any of them actually work? One pharmacist says a few new medications show better results, but still come with side effects.

Why We Should Care About Manure Regulation

U.S. factory farms produce 3 times as much feces as humans do -- so it's pretty icky to learn that last week the EPA refused to provide new regulations on how factories dump manure into our waterways. What will it take to regulate this ocean of crap?

Dr. Richard Besser Discusses Health Myths

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Dr. Richard Besser about so-called health myths.

Is Your Ear Preference For Cell Phone Use Related to Cancer?

Researchers have tracked data on ear preference for cell phone use, now they're looking to see if it's related to brain tumors.

Tricks To A Better Night's Sleep

So many of us have trouble falling asleep, so when Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of "Unbinding the Heart," appeared on Mondays With Marlo, she shared her techniques for calming down at bedtime. Agapi suggested seeing a nutritionist first. She also shared her personal techniques -- taking magnesium, drinking lavender camomile tea, taking a hot bath and making sure devices are outside of the bedroom.

Personal Trainer Gives Josh Zepps A Workout

Personal trainer Karl K. Scott joins HuffPost Live and puts Josh through a mini workout.

What Does Ban on Gene Patents Mean For Research?

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling banned patents on naturally-occurring genes, but will that ruling be helpful or harmful for research?

New Drug "Turns Off" Hunger Impulse

Belviq, a new weight loss drug, is said to work even more closely with the brain than methods currently in use. Some people have reported losing about 5% of their body weight in the period of about a year.

Cracking Infamous Health Myths

Will cracking your knuckles cause arthritis? Do you lose most of your body heat through your head? Do you need to wait a half an hour after you eat to jump in the pool? Find out if these any many other famous health myths are fact or fiction.

Personal Trainer: I Only Control One Hour, You've Got 23

Karl K. Scott joins Josh and discusses some of the stranger places he's seen some of his clients.

Personal Trainer Dishes About 'Inappropriate Stretching' With Clients

Karl K. Scott joins HuffPost Live and talks about inappropriate stretching with clients.

Twin Cities Are the Fittest in the US

The Twin Cities are the fittest in the US, according to a new analysis of the 50 most populous metro areas. Oklahoma City and Detroit are the least fit.

Is Coffee Good or Bad For You?

It doesn't feel like a good morning until we've had that first cup of coffee - or second, or third! But is there too much of a good thing? With more research coming out on both the positive and negative effects of caffeine consumption, we get to the bottom of whether or not coffee is the next big superfood or a health problem waiting to happen.

Keeping the Men in Your Life Healthy

Here are some tips from a physician on what men should be doing at every age to live longer, healthier lives.

Mind Over Nicotine

A researcher believes focusing on the sensation of lighting up a cigarette could be the key to quitting.

Bria Murphy Describes Unhealthy Model Habit

Here we go again. Another model has revealed to the mainstream media that some models, in an effort to stay thin, eat cotton balls.

Transformation: In the Kitchen With Nicole

Nicole takes us into her kitchen and shows us how she prepares her meals.

Alcohol Rock Bottom

Full Segment: Not everyone gets a second chance. Not everybody succeeds after being given a second shot at a fruitful & happy life. We talk to Jamie McCall, a now-sober veteran who picked herself up & made a wonderful life for herself after sinking to the bottom.

Former Navy Officer On Bottoming Out With Alcohol

Veteran Navy Officer Jamie McCall explains how alcoholism destroyed her career.

Back Pain Googlechondriac

Dr. Rick Burg, a spine surgeon with Ortho Texas answers your Google questions about back pain and spine care. There are even methods that don't include surgery!

Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinet

How long has it been since you cleaned our your medicine cabinet? Chief medical officer of Pfizer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall shares tips for properly disposing of expired medications.

5 Ways To Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and so is the heat! Here are five ways you can avoid overheating this season

What Causes Dyslexia?

New study looks at whether visual function problems are a cause or consequence of dyslexia.

Tony Schwartz: Renewal Is Not For Slackers

Tony Schwartz: Renewal Is Not For Slackers

Tony Schwartz Talks 'Fierce Intentionality' And Where The Best Ideas Happen

Tony Schwartz talks "fierce intentionality" and where the best ideas happen

Not All Fats Are Created Equal: Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats

Learn about the difference between good fats and bad fats and how much you be eating of both.

Random Stranger Offers Kidney to Anyone Who Needs It

Woman's life is saved when a completely random stranger walks into the hospital and offers his kidney to anyone who needs it.

Soldier Undergoes Double-Arm Transplant After Losing Limbs in Iraq

Erika Edwards reports an Iraq war veteran who lost all four limbs in combat has undergone a double arm transplant.

The Color of Generic Pills Can Dissuade Patients from Taking Them

The color of generic pills can dissuade patients from taking their medication.

Nearly 20% of Patients Readmitted to Hospitals

Nearly 1 in 5 hospitalized patients is readmitted, or makes a trip to the ER, during the first month of their discharge.

New Skeletal System Helps Paralyzed Army Vets Walk Again

Theresa Hannigan is an Army veteran who uses the Re-walk Rehabilitation System, an exoskeleton for those whose lower limbs are paralyzed. The unique device is helping wounded vets find ways to walk again.

Electronic Alert Systems May Make Doctors Miss Test Results

A new survey suggests electronic systems used to deliver alerts to doctors may cause them to miss important test results.

Labels Can Be Inaccurate on Popular Supplements

Vitamin D doses often don't match labels, according to a new study.

Common Complaints About Doctors

Consumer reports is out with its list of top pet peeves patients have about seeing the doctor.

FDA Is Still Finding Violations at Compounding Pharmacies Across the U.S.

FDA officials recently inspected thirty compounding pharmacies, and found numerous violations ranging from unsanitary conditions to particles floating in drug vials.

There's a Correlation Between Your Brain and How You Hold a Cellphone

Researchers have found a correlation between brain dominance and how you hold your cell phone.

Doctor Uses New System for Billing Patients

A Georgia doctor has adopted a new system of billing patients, charging a monthly flat fee instead of taking insurance, Medicare or Medicaid for office visits.

Wearable Tech Might Be Making a Difference in Healthcare

It's a $2.6 trillion industry that almost every one of us has struggled with -- health care. But there is new hope, thanks to new wearable technology.

Paraplegic Father Slowly Overcoming His Injuries

A father working to overcome a paralyzing injury and thanks to his former teammates, he's not only making strides but also paying it forward. Benita Zahn reports.

Laila Ali: I'm Not Afraid to Get Old

Forty percent of Americans feel getting old is something to fear, according to a survey released today, Laila Ali, retired boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali, joins Lunch Break to discuss a campaign to inspire people to prepare for aging, even in their 30s.

Immunotherapy Explained

Robert Bazell reports on immunotherapy and its implementation in cancer treatments.

8 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Want to live a longer and better life? We have some simple ways you can add more than a dozen good years to your life.

Hidden Health Clues in Your Fingers and Arms

From cancer to stroke to Alzheimer's-clues to conditions you may be at risk for are hiding in plain sight!

How I Found A Kidney Donor On Facebook

Eddie Beatrice talks with Mike about the improbable way he found an organ donor: Facebook.

Keep Courts Out Of The Organ Donation System

Mildred Solomon, Professor of Medical Ethics at Harvard medical School, claims that involving lawyers in the organ donation system will only compromise the integrity of the families.

Alternative Medicine: Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy For Brain Injuries

Some victims of traumatic brain injuries are adding an alternative treatment to their rehab program; a growing number of patients are turning to hyperbaric chamber therapy in an effort to 'reboot' their brains.

Healing Cancer Patients Through Music

Music therapy can be a powerful part of the healing process for cancer patients.

Treating Fallen Troops on the Field: Two New Battlefield Devices

From a self-inflating tourniquet to a wearable vitals monitor-we show you some of the latest military medical technology!

How the Body Reacts to Stress

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, explains the physical signs of the body's fight or flight response.

Music Can Reduce Anxiety in ICU Patients

Listening to music appears to reduce anxiety and the use of sedatives among ICU patients on a ventilator.

Could Hand Sanitizer Set You On Fire?

Young girl is treated for severe burns after the alcohol in the hand sanitizer on her hands caught fire.

Alternative Arthritis Therapies: Food Supplements

Conventional medical treatments for arthritis have come a long way in recent years. But many people suffering from arthritis pain have found additional comfort in so-called "alternative" or "complementary" therapies. How effective are they?

I Sequenced My Microbiome

Catherine Lozupone joins HuffPost Live to discuss sequencing her microbiome.

What You Can Learn From Your Poop

Maura Henninger joins Josh to talk about what you can learn from you poop.

Miniature Horse Therapy

While dog therapy is becoming quite common, miniature horses might have some therapeutic effect.

Doctor Says Cancer From Oral Sex Is Common

Could Michael Douglas really have gotten throat cancer from oral sex? This doctor says not only is it possible, but it's the most common way to get throat cancer these days.

Finding Relief in Holistic Medicine

Woman turns to holistic treatments after traditional medicine failed to help her.

How Where You Live Affects Your Stress Level

Brandon Keim and Derek Penwell join Caitlyn to discuss how where you live effects your stress level.

Chicken Wings For Dialysis Patients

What you eat isn't just important for weight loss or nutrition, it can also be used as medicine. For example, chicken wings that are beneficial for dialysis patients.

Ways To Beat Stress

Jan Bruce and Erik Marcus join HuffPost Live to go over some ways to beat stress.

Ways to Stay Safe as Temps Rise

As we anticipate the first heat wave of 2013, experts say there are certain groups that need to be extra careful.

Fecal Transplant Crackdown

The FDA issued strict new guidelines regarding poop -- or, more specifically, the use of fecal transplants to treat severe and potentially lethal bacterial infections.

Feds Clamp Down On Life-Saving 'Stool' Treatment

The FDA issued strict new guidelines regarding poop -- or, more specifically, the use of fecal transplants to treat severe and potentially lethal bacterial infections. HuffPost Science Editor David Freeman weighs in.

Exercise of the Week

Just cardio won't do it. Learn the importance of strength training and some of the best exercises you can do at home.

Not Being the Breadwinner Can Make Men Sick

A new study finds men are more likely to have issues with sex and their health when their wives make more money.

This Test May Save Your Life

A doctor in Connecticut has developed a genetic test that could help determine allergies to prescription drugs.

Alternative Medicine: How Holistic Pediatricians Are Different

If you're a parent looking for a holistic pediatrician -- good luck finding one. They ARE out there, but they're few and far between. Here's one doctor who long ago saw the demand from a growing number of parents -- and her practice now is an alternative to traditional pediatric medicine.

Hot Weather Brings Dangerous Air Quality

As summer approaches, air quality in some areas will becoming increasingly dangerous to vulnerable groups such as young children and the elderly.

Horseback Riding Therapy for Lyme Disease

Woman dealing with the physical fallout from Lyme's Disease finds therapy in horseback riding.

Amputees Experience Grief Similar to Death of a Loved One

Doctors say amputees go through a grieving process that closely resembles the grieving process experienced when a loved one dies.

How Happiness Evolves & Improves With Age

Heidi Grant Halvorson is happy doing the things her 20-year-old self would have considered boring & lame. She joins us to talk about how our perception of happiness shifts & life coach Christine Sachs offers advice on finding happiness at every age.

This Man Desperately Needs a Kidney

Alan Howard is dying of a failing kidney and is waiting on donor list, hoping for a match. In the mean time, he still attends college classes and plays the guitar.

No-Vacation Nation

Full Segment: A recent study reveals that the U.S. is only country in the developed world that doesn't require businesses to provide paid vacation days for employees. What does this mean for business and employees? Should the government intervene?

Memorial Day Health and Fitness Tips

Watch this video before you set out for your Memorial Day festivities. Three-day weekends can lead to too much sun, overindulging at too many barbecues, and letting your fitness goals fall by the wayside. We'll show you how to stay healthy without sacrificing the fun.

College Women Drink More

A study suggests that female college students drink more than their male counterparts. Are college women using alcohol as a social crutch? And what are the long term effects of engaging in this behavior while in school?

Fidgeting Can Burn Calories

Did you know fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories per day? So fidget! Fidget at your desk, fidget at the bus stop, fidget anywhere you are! Fidget!

Is America a Pill Nation?

Today, an estimated 16 million people use painkillers, 5 million take sleep aids, and 18 million are relying on antidepressants. Do these numbers point to a collective hole in the soul of our country?

Marcia Cross on Stand Up To Cancer

Marcia Cross discusses Stand Up To Cancer's partnership with The Safeway Foundation to increase awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer by designing a reusable shopping bag, embossed with the words, "It starts with a wish; it can end with a cure."

Los Angeles Farmers Market Q&A

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visits a popular L.A. farmers market to answer questions about sun protection, ear infections, cold prevention and more.

Hollywood Health Q&A

The Docs hit the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and meet curious Angelenos with questions about their health. Get tips to tame tension headaches and prevent yeast infections. Plus, does wine speed up the aging process?

Parents Discover Rats at Brooklyn Pool

A few Brooklyn parents say for the past few months they've been finding rats under their pool and in the playground where their children go after school. So far, city agencies haven't done anything to help fix the rat problem.

How Breakups Affect Your Body

Breaking up can take a significant toll on your physical health. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the processes your body goes through during a breakup.

Waking Up with a Stiff Neck

Your pillow might be to blame. Get tips to sleep healthier.

How Dangerous Ticks Can Be?

As the weather gets warmer, insect including ticks carrying Lyme disease begin to come out. Lyme disease can be debilitating and even deadly according to a group looking to educate the public about the dangerous disease.

The Symptoms of UTIs and Kidney Stones

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman explains the symptoms of urinary tract infections and kidney stones, both of which can cause debilitating pain. Plus, learn prevention tips to reduce your chances of contracting either condition.

Does It Work: WaxVac Ear Wax Remover

Ear wax is so annoying! And using swabs to clean your ears can be dangerous, so what can you do? The WaxVac ear wax vacuum claims to solve the problem, but does it really work?

What Sunscreen Should You Use This Summer?

While a need for sunscreen is agreed on, officials are debating the qualifications should determine what type and brand you use. Even though the FDA has placed more restrictions and rules on sunscreen producers, environmental groups say they haven't done enough to protect consumers.

Is Yoga Too Religious For Public Physical Education?

The Encinitas school district in San Diego is facing a law suit for teaching Ashtanga yoga in place of traditional physical education classes. One doctor testified on behalf of a group of parent concerned the practice is a religious conspiracy.

Phones in the Bathroom Can Make You Sick?

People take their cellphones everywhere, even to the bathroom. But could this be making you sick? A Muncie doctor says it can spread staff bacteria and fecal matter, which cause acne, pink eye and other diseases.

"It Starts With a Wish; It Can End With a Cure"

Marcia Cross discusses Stand Up To Cancer's partnership with The Safeway Foundation to increase awareness and funds for the fight against prostate cancer by designing a reusable shopping bag, embossed with the words, "It starts with a wish; it can end with a cure."

Cracking Down on Mothers of Drug Addicted Newborns

Law enforcement in Etowah county Alabama are attempting to decrease the number of babies born addicted to narcotics. Not only will mothers be prosecuted, but the district attorney's office wants to prosecute doctors who are over prescribing medications.

The 30-Day Life Without TV Challenge

Anya, a 22-year-old post production assistant, says she spends as much as 10 hours a day watching television on the weekends. The Doctors challenge her to put down the remote and not watch television for 30 days.

Whats The Germiest Place On The Body?

Jason "The Germ Guy" Tetro joins Dena to talk about the germiest place on the human body.

Always Flush The Toilet With The Lid Down

Jason "The Germ Guy" Tetro joins HuffPost Live to discuss why you should always flush the toilet with the lid down.

Infertility 101: Natural Solutions to Help You Get Pregnant

Dr. Vasudha Gupta talks to Dr. Holly about the causes of infertility and gives tips on getting pregnant.

How to Sooth Your Throat with Home-Made Licorice Lozenges

Sooth your sore throat yourself with Nirmala's homemade licorice lozenges.

3 Best Herbs for Ayurvedic Healing

Yogi Cameron, star of A Model Guru, shows how to use tumeric, coriander and ginger to treat a variety of conditions like the common cold, indigestion and headaches.

Naturopathic Care Could Help Metabolic Syndrome Patients

A new study finds treatment by naturopathic doctors can help decrease the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, a risk factor for heart disease.

Painful Disease Put Man's Life On Hold

We all know that painful feeling when you sit down on your leg and it goes numb. For most people, paresthesia is a temporary feeling. But for some, it returns on a regular basis -- as a dangerous disease that can make a big impact on everyday life. Guest Patrick Bohan shares his story.

A Doctor Confronting His Own Illness

Dr. Stuart Farrimond joins Josh to discuss his own battle with a brain tumor.

Life With Trichotillomania

Full Segment: Between 2% and 5% of Americans suffer from trichotillomania, a compulsive urge to pull out one's own hair. It can lead to noticeable hair loss and social anxiety. What's it like to live with this frustrating disease?

Beware of Swimming Pool Water

Think chlorine kills harmful bacteria floating in your pool? Think again.

On Pins & Needles

Full Segment: We all know that painful feeling when you sit down on your leg and it goes numb. For most people, paresthesia is a temporary feeling. But for some, it returns on a regular basis -- as a dangerous disease that can make a big impact on everyday life.

My Doctor Fat-Shamed Me

Full Segment: ME: "I have the flu." DR.: "Try losing weight." ME: "What does that have to do with my flu?" New studies show that regardless of the symptoms being treated, overweight patients are treated differently due to their weight.

Healing Yoga to Alleviate Multiple Sclerosis Pains

Some people with serious health issues like multiple sclerosis are finding relief in the ancient practice of yoga.

Alternative Therapies That Fix Health Problems

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine describes why alternative therapies like aromatherapy, acupuncture and massage can help fix health problems.

Meditation as Alternative Medicine

Imagine your doctor prescribing 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day. Some doctors are actually doing that because of the growing evidence that quieting the mind is healthy. For some, it's an alternative to medicine.

Couch Potato Gene Makes Exercise Enthusiasm Difficult For Some

Losing weight can be a game changer in someone's life. But now with the discovery of what some are calling the "Couch Potato Gene" turns out, for a lot of folks struggling to stick with the program.. there's a reason it's so hard to get moving.

Body Odor Confessions

Brave men and women confess their smelliest body parts.

Smelly Hot Spots on the Body

Take a head-to-toe tour of the body, and learn which parts are typically odiferous.

What Is the Smelliest Body Part?

The Doctors polled their Facebook fans to determine the smelliest body part. See the results, and find out whether or not The Doctors agree!

What Causes Body Odor?

The Doctors and gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explain how bacteria on the body, combined with various gland secretions, create an unpleasant odor.

Research Shows Low Level Lead Exposure Still Affects Kids

Do even low levels of lead in the blood affect reading readiness in Kindergarten students?

Woman Uses Hypnotherapy To Keep The Weight Off

Hypnotherapy helped one man lose 100 pounds, one lady kick her smoking habit after 25 years & one sports team overcome a big losing streak. We speak to a woman who swears by it to keep the pounds off.

When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

The Doctors discuss the signs of aging that could pose a danger behind the wheel. Plus, learn tips and activities to improve memory and boost brainpower.

The Debate Over When Life Begins

Jonathan Moreno and Dr. John Lantos join Josh to discuss the debate over when life begins.

Testicular Sperm Extraction

Board-certified urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz explains how sperm extraction works to boost male fertility and increase the chances of conception.

Diagnosing the Cause of Male Infertility

Married couple Justin and Margaret have had difficulty conceiving a child for the past couple of years. Justin underwent a fertility test and discovered that he produced very little sperm. A board-certified urologist performs a testicular exam to determine the potential cause of Justin's fertility problems.

Inappropriate Personal Trainers?

How to know when a trainer's workout moves are for fitness or something fishy.

5 Things to Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquito season is upon us. Missy Sullivan joins The News Hub with five things you should know about these pests before summer sets in.

Tanning Enthusiast Defends Controversial Practice

The dangers of tanning are well documented, but some people just can't help themselves and are addicted to the feeling of being tan in the same way people get addicted to drugs. We speak with Lexie about her struggle to quit.

Addicted To Tanning

Full Segment: The dangers of tanning are well documented, but some people just can't help themselves and are addicted to the feeling of being tan in the same way people get addicted to drugs.

Woman Managed To Quit Smoking Before Overcoming Tanning Addiction

The dangers of tanning are well documented, but some people just can't help themselves and are addicted to the feeling of being tan in the same way people get addicted to drugs. We speak with Erica about her struggle to quit.

Are Your Sinuses Useless or Useful?

Sinuses are a connected system of hollow cavities in the skull, and they can be a real nuisance when they get clogged and collect fluid.

Is the Belly Button Useless or Useful?

It marks the spot where the umbilical cord was attached while in your mother's womb, but does it serve a purpose after birth?

Appendix Function and Removal Procedure

The appendix, which is attached to the large intestine, might actually serve a purpose. But, when it gets inflamed, it can be extremely painful. Learn about a new procedure to remove the appendix through the belly button, leaving less scarring.

Is Your Spleen Useless or Useful?

The spleen is an organ to the left of the stomach. It often is removed for various reasons, but there can be benefits to keeping yours.

Replacing Body Parts with Stem Cells and Synthetics

The department of nanotechnology and regenerative medicine at University College London often is called the human body parts store. The team uses stem cells and synthetic materials to grow replacement organs and body parts.

Body Parts You Can Live Without

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears hits the streets of Los Angeles to find out if people know what different body parts are for -- and whether you can live without them.

Iyanla Demonstrates a Healing Exercise Similar to 'Needleless Acupuncture'

During her work with Tiffany, a wife who says she is in a sexless marriage, Iyanla has her perform an exercise called progressive EFT, or tapping. It's a spiritual healing exercise that allows you to release negative, toxic energy from your mind, body and spirit. Watch as Iyanla demonstrates and explains how you can use tapping in your life.

The Ethics of Prescribing Placebos

A British study found that a large majority of doctors in the U.K. are prescribing placebos regularly. The Doctors discuss whether it's ethical and safe for doctors to use placebos as a form of treatment.

Organ Transplants Safety

Organ transplants are often necessary to save lives, but did you know that sometimes the only organs available may be diseased? The Doctors discuss the safety protocols for organ transplantation.

New Study Shows Spike in Sleep Apnea Patients

New study shows skyrocketing number of people being diagnosed with sleep apnea. Find out why.

Encouraging People Over 50 to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

In the next two years, adults over 50 are expected to represent nearly half of the U.S. population. Pfizer and YMCA have launched a new program called 50 Moving Forward, which encourages people 50 and older to adopt the habits they need for a long, healthy life. The program promotes preventative measures, such as screenings and vaccinations, healthy eating and physical activity.

Depression Meds Alternative: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Nearly 20 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from a major form of depression -- and many look for help outside of traditional medicine because pills can have a lot of side effects. There's a new treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation -- and for many, this alternative can be lifesaving.

May 8th Is International Thalassemia Day

Ahmed sits down with Jude Kamal to discuss 'International Thalassemia Day' and how her diagnosis with Thalassemia made her determined to make a difference in someone's life.

Hospital Price Disparities Made Public

Americans have long become accustomed to bewilderment and anxiety when confronting health care bills. A new database underscores why, revealing the perplexing assortment of prices for medical care, with the details of bills seemingly untethered to any graspable principle.

Megan Fox, RPatz, and Snooky's Questionable Hygiene Habits

Reality star Snooki reportedly exfoliates with cat litter, and actress Megan Fox says she forgets to flush the toilet. Get the lowdown on questionable celebrity hygiene habits.

What Causes a Belly Button Itch?

The Doctors discuss the causes of an itchy belly button and share tips to ditch the itch! Plus, learn the signs that your navel could be infected.

The Urge to Suddenly Use the Bathroom

The Doctors are joined by Ross Mathews, comedian, TV personality and author of Man Up!: Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence , for a special show-and-tell edition. Ross reveals that whenever he tells his mother exciting news over the phone, she has to hang up and call him back. The reason: "Insta-diarrhea!" The Docs explain what may cause the sudden urge to go.

Big Pharma's Pill Pushing

Full Segment: Big Pharma spends almost twice as much on promotion as it does on research and development. Drug company revenues climbed more than $200 billion in the years between 1995 and 2010 and so did the number of addicts. How can this be better regulated?

Take a Two Minute Break to De-Stress and Relax

Feeling stressed out? Need to re-boot and rejuvenate? Take 2-Minutes to watch this Travel Therapy video and find your inner bliss. Breathe. Believe. Trust. Be thankful. Created by Emmy award-winning TV correspondent, Karen Schaler, creator and host of the new Travel Therapy TV and online series, featuring top trips to take based on what you're going through in life.

Gym Intimidation

Full Segment: Getting in the door at the gym is just the first step. You've got to learn how to use the equipment, get used to working out in public, and deal with some awkward, or even intense, encounters.

Brad Lamm

Addiction Specialist & Lifestyle Interventionist Brad Lamm joined me this week on Mondays With Marlo. Brad was such an interesting and informative guest! We spoke about all kinds of addictions -- everything from smoking to food to prescription pills. Brad answered your addiction questions and even shared a few touching personal stories. Watch the full interview for an inside look at addiction and get some great tips to overcome addictions you may be struggling with.

Considering the UK's Health Care Point System Proposal

Should the quality of a person's health care be based on his or her lifestyle choices?

Melanoma Monday

Full Segment: May 6th is Melanoma Monday, part of Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Learn from experts and survivors about warning signs and misperceptions surrounding this deadly disease and how to spot melanoma before it spreads.

Staying Healthy from the Inside Out

Who knew the key to outer beauty begins with inner beauty? Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew, that's who. And the even better news? It's easier to achieve than you'd think.

Short Term Hearing Loss Is Actually Our Body's Defense

Short term hearing loss is actually the body's way of protecting our ears ... not damaging them.

New Treatment Uses Hot Cups to Relieve Ailments

Celebs from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston have have been caught on camera with circles on their skin from an acupuncture treatment called cupping. Mike Wilber explains how it works.

How Meditation Cured My PTSD

US Army Veteran Stephen Lee joins Ricky to talk about how meditation cured his PTSD.

High Blood Pressure Prevention

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, the chief medical officer of Pfizer, joins Dr. Travis to raise awareness about high blood pressure and its consequences. Hypertension affects about 76 million Americans and nearly 1 billion people worldwide. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and vision loss.

Bizarre Tales from the Emergency Room

What is the strangest thing doctors have ever found inside the human body? It could be the 20-inch eel that was found inside one man's colon! The takeaway? Don't stick things in your body that don't belong there, Dr. Travis says.

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Colorado is considering a law to set a driving under the influence of drugs limit to restrict the level of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in your blood while driving. Watch as one woman gets behind the wheel of a driving simulator after getting high.

Want to Look Younger? Gain a Few Pounds

Don't be afraid to put on a few pounds as you age. The extra fat can help smooth out wrinkles and give you a younger-looking face.

Scuba Diving Dangers

Dr. Hilary Greenberg was scuba diving in Costa Rica when she was knocked unconscious by a strong surge. Her husband, a cosmetic physician, performed CPR while they were in the water for almost 45 minutes, saving her life.

Summer Heat Warnings For Seniors

About 400 people die each year in the U.S. from heat-related conditions, and most of them are 65 or older. The Doctors share warning signs and prevention tips.

Spring Allergy Season

It's allergy season, and this year is expected to be difficult because a mild winter and early, windy spring promoted allergen creation. Get Dr. O's tips to control your allergies.

Treating Poison Ivy "Down There?"

That genital rash could be poison ivy instead of a sexually transmitted disease. Be sure to wash your hands after hiking or working in your yard and before you use the restroom.

Take Tour of Marijuana Facilities in Colorado

Colorado is the first state to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21. "My 420 Tours" is offering tours of marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries, workshops to learn how to cook with cannabis, and the opportunity to smoke at private parties.

What Causes A Stinky Nose?

A viewer says, "I recently got over a bad cold, but I'm getting worried because the breath from my nose stinks. What's up with that?" Ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains.

The Best and Worst Sleep Positions

Is there such a thing as the perfect sleep position? Top sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus reveals the best and worst sleep positions for your body.

Soothe Anxiety with One Quick Tip

Soothe situational anxiety with one simple tip.

Is Your Lipstick Slowly Killing You?

A testing of 32 commonly used lipsticks found traces of lead, cadmium, aluminum and other metals, some at potentially toxic levels.

Calm a Restless Mind With Hydrotherapy

See how spending time in a hot tub can help heal calm a restless mind.

Hydrotherapy for Restless Leg Syndrome

See how spending time in a hot tub can help heal restless leg syndrome.

Scoliosis: Structural Integration Is the Alternative Treatment

If you're one of the estimated 7,000,000 Americans with it, you probably know that help for scoliosis is limited to wearing body braces or surgery. But there's a new alternative: Structural Integration; here's one woman's story of how it allowed her to maintain her active lifestyle.

The Signs of Stress

Did you know that more than 75 percent of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related conditions and complaints? Pfizer's Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D. gives tips to recognize the signs of stress. Plus, learn the five A's of managing stress in your life.

Video Journal: Month-Long Yoga Challenge

Patch editor Daniel Woolfolk shares the life-changing benefits he gained when he committed to doing 31 yoga classes in 31 days as part of PLAY Yoga's March Madness Challenge.

Toilet Tool Promises Easier BMs

The TurDle promises an easier time on the toilet. Proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld weighs in.

Hemorrhoids Vs. Anal Fissures

From hemorrhoids and fissures to going number two, proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld joins The Doctors to clear up your biggest booty problems.

High Heel Surgery Alternative That Doesn't Break Bones

Bunions can make wearing high heels unbearable; the surgery to fix the problem can be even worse. Now an orthopedic surgeon offers an alternative treatment to bunion surgery without breaking any bones.

Should Your Doctor Be Your Life Coach?

Doctors are using a new untraditional strategy to help patients achieve health goals like quitting smoking or starting diet and exercise programs. Laura Landro and Healthwise founder and chief executive Donald Kemper explain.

Religious Experience Or 'Brain Juice Sloshing Around?'

Thanks to modern medicine, if you lose consciousness or your heart stops beating you can potentially be brought back to life. What does momentary death feel like? And what does it reveal about life?

The Weird Ways Of Staying Alive

Dr. Benjamin S. Abella joins HuffPost Live to describe some of the newest and most innovative ways of keeping cardiac arrest patients alive.

No One Knows What Happens After Death

Dr. Sam Parnia, head of intensive care at the Stony Brook University Hospital in New York, claims that since there is no concrete evidence of what happens after death, you must be open to the fact that anything is possible.

A Vitamin That's Good For The Joints

Celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue recommended that women over 35 take a daily multi-vitamin when she appeared on Mondays With Marlo. But that's not all! Simone also told me that it's important to take glucosamine and calcium supplements to lubricate the joints.

Lisa Belkin On How Sleep Deprivation Makes Us Stressed

Lisa Belkin joins Josh Zepps to discuss how sleep deprivation makes people stressed.

Lisa Belkin On Breathing & How To Find Your Best Bedtime

Lisa Belkin joins Josh Zepps to discuss breathing and how to find your best bedtime.

What Causes a Loss of Taste and Smell?

Vision and hearing are known to decline with age, but what about other senses? The Doctors explain how the sense of taste and smell are affected by the aging process, and whether a loss of these senses is genetic.

A Cochlear Implant Allows a Woman to Hear for the First Time

An Idaho woman who has been deaf her entire life now has new hope for hearing thanks to a device called a cochlear implant.

A Hospital Has Started a Physician-Assisted Death Program

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights one hospital that started a physician-assisted death program. Doctors would prescribe a lethal medication that patients would self-administer after extensive counseling.

The Pee Pants and Who They Are For

Special underwear that includes a tube and a bag allows you to pee in your pants. It's designed for active women and encourages you to stay hydrated when there's not a bathroom nearby.

Young People More Likely to Skip Meds Than Elderly

Younger patients are more likely to skip their medications than senior citizens.

Doctors Are Best Role Models For Healthy Lifestyle

Patients are more likely to undergo screenings and get flu shots if their doctors do likewise.

World Malaria Day 2013

Shaquille O'Neal discusses the importance of raising awareness about malaria as part of the Big Push effort to end the disease once and for all.

Marijuana Pill May Be Better For Pain Than Smoked Form

A pill form of marijuana may work just as well to relieve pain as the smoked form, but with fewer side effects, new research suggests.

Stand Up 2 Cancer

Heidi tells us a little about why she stands up 2 cancer.

Are We Obligated to Perform CPR?

A recent incident in Bakersfield, California shocked the nation when a nurse called 911 after finding an elderly retirement home resident collapsed on the floor - but refused to perform CPR. The Doctors weigh in.

CPR Controversy

A recent incident in Bakersfield, California shocked the nation when a nurse called 911 after finding an elderly retirement home resident collapsed on the floor - but refused to perform CPR. Battalion Chief of the Bakersfield Fire Department Anthony Galagaza describes the incident.

Dr. Travis Turns Up the Heat

We all know sweating is natural and healthy, but E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork puts the bodily function to the ultimate test at The Shape House, an urban sweat lodge. See how Dr. Travis survives nearly an hour in a 158 degree pod! Plus, watch him cool off.

The Docstors: Q and A in Less Than 30 Seconds

The Doctors answer audience questions in 30 seconds or less.

Bad Genes Stop With Me

Full Segment: Many who carry genetic disease want to start a family without passing on those traits. Science is figuring out how to eliminate problem genes for good.

U.S. Hospitals Quietly Deport Undocumented Immigrants

A new report reveals hundreds of patients are quietly deported by hospitals and flown back to their home countries, often without being conscious. We discuss the obscure process known as "medical repatriation."

Sexual Activity Remains Low Among Young Teens

1% of 11 year-olds, and 2.5% of 12 year-olds report having sex.

Removing a Split Toenail

Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh explains that split nails are relatively common, but they can put people at an increased risk for fungal infections. In extreme cases, the nail may need to be removed so that the nail bed can be treated for infection. Dr. Sadrieh demonstrates how a split toenail is carefully removed from the nail bed.

Medicine Side Effect: Stinky?

The Doctors explain how certain medications and supplements can cause body odor.

Food Poisoning Explained

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates what happens when you get food poisoning and how to prevent it.

How Long Do Viruses Last on Surfaces?

Parents always want to know how long the surfaces in the are house going to be contaminated after their child's friends come over with a cold, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says.

The Benefits of Exercise

You've been working out regularly, but how long will your efforts last if you're sidelined by an illness, work or travel?

Community Gardening for Weight Loss

Men and women who take part in community gardening have a lower body mass index than neighbors who don't.

There's No Magic Pill: Supplementing a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Christopher Shih digests new ideas about health and disease prevention.

Walking Can Have Same Heart Benefit as Running

People who walk at a moderate pace experience the same heart benefit as those who run vigorously.

Professor: Antibiotics Abuse Is Making Us More Susceptible To Disease

Antibiotic resistance is increasing. Now 70 years after the introduction of these game-changing drugs, they're starting to fail as deadly bacteria have begun to adapt. How should we prepare for the antibiotic apocalypse?

MRSA Survivor Required 7 Life-Saving Surgeries

Antibiotic resistance is increasing. We talk with a woman who has survived MRSA after 7 surgeries.

A Farmers' Market For Pot

Full Segment: In Santa Rosa, California, there's a farmers' market where customers can purchase a wide array of locally sourced this case that crop happens to be marijuana.

The Nose Knows

Regina Meredith interviews Barry Kapp and he explains the master medicinal aromatherapist knowledge he has explored and their many healing powers of essential oils.

The Bacteria Are Winning

Full Segment: Antibiotic resistance is increasing. Now 70 years after the introduction of these game-changing drugs, they're starting to fail as deadly bacteria have begun to adapt. How should we prepare for the antibiotic apocalypse?

Weight Gain May Be Connected to a Microbe

Studies suggest weight gain may be connected to a specific microbe, hoarding calories inside the body. A new breath test can reveal if patients have the microbe and therefore are at risk for developing obesity. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

What to Do When Gastric Bypass Doesn't Help

Dr. Hillary Goldsher discusses the emotional eating. Her advice this week is for a woman who even after gastric bypass can't stop eating recklessly.

Avoid This Common Running Injury

When it comes to race training, "No pain, No gain" is a common motto for hard-core runners. But when the pain is more than some soreness or muscle stiffness, it's time to stop. Britney Glaser reports on a common running injury.

Prescription Prices Can Vary Around Pharmacies

It pays to shop around when it comes to generic prescription drugs. A new study from Consumer Reports finds prices can vary widely among pharmacies.

Antibiotic Resistance and Overuse

You may be surprised by the number of antibiotic prescriptions being written in the U.S.  Check out the results of a new CDC study.

Don't Patent Me, Bro

Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a landmark case challenging Myriad Genetics' patents on breast cancer genes. Should they be allowed to patent human genes? If not, will that hurt the biotech industry's incentive to invest in R&D?

Racing For The Cure For Profit

Suppose there is a broken gene out there that could be fixed. Companies are racing to find an answer, but are they doing it for the right reasons?

Parents Speak Of Teen's Battle With Meningitis

The parents of a teenager who lost all four limbs to meningitis speak about the struggle their daughter has faced and how it all could have been prevented. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Why You Shouldn't Clean Your Ears

Do you clean inside of your ear with a cotton swab? Some experts say that people shouldn't clean the wax out of their ear. A natural process in human ears cleans out the wax without needing a cotton swab. Using a swab on the inside of your ear can cause wax to get backed up and accumulate inside rather than cleaning it out. Also, if the swab gets pushed in too far it can damage the eardrum.

Dennis Richard on the Benefits of MMS

Join host Regina Meredith on the Gaiam Tv original show, Healing Matrix. On this special show Regina interviews Dennis Richard.

James Forsythe on Possible Harm in Cancer Treatments

Regina Meredith interviews James Forsythe on Gaiam TV's show, Healing Matrix.

USA Weekend: Genetic Testing

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column. Latest: Should you undergo genetic testing?

Superbug Outbreak

A new strand of untreatable bacteria has been found in Los Angeles. Should you worry?

Yoga Instructor Demonstrates the Five Tibetan Rites

Tom Kelly of Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA has been practicing yoga for more than four decades and recently began incorporating a little-known sequence called the Five Tibetan Rites into his daily routine¿something he says makes him feel more invigorated. Credit: Daniel Woolfolk

The Importance of Rehydrating After Sickness

Learn the most effective ways to rehydrate the body after a bout of stomach-churning sickness.

Physically Active Doctors Are More Likely to Recommend Exercise

Doctors who are physically active are more likely to recommend exercise to their patients.

Are You Getting Enough "Vitamin N?"

Health and features editor of Women's Health magazine, Sascha De Gersdorff, discusses an important topic featured in the April 2013 issue: Are you getting enough "vitamin N?"

How To Spot A Narcissist

Full Segment: Narcissism is casually used as an exaggerated description for a person's self-involvement. But some people can be clinically defined as narcissists. So where does insult meet diagnosis?

The Benefits of Acupuncture to Treat Pain

Actress Penelope Cruz has been seen sporting gold acupuncture pins in her ear. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that the treatment may help relieve her back pain.

Meet Tom Chi the Pain Whisperer

Meet Tom Chi, "The Pain Whisperer," who has used his kung fu and acupuncture background to devise a unique pain treatment. Dr. Andrew Ordon visits him to see if he can help his knee pain.

Lean and Green Hangover Cure

What's lean, green and can help ease the ache of a hangover?

The Origins of Marijuana

Learn about the origins of the marijuana plant with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

Unnecessary Treatment In Medicare

The HuffPost Community to discuss the fact that we need to look for outliers that are performing too much unnecessary treatment.

Medicare's Waste

Dr. Stephanie Woodhandler discusses the rampant waste in medicare.

Alternative Options to Soothe a Sore Throat

Got the flu? Trade your flu syrup and medication for a Hot Toddy Sorbet or Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears's soothing throatsicle recipe.

Marijuana Use Outside the United States

Learn how marijuana is regarded and used in countries other than the United States with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Learn if marijuana is a gateway drug and if it could lead to harder drugs with Steph Sherer.

The Stigma of Using Medical Marijuana

Learn about the stigma and discrimination that medical marijuana patients can experience with Steph Sherer.

Urine Testing and Medical Marijuana

Learn how the use of medical marijuana affects urine testing for drug use with Steph Sherer.

The Research Findings on Medical Marijuana

Learn what the research says about medical marijuana with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

Marijuana Benefits for Glaucoma Patients

Learn about marijuana use for glaucoma patients with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

The Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research

Learn about the barriers to medical marijuana research with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

Marijuana Use to Releive GI Disorders' Symptoms

Learn about marijuana use and gastrointestinal (GI) disorders with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

How Medical Marijuana Distribution Affects Communities

Learn how medical marijuana distribution affects communities with Steph Sherer.

Who Should Not Use Medical Marijuana?

Learn who should not use medical marijuana with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

The Case Against Medical Marijuana

Learn the arguments against medical marijuana with Steph Sherer.

Does Medical Marijuana Distribution Increase Crime?

Learn if medical marijuana distribution leads to an increase in crime with Steph Sherer.

How to Keep Medical Marijuana Away from Children

Learn how to keep medical marijuana out of the hands of children in this Howcast video.

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Medical Marijuana

Learn how to talk to your friends and family about medical marijuana use with Steph Sherer.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

Learn how to talk to your doctor about medical marijuana with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

How Caregivers Can Help a Medical Marijuana Patient

Learn how caregivers can help medical marijuana patients with Steph Sherer.

Where Is Medical Marijuana Legal in the United States?

Steph Sherer explains which states made medical marijuana legal in the United States.

Marijuana Use and Mental Illness

Learn about marijuana use and mental illness with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

Marijuana Vs. Medical Marijuana

Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal explains what Marijuana is and the specific use of medical Marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Approval for Veterans

Learn why veterans are sometimes approved for medical marijuana cards with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

Learn how to obtain a medical marijuana card so you can smoke pot for medicinal purposes with Steph Sherer..

Marijuana Use for Chronic Pain

Learn about marijuana use for patients suffering from chronic pain with Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggrawal.

How to Stay Active and Healthy at Any Age

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine provides tips on how to stay active at any age.

Larry's "Need Kidney 4 Wife" Sign Campaign

Larry, who is 78 years old, has walked more than 57 miles through upstate South Carolina wearing a sign that read, "Need kidney 4 wife." Since he began his search, Larry has received more than 600 phone calls, but he still hasn't found a qualified donor for Jimmie Sue. If you are inspired by Jimmie Sue's story and would like to see if you could be a blood and tissue match for her or for others, call the Medical University of South Carolina Transplant Center at 1-800-277-8687.

Every Man's Worst Nightmare

Professional mixed martial arts fighter Ray Elbe describes how a romantic night with his girlfriend turned into a painful visit to the emergency room after he fractured his penis and tore his urinary tract while having sex.

How Kidneys Filter Your Blood

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains how the kidneys filter waste out of blood.

Meet Larry and Jimmie Sue's Story

Larry was heartbroken when he learned Jimmie Sue, his wife of 57 years, had a kidney infection and needed a transplant.

Kidney Stone Pain

Patrick from San Jose, Calif., writes: I just recently passed a kidney stone and I have to admit the pain was excruciating. How could something so small cause so much pain?

Steroids In The Office

Full Segment: If athletes are punished for using performance enhancing drugs, should office workers who use cognition enhancing drugs be held to the same standards?

Woman Compares Popular Children's Medication To Cocaine

If athletes are punished for using performance enhancing drugs, should office workers who use cognition enhancing drugs be held to the same standards? What are the differences between prescription drugs and illegal drugs?

Protecting Renters From Secondhand Smoke

Suffering from secondhand smoke in your home when no one in your home smokes! Find out what's being done to stop the problem.

Ian Gainor on the Vibration Healing Therapy

Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix with Regina Meredith she interviews Ian Gainor. Gainor explains his chiropractic methods of whole body vibration (wbv). Watch the full interview on

Dr. Laura Thompson on Diet and Nutrients to Get Off Anti Depressants

Regina Meredith interviews Laura Thompson on Gaiam TV's Healing Matrix show. Thompson explains that you need balance your diet to help you get off your anti depressants. To watch this full interview visit

Rob Williams on Changing Your Perception with Psych-K

Regina Meredith interviews Rob Williams on Gaiam TV's Healing Matrix show. Williams explains his PSYCH-K method which is a safe and effective way to change your negative thoughts about yourself. To watch this full interview check out

Harvey Bigelsen on the Revival of Alternative Medicine Schools

Regina Meredith interviews Harvey Bigelsen on Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix. Bigelsen talks about the modern medical industry. To learn more about this topics visit

Edward Group on the Benefits of Cleansing

This exclusive interview from Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix with host Regina Meredith, Edward Group explains the key to good health, the digestive tract. Edward Group is the author of book The Green Body Cleanse and he also founded Global Healing Center one of the largest organic and natural health resources on the internet. To watch this full episode visit

Dr. Laura Thompson on Radiation Side Effects and Hormones

On Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix Regina Meredith interviews Dr. Laura Thompson. Thompson talks about optimal health relying on a balanced level of hormones. To watch the complete interview visit

David Scrimgeour on the Japanese Acupuncture Method

Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix with host Regina Meredith she interview David Scrimgeour. Scrimgeour explains how feelings can effect your health. To see this full interview visist

Daniel Dunphy on Color Energy Cycles and Healing

Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix with Host Regina Meredith features an interview with Daniel Dunphy. Dunphy explains this alternative, holistic solutions to chronic conditions.

Gerald Cohen on His Light Healing Breakthrough

From Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix, Regina Meredith interviews Gerald Cohen. Cohen explains homeopath cutting edge diagnostics and natural healing modalities.

Edward Group on the Body's Cleaning Cycles

This exclusive interview with Regina Meredith on Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix features Edward Group. Group reveals the hidden toxins in our food, air, water and homes. To watch this full interview visit

Harvey Bigelsen on Holographic Blood Diagnosis

Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix with host Regina Meredith interviews Harvey Bigelsen. Bigelsen is an advocate for homeopathy and biological medicine. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, a law which gives homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine.

Gerald Cohen on What Your Body Wants You to Know

An exclusive interview by Regina Meredith from the Gaiam TV's show Healing Matrix. Gerald Cohen runs The healing Process in Menlo Park, California and teaches workshops and classes in the healing arts.

Honey, This Alternative Med Is For You

It's spring. Your allergies are already going crazy. That's exactly why many believe honey may be the suh-weet alternative to traditional meds. (It's already being used to help heal diabetes-related ulcers.)

Baldness May Be Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk in Men

Baldness in African American men linked to increased risk of prostate cancer.

Teen With Multiple Sclerosis Has Unbelievably Positive Outlook

A diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis used to mean no children and a shorter lifespan, but today doctors and patients are successfully fighting back against this disease. Guests Michelle and Breea Ramskill share their story with host Nancy Redd.

Montel Williams: Chronic Illness Will Bankrupt US

Montel Williams joins Ahmed to discuss his years of battling multiple sclerosis, and why he feels that chronic illness will eventually bankrupt the US.

A Doctor's View On Prescribing Pot For The Elderly

Dr. William Dale discusses his thoughts on prescribing marijuana to his elderly patients.

Hiding Pot From The Kids (And Grandkids?)

George Rohrbacher joins HuffPost Live to talk about how he discusses his marijuana use with his children and grandchildren.

Dr. Ordon's Most Embarrassing Moment

Health professionals aren't immune to mortifying body moments. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon spills his most embarrassing health story.

Having Multiple Sclerosis Helped Me Find My Husband

A diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis used to mean no children and a shorter lifespan, but today doctors and patients are successfully fighting back against this disease. Guest Kate Milliken shares her story with host Nancy Redd.

Is It Possible to Live on Less Sleep?

Check out if it is possible to live on less sleep. While it's tempting to steal a few hours from the time normally spent sleeping, for most that probably isn't wise. There's an abundance of evidence showing that diminished sleep results in a decreased ability to function properly and productively. Short-term effects can include confusion and a loss of concentration. Sustained sleeplessness may lead to serious health problems like diabetes and obesity. So, how much is enough?

Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Dr. Frank McGeorge goes over ways to banish the winter "blahs". Getting more natural light, smelling flowers and even wearing certain colors can help give your mood a boost.

Sleep To Win!

In a new book, Dr. James Maas writes about a revolutionary new program to help athletes win¿by getting more ZZZs. How can sleeping like an Olympian make you a winner?

How Sleep Affects Athletic Performance

Haley A. Davis, Dr. James B. Maas and Bobby Curtis join Mike to discuss how important proper sleep is when it comes to athletic performance.

Who Coined The Term 'Power Nap'?

Dr. James Maas chats with Ricky about how to take a successful power nap.

The Golden Rules To Good Sleep

In a new book, Dr. James Maas writes about a revolutionary new program to help athletes win¿by getting more ZZZs. He joins Ricky to share his golden rules to good sleep.

The Limits Of The FDA

Barry Furrow, David Zwally and Meredith Melnick join Josh to discuss the limits of the FDA when it comes to over the counter supplements.

Death by Sugar

Put down the soda and Kool-Aid! Researchers at Harvard estimate that 1 in every 100 deaths is caused by sugary drinks AND more than 100,000 obesity-related deaths worldwide each year are caused by high-sugar beverages. Guess which country ranks #1 for that? It's not the U.S., but we're up there.

Germ Police: How Dirty Is Your Stuff?

Think you're a clean freak? Or are you rolling dirty? We hit the streets to find out just how filthy the world around you is, and trust's bad.

Woman Went Without Health Insurance While Pregnant

Britni Danielle explains the ordeal of being uninsured while pregnant.

Healthy Young Corpses

Full Segment: DMAA, a legal stimulant similar to amphetamines, may have caused heart attacks in highly athletic kids. Who bears the responsibility to investigate? And who's to blame?

My Uninsured Life

Full Segment: Many opt out of private health insurance and instead save the money to pay for health care costs as needed. We also explore alternative options like medical sharing.

Taking a Stress Test

One of Rachael Ray's viewers undergoes a stress test, something you should not avoid taking if your doctor recommends it.

Acupuncture: More Modern Docs Using Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, with studies showing it can even help people with hay fever. It's still considered an alternative therapy, but for many women it's the alternative -- to pain -- and more modern doctors are starting to catch on to this age-old treatment.

Technology Hurting Your Health

The average person uses some form of technology for almost half of their waking hours, but some technology might be affecting your health.

The Importance of Sound Sleep for Your Health

Losing sleep over stress from your job? Is the family keeping you up at night? Over 50 million Americans don't get the recommended night's rest. We have some inspiration that may help you get the zzz's you need.

A Federal Health Board Reviews the Benefits of Meditation

We talk with a well-known doctor who says reshaping your brain can help you deal with pain and other problems. Also, find out what a government panel has to say about meditation's benefits.

St. Patrick's Day Hangover Cures Plus A Big Drinking Myth

The first and most simple hangover cure is of course to drink in moderation. If that's not an option you can prepare yourself for a night of drinking by eating fatty foods before you imbibe.

Secondhand Stress

It's possible to infect others with stress! A 2011 University of Hawaii study found that stress is as contagious as the common cold. Get tips for reducing stress in your life. Plus, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork tests the Shakti Mat: A plastic bed of acupressure points meant to help release tension and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Obesity and Car Accidents

Studies show that those with a BMI higher than 30 may be less likely to survive a car crash.

Can Smallpox Spread Through Sex?

A man allegedly infected his partner with smallpox after receiving the vaccine.

Teacher Donates Kidney

Full Segment: 8-year-old Nicole Miller's genetic disorder has left her in need of a kidney. Lucky for Nicole, her kindergarten teacher is the perfect match and the soon-to-be donor.

Sneezing While Driving

Learn why sneezing while driving accounts for more than 2,500 car accidents a year.

FDA Warns Z-Pak May Increase Risk of Heart Attack

The Food and Drug Administration issues a warning that the Z-Pak you're taking to get better may kill you first.

Joan Rivers' Power Naps

TV personality Joan Rivers says since she only gets four to 5 hours of sleep per night, she takes power naps throughout the day.

Are Mikel Ruffinelli's Hips Real?

Mikel says she's known as the woman with the world's biggest hips, measuring 99 inches. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon performs an ultrasound to show that Mikel's hips are natural and not augmented by plastic surgery.

Young Girl Bravely Deals With Painful Skin Condition

Every day a brave three-year-old girl deals with painful blisters and sores from a rare condition that makes her skin as fragile as a butterfly's wings. INSIDE EDITION paid a visit to the family and her doctor.

Author Enjoying Life Before ALS Takes It Away

Valerie Harper's terminal cancer diagnosis shines light on another brave woman facing death with a smile. INSIDE EDITION talks to Susan Spencer-Wendel about ALS that is claiming her life.

Dr. Steven Sussman on Putting CARE Back in Healthcare

Discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D - Child & Adolescent Psychologist Co-Founder of the Child & Teen Success Centers in NY & NJ.

Harlem Globetrotters' Paul Sturgess on His Height

When does the average person stop growing? Paul "Tiny" Sturgess, the tallest player in the history of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, discusses his uniquely lengthy growth spurt. Plus, see if The Doctors have a chance to score on a 7-foot, 8-inch defender!

5 Ways to Reduce Snoring

Check out 5 ways to reduce snoring. Snoring - getting the best of you?Here are 5 ways that help reduce snoring according to

School Eliminated Dodgeball Due To Self Esteem Concerns

Nancy talks to Genia Quinn about why dodgeball was eliminated from her daughter's progressive school.

Antibiotic Resistance Poses 'Catastrophic Threat' To Medicine

Antibiotic resistance poses a catastrophic threat to medicine and could mean patients having minor surgery risk dying from infections that can no longer be treated, Britain's top health official said on Monday.

Exercise Leads to Better Sleep

New poll shows the more you exercise, the better your sleep.

Beating Brain Cancer: Survivor Tells Her Story

Sasha Lee-Hocky shares her battle against the same type of brain cancer that has struck Valerie Harper, telling INSIDE EDITION there's still hope.

The Hard Truth About Stress In America

Are you stressed?!? Apparently so is the rest of America. The Hard Truth is that its probably more of your fault than you realize.

Gel Manicures May Increase Your Risk of Cancer

A new study says gel manicures can cause cancer because to dry and harden the nail, hands have to be exposed to a UV light that could be harmful.

Secrets to a Longer Life

With human longevity increasing over the past century, a study out of Germany claims that 72 could be the new 30. Get secrets for living a long and healthy life from active seniors. Plus, hear The Doctors' tips to increase your lifespan.

Acupuncture May Help Allergies

People who had acupuncture to treat their allergies experienced fewer symptoms and needed less medication.

Understanding Your True Health Care Costs

Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy, even for those with insurance. How can we fix a system that tends to overcharge and what recourse do patients have? Joining the conversation are Wendell Potter, Donna Smith and Manisha Thakor.

Ice Fall Injuries Can Be Worse Than You Think

It's easy to slip on icy surfaces during a winter storm, but sometimes it's not so easy to determine the severity of the injury.

The Hazards of Reusable Bags

While reusable grocery bags are the most eco-friendly choice, they could spread deadly bacteria like E. coli if you're not careful.

The Common Causes of Frigid Feet

Podiatrist Dr. Rondrick Williamson reveals the causes of chronically cold feet and when you should worry that something more serious could be to blame. Plus, see a heated, remote control-activated insert called ThermaCELL to keep your feet toasty warm.

Young Man Continues to Recover After Being Hit By a Car

Woman's son, who was hit by a DUI driver and suffered severe brain injury, makes tremendous progress in physical therapy.

Cupping: Alternative Meds

You hear a lot about new medical breakthroughs, but cupping has actually been around for hundreds of years. Now modern medicine is finding a use for this ancient treatment. Here's how it works.

When Politics And Public Health Collide

President Reagan's Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, died last week. From smoking to AIDS, he didn't let politics interfere with public health. Is the same true today? John-Manuel Andriote, Dr. Joseph Thompson and Dr. Thomas R. Oliver join Mike Sacks to discuss.

Pregnant Workout

Meaghan Murphy and Jaclyn Emerick, both certified trainers and editors of SELF magazine, join Abby on set to offer some tips about working out while pregnant.

'Kick Your Own Ass' To Get Beach Ready

Meaghan Murphy and Jaclyn Emerick, both certified trainers and editors of SELF magazine, join Abby on set to talk about the 'K. Y. O. A.' workout routine, which is easy, quick and can help get you into shape for bikini season.

Spring Break Bodies

It's time to get your winter body ready for bikinis and board shorts, so SELF Magazine is here to help get you beach-bound with confidence.

Refusing To Save A Life

Full Segment: An 87 year-old California woman died after a nurse refused a 911 dispatcher's pleas to do CPR. But she didn't have to, legally. Do we need more legislation?

Why Flatulent Discharge Happens

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains why flatulence sometimes comes with an unexpected extra.

How Zipper Nicks Are Treated in the Hospital

Zippers can be detrimental to male anatomy if you're not careful.

The Docs' Dirty Little Secrets

The Doctors reveal their dirty little secrets.

The Germiest Place in Your Daily Life

Think airplanes or classrooms harbor the most germs? Think again! Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates why your office can make you sick.

The Pros and Cons of Cryonics

Terminally ill patients are opting to freeze their bodies post-mortem in hopes of being revived in the future. Learn more.

Year's End Is the Most Popular Time For Elective Surgeries

End of the year is a popular time for elective surgeries, when most deductibles have been met.

French Kissing and DNA Swap

Actress Dana Delany asks if kissing results in a significant transfer of DNA.

Choices That Trim Your Lifespan

From the color of your car to how late you sleep in, the choices you make may be shortening your life.

Dana Delany's Autopsy Challenge

Actress Dana Delany may play a medical examiner on the hit TV series 'Body of Proof' , but how much does she really know about pathology? The Doctors put her to the test.

The Benefits of Gargling With Salt Water

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why gargling with salt water is an effective home remedy.

Male Menopause: Hormonal Changes Also Affect Men

We often think of menopause as only affecting women later in life. But men can also face "the change."

Transgender First Grader?

The Doctors debate the controversial case of a 6-year-old that developed gender dysphoria at an early age.

Update on The Foster Challenge

Would you be more motivated to lose weight if you were offered monetary compensation? Photographer Andy Barron first appeared on The Doctors in October, 2012 when Mark Foster, lead singer of the band Foster the People, rallied the rest of the band to motivate Andy to get his health back on track with The Foster Challenge.

Family Fitness Challenge Updates

USA Weekend and The Doctors are joining USA Today to launch the annual Family Fitness Challenge, a program specifically formulated to inspire families across the country to eat healthier, shape up and lose weight. See the latest updates from some of the participating families!

Leeza Gibbons' Stress Busters

Talk show host, author and philanthropist Leeza Gibbons shares her top stress-busting tips.

Male Menopause: Declining Hormone Levels Also Affect Men

Nancy Redd is joined by guest Dr. Gino Tutera for his story on male menopause.

Two Kids, Four Hearts

Full Segment: March is heart health month, and two siblings are celebrating their new transplants. Zion and Zhania Coleman chat about their battle with cardiomyopathy and sickle cell disease.

Tips to Slash Medical Bills

Did you know that medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the U.S.? The Doctors reveal five ways to fight insurance claim denials and potentially reduce your medical bills.

Leeza Gibbons Joins The Doctors

Talk show host, author and philanthropist Leeza Gibbons joins The Doctors to discuss her new book, Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings .

Star of Voice Box Anti-Smoking Ad Dies

Debi Austin, who gained fame for starring in an anti-smoking commercial in which she smoked a cigarette through a hole in her throat, died of cancer last Friday. Joining the conversation are Josh Garber, Kimberly Williams and Molly Darden.

Removing Unwanted Nose Hair

The Doctors explain the function of nose hair and the safest way to keep unwanted hair under control.

Scabies: Do You Have It? (Prob Not)

Just because you're itchy and have rashes doesn't mean it's scabies -- see what might be getting to you.

Dr. Oz: The Penis Is A Dip Stick For A Man's Health

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives and reducing health costs. He joins us to discuss male health.

Dr. Oz On Chris Christie Weight Loss: I Think He's Going To Figure It Out

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives and reducing health costs. He joins us to discuss obesity and Chris Christie, and his advice on tackling weight issues.

Dr. Oz: Employers Should Be Allowed To Ask If You Smoke

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives and reducing health costs. He joins us to discuss his views on smoking, the law and employment.

Dr. Oz Voices Support For Medical Marijuana

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives and reducing health costs. He joins us to discuss his support for medical marijuana.

Dr. Oz Tells Governors To Have More Sex

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives & reducing health costs. His advice to governors? Have more sex! He joins us to discuss.

Dr. Oz's Health Advice

Full Segment: Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives & reducing health costs. His advice to governors? Have more sex! He joins us to discuss.

The Healthiest Time to Do Everything

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine discusses the healthiest time to do everything.

The Truth Behind Near Death Experiences

Near Death survivors share their stories about what it was like at the brink.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine discusses tips on how to lower your blood pressure in order to live a longer life.

How to Protect Your Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine discusses tips on protecting the essential parts to your overall health.

Aboard a Catastrophic Cruise

Hear from a passenger who was on board a cruise ship that became a "giant, floating Petri dish."

Cruise Ship Catastrophe

The Doctors ' Investigative Reporter Melanie Woodrow reveals insider details on a cruise ship that's being labeled a "giant, floating Petri dish."

Portion Control Purge Button?

Do you ever wish you could lose weight with the push of a button? A controversial advance in bariatric surgery is raising eyebrows and making some stomachs churn.

Shannon's Amazing and Inspiring Story

Shannon previously appeared on The Doctors to share how a sepsis infection resulted in the amputation of both her arms and legs. Learn how her story of perseverance and grace has inspired others.

Meet Our Honorary Teen MDs

Meet two high-schoolers, 16-year-old Jack Andraka and 18-year-old Brittany Wenger, who've invented groundbreaking medical technologies that could change cancer treatment as we know it.

The Doctors' Teen MD Awards

Meet two high-schoolers, 16-year-old Jack Andraka and 18-year-old Brittany Wenger, who've invented groundbreaking technologies that could change cancer treatment as we know it. The Doctors present the young scientists with the Honorary Teen MD award.

Arianna Huffington: How To De-Stress With the GPS For the Soul App

Arianna Huffington: How to de-stress with the GPS for the Soul app

How Emotional Heartbreak Can Possibly Break Your Actual Heart

The pain of heartbreak could be more than just an emotional ordeal. You could feel physically ill as well. We talk to those who have suffered from a broken heart.

German Study Finds Acupuncture Can Help Treat Allergies

With allergy season around the corner, new research looks at whether acupuncture may help treat some of the miserable symptoms.

Why You Need to Cough in a Hernia Examination

Ever wonder why the doctor asks you to cough when performing a hernia exam? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains.

The Importance of Caregiver Health Hazard Awareness

Looking after a sick loved one until the end, can hurt your health! We have tips to help those who are helping others.

Dr. Lisa's Blackout Challenge

Host of SyFy's Total Blackout , Jaleel White, challenges OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson's medical smarts - without her sense of sight!

Caffeine Consumption and Leaky Bladder

Could drinking too much caffeine cause a serious bladder problem?

How to Negotiate Medical Bills

The Doctors and special guest Dr. Phil McGraw demonstrate how the power of negotiation may allow you to lower the cost of a steep medical bill. A whole chapter on negotiation is featured in Dr. Phil's new book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World .

Blended Families Can Cause Problems For Elder Care

Full Segment: Grown kids that don't have much history with a parent's new spouse often feel less responsibility to intervene or help out, and step parents may be unwilling to ask.

Playing Prescriptionary with the Hot in Cleveland Cast

The Doctors and the cast of TV Land's Hot in Cleveland duke it out in a battle of brainpower. See who can create the best picture of health.

The Case for Alternative Cancer Care

We take a look at a cancer treatment some swear by, but others believe could be a waste of time and money.

Having Sex Only Burns 21 Calories

A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham reports that the average sex act only burns about 21 calories.

The Risks of Swallowing Foreign Objects

It's reported that 1,500 deaths per year in the U.S. are attributed to the ingestion of foreign objects - and it's not just kids!

A Former Student Says Thanks

Listen as Tiya, a former student, thanks Jeff for empowering her to go to medical school.

A Mother Hears Her Son's Voice

Dawn, a mother of two, lost her hearing 15 years ago due to an unknown cause. She's since communicated by reading lips and has never heard her 8-year-old son Asher's voice. After learning she was a candidate for a cochlear implant, Dawn underwent the procedure to make a difference in her family's life. Watch as she hears Asher's voice for the very first time.

Dawn's Unexplained Hearing Loss

Dawn, a mother of two, lost her hearing 15 years ago due to an unknown cause.

Dawn's Cochlear Implant

Dawn, a mother of two, lost her hearing 15 years ago due to an unknown cause. She's since communicated by reading lips and has never heard her 8-year-old son Asher's voice. After learning she was a candidate for a cochlear implant, Dawn underwent the procedure to make a difference in her family's life.

Same Genes, Same Health?

Twin sisters Liz and Amanda take blood tests to see if their health is as similar as their appearance.

Concussions Studies Have Expanded to Football Helmets

Scientists at Virginia Tech have already caused nationwide safety changes for football teams and players with their football helmet concussion research. Now they are expanding to other sports helmets.

Identical Twins, Identical Metabolisms?

Cassandra and Kelsey ask if their weight will differ as they get older.

Dallas and Jamie's Special Announcement

Despite bleak health prognoses after suffering severe burns, Dallas and Jamie both beat the odds and eventually found each other. See Dallas and Jamie's exciting revelation and what surprise The Doctors have in store for the happy couple!

Arianna Huffington: How To De-Stress With the GPS For the Soul App

Arianna Huffington: How To De-Stress with the GPS for the Soul App

Raising Texting While Driving Awareness

Jamie experienced a death defying accident as a result of texting behind the wheel. See how she's using her accident to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.

Cheating Death and Finding Love

Despite bleak health prognoses after suffering severe burns, Dallas and Jamie both beat the odds and eventually found each other. Watch as they recall their story of falling in love.

Young Boy Plays Harp for Hospital Visitors

A young boy plays the harp for hospital visitors while his mother gets radiation treatment for breast cancer. Anne Marie Tiernon reports.

The Differences Between Different Flatulences

Flatulence fact or fiction? All toots are created equal.

The Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Joe

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why drinking a cup of Joe brings relief when you're constipated.

Flatulence: Fact or Fiction?

The Doctors gas guru Dr. Jorge Rodriguez separates fact and fiction about flatulence. Fact or Fiction? Men pass more gas than women

Should You Get a Super Toilet?

Dr. Andrew Ordon shows off the best seat in the house, a smart toilet with remote-controlled bidet nozzles, a deodorizer and a stereo

Study Finds More Than 50% of Couches Made With Toxic Material

A new study finds more than half of couches sold in the US are made with potentially toxic flame retardants.

Good Bedside Manner

Full Segment: Sick patients respond better to doctors who take the time to talk to them rather than just prescribing drugs. One missing ingredient from western medical care is care.

Putting The 'Care' Back In Medical Care

Sick patients respond better to doctors who take the time to talk to them rather than just prescribing drugs. One ingredient that seems to be missing from western medical care is communication.

Keep Going Strong as You Age

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the USA Weekend latest article focuses on activities to increase longevity.

Making The Most Out Of A Dire Situation

Dave Linn, who founded Cycle for Survival along with his wife Jen, talks about how the two of them wouldn't give up after Jen was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.

Instrument Injuries: Fixing Musicians' Mouths

While we watch football players put their bodies at risk for our entertainment, musicians on the sidelines are in danger of hurting themselves too.

Technological Health Advances

Check out some of the latest technological health advances, such as bone conduction headphones, wristbands that track activity and safety indicators that monitor head impact during contact sports.

Health Gadgets from the 2013 CES

The Doctors ' Health Correspondent, Melanie Woodrow, visits the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to test out some of the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets for your health.

Teen Bariatric Surgery

Nineteen-year-old Amanda Rodriguez says gastric bypass surgery has changed her life and made her happy. She had the operation a day before her 17th birthday, and has since lost more than 100 pounds.

Education Impacts Health

How long you stay in school could impact how long you live.

Track and Field Injuries

More than 150,000 children and teens have been treated inemergency rooms for track and field-related injuries.

Fewer Girls Developing HPV Since Vaccine Introduced

Fewer teen girls are developing HPV since vaccination began, including those who didn't get the shots.

The Cause of Antibiotic Resistance

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the rising rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and how these "superbugs" are causing an alarming amount of deaths per year.

Thinspiration Encourages Anorexia

There's a troubling trend that's spreading across social media sites. It's called "thinspiration" and it encourages young girls to be anorexic and bulimic.

Increase in Teen Suicide

A new report from the CDC finds the number of teenagers who attempt suicide has gone up since 2009.

CDC Releases New Teen Study

Tom Costello reports on the results of new research into the risky habits of teenagers.

Loud Noise Damaging Teen Hearing

Attending rock concerts may be a rite of passage for teenagers ... but those loud tunes could be damaging their hearing.

Youth Fitness Testing

An Institute of Medicine committee has released recommendations on methods to test fitness levels among American youth.

NYC School Offers Plan B to Students

There is controversy in New York tonight over a pilot program which allows public high schools to give out a morning after contraceptive to students without telling their parents.

Reduced Risk of AIDS in Teens

A new study from the CDC finds more teens are using condoms, but there are still too many high school students participating in risky sexual behaviors.

Teen Sports Reduces Obesity

Kids who play on three or more sports teams throughout the year are less likely to be obese.

Dr. Bruce Reports on Whether HPV Vaccine Is Safe

Is the HPV Vaccine safe? It's been a topic of controversy since the CDC starting reccomending that all children get inoculated starting at age 11. But a new Kaiser study reveals that, overall, the vaccine is safe. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

Tom Costello Reports on Energy Drink Deaths

Consumer Reports is out with a new investigation on how much caffeine they put in those hyped up energy drinks.. and why you may not be able to believe what the labels say.

Brain Fibers Helping Doctors Track Concussion Damage

An advanced MRI scan that tracks the fibers of the brain is helping doctors track concussion damage.

HPV Vaccine Does Not Increase Sexual Activity Among Teen

A study shows the HPV vaccine doesn't increase sexual activity among teens.

Teen Marijuana Consumption

A research team finds marijuana use during the teenage years can having lasting effects on the brain.

The Signs of Heat Illness

Learn the signs of heat illness.

Concussion Recovery Centers

Centers help concussion victims recover.

The Risks of Texting and Driving

The dangers of texting and driving continue to be apparent.

Bullied Teen Plastic Surgery

A 14-year-old Georgia teenager talks about getting $40,000 worth of plastic surgery so that kids would no longer bully her.

Virginia Concussion Summit

Ken Heineck reports from a concussion summit at Virginia Tech where attendees learned about the latest concussion research and ways to prevent injury.

Anxiety In Emerging Adults

Many people in their 20s feel anxious, uncertain -- and still get money from their parents.

Boy Survives Kidney Disease

Young survives chronic kidney disease via multiple surgeries and transplant.

New App Helps Parents Identify Whether a Concussion Occurred

A concussion app for iPhone and Android helps parents and coaches to identify whether or not a concussion has occurred by completing a checklist of signs and symptoms.

FDA Investigating Energy Drink Deaths

The FDA is investigating the energy drink Monster after reports that the drink may be associated with five deaths.

Highschool Football Players Don't Seem Concerned About Concussions

High school football players aren't concerned about concussions.

Thousands of Cheerleaders Are Injured Each Year

More than three million American girls are involved cheerleading. The American Academy of Pediatrics says about 26-thousand of them are injured each year.

Studies Show Boys Are Hitting Puberty Earlier

Studies are showing boys are hitting puberty earlier.

The AAP Has Issued New Guidelines to Prevent Injuries to Cheerleaders

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidelines to prevent cheerleading injuries.

FDA May Determine High Caffeine Pose Health Risk

The Food and Drug Administration may seek the advice of outside experts as it determines whether highly caffeinated energy drinks pose a health risk.

How Does It Feel to Grow Old in America?

As Lisa Ling tries to help her own father navigate the challenges of aging, she comes across a variety of seniors who are still dating, embracing adventure, and learning to deal with old age gracefully: seniors who aren't letting age stop them from living. Tune in for an all-new episode of "Our America" with "Secret Lives of Seniors" on Tuesday, February 5th at 10/9c, only on OWN.

The Benefits of Plasma Transfusion

Plasma-rich injections can help injured athletes recover quickly.

The Happiness Factor

Can being positive boost your immune system, your marriage and your bank account?

Sitting Can Lower Your Life Expectancy

Stand up ... turn off the tv ... and you could live longer!

Lifestyle As a Form of Survival

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle into old age adds years to your life!

Walking For Exercise

Nearly two-thirds of adults get active by walking at least ten minutes a week. However, experts say for many adults this isn't enough.

How Migraines Affect Your Health

Two new studies show one type of migraine may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and blood clots.

New Drug Kratom Has Addiction Properties

Kratom is a new drug that's gaining popularity in America. But doctors say the Southeast Asian tree leaf can generate dependency or addiction similar to hard drugs like heroin. Myriam Masihy reports.

Alabama Teen Received New Prosthetic Hand

A Birmingham, Alabama teen has a computerized prosthetic hand and is very excited.

New Study Reveals Adults Have Nearly 400 Gene Mutations

Researchers now have proof nobody's perfect. A new genetic study reveals normal, healthy adults have roughly 400 potentially dangerous DNA mutations.

Phone Talking Time Determined by Weather

Who we call and how long we talk may be determined by the weather.

Doctors Voice Safety Concerns on Space Travel

Doctors need to be prepared to assess patients for space travel.

Non-Surgical Hearing Device Conducts Sound Through Teeth

A new, non-surgical hearing device that conducts sound through teeth could help patients who are deaf in one ear. Renee Tessman reports.

Grapefruit Juice Can Interact Dangerously With Medications

Grapefruit can dangerously interact with some prescription medications and many doctors are unaware.

Death Rate Is Higher Among Childless Couples

Death rate is two to four times higher among childless couples.

Blows to the Head Linked to Degenerative Brain Disease

A new study strengthens the link between repeated blows to the head and a degenerative brain disease.

Online Communication Encourages Doctor Visits

People who communicate with their doctor online actually visit their office more than those who don't use online medical services.

Retail Shopping Can Be Therapeutic

With the holidays coming up, it's a good reminder that shopping can actually be theraputic and good for you.

How to Avoid Stress Through the Holidays

The holiday season is here... a time of peace and joy, right? For many of us, it's one big stress-fest! Erika Edwards gives us some holiday perspective to help ease us through to the New Year.

Pollution Can Be Bad For Your Brain

A study shows living in areas of high pollution can lead to cognitive decline in older adults.

Preventing Elders from Fall Injuries

Researchers have identified the best intervention methods to prevent falls in seniors who live at home.

How to Keep Thanksgiving Stress Free

Thanksgiving and other end of year holidays can be stressful; here are some ways you can keep the anxiety at a mangeable level.

Young Man Is Celebrated For His Organ Donations

A special young man will be honored in the Rose Parade for his gift of life.

FDA Had A Public Discussion Regarding Drug Compounders

The Food and Drug Administration had a public discussion with public health officials from 50 states on how best to strengthen regulation of compounding pharmacies.

Medicare Costs Are Most Pressing Fiscal Issue

Failure to deal with how we care for elderly Americans' health is the ultimate fiscal issue.

Calling 911 Could One Day Become Texting 911

Calling 911 could someday become texting 911, but there is still work to be done on the technology behind it.

New Procedure Helps Patients With Broken Ribs

A new 'rib plating' procedure helps patients with broken ribs who previously would've had to go through a long and painful healing process.

Patients Getting Out of the Hospital Faster Compared to the Past

Patients are getting out of the hospital faster compared to years past.

Pill Shaped Camera Goes Where Doctors Cannot

A pill-shaped camera goes where doctors cannot. McKenzie Hrabik, a Crohn's disease patient, swallowed the camera to find out why her symptoms were acting up. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

New Report on Health Rankings Show Obesity and Diabetes at High Levels

A new report on the health of our nation shows obesity, diabetes and smoking are still at high levels.

Researchers Say They've Found Genetic Switches For Homosexuality

The long-running argument about whether homosexuality is genetic or a choice has taken a new turn thanks to researchers at the University of Tennessee.

Daydreaming Contributes to Car Accidents

Daydreaming behind the wheel contributes to car accidents.

Walking and Talking Hazards

One in three pedestrians is distracted by a mobile device while crossing the street.

Dr. Sears' Weight Loss Tips

"I used to be overweight but I lost 45 pounds!" pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals. Hear how he did it!

Some Clothes Can Cause Health Issues

The stress of clothing comparisons can cause undue health issues.

Anesthesia Use During Gastrointestinal Surgery May Be Unnecessary

A new study finds the use of anesthesia during gastroenterology procedures is growing ... but may be unnecessary.

Vaccine-Autism Debate a Side Effect of Self-Delusion

While self-confidence is a prized human attribute, too much confidence can be obnoxious, pernicious, and even deadly. This audience-participation skeptalk will present a simple 10-question quiz to measure an important aspect of individual self-confidence. With analysis and discussion of these measurements, audience members will be better able to calibrate properly their personal levels of self-confidence. The ultimate goal will be a "healthier skepticism" toward one's own depth of knowledge.

Clinical Trials May Be Less Effective Depending On Your Race

Racial disparities were found when enrolling black and white patients in clinical trials.

Why Men Die First

Men tend to die first for a variety of reasons.

Study Finds Most Americans Don't Spend Much Time Researching Doctors

A new study finds most Americans don't spend much time researching doctors or hospitals.

New Program Has Volunteers at Dying People's Bedsides

A new program in Indiana pairs volunteers with dying patients so "No One Dies Alone."

New Device Helped Doctor Hear For the First Time in 30 Years

A new device helped a doctor hear out of one of his ears for the first time in 30 years.

Americans Die Sooner Than People in Similar Countries

Compared to people living in similar countries -- americans die sooner and have higher rates of disease.

Ask Dr. Bruce: Bursitisis Or Arthritis

Dr. Bruce Hensel of KNBC answers your questions.

Some Doctors Fill Out Prescriptions For Brands Rather Than Generics

Many physicians fill prescriptions for brand names drugs, despite an available generic.

Spinal Cord Drug Has Improved Movement in Mice

An experimental drug has successfully improved movement in lab mice with spinal cord injuries.

Study Looks at How Impaired Driving Impacts Driver Safety

A new study looks at the how driving while tired impacts driver safety.

New Technology Makes IVs of Antiobiotics Easier to Administer

New technology is making it easier and safer for patients who need regular intravenous infusions of antibiotics. Barbara Morse Silva reports.

11% of Medical Residents Are in Car Accidents

11-percent of medical residents are in car accidents.

Researchers Found Cause of Fatal Heart Condition in Teen Athletes

Researchers have found a cause for the heart condition that's killed many young, healthy athletes.

One in Four Doctors Use Social Media For Medical Info

One in four doctors uses social media to get medical information.

Study Shows Dangers of an Athelete Returning Too Soon After Injury

A new study highlights the dangers of second impact syndrome -- when young athletes return to sports too soon after suffering an injury.

Teens Encouraged to Be Nice Are Happier

Young teenagers who are encouraged to engage in acts of kindness are happier and have more friends.

Adapting to Blindness

Over the course of one year, Lt. Brad Snyder went from injured war hero to U.S. Paralympics champion. See the interesting ways that Lt. Snyder has learned to adapt to his blindness.

Staying Active at Work

Pressed for time to exercise? Olympian Carmelita "The Jet" Jeter gives tips to incorporate more activity into your daily routine.

The Track to Better Health

Olympic track and field sensation Carmelita "The Jet" Jeter currently holds the record for being the fastest woman in the world. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson gets some inside secrets from Carmelita as she demonstrates her typical warm-up and workout to stay limber and strong.

Beach Volleyball Workout

USA Beach Volleyball Olympians Jennifer Kessy and April Ross show E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears how they warm up before a match with workout tips and volleyball techniques.

Never Losing Sight of Success

Witness the remarkable and inspiring story of Lt. Brad Snyder, who went from injured war hero to U.S. Paralympics champion over the course of one year.

Carmelita Jeter's Health Questions

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson addresses health questions from Olympic champion Carmelita "The Jet" Jeter.

The Problem of Blood Doping

The Doctors discuss the blood doping controversy surrounding legendary cyclist and seven-time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong. Learn how blood doping affects the body and the dangerous side effects of the procedure.

Groupon Healthcare

Full Segment: In the search for cheap healthcare, young Americans are purchasing online coupons for doctors and dentists. A perfect fix, or a sign of our broken healthcare system?

Facebook Helped Me Lose 245 Pounds

Matthew Briggs explains to Nancy how Facebook gave him a wake up call and spurred him to lose 245 pounds.

Cullen Jones' Safety Pledge

When USA Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones isn't competing or training, he's advocating for water safety. In 2009, Cullen and the USA Swimming Foundation launched its Make a Splash Tour, presented by Phillips 66. The Make a Splash Initiative is targeted towards children and aims to provide the lifesaving tools and training for every child in America to learn to swim. Hear Cullen's safety pledge for all students participating in The Make a Splash Initiative.

The Make a Splash Initiative

When USA Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones isn't competing or training, he's advocating for water safety. After nearly drowning at the age of five, Cullen overcame his fear of water to win a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2009, Cullen and the USA Swimming Foundation launched its Make a Splash Tour, presented by Phillips 66. The Make a Splash Initiative is targeted towards children and aims to provide the lifesaving tools and training for every child in America to learn to swim.

Feeling Comfortable in the Water

When USA Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones isn't competing or training, he's advocating for water safety. Not only children have a phobia of the water. Cullen teaches OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson and one apprehensive mother the basics of staying calm and comfortable in the water.

The Doctors Showdown in the Sand

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears face off against USA Beach Volleyball Olympians Jennifer Kessy and April Ross. See which team is victorious and which team gets "served."

Stay Warm This Winter with a Minky Couture Blanket

Stay warm this winter by bundling up with a Minky Couture blanket!

What Makes The Docs Nervous?

The Doctors reveal what makes them nervous.

I Lost The Weight!

Full Segment: Join us to get inspired by several success stories featured on HuffPost Healthy Living. Today three weight loss veterans share their motivating adventures.

Cranberries Have Health Benefits

Cranberry products can lower the risk for urinary tract infections, according to new research.

Cranberry Juice Does Not Prevent Bladder Infections

Cranberry juice has not been found to prevent bladder infections.

Botox Has Become an Unlikely Treatment For Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing condition that affects millions of Americans, many of them women. Now there's an unlikely treatment option.

Red Meat Could Increase Risk For Bladder Cancer

Red meat may increase the risk for bladder cancer.

New Study Proves Quitting Smoking Extends Your Life

Quit smoking, live longer! A new study of more than 1 million women shows quitting smoking can extend a woman's life by a decade.

Understanding The Importance of B12 Injections

What are B12 injections and why are celebrities such as Cheryl Cole using them? Find out here¿

The Truth About Sleep Learning

Feeling particularly bright this morning? A new study finds it is possible to learn while you sleep.

Avoiding a Common Surgical Mistake

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Martin Makary demonstrate how surgical sponges are accidentally left inside patients after operations. Plus, see how post-surgical radar is used to detect foreign objects that may have been left behind during surgery.

Must-Ask Questions Before Surgery

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Martin Makary, author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care , explain the must-ask questions people should address before electing to undergo a surgical procedure.

Understanding the Dangers of Overtreatment

The Institute of Medicine reports that up to 30 percent of all health care expenditures, including high deductibles and insurance premiums, are unnecessary. To address health care costs, Dr. Martin Makary, author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care , suggests first looking at the common practice of overtreatment.

The Importance of Surgical Checklists

Dr. Martin Makary, author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care , discusses the importance of surgical checklists combined with efficient teamwork so everyone on a surgical team can assist in preventing medical mistakes from occurring.

The Truth About Medical Mistakes and Mortality Rates

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork is joined by surgeon Martin Makary, M.D., M.P.H. to discuss the alarming mortality rates caused by medical mistakes. Dr. Makary also serves as the co-director of The Johns Hopkins Quality and Safety Research Group (QSRG), and details his findings in his book Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care .

Dealing with Overtreatment Epidemic

Health policymaker and co-author of The Treatment Trap , Rosemary Gibson, explains how overtreatment has become an epidemic in the U.S.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon and why board certification is so important. Plus, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears offers advice on choosing a doctor for your child.

The Importance of Online Doctor Ratings

The Doctors and Dr. Martin Makary, author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care , discuss whether online doctor ratings should be the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a particular physician or hospital over another.

Tragic Aftermath of Brain Surgery

Witness one family's tragic story of losing their only son from complications after a brain surgery.

Risks of Unnecessary Medical Treatments

The Institute of Medicine reports that up to 30 percent of all health care expenditures are unnecessary. For the first time, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork reveals how overtreatment caused him years of suffering as a patient -- an experience that sparked his decision to enter med school.

Citizens For Patient Safety

Patty and David Skolnik tragically lost their only son, Michael, from complications after a brain surgery. Since Michael's death, Patty founded Citizens for Patient Safety, an organization committed to promoting the safe health care of patients through advocacy, education and systemic change while working with health professionals and medical institutions.

The Problem of Health Care Quotas

Retired neurosurgeon Philip Levitt, M.D., FACS was the former chairman of his department and reveals his firsthand experience dealing with hospital contracts and stipulated quotas.

The Myth of Moutwash Curing Foot Fungus

Corey, 37, wonders if soaking your feet in mouthwash can cure foot fungus.

Daily Hair Loss Explained

Lisa, 44, asks what's a normal amount of hair to shed every day.

Taking Medication With Food

Does food really help the medicine go down? Christine, 60, asks: Why do some medications need to be taken with food?

Your Screen May Be Ruining Your Sight

Josh, 38, asks if squinting at a computer all day at work can ruin your eyesight.

The Doctors Explain Why We Burp

Zoey, 6, asks pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears why we burp when we drink soda.

The Audience Asks The Doctors Questions

Is fish oil really good for you? Can dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away? The Doctors clear up health "he-said-she-saids" from the studio audience.

Impact of Asthma on Exercise

Zenna, 20, says she used to love to run but now has exercised-induced asthma. She asks how she can burn a similar amount of calories without becoming short of breath.

Down the Wrong Pipe

nda, 56, says: Sometimes when I'm eating, food goes down the wrong pipe and it takes me over 15 minutes to stop coughing! How can I prevent it from happening?

Myths of Prenatal Vitamins For Shiny Hair

Natalie, 35, wonders if taking prenatal vitamins when you're not pregnant is good for your hair.

Out-of-the-Box Questions: Facial Massage

The Doctors pull surprise questions out of boxes. Hear what they are and The Docs' answers!

Myths About Testosterone and Baldness

Do higher testosterone levels increase your risk for going bald?

Coffee Myths: One Cup or Two

Arnold, 57, wants to know what's healthier: Drinking one cup of strong coffee or multiple cups of weaker coffee?

Your Handedness and Your Heart

Are you a righty or a leftie? Studies show your handedness may influence your heart health.

Elbow Skin Lacks Sensitivity

Kayla, 15, asks why pinching your elbow skin doesn't hurt or have much feeling at all.

How Hysterectomy Changes the Vagina

Lois, 54, wants to know if the vagina is still a "self-cleaning oven" even after undergoing a hysterectomy.

What Causes Car Sickness?

Arden, 7 and Emerson, 10, ask about motion sickness in the car.

Scare Your Calories Off

Did you know that you can burn as many calories watching your favorite horror movie as you would if you took a 30-minute walk? ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains that being frightened causes a burst of adrenaline, which causes your heart rate to increase, your blood pressure to rise and your metabolism to rev up.

The Myth of Healthy Sodas

Soda drinkers in Japan can gulp down some added fiber with the new Pepsi Special cola. PepsiCo claims the drink slows the absorption of fat because it's blended with the dietary fiber dextrin.

Eight Ways to Burn Calories

Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Ian Smith demonstrate exercises you can do on a swing set. Plus, seven more ways to burn calories.

Sleep Promotes Weight Loss

Get eight hours of sleep! If you get seven hours or less sleep, you are more likely to eat more calories throughout the day. Travis explains that sleep plays a crucial role in how much you weigh. And, think thin at least eight times a day.

Stomach Stapling At Fifteen

Full Segment: Weight loss surgery is extremely popular in the United States, but when it comes to the age of the prospective patients, how young is too young?

Take a Picture to Lose Weight

It only takes eight seconds to start losing weight. Get started by taking a photo of yourself and then take one each week. Seeing the results will help keep you motivated!

Unsafe Flame Retardants Created Unsafe Dust

Many homes in the US are contaminated with at least one flame retardant that exceeds federal health guidelines.

Flu Season Facts

Dr. Jim Sears explains how to tell the difference between a cold and a flu.

Studies Show Exercise Can Make You Smarter

Working out has many health benefits, but now research shows exercise can make you smarter.

Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

People who do regular physical activity are likely to live longer than their couch potato counterparts.

Debunking Holiday Health Myths

You've heard about tryptophan in chicken and its risks but are they that great? watch as we debunk some of the most common holiday health myths you've heard.

Walking 30 Minutes a Day Can Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

American Heart Association says walking a half hour a day can reduce the risk of heart disease. Some companies are encouraging a mid-day workout.

Thanksgiving Bootcamp Helps Make Room For the Extra Calories

Man founded a pre-Thanksgiving workout blitz to make room for the feasting to be done on the popular American holiday.

Inactivity Can Be As Tough On Your Body as a Disease

Experts say that being inactive and not exercising is as tough on the body as a disease would be. Devin Scillian reports.

Some Teens May Go Too Far When Working Out

There are new concerns that some teens are going too far to get the perfect physique. A new study from the University of Minnesota finds more teens are using muscle-enhancing products.

Olympic Medalists Live Longer

Olympic medalists live longer than the general population.

Hiking Brain Boost

A new study shows that spending time outdoors may boost our ability to be creative, multi-task, retain information and solve problems. Collette Wieland reports.

Running Can Save Your Life

Benita Zahn shares the stories of people who say running saved their lives.

Texas Employees Take Fitness Test

Employees in Texas participate in a biometric fitness test.

Exercising Regularly Can Prevent a Shrinking Brain

Exercising regularly in old age is better than mental or social stimulation when it comes to preventing brain shrinkage.

Germy Areas You Touch Every Day

You may think you do a great job cleaning, but where is the germiest place in your life? Dr. Ian is revealing the most common, germy areas that you may come in contact with every day!

FDA Warns About the Use of Over-the-Counter Eye Drops and Nasal Sprays

The FDA is cautioning parents about the dangers of over-the-counter eye drops and nasal decongestant sprays.

State Health Care Benefits

Healthcare has a long way to go in the states before getting up to speed with new policies.

Blood Donations Have Reached Record Lows

Blood donations have reached record lows, and now experts from the American Red Cross say some elective surgeries may need to be canceled.

Patients Monitored by Swallowable Sensors

The FDA has approved a sensor that -- when swallowed -- allows doctors to check on patients remotely.

Discover What Is Concierge Medicine

If you're one of the millions of Americans who have received a letter from your doctor informing you they're changing things up to become a "members only" practice, you know the growth of so-called "concierge medicine."

Laughter Can Be Good Exercise

Laughter combined with yoga can be an effective exercise for the lungs, muscles, and mind.

How to Cure Chapped Hands

Brittle nails and cracked skin can occur from persistent exposures of cold outdoor air combined with warm indoor air. To remedy dehydrated hands and fingernails, OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson recommends applying petroleum jelly and covering them overnight to let the moisture seep in. Another solution is using the hydrating benefits of oxygenated mists, such as The OxyHandSpa by Pretika. This compact hand treatment may help alleviate the symptoms of dry and itchy skin caused by environmental factors.

Facial Hair Hygiene Tips

The Doctors discuss the best ways to groom and clean facial hair for healthy facial hair hygiene.

Discover What to Do About Eyebrow Dandruff

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains how flaky eyebrows can be attributed to dry winter air causing skin to shed, but could also be a buildup of facial creams/cleansers, or can actually be seborrheic dermatitis, or dandruff, in the eyebrows. Learn ways to help clear up the condition.

Denise Austin's Slim-Down Tip

Fitness and nutrition expert Denise Austin's reveals a simple weight-loss tip.

Discover Cured Meat Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to have a soothing effect, but what about aromatherapy that not only reduces stress but boosts your appetite and your mood? Salumoterapia, Italian for cured meat therapy, is offered at Hosteria da Ivan outside Parma, Italy. Participants inhale aromas of cured meats, such as salami, pepperoni and prosciutto, which some believe to stimulate salivary glands to enhance appetite and mood.

Voda Platza Sauna Massage

Watch as plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon undergoes a vigorous Voda Platza massage in a 200-degree sauna.The procedure, which originated in Russia, claims to draw out impurities, improve circulation, prevent premature aging of the skin, improve metabolism and refresh the spirit.

Tips For Cracked Lips

The Doctors reveal an all-natural way to help moisturize lips and keep them luscious and soft.

Roller Skiing Workout

No snow? No problem! Check out a fun way to stay active this winter as pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates roller skiing!

Iobella Spa Workout

Learn the benefits of Iobella Spa's unique exercise routine inside a thermal heat capsule.

A Hypochondriac Addicted To WebMD

Katie Vigars, an extreme Hypochondriac who is addicted to WebMD, tells her story to Ricky.

Beyonce's Bad Choice?

Laurie David says Beyoncé should be taken off the line-up to sing at Obama's inauguration because of her Pepsi endorsement, when one in three kids in America are obese.

Adults May Need to Get Vaccinated for Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough has been making a comeback; doctors advise ways to protect your children.

BPA May Alter Thyroid Hormone Levels

Exposure to bisphenol-A may alter thyroid hormone levels in newborn babies.

How to Save on Prescribed Drugs

Generic drugs could be the key to saving hundreds of dollars a year.

Millions Tap the Web For Health Information

Over 80% of internet users have used the web to get medical information.

Young Ballerina Dances on Prosthetic Legs

A young girl missing both legs manages to perform as a ballerina.

Kids Under-Represented in Drug Studies

Kids are largely under-represented in drug studies.

Robert Bazell Reports on a Breakthrough in DNA Research

A major scientific breakthrough is in the that could explain, and change so many things even the experts have been trying to figure out about our health, like why some people get sick, and others don't.

Researchers Have Treated Deafness With Success

Researchers in the UK have successfully treated deaf gerbils with a stem cells.

How to Drive ATV Safely

Driving an ATV can be fun, but safety keeps it that way.

Finding Cures with Genome Project

More than thirty institutions have collaborated to study the human genome -- and have found functions for 80% of the genes in our body. Researchers say this could have a big impact in how we understand diseases and their treatments.

Botox For Sweating

Injections of Botox could help with excessive sweating.

Alliance Hospital Has Some Powerful New Technology to Help Patients

Alliance hospital uses new technology to make patients' stays easier.

Treating a Nasty Jellyfish Sting

Summer leads to jellyfish stings for shore going tourists.

Organ Donation Financial Incentive to Reduce Shortage

Doctors look at financial incentives for organ donations, hoping it will reduce organ shortage.

Patients Prefer Access to Doctors' Notes

Patients feel more in control of their health when they have access to doctors notes.

Doctors Reinvent the Tourniquet for Troops

Treating an injury in the battlefield could mean the difference between life and death. That's why doctors reinvented the tourniquet, using a mini medic system which controls the tourniquet remotely.

Doctors Reducing Driving Accidents by Warning Patients

Doctors can reduce car accidents by warning patients when they are unfit to drive.

Free Temporary Los Angeles Health Clinic

Miguel Almaguer reports on a sports arena in Los Angeles that has been transformed into the world's biggest doctor's office.

High Tech Hospital

A Texas hospital is the first in the country to have special "Smart TVs" in their hospital rooms.

Robert Bazell Reports on BPA Concerns

A chemical in plastics that we all come in contact with, called BPA, could cause health problems. A new study finds a possible cause for concern for moms and newborns exposed to BPA.

How to Reduce Medical Bills

When it comes to medical bills, cost matters. Different hospitals can charge thousands of dollars more for the same procedure.

Overcrowded Hospital Investigation

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visits an overcrowded hospital in Allentown, Pa. See how doctors there are managing the overwhelming influx of patients due to 2013's severe flu epidemic.

Sandy Sickness Explained

The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy has lead to widespread symptoms in the residents of the eastern U.S. People are reporting coughing, wheezing, mysterious rashes and diarrhea, which some experts are calling "Sandy Sickness."

Doctors Able to Construct a New Hand Nerve

A terrible industrial accident nearly cost one man his hand. But a nerve, bones and skin from other parts of his body were used to reconstruct his hand and give it sensation again.

ERs Are Turning Patients Away

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork speaks with Dr. Jordan Moskoff of Chicago's Stroger Hospital to discuss the overwhelming influx of patients in ERs across the country, due to the 2013 flu epidemic. Find out why some ERs had to turn patients away.

What's Bothering Your Aching Back

After suffering for years from lower back pain, Ed is hoping treatment will put an end to it. Many people with lower back pain are like Ed - young, less active than they were in college, leading a more sedentary life.

Gonorrhea May Be Back, Stronger Than Ever

There's currently only one effective antibiotic used to treat gonorrhea in North America, but researchers have identified the first cases that are immune. What now?

Winter Aggravates Existing Ailments

Whether it's asthma or sleep apnea, ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon shares tips so your everyday ailments don't worsen in the winter.

Health Tips for Keeping Cool in Summer

These parents from Connecticut do what they can to beat the heat. Learn how you and your children can stay happy and healthy during the summer.

New Hospital Gowns Look Like Spa Robes

Hospital gowns are known for being uncomfortable, ill-fitting and... well... ugly. But one hospital is trading the "johnny" for the "jane". It's a stylish and comfortable cover-up that looks more like a spa robe than a traditional gown.

Parents Fighting to Keep Their Daughter on Life Support

The parents of a terminally ill New York City woman are waging a court battle over whether to keep her on life support. Doctors say the 28-year-old woman wants to die. But her parents say that would be suicide.

Americans Made Fewer Doctor Visits in 2010

The U.S. Census Bureau reports adults made fewer doctor visit in 2010 than they did in 2001.

New Gene Test Diagnoses Sick Newborns Faster

A new method of genetic testing can help doctors diagnose sick newborns in two days instead of six weeks.

Caucasian Children More Likely to Receive Unnecessary CT Scans

Caucasian children are more likely to receive what experts call unnecessary CT scans following minor head trauma.

Medicare Fines Hospitals for Negligence

Starting today, Medicare will fine hospitals who have too many patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge due to complications.

Selling Yourself to Find a Bone Marrow Donor

More than one-thousand people die each year because they can't find a bone marrow donor to save their lives. So, should bone marrow be for sale? We get opposing views on the hot topic.

Acupuncture Treatment for Frail Muscles

Acupuncture could help patients who are too weak to exercise.

Acupuncture Treatment Effect on COPD

Acupuncture appears to help improve labored breathing associated with COPD.

Acupuncture Treatment For Pain

A new study finds acupuncture may work better for chronic pain than no acupuncture or sham acupuncture.

Meditation Can Be Used to Relieve Pain

Meditation has been known to relieve stress. But new studies show it can relieve pain too.

Meditation Can Reduce a Variety of Risks in African Americans

Meditation reduces death, heart attack and stroke among African Americans with heart disease.

Fecal Matter Transplants Can Save Thousands

A Georgia woman almost died from a bacteria that kills more than 14,000 every year.A new procedure may have saved her life. Kevin Rowson reports.

Dr. Nancy Reports on Alternative Medicine Going Mainstream

Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on a growing movement in health care, as doctors respond to what patients want, and alternative medicine goes completely mainstream.

Robert Bazell Reports on New Multivitamins

Robert Bazell reports on some new information about multivitamins.

Acupuncture Could Help Cancer Patients Suffering Dry Mouth

Head and neck cancer patients who suffer from dry mouth may benefit from acupuncture.

Be Gone, Gonorrhea!

Full Segment: There's currently only one effective antibiotic used to treat gonorrhea in North America, but researchers have identified the first cases that are immune. What now?

Even Strong, Healthy People Can Suffer From Heat Stroke

Healthy teen collapses and dies from heat stroke.

Understanding the 'NFL Brain'

NFL players may face a higher risk of death from Alzheimer's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease, compared to the general population.

I Prefer Getting Cheaper Medical Care In Guatemala

John Van Zwieten discusses paying $2000 less for a medical procedure by getting it done in Guatemala instead of California.

Healthy Resolutions You Can Stick to

How to make healthier and smarter choices that lead to a lifestyle change you can follow.

World's Most Deadliest Diseases

Find out what is one of the World's deadliest diseases.

Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections

A new UV light is designed to kill bugs that live on surfaces in hospital rooms and decrease hospital-acquired infections.

Steroids Sinusitis

A new clinical trial reveals steroids may not be effective in treating acute sinusitis.

Aromatherapy Can Help Calm Nervous Kids

Aromatherapy is just one type of alternative medicine now being used at some major medical centers. Doctors say these types of treatments can help calm nervous kids down and that helps them to start healing.

Exposure to Essential Oils Good For Your Heart

Here's a reason to go to the spa. Short-term exposure to essential oils may lower your blood pressure and improve your heart rate.

Marijuana Can Reduce Pain

An active ingredient in marijuana may reduce pain.

Hair Reason Many African American Women Don't Exercise

Hair care is a major reason African American women choose not to exercise, according to a new study.

Iraq War Vet: Soldiers Turn Down Psychiatric Care Because It's Stigmatized

The US Military does not guarantee confidentiality to soldiers seeking psychological treatment, creating stigma about seeking help.

Coca-Cola To Air Spot On Soda And Obesity

Addressing obesity for the first time, Coca-Cola will begin airing primetime commercials to spark a discussion on soda and public health. Meredith Melnick joins Mike to discuss.

Learn How to Safely Get Rid of Unused Prescription Drugs

A law enforcement officer started her own community drop-off site after she lost her nephew to a accident involving prescription drugs. Renee Tessman explains how to safely get rid of your unwanted or unused prescription drugs.

New Lumbar Procedure

A new, less invasive surgery is helping patients with lumbar spinal stenosis who suffer with back and leg pain.

Burned Man Received Hand Transplant After Fire

A man severely burned in the 2003 fire at a nightclub in Rhode Island receives a hand transplant at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Fish Oil Reducing Military Suicides Research

A new study will measure whether fish oil supplements can help cut the suicide risk among military personnel.

Americans Rank Healthcare 2nd Most Important Issue in Election

A new analysis of likely voters suggests health care ranks as the second most important issue behind the economy in the presidential race.

Doctors on Sick Leave Feel Guilty

Doctors who go out on sick leave often struggle with feelings of shame and failure.

Chocolate-Eating Countries Have More Nobel Prize Winners

A new study finds the countries that eat the most chocolate actually have the highest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita.

Group Uses Dogs to Cheer Up Hospital Patients

Meet a dog that is used in a hospital to help patients stay positive, helping them heal.

Thimerosal Does Not Pose a Threat to Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the vaccine preservative thimerosal poses no threat to children and should not be banned.

Tips to Save Money on Medicine

Many over-the-counter meds work just as well as prescription meds.

Grants and Charities Helping Handicapped Receive Transportation

Mobility is vital for living in today's world, but often specialized automobiles are needed for handicapped people to be able to travel. Those can cost up to $30,000. But luckily, there are some grants and charities available to help with the cost.

Young Girl Documents Her Battle With Scoliosis

14-year-old Sami Peterson underwent a major surgery to correct her extreme case of scoliosis. She created a Youtube video outlining her journey, and has given hope and inspiration to other kids living with scoliosis all over the world.

Teen Girl Uses Heimlich Maneuver to Save Choking Man

Young girl saves older, choking man by using the heimlich maneuver.

Care Clinic Offers Medical Checkups for Low-Income Families

Some families have trouble getting their children in for a decent checkup. Care Clinics aid those with low income, offering medical treatment and checkups.

Winter Sports Safety

Important tips to help keep you on the slopes instead of in the emergency room.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Rebekah George of Prevention Magazine discusses how to makeover your medicine cabinet by discarding expired meds and products.

Staying Active Could Stave Off Alzheimers

Staying active as an elderly adult can result in a sharper mind.

Caffeine Can Strengthen Elderly Muscles

A caffeine boost could help elderly adults strengthen their muscles.

Exercise Controls Weight in White Girls More Than Black Girls

Exercise appears to work better in controlling weight of white teen girls than black teen girls.

Food Additives Explained

From food coloring to food preservatives, Americans eat almost nine pounds of preservatives a year. Hear what the experts have to say about how these toxins can affect your health.

Endurance Exercise Risks

A new study finds excessive exercise can actually damage the heart.

Home Remedies for Common Illnesses

From canker sores and warts to upset stomachs, see both medicinal and home remedies for common body complaints.

Drinking Danger

Full Segment: The second inquest into Amy Winehouse's death revealed her cause of death to be respiratory arrest cause by alcohol poisoning and female binge drinking is on the rise.

Gender-Based Medicines

Researchers are beginning to experiment with medications, from pain relievers to antidepressants, as more and more studies verify that men and women react differently to prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Professor With Parkinson's: 'I Was Slowing Down'

Dr. Kathleen Reardon joins Marc to talk about having Parkinson's, and how it had changed both her life both with her family and professionally.

The Importance of the Elbow Sneeze

Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster asks, "Does sneezing into your elbow really do anything?"

A Cure For Parkinson's

Mohammed Ali's eldest child Maryum "May May" Ali joins HuffPost Live to discuss her father and finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Mohammed Ali's Daughter On Understanding Parkinson's

Mayrum 'May May' Ali joins Marc on set to talk about her father's condition, and how she was able to better cope with it after learning to understand the illness.

When Doctors Infect Patients

A surgeon at a Los Angeles hospital reportedly infected several patients with STAPH. The Doctors weigh in.

Stem Cell Advancements Could Help Animals Too

The advancements over the years in stem cell research is not only helping cure humans, but our furry family friends. Ali Balgooyen reports on how stem cells could help injured pets.

Military Members Experience Unusual Artery Hardening

A new study examines the prevalence of hardening of the arteries among U.S. service members.

Over 50% of Americans Aren't Totally Truthful with Their Doctors

A survey shows that more than half of Americans aren't totally truthful with their doctors. However, physicians say even little white lies might have health consequences. Erika Edwards has more.

Pros and Cons of High Heat

From saunas and steam rooms to hot tubs and hot showers, almost everyone can attest to the relaxing effects of high heat. But can prolonged or consistent exposure to hot temperatures have deleterious health effects?

How Plus-Sized Mannequins Effect Self Esteem

Popular clothing retailers have received both praise and criticism for plus-sized mannequins in their store displays.The Doctors are joined by sexologist Rachael Ross, M.D., Ph.D. to debate whether "overweight" mannequins boost self-esteem or support unhealthy lifestyle choices.

What Blood Pressure Means

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates what doctors are listening for when they test systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

New Year, New You

Get your game plan for losing weight in the New Year with celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner. Follow Jackie's tips to a thinner, stronger and healthier you.

Best Fitness Moves To Master With Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner and Lauren Leeds join Alicia to demonstrate some of the best exercise moves to master.

Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013: Dr. Leif Lunsford

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Meet Dr. July: Emergency medicine physician Dr. Leif Lunsford.

Dr. Justin Piasecki Talks the Most Beautiful Doctors in America

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Web exclusive: Go back stage with plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Piasecki.

Dr. Leif Lunsford Talks the Most Beautiful Doctors in America

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Web exclusive: Emergency medicine physician Dr. Leif Lunsford reveals what it's like to be chosen as a most beautiful doctor.

Jackie Warner Answers Community Members' Questions

Jackie Warner joins Alicia to answer fitness questions from Alexis LaGrotteria and Tim McDonald.

Best Tips To Stay On Track With New Year's Diet

Jackie Warner joins Alicia to give diet and exercise tips.

Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013: Travis Stork and The Doctors

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Meet Dr. December: Our very own plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork.

Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013: Dr. Rondrick Williamson

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Meet Dr. February: Podiatrist Dr. Rondrick Williamson.

The Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson and special guest co-host Lisa Rinna grill the guys on their medical practices, community outreach and their biggest health tips for 2013.

Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013: Behind the Scenes

The Doctors' producers traveled coast to coast in search of the most beautiful men in medicine to bring you a full year of helpful health tips and handsome faces with the Most Beautiful Doctors in America 2013 calendar. Web exclusive: Go behind the scenes of the calendar cover shoot.

How Nutrition Affects Your Digestive Health

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says that 4 million Americans have severe, frequent constipation, which means they have less than three bowel movements a week. He says that many people's diets lead to the "unspoken day-to-day reality" of poor bowel health, and he explains how your nutrition affects your digestive health.

Jordin Sparks "Aha Moment"

Jordin recalls going to the doctor about two years ago and finding out she had walking pneumonia. She says that was her "aha moment" that she needed to make her health a priority. She started being more active and re-evaluated what she was eating.

Learn How to Manage Migraines

Recording artist and actress Jordin Sparks has been very busy since becoming the "American Idol," and she's determined not to let debilitating migraines slow her down.Jordin uses a free online app called "My Migraine Triggers" to track the food and activities and help her identify and understand what triggers her migraines. She found that her triggers are stress, climate change and singing high notes.

Take Control of Your Digestive Health

Award-winning actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis believes that "what you feel inside comes out on the outside. When you aren't regular, you don't feel well."Jamie Lee, who calls herself an "unlikely health advocate," says she didn't realize how big of a problem that digestive health was when Dannon asked her to be the spokesperson for Activia yogurt eight years ago.

Jamie Lee Curtis on Aging Gracefully

"I had tried some plastic surgery, I had tried dieting, crazy dieting, I had tried everything to change the natural course that God intended, which is aging," actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis says. "We are supposed to age, we are supposed to change and soften and thicken."

January Fit Tip from Denise Austin

Denise Austin offers a tip for keeping your New Year's resolution to get fit.

Understanding the Signs of Depression

The Doctors address the No. 2 most searched medical question on Yahoo: What are the signs of depression?

Understanding Celiac Disease

Yahoo! Shine Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Romolini reveals the most searched medical questions on Yahoo!

Tedious Tasks Boost Creativity

Engaging in tedious tasks like washing dishes or doing laundry may stimulate the mind and even boost creativity.

USA Weekend: New Year's Resolutions

The Doctors has an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column. Latest: New Year's resolutions.

Beauty Product Dangers

Think your beauty products are safe? Think again. The Doctors' Investigative Reporter, Melanie Woodrow, gets the scoop on dangerous chemicals found in nail polish, beard dye and eyelash glue.

Hot Vs. Cold Water

Does water temperature really makes a difference when washing your hands, cleaning dishes and cooking? Plus, is there lead in your drinking water?

Study Shows Accelerated Puberty Rates in America

An alarming new study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that boys are beginning puberty much sooner than before. Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that boys are now reaching puberty as early as 9 years old, when 30 years ago the average was 11 to 12 years of age. The Doctors discuss the possible causes of the increase in early puberty rates.

The Upside of Being Slightly Overweight

Could carrying around a little extra weight actually lower your risk of death? A Recent Research has some insights.

Recover To Live

Full Segment: Author, Activist and Actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford believes that everyone can overcome addiction. He'll join us to talk about his new book and how to change.

Beauty Editor Warns Stem Cell Therapy Too Complex To Do Casually

Katie Becker, beauty editor at W magazine, explains her concerns about women using stem cell therapy casually, without the benefit of long term research data being easily accessible.

Professor Worried About Safety Of Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy

Paul Knoepfler, Professor of Cell Biology at UC Davis, discusses his skepticism about the safety of stem cell treatments.

Dangerous Face Drugs

Unapproved stem cell treatments are becoming increasingly popular across the nation, but are they safe?

Stem Cell Patient: I Could Never Go Back To Facelifts

Eva Morales, who had both a stem cell facelift and a regular one, describes the pros and cons of both.

JFK's Nephew: Alcoholism Didn't Run In My Family, It Galloped

Author, Activist and Actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford talks about addiction, and how being a Kennedy may have influenced the choices he made in life.

JFK's Nephew: I Contemplated Suicide Before Getting Sober

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author, activist and nephew of John F. Kennedy Jr. tells HuffPost Live about how he finally managed to overcome substance abuse.

I Suffered From A Blood Clot At Age 22

Mary Anne Huntsman shares how she went from thinking she pulled a muscle to discovering she had a blood clot in her lung.

A Silent Killer

Full Segment: Like hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, Secretary Clinton was afflicted by a small blood clot. What are the warning signs, and how can you prevent them?

Blood Clots Twice Formed In My Lungs

Elizabeth Kuster describes how she found out she suffered from blood clots while not showing any of the normal signs.

From Muscle Cramp To Blood Clot

Andrea Murad details how she suffered from what she thought were cramps, but wound up being a much more serious medical issue.

The Effects of Nail Polish Toxins

Joy writes that she experienced swollen lips, chapped eyes and itchy rashes for months and wonders whether a new nail polish could be triggering her condition. The Doctors discuss several possible chemicals found in nail polish that could cause such a reaction.

My Husband Died From A Blood Clot

Melanie Bloom lost her husband, NBC Journalist David Bloom, to a blood clot while he was covering the war in Iraq.

Personal Migraine Triggers

Chief medical officer of Pfizer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, joins E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork to explain common triggers for migraines.

Should You Go No. 2 Every Day?

Is it necessary to make a bowel movement every day for optimal health? Find out.

The Link Between Hair Loss and Heart Disease

Could going bald mean you're at greater risk for suffering a heart attack?

Who Is a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Dr. Jeff Machat explains who is a good candidate for LASIK.

How to Get Medical Records

Get medical records using these hints and be aware of your health.

Teen Marijuana Use

Full Segment: A teen who consumes alcohol is likely to have reduced brain tissue health, but a teen who uses marijuana is not, according to a new study.

How to Do Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to do basic kettle bell exercises.

Keeping Your Liver Healthy Over Christmas

Find out how to keep your liver healthy this holiday season by eating right and keeping tabs on what and when you eat and drink.

Aimee Copeland Loses More Limbs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Georgia student Aimee Copeland is set to have hands and foot amputated as a flesh-eating bacteria spreads.

J.R. Martinez's Survival Story (Part 1)

Actor, author, motivational speaker and U.S. Army veteran J.R. Martinez recounts his harrowing story of being trapped inside a burning Humvee after it was struck by a roadside bomb.

J.R. Martinez Joins The Doctors

Actor, author, motivational speaker and U.S. Army veteran J.R. Martinez joins The Doctors to discuss his new memoir, Full of Heart, detailing his remarkable life story of survival, strength and spirit.

Ethics Of Living Forever

Full Segment: Anti-aging researchers advocate that living forever will benefit everyone if we continue to develop economically and technologically. But is it ethical to live forever?

Should We Live To 1,000?

Anti-aging researchers advocate that living forever will benefit everyone if we continue to develop economically and technologically. But is it ethical to live forever? Josh Zepps discusses with Aubrey De Gray and Arthur Caplan.

The Trouble with Hitting the Holiday "Sauce"

Hitting the holiday "sauce?" E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why there's a time and place for holiday drinking.

Dying With Dignity: The Truth About Hospice Care

Many have heard of them, but few know what they really do. Find out the facts about how hospice works.

Treat Yourself to a Dinner Out This Christmas

Tired of all the holiday shopping, planning and cooking? Treat yourself to a dinner out.

Baby Boomer Health: More Care with Concierge Medicine

For baby boomers who want more personal time with their doctor, the concierge, boutique or personalized physician may be the answer. It costs more, but provides minimum 30-minute, next-day or same-day appointments, 24/7 doctor availability, and a tempting menu of wellness services and prevention alternatives. With typical doctor visits getting shorter, concierge medicine may be the solution, says Dr. Marcy Zwelling-Aamot.

Natural Medication You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Health advocate and author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen , Kris Carr, explains that before you open your medicine cabinet, first take a look at what's in your kitchen. From making stomach-soothing, all-natural ginger ale to the flu-fighting power of kale and more, see how to utilize certain foods for pharmaceutical effects.

My Child Has Down Syndrome And We Raise Her Just Like Our Other Children

Michelle Sie-Whitten, Founder of Global Down Syndrome, tells Nancy Redd her story of raising a child with the condition.

I Have Down Syndrome And I'm Thriving

Karen Gaffney, a 35-year old woman with down syndrome, tells Nancy Redd her story of surviving and thriving with the condition.

The Danger of Sleeping Too Much

Getting too little sleep is bad for your health, but getting too much can be problematic. WSJ's Melinda Beck and researcher David Rye have details on Lunch Break.

Uninsured Solution That Makes Sense - Healthcare Reform

Daniel Hechtman MD Pediatric Surgery Medical School: Washington University School of Medicine Residency: Brigham and Womens Hospital Fellowship :Children's Hospital of New York

Can Your Pet Make You Sick?

Can your pet make you sick? Dr. Travis Stork and The Drs discuss.

Tips to Help You Swallow Pills

One study found that as many as 40 percent of Americans have experienced difficulty swallowing pills. Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon shares tips for swallowing tablets with ease.

Creating a Playlist for Better Health

The music you love could impact your health! We'll show you how to build the ultimate soundtrack for a better life.

How Our Sense of Smell Declines with Age

Learn how our sense of smell declines as we age. Most of us are sensitive to smell and taste when we are younger but it's not always the case as we get older.The sensor cells in a person's nose that allows them to detect odors don't work as well in the elderly population, along with a progressive decrease in the number of nerves that activate the olfactory bulb of the brain. Less mucus in the nose lining, and changes in hormone levels may also contribute to a slow decline in the ability to smell

Post-Urination Dribble and Male Urinary Incontinence

Brad says when he goes to the bathroom, it dribbles, and it's so bad that he prefers stalls instead of urinals. He says he's "not cool having a wet spot" and wants to know how he can prevent it.

Healthy Meals on Wheels

Los Angeles is known for many things including its eclectic variety of food, and the city's ever-expanding food trucks are no exception. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears samples Green Truck's healthy, all-organic fare. Plus, learn the benefits of eating grass-fed beef, how to attain a balanced vegan diet and more!

A Day in the Life of Dr. Ordon

Witness an average day in the life of L.A. resident and The Doctors ' own plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Ordon. See Dr. Ordon's morning workout routine and what a typical day is like in his busy medical practice.

Lifeguard Safety Tips

From escaping rip currents to the best bodysurfing technique and more, learn important safety tips that every beachgoer should know.

Walk of Fame Health Q&A: Aircraft Disease

The Doctors hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to answer an array of questions from L.A.'s residents.

Walk of Fame Health Q&A: Underweight Children

The Doctors hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to answer an array of questions from L.A.'s residents.

The Doctors Take the Santa Monica Pier for a Q&A

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon visit the world-famous Santa Monica Pier to meet with sunshine, sea breezes and lots of health questions! From rheumatoid arthritis and knee surgery to adrenaline rushes and selecting footwear, hear what questions Santa Monica Pier visitors had on their minds.

Seeing Stars at the Hollywood Boulevard

People from all over the world visit Hollywood in hopes of seeing a star; however, one tourist is more concerned about seeing dizziness-induced "stars" when he stands up too quickly. Learn what causes this light-headed phenomenon.

Kay Miller: Fired For Refusing Flu Vaccine

Kay Miller, mother of a vaccine-injured daughter, was fired for refusing to receive a flu vaccine.

Comply Or Goodbye

Full Segment: Health care workers who refused to comply with their employer's flu vaccine mandate were fired Wednesday. Should hospitals have the right to mandate shots?

Are Tiny Medusas The Key To Eternal Life?

From jellyfish to cryonics, humans are fascinated with the idea of cheating death. Whether or not this is possible, do we really want to live FOREVER?

What Bad Breath Reveals

Are you plagued by halitosis that no amount of breath mints seems to help? Bad breath could signal more serious health conditions.

Donating Your Organs

The need for organs is high; 19 people die each day waiting for an organ. Learn more about organ donation and how to become a donor today.

Should Kids Get the HPV Vaccine?

The Doctors discuss whether infertility is a potential side effect of the HPV vaccine.

The Benefits of and Horseback Riding

Saddle up to see how horseback riding can burn more than 500 calories in an hour!


Full Segment: A new study shows online doctor visits can streamline medical care. When it comes to diagnosing and prescribing, how important is seeing your doctor in person?

Trade The Stethoscope For A Keyboard

A new study shows online doctor visits can streamline medical care. When it comes to diagnosing and prescribing, how important is seeing your doctor in person?

The Hidden Risks of Perfume Oils and Fragrances

The Doctors discuss the risks of cosmetic toxins found in many perfumes and colognes. Phthalates, chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors, are found in most mainstream cosmetics and have a correlation with diabetes, behavioral problems and metabolic disorders. Learn which phthalates to look out for and try to avoid.

Vet Says Accupuncture Can Help Dogs, Too

Acupuncture for dog? The Drake Center in Encinitas has employed such traditional Chinese treatments for 18 years. By Deanne Goodman

The Benefits of a Cold Shower

Some theories suggest that taking an ice-cold shower daily can help extend your life.Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and three brave volunteers test the theory by seeing who can stand under a cold shower the longest.

How to Heal a Hematoma

Hematomas, or broken blood vessels under the finger or toenails, can be painful and unsightly. Learn treatments for hematoma. Note: Do not try these treatments at home.

How Dehydration Can Cause Fatigue

Studies show that even mild dehydration can alter a person's mood, energy levels and mental functions. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates what happens to your body when it's dehydrated.

The Next Pandemic

Experts say it's only a matter of time before another disease from animals becomes a human pandemic. How would a real life "Contagion" play out?

Preparing For The Next Pandemic

Experts say it's only a matter of time before another disease from animals becomes a human pandemic. How would a real life "Contagion" play out?

Testicular Self-Exam

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrates how to perform a testicular self-exam.

Phlegm Buildup While Sleeping

Phlegm is meant to line the throat; however, it can accumulate and block the passage of oxygen from the nose to the lungs while sleeping. Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why this happens and how to prevent it.

The Effects of Herb Scents

Certain scents can boost your energy. Find out what they are!

Food Poisoning Frenzy

Statistics show that approximately 400,000 Americans start the holiday season with a bout of food poisoning. Learn how to avoid foodborne illness and the importance of the two-hour rule.

Giving Thanks to The Doctors

Edward, a 62-year-old viewer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joins the show via Polycom video to express his heartfelt gratitude to The Doctors for helping to save his life. Plus, audience members Rose and Ron thank The Doctors for a previous segment on men's health, which prompted Ron to see a doctor. Ron was diagnosed with testicular cancer, underwent surgery and is now cancer-free.

Curbside Delivery

Watch the story of one woman's dramatic delivery in a parking lot and how one good samaritan assisted her.

Leftover Danger Zone

Learn tips on how to stay clear of the leftover danger zone and avoid foodborne illness.

Kristin Davis on Safe Cough Medicines

Actress Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame joins the show along with her friend and pediatrician, Dr. Zak Zarbock, to reveal safer medicinal alternatives for children. Kristin explains how she found Zarbee's all-natural cough and cold therapies, which creates effective yet healthier products for both children and adults.

High-Tech Health Tools Promote Health Awareness

Does online access to your doctor and health records lead to fewer office visits and clinical services?

Study Finds Happy Teens Become Wealthy Adults

Do happier kids have healthier incomes later in life? New London study confirms this.

The Worst Daily Habits

What daily habit can be worse than living hear a toxic waste dump?

Healthiest Cities: Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, makes the list because it's home to some of the nation's healthiest eaters.

Using Geranium as a Natural Wound Healer

Blythe Metz shows Jama Leigh how to use geranium as a natural treatment to heal cuts, scrapes and wounds.

Self Magazine's America's Healthiest Cities Project

The Doctors partnered with Self magazine to reveal America's healthiest cities and how you can incorporate healthy practices into your life no matter where you live.

Healthiest Cities: Santa Ana, California

What can you learn from the nation's No. 6 healthiest city?

Healthiest Cities: Minneapolis, Portland, and Fargo

Find out which cities rank Nos. 9, 8 and 7 on SELF magazine's list of healthiest cities.

Healthiest Cities: Honolulu, Hawaii

What can you learn from the nation's No. 5 healthiest city?

Third Healthiest City: San Francisco, California

What can we learn from the No. 3 healthiest city in the U.S., according to SELF magazine's list of healthiest cities?

Healthiest Cities: Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California, is the most active city in the U.S., according to SELF magazine's survey of the healthiest cities.

Healthiest City in America: San Jose, California

What can you learn from the No. 1 most healthy city in the U.S., according to SELF magazine?

2nd Heathiest City in America: Bethesda, Maryland

The women of Bethesda, Maryland, have the lowest cholesterol rate, according to a SELF magazine survey of the healthiest cities.

Health Data Revolution

A new open-source database analyzes which procedures, drugs & facilities produce the best patient outcomes. Will value-based health care change the game?

Spinal Menengitis Caused By Back Injections

A NY Times article asks whether or not we actually need all of the injections we receive.

Doctors Looking For A Better System

Doctors are looking for ways to make the health care system and more affordable for patients.

"We're Providing More Care, Not Better Care"

Dr. Alice Chen claims that the health care world is providing more care to those in need, but not necessarily better care.

How to Outsmart a Health Scam

Americans waste billions of dollars each year on fraudulent scams from illegal online pharmacies. Many products containing dangerous ingredients are being deceptively labeled, and the side effects can be so harmful, they can even result in death. Phrases like "miracle drug," "wonder pill" and even "scientifically proven" are being used to lure consumers desperate for solutions to these bogus products, and the consequences can be disastrous. Dr. Phil McGraw shares tips for outsmarting these scams

Dr. Phil's Negotiating Tips

Bogged down with medical bills? Dr. Phil McGraw shares the basic rules of negotiating so you can manage your debts.

Health Tips from The World's Cutest Dog

Internet dog sensation Boo has earned the reputation as the world's cutest dog on the internet. Watch as Boo gives fitness and nutrition tips for other four-legged friends.

How Cats Can Improve Health

Learn the health benefits of owning a cat as animal expert Suzi Rapp shows off Tae, a baby clouded leopard.

Health Benefits of Goat Milk

In addition to making soaps, the Jonas family business, Goat Milk Stuff, produces lotions, lip balms, sugar scrubs, soy candles and more. Meet all 10 members of the Jonas family and Woody, one of their 30 goats. P

Medical Animal Pop Quiz

Which animal reigns supreme as the healthiest creature in all the animal kingdom -- the shark, the koala bear or the crocodile? The Doctors and animal expert Suzi Rapp explain the answer.

Goat Milk Products

Goat's milk is not only easy to digest and allergen-free, but it also has moisturizing properties that are great for the skin.

Exercise Tips in Cold Weather

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column! E.R. physician explains how the latest article gives tips for exercising in cold weather.

Sound Off On Health

The community sounds off with Nancy on why entrepreneurs are more healthy, how to deal with arrogant doctors & why social smoking is reportedly on the rise.

Reboot Your Body as You Age

Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall joins The Doctors to provide health tips on how to embrace aging and increase your longevity. Learn the many health benefits of quitting smoking. Plus get tips to enhance and prolong your physical and mental health with exercises and a wholesome diet.

How to Boost Your Mood

We all have an off day from time to time, but it can be a normal, healthy part of processing what's going on in our lives. You can feel better without running from your problems.

Discovering the Fountain of Youth

Have scientists found the fountain of youth? One study suggests they may have, and the answer might be in our blood. The study by Stanford University found that when older mice were injected with blood from younger mice, the effects of aging on the brain were reversed. Tests showed that the older mice had improved memory and learning ability.

Family Nudity

Though opinions differ, various research suggests that children who see their parents naked are more accepting of their own bodies. But when does family nudity become inappropriate?

Is Hair Twirling Hazardous?

Is the feminine hair twirl a sexy, subconscious signal of attraction? Before you give this flirty habit a whirl, learn the risks of the twirl.

Gaseous Food Culprits

Learn which foods are the top culprits for creating gas. Plus, see how pink grapefruit can help boost digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract to break down foods faster for less fermentation and less flatulence.

The Risks of Applying Makeup While Driving

Toni has grown accustomed to applying makeup in the car, a habit that's become a part of her daily routine. Driving simulation specialist Monique Cobb of Drive Square, Inc. puts Toni inside the Drive Square Simulation System¿, a simulated driving experience that enables a trainee to drive in a virtual space, while operating the controls of an actual vehicle. Watch what happens when Toni applies makeup while operating the driving simulator.

The Perils of Perfume

The right perfume can have an alluring power, but a surplus of scent can create the opposite effect. Learn how harmful chemical components of some perfumes can trigger asthma attacks, allergic dermatitis and may disrupt hormones and metabolic function!

The Dangers of Suppressing a Sneeze

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that sneezing not only clears nasal passages by expelling foreign pathogens and irritants, but it also revs up cilia in the nose, an important part of the body's immune system. Suppressing a sneeze, however, can potentially amplify pressure in the sinus and ocular cavities, which can burst blood vessels in the eyes, brain and in rare cases, rupture eardrums!

Are Eyelash Extensions Harmful?

Is the eyelash extensions craze worth the money or the potential risks?

A New Kind of TB

Part of 'The Big Push' campaign aims to shine a light on tuberculosis, and just in time, as there's a new strain that is virtually untreatable and demands our attention.

Discussing the Benefits of Probiotics

Blythe Metz discusses the benefits of probiotics with Chakra Earthsong-Levy, of KeVita, on Blythe Raw Live.

Doctors Taking Drugs To Stay Awake

Nancy leads a discussion amongst medical professionals who admit to using drugs to get through their long shifts. Does this put their patients at risk?

How to Avoid Choking with the Heimlich Helper

Dining solo? Avoid a choking emergency with The Heimlich Helper. Plus, what to do if someone is choking.

Just Thinking About Math Is Painful

In PLOS One, an online medical journal, researchers show when a person's math anxiety is high, there's increased activity in the regions of the brain associated with 'visceral threat detection' and pain.

The Home Team Therapy for Easy Rehab

Learn about Home Team Therapy, personalized physical therapy sessions at home.

Easy Breathing with the Portable Humidifier

Breathe easier in every room with a portable humidifier.

Medical Mistake Causes a Painful Loss

An unconscious U.S. Army veteran was recovering from penile implant replacement surgery when a nurse accidentally left an icepack on his groin for 19 straight hours. The frigid mishap caused extreme frostbite to the area and a significant portion of the man's penis had to be surgically removed.

The Dangers of Rope Swinging

College freshmen Tanner and Zack were out hiking when they happened upon a rope-swing in a nearby tree. Tanner climbed the tree and attempted to swing from the rope, while Zack planned to tape the stunt. What happened next was anything but planned. Learn what happens inside the skull when a traumatic brain injury occurs and how repeated concussions can cause serious, permanent and fatal consequences.

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Watch an incredibly close call as one motorist falls asleep while driving a scooter and almost runs head-on into an oncoming tractor trailer!

What You May Be Missing on Your Prescription Bottle

Eye-tracking technology helped researchers get eye-opening results about your pill bottles. Find out why some say it's time for an overhaul.

What You Need to Know About Your Child's Concussion Recovery

Fall sports are in full swing, but it's not all fun and games. Three and a half million kids will be treated for a sports injury. Many will suffer their first, or repeat concussion. We tell you what parents need to know to keep kids safer after brain injuries.

Why Our Ears Pop at High Altitude

What is it that causes pressure in our ears that makes them pop when we fly or drive at high altitude? See if you manage to Stump the Doc.

"Milking" Venom from a Rattlesnake

Professional snake wrangler Jules Sylvester performs a dangerous stunt as he "milks" venom from a rattlesnake! Watch what happens when the venom mixes with fresh blood.

Dangers of Cat Bites

"Up to 80 percent of cat bites will become infected," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains. See why one woman required surgery on her hand after suffering a cat bite.

Spider Venom Tested as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

A toxin synthesized from the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider is being tested in laboratories as an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Deadly Effect of Rabies

Each year, rabies kills approximately 55,000 people worldwide. Learn the symptoms of the deadly virus, the importance of expedient treatment and how to spot the telltale signs of a rabid animal.

Things Walk-In Clinics Won't Tell You

Walk-In clinics are popping up in more storefronts around the country as an alternative to the family doctor or the emergency room -but they differ in price and quality of care. Jen Wieczner on Lunch Break looks at the cost of convenience and things these clinics aren't telling you.

Why Do Bug Bites Itch?

Ever wonder why bug bites itch so much? Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban explains what causes the sensation.

The Benefits of Retail Therapy

Can shopping really lift your spirits? Learn why a little retail therapy can go a long way.

Pesticide Contamination on Your Fresh Produce

Do you know which are the dirtiest of your favorite fruits and vegetables? Two audience members go head-to-head to try and guess which produce is contaminated with the most pesticides. The truth will surprise you!

Toxic Table Tops at the Food Court

Shopping can work up an appetite, but before you sit down at the food court, learn what's lurking on the tabletops!

Shopping Anxiety Explained

Does shopping give you anxiety? The Doctors discuss.

Do Women Have Adam's Apples?

Learn the unknown truth about the Adam's Apple.

NYC's Rat Refugees

Rats are incredibly good swimmers, and they can climb. So how big is the increased risk of infectious disease as millions of rats get flushed above ground?

The Function of Mucus

Learn the function of mucus in the body and why it is a necessary part of the immune system.

Why Our Teeth Chatter When We're Cold

Find out what happens to your mouth when it gets cold.

Mysterious Mucus in the Nose

See what different mucus colors and consistencies can signal in the nose.

The Mysterious Mucus in the Throat

Discover what white-tinged and yellow-to-brownish mucus in the back of the throat can reveal about your state of health.

The World's Biggest Booger

Watch a clip, courtesy of eBaum's World , where a man had what could be the biggest booger ever removed from his nasal canal.

Hair Raising Trick to Demonstrate the Effect of Fear

The Doctors play a hair-raising trick to show how your body responds when you are frightened. "What happens when you get that sort of stress response ¿ that flight-or-fight response ¿ a lot of things are going wrong," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

The Definition of Buccal

Do you know what buccal means? Everwell has the answer.

What Is Dysphagia?

Do you know what Dysphagia means? Everwell has the answer.

What Is Pruritus?

Do you know what Pruritus means? Everwell has the answer.

What Happens When You Are Scared

The Doctors play a hair-raising trick to show how your body responds when you are frightened. "What happens when you get that sort of stress response ¿ that flight-or-fight response ¿ a lot of things are going wrong," E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Julie Bowen Dishes on Halloween and Health

Emmy-award winning actress Julie Bowen cracks us up as Claire Dunphy on ABC's Modern Family. Julie has a modern family of her own as the mother of three boys. She reveals how scared she was while waiting for her award to be announced at the Emmys, the heart condition she lives with and her philosophy on breastfeeding.

Old Organs Give New Hope for Kidney Patients

Using organs from older donors could be a game-changer for the more than 90-thousand Americans who are waiting for a kidney.

Resident Evil 6 Promotion Shows Severed Limbs to Help Amputees

A London butcher shop recently had some scary cuts of meat for sale. A food artist used animal meat to sculpt human-looking limbs that customers could buy in the pop-up butcher shop. The temporary human butcher shop was part of a promotion for the zombie video game, Resident Evil 6.

A Real Food Revolution

Michael Pollan has educated and scared readers into eating healthier, but he thinks nothing has the power to change how we eat in the U.S. more than California's proposition 37.

Meet the Docs' Besties!

The Doctors' best friends surprise them on stage!

The Health Benefits of Having Best Friends

Whether it's a loving partner or a best pal, a true friend can help you overcome almost anything.

Total Bliss Through Daily Routine

From revitalizing your locks and organizing your wardrobe to improving your daily commute, decreasing stress and boosting beauty sleep, see some of beauty expert Kym Douglas' blissfully simple solutions, featured in her book Bliss Happens .

Home Made Fanny Facial

Beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens , shows how to make a food-based fanny facial to beautify your behind!

Effects of Desk Derriere

Research conducted by Tel Aviv University showed that people who lead sedentary lifestyles developed thick layers of fat deep inside muscles tissue of the buttocks. The study's participants had their buttocks scanned, which showed shrinkage and breakdown of muscle tissue and a buildup of fat from inactivity.

Bliss Happens Author Kym Douglas

Health and beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens, shares her secrets for experiencing total bliss anywhere at anytime!

Uninsured Nightmares: B.J.'S Story

Nancy learns the horrific story of guest B.J. Gallagher's daughter-in-law, and the drastic measures she took after racking up medical bills.

Uninsured Nightmares: Freddie's Story

Nancy learns the terrifying ordeal guest Freddie Effinger has been through after being diagnosed with lymphoma while not having medical insurance.

Uninsured Nightmares: Ramiro's Story

Nancy learns the grueling story of Ramiro Castro, who broke his leg. He had pleaded with paramedics to not take him to a private hospital because he couldn't afford it, and they took him anyway. The choice? Get care he couldn't afford, or sit with an excruciatingly painful wound.

The Cause of a Smelly Scalp

Learn how a buildup of bacteria can produce a smelly scalp. Plus, beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens , shows a home remedy for combating bad breath.

What a Smelly Wound May Indicate

Unpleasantly pungent smells, such as sour grapes and rancid meat, can also waft from a cut or wound. Learn why.

You've Got Tom Silver

Hypnotherapist Tom Silver (Discovery Channel's "Curiosity: Brainwashing") is a master of the mind, and he shares important examples of hypnotism throughout recent history, and also explores how people can be trained to kill against their will.

Back Pain Can Cause Heel Pain

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and can tie together pains from the feet, legs, hips, buttocks and lower back.

What Smelly Feet May Indicate

See what certain foot scents, such as rotten eggs, stinky cheese and ammonia can indicate.

Why Doctors Perform Cough Tests

Ever wonder why your doctor says, "Turn your head and cough" during a routine physical exam? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains.

Kym Douglas' Bliss Caddy

From making housework fun to a refreshing morning beverage and more, see some of the blissful tricks that beauty expert Kym Douglas has up her sleeve!

Home Remedy For Whiter Nails

Beauty expert Kym Douglas, author of Bliss Happens , shows an easy home remedy to whiten dull nails.

Mucus in Stool

Learn when you need to worry if you discover mucus in your stool or that of your child.

Mile-High Health

Denver, Colorado is one of the healthiest cities in America. Colorado correspondent Tawnya Rush shares some of the state's most inspiring weight loss stories. Hear how a group of 100 people lost a total of 1,010 pounds!

Do the Dolphin Plank