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If you're suffering from headaches or migraines, you're not alone. Connect with others who understand what you're going through to share advice, treatment information, and support.

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they hurt so bad the lite, sound, smells bother me I'm weak tired, I dnt eat or do much at all. Zomig Migraines 40 years

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Re: Headaches since I was 16
Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your headaches. I know exactly how you feel. I went through headaches/migraines ever since I was a little girl and now I am 24.... and still going through them. A few months ago (December) they started getting really bad and I    Read more...
Posted by LuckyPookers on Tue May 24

Re: See skin green...
Years ago I stopped having the pain related with migraines.  Then one day it looked like I was looking thru boiling water, other times I would see a black spot in the center of peoples faces and as the spot got bigger it would start to clear in the center   Read more...
Posted by Wabbit on Wed Feb 23

Re: am i alone
I could not take any of the triptans either.  They didn't do a thing for my migraines.  Had migranes for 28yrs.  I just had gastric bypass recently and am off almost all medicines I was on.  Now migraines are gone.  Thank God.  I do get small headaches on   Read more...
Posted by Cherylene on Thu Aug 5

Re: Headaches after Working Out
hey Natalie, my cousine also has same problem like you, as he workout his head started paining. This can be happens due to excessive stress given on body especially head during workout. Also need to workout regularly dont skip it and again start it after    Read more...
Posted by aaron09 on Wed Jun 30

Re: HEADACHES: Weather related?
I suffer from severe migraines everytime a LOW Front comes in and changes the weather.  I Have had migraines since I was 4 years olds and the "Low Front" migranes started when I was a teenager.   Like you I can predict weather changes too.  My regular mi   Read more...
Posted by baseballmomma on Sat Feb 6

My son-in-law has been diagnosed with Micro-Aneurysm of the Eye, can anyone tell me where to get more in-depth info? Thanks!   Read more...
Posted by CletaB on Wed Jul 8

See more...

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