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Whether it's caused by back problems, injuries, arthritis, or migraines, pain can interfere with your daily life. Share questions, tips, coping strategies, and more with other back pain sufferers.

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I have chronic pain everywhere ! I'm tired of taking pills. Just want to be fixed.
Always have pain in bones

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diagnosis of problem
can someone please tell me what is ailing my friend, the pain is almost intolerable and it's not getting any better     Read more...
Posted by lynnda on Sun May 12

collar bone injury
the symptoms range from pain in chest, swolen, red and irritated, troubles moving right arm...   Read more...
Posted by lynnda on Sun May 12

pain in collar bone area
i have a friend who is having issues with his upper collar bone/shoulder area     Read more...
Posted by lynnda on Sun May 12

what do you use for pain........
this is a quick note out there asking those to respond with what they are using for pain,,,,,, I was on Lortab 5's and am about to be cut off those... My doc thinks that I should be over the pain part......I asked him if i couold operate on him like he di   Read more...
Posted by IamWic on Sun Apr 21

Re: medical personel
I used to take a herbal supplement produced by Market America named OPC-3.  I have two herniated discs, torn rotator cuffs and lighament damage to both shoulders.  I've had surgery on both knees, bi-lateral carpal tunnel and nerve damage to both elbows.     Read more...
Posted by Mr. Blue on Thu Sep 22

Re: Neuropathy
I have suffered with what six doctors say is PH.  Most days I feel I can't take anymore pain.  I have had this for over six years.  Mine started in the lower back and progressed down the legs and into the ankles and feet.  I use a walker as have no balanc   Read more...
Posted by tolly99 on Tue Dec 28

See more...

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