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Can you be allergic to another person?

Posted by dietjunkie

This is a weird question but I've noticed that I've been getting more yeast infections after having sex with my boyfriend. This has happened before with an ex but then not with another ex. Could it be that I'm "allergic" to certain body fluids produced by certain men? I've always used a condom but can't figure out why this is happening.

Re: Sexual Health

Posted by fitnessbuff

I had a girlfriend who had the same issue. We couldn't be physical for weeks at a time because she'd have a bad reaction to me when we'd have intercourse. Maybe it has to do with such varying body chemistry??

Re: Can you be allergic to another person?

Posted by whatsnewkay

I went to a holistic doctor about candida and he gave me some supplements to help rid my body  of the candida that causes recurring yeast infections. Holistic doctors tend to find what's causing your trouble and fixing it while traditional doctors only treat the condition and never get to the bottom of what's wrong. You may also want to take acidophilis and oil of oregano daily. 

Re: Can you be allergic to another person?

Posted by ladyday841

I go thru this every month with my husband.  I am a diabetic and every month right after I have had my period, we can have sex like newlyweds.  But after a few weeks, I can let him touch me because I start itching so bad I almost scratch myself raw.  I can go to work and be fine but as soon as I come in the house and sit  down the itching starts and I have to run and take a shower.  I feel so bad for him sometimes but he has been real patient about it.

Re: Can you be allergic to another person?

Posted by sunshine33
I have had the same problem. Personally!!!
 I am so glad that you asked this question because this is a problem I also have. To me it is not a weird question at all. I have been married for 10 years to a man that I am pretty sure I am allergic to. I love him and we are still happily married. We met and married pretty quickly and yes, I did notice I got  lots of yeast infections or bladder infections after intamacy but never even thought about an allergic reaction. (Now we are not as intimate) Even now, which is everynight (he showers before bed with the same soap I use) we lie in bed and I lay my head on his chest to "cuddle" but my nose gets runny and my eyes tear so much he asks me if I am crying and I am not even sad.   I am his wife so I know we use ALL the same products...shampoo, deodorants , etc...(all unscented) we use NO perfumes or colognes at all. We have the same pets and have lived in the same house/bed together for 10  years. Maybe it is his faramones that I am allergic to...I have no clue, I am not a doctor and don't know if things like this can even be possible. I have other allergies like to cats or to lillies. I am allergic to ALL cats and lillies not just one. Is this even possible?to be allergic to a persons faramones?


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