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A Vasectomy with an on/Off Switch?

The Doctors are joined by Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to talk about a new birth control device that some men could opt for instead of having a full vasectomy. The device comes with an on/off switch and diverts the flow of sperm, making men temporarily infertile...or not! Find out if it works!

Fertility Specialist Surprises New Parents

When Cody and Nicole came to The Doctors last year, they said their fertility struggle was tearing apart their marriage. The Doctors sent them to Dr. William Schoolcraft, founder of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, who provided them with a free round of IVF. Watch as they're reunited with Dr. Schoolcraft for the first time since having twins!

Infertile Couple Returns to Reveal Big News

When Cody and Nicole came to The Doctors last year, they said their fertility struggle was tearing apart their marriage. The Doctors sent them to Dr. William Schoolcraft, founder of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, who provided them with a free round of IVF. Watch as they return with a very big update! To see the special surprise The Doctors have in store for them, click here .

What Does Jessica Biel Think About Condom Size?

Only 22 states in the US are authorized to teach sex education. Actresses Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant, and Whitney Cummings partnered with WomanCare Global to tackle the topic - and nothing is off limits! The Doctors discuss the benefits of sexual education and the right age to talk to your kids.

Father Gives Birth...Literally?

Kayden discovered he was pregnant at 21 weeks. Hear his story and the unique set of circumstances doctors faced during the birthing process.

Doctor Approved Measuring Tape for Men's Private Parts?

Turns out, size does matter...when it comes to condoms! The Doctors discuss a new doctor-approved measuring tape used to measure the circumference of the penis so men can buy the right size condoms.

Could You Triple Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

The Doctors discuss a new study that revealed having sex twice in one hour could triple your chances of conceiving.

Are You Having Distracted Sex?

Do you think about other things during sex? The Doctors are joined by sex and relationship expert Dr. Chris Donoghue to give you tips so you can better focus and be more fulfilled.

Twins After Vasectomy for Jets Player

The Doctors discuss New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie, who recently announced his wife became pregnant with twins after he had a vasectomy.

Popular Sex Myths, Debunked

Discovering the truth behind some very popular myths about sex.

Emoji Users Have More Sex

Turns out, emoji users get laid more often. Oh, yeah- and men love sending the eggplant.

Is Male PMS Real?

We know there's no such thing as a "man period"...but can males suffer from PMS?

Woman Seeks Help for Sugar Addiction

Melissa says her sugar addiction is ruining her life and her marriage. To see her consultation with nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis, click here .

Woman Wants Permanent Birth Control Removed

Sabrina claims Essure permanent birth control has been making her sick and would like to have the insert removed. See the life-changing surprise The Doctors and Dr. E Scott Sills have in store for her.

Bayer's Response on the Safety of Essure

The Doctors are joined by a representative of Bayer to talk about the safety of their Essure procedure. To see what happened after Sabrina's consultation with Dr. Sills, and to find out if she's able to have the insert removed, click here .

Is Essure Safe?

Family physician Dr. Rachel Steward and IVF and fertility specialist Dr. E. Scott Sills debate the safety of the Essure procedure. To hear Bayer's response, as well as see what happened during Sabrina's consultation with Dr. Sills, click here .

Woman Claims Permanent Birth Control Is Making Her Sick

After welcoming her fourth child a few years ago, Sabrina opted to get a non-surgical permanent birth control procedure called Essure. Since then, she claims she's suffered from extreme pelvic pain, hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, and excessive bleeding as a result. To learn more about the safety of the Essure device, click here .

College Woman Publicly Accuses Ex of Giving Her an STD

The Doctors react to the story of a co-ed who posted thousands of flyers around her college campus accusing her ex-partner of giving her chlamydia.

Everything You Need to Know About Being Transgender

HuffPost UK's TransBritain series asks transgender people all you need to know about being trans.

Ashley Pettit Living: Allergen Friendly Snacks for APL TV

Avoiding the 7 common food allergies and intolerances is key to keeping your kids and their friends safe from life-threatening reactions. In this episode of APL TV, certified nutritionist Ashley Pettit takes common after-school snacks and turns them into allergen-friendly versions with a nutritious boost.

What Role Does Transphobia Play In Suicide Rates In The Trans Community?

A Global News 16 X 9 investigation takes a look at how transphobia plays a role in suicide rates among trans people.

How to Date If You Can't Have Sex

How hard would it be to find a significant other if you were physically unable to have sex?

Parental Monitoring of Adolescents, Teens and Sex

Does parental monitoring of teens help prevent risky sexual behavior?

How to Do Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach

Not only will this move tighten your core, but it can also help improve your focus. In this video, fitness expert Kristin McGee demonstrates how to do the Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach exercise.

STD's on the Rise

HIV is in the news thanks to Charlie Sheen ? but it's not the biggest health threat between the sheets.

Charlie Sheen's Non-Disclosure Agreement for Sex

He may have paid them for sex, but apparently got their silence in writing.

Controversial Ad Uses One Night Stands to Promote Birth Control Use

OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton weighs in on a controversial new ad campaign in New York City, which aims to raise awareness for birth control options. Plus, she explains how IUDs can be used to not only prevent pregnancy but reduce menstrual bleeding.

5 Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

These 5 secrets will help you stay healthy all winter long.

Is Male Birth Control a Thing?

As it stands right now in the United States, there are only 2 forms of male birth control: condoms and vasectomies. But is there a new form?

How Many Sexual Partners Have You REALLY Had?

A UK-based company recently created a calculator that supposedly can tell you the number of people you have indirectly slept with. The Doctors react to the findings.

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