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Can Injections Bring You Better Sex?

Learn about a new one-time treatment that promises to provide measurable male enhancement.

This Woman Was Scared To Reveal She Has Herpes, Now She Celebrates It

One in six people have genital herpes, according to the CDC, so why is there so much shame and silence surrounding the disease? Writer Ella Dawson is trying to break the STD stigma by publicly sharing her personal story. She joins us to discuss.

Stop Shaming Genital Herpes!

One in six people have genital herpes, according to the CDC, so why is there so much shame and silence surrounding the disease? Writer Ella Dawson is trying to break the STD stigma by publicly sharing her personal story. She joins us to discuss.

This Will Revolutionize How You Have Sex

Origami Condoms' new condom model is unlike anything you can find in convenience stores today. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, this new condom was designed to act as a loose-fitting sheath which moves with the natural movement of the body.

Auditor Announces Plan to Clear Rape Kit Backlog

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen announced an initiative Wednesday to clear the state's rape kit backlog.

Dude, Your Biological Clock Is Ticking

Hey guys, you hear that ticking? That's the sound of your biological clock. Yep, it's not just women who have to worry about the effects of father time. The List's Ariel Wesler breaks down what it means for men who want to start a family... now on The List.

Amorous Strangers Caught in the Act

When PDA crosses the line: The Doctors discuss the shocking story of two strangers who started brazenly "getting busy" outside a crowded California dress shop!

Seniors Get Involved in a Virtual Reality Erotica Experiment

See how a group of senior citizens reacted when they were introduced to the raunchy world of virtual reality erotica! (Footage courtesy of Complex Media Inc. )

Identifying Symptoms of Syphilis

Did you know syphilis can infect your eyes? The Doctors discuss rising rates of ocular syphilis, symptoms to look out for and the importance of diagnosing and treating the sexually transmitted disease early.

Sperm Switched: Man Sues His Wife for Switching Sperm in IVF

The Doctors discuss reports that a man is suing his ex-wife to reclaim child support after he learned that her child was not his, and his wife had used her ex-boyfriend's sperm for in-vitro fertilization instead.

Miscontraceptions: Family Awareness Method Reconsidered

With humor, whim, and a little revival of sex ed, Miscontraceptions explores the filmmaker's journey off the pill into the Fertility Awareness Method. In this directing debut film, Moriarty investigates where this method of family planning fits in society and education. She goes on a quest to dispel misconceptions about using FAM as birth control and asks the crucial question 'Why don't more people know about this?'

Does This Victoria's Secret Ad Make You Uncomfortable?

A Saskatoon mother has started a debate on self-esteem and body image after her post of FB went viral.

What It's Like to Be Intersex

Guess which one of us has testes?

Sex 500 Times a Day? No Way!

Kim Kardashian claims she and hubby Kanye West are having sex 500 times a day to try to conceive baby No. 2. The Doctors reveal how often you really should have sex when you're trying to get pregnant.

IVF Feud Hits the Fashion Industry

Celebrity fashion consultant and author Kelly Cutrone weighs in on the controversial statements made by designers Dolce & Gabbana regarding children born via in vitro fertilization.

Doctors Perform World's First Successful Penis Transplant

A South African medical team has risen to the occasion to claim the first successful penis transplant.

Attraction of Sex and Smartphones?

One in 10 Americans admits to using their smartphones during sex, according to one study. Find out why The Doctors say you should ban your phone from the bedroom.

What Happens When Men Use Viagra Recreationally?

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler joins HuffPost Live and explains what happens when men use Viagra recreationally.

The Male Version Of Menopause Is Real, And Here's How It Works

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler talks with Nancy about the male version of menopause.

Urologist Reveals The Perfect Size For Optimally-Performing Testicles

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler reveals the perfect size for optimally-performing testicles.

What Really Happens When A Man 'Breaks' His Penis

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler joins HuffPost Live to discuss what actually happens when a man breaks his penis.

The Truth About Men And Sex

Do we really know the whole story when it comes to men and sex? Dr. Abraham Morgentaler joins us to discuss his latest book "The Truth About Men and Sex" and what really drives the male species between the sheets.

The Truth About Penis Size And Men's Obsession With It

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler explains why men are so obsessed with the size of their penis.

Zara Larsson: No Excuse for Not Wearing Condoms

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson says men have no excuse not to wear protection after she took a picture of herself with a condom pulled over her leg, like a sock. The Doctors discuss average penis size and how men can find the right condom for them.

The Risks of a Natural Sperm Donor

The Doctors warn a college student who has sex with women to try to help them become pregnant about his likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Man Offers to Serve as a Natural Sperm Donor

Meet Kyle, a college student who is a natural sperm donor, which means he offers to have sexual intercourse with women who want to become pregnant. Plus, hear from a woman who is considering using Kyle's services.

Woman Considering Natural Sperm Donor

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks a woman who is considering using Kyle as a natural sperm donor if the discussion has affected her decision.

Gail Saltz Joins Marlo Thomas

Gail Saltz

Where To Get Good Sex Toys, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Where To Get Good Sex Toys

Watching Porn Together, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Watching Porn Together

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