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IVF Feud Hits the Fashion Industry

Celebrity fashion consultant and author Kelly Cutrone weighs in on the controversial statements made by designers Dolce & Gabbana regarding children born via in vitro fertilization.

Doctors Perform World's First Successful Penis Transplant

A South African medical team has risen to the occasion to claim the first successful penis transplant.

Attraction of Sex and Smartphones?

One in 10 Americans admits to using their smartphones during sex, according to one study. Find out why The Doctors say you should ban your phone from the bedroom.

What Happens When Men Use Viagra Recreationally?

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler joins HuffPost Live and explains what happens when men use Viagra recreationally.

The Male Version Of Menopause Is Real, And Here's How It Works

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler talks with Nancy about the male version of menopause.

Urologist Reveals The Perfect Size For Optimally-Performing Testicles

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler reveals the perfect size for optimally-performing testicles.

What Really Happens When A Man 'Breaks' His Penis

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler joins HuffPost Live to discuss what actually happens when a man breaks his penis.

The Truth About Men And Sex

Do we really know the whole story when it comes to men and sex? Dr. Abraham Morgentaler joins us to discuss his latest book "The Truth About Men and Sex" and what really drives the male species between the sheets.

The Truth About Penis Size And Men's Obsession With It

Dr. Abraham Morgantaler explains why men are so obsessed with the size of their penis.

Zara Larsson: No Excuse for Not Wearing Condoms

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson says men have no excuse not to wear protection after she took a picture of herself with a condom pulled over her leg, like a sock. The Doctors discuss average penis size and how men can find the right condom for them.

The Risks of a Natural Sperm Donor

The Doctors warn a college student who has sex with women to try to help them become pregnant about his likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Man Offers to Serve as a Natural Sperm Donor

Meet Kyle, a college student who is a natural sperm donor, which means he offers to have sexual intercourse with women who want to become pregnant. Plus, hear from a woman who is considering using Kyle's services.

Woman Considering Natural Sperm Donor

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks a woman who is considering using Kyle as a natural sperm donor if the discussion has affected her decision.

Gail Saltz Joins Marlo Thomas

Gail Saltz

Where To Get Good Sex Toys, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Where To Get Good Sex Toys

Watching Porn Together, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Watching Porn Together

What To Do And Not To Do If Your Young Children Masturbate

Young Children Masturbates

On Anti-Depressants And Cant Orgasm, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Anti-Depressants And Cant Orgasm

How To Bring Sex Back Into Your Marriage, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Bring Sex Back Into Your Marriage

If You Feel Too Stressed To Have Sex, From Dr. Gail Saltz

Too Stressed To Have Sex

Inconceivable In America: High Tech Treatments

As part of our weeklong infertility series, HuffPost Live takes a Deep Dive into high tech treatments. A panel of reproductive experts joins Alyona to break down all the latest medical options available to help couples conceive.

Can a Cervics Self-Exam Prevent Pregnancy?

OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighs in on cervix touching, an unconventional self-exam that proponents claim can prevent pregnancy.

Couple Gets Stuck Together During Sex

A shocking result of having sex in the sea: Learn how the motion in the ocean caused one couple to get stuck in an extremely compromising position!

Is Your Penis Normal?

There's all kinds of penises out there, you might be more normal than you think.

USA's STD Epidemic

Twenty million Americans a year are infected with an STD. The Doctors discuss the most common STDs and answer viewers' questions about how to reduce the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

The Pros and Cons of Genetic Testing for Embryos

Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, founder of the Fertility Institutes on Gender Selection and Family Balancing, weighs in on the benefits of using embryonic genetic testing.

7 Facts About Testicles That Will Make You Feel Weird

The poor beavers never had a chance.

Let's Actually Talk About Birth Control

Because we all have a lot of questions.

The Dangers of Old Wives' Tales' Birth Control Methods

Doctors found a surprising object growing inside a 22-year-old woman's vagina after she complained of abdominal pain. Find out what it was, and why she thought it would help prevent pregnancy!

Saving Yourself? How to Tell Your Loved One You're Still a Virgin

Dr. Rachael Ross of 'The Doctors' helps a 'Rachael Ray' viewer come up with the best way to tell her boyfriend that she's a virgin.

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