Quality Health Convenient Care & Rx Card

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The QualityHealth Convenient Care & Rx Card is designed for those of us who can't afford the time or costs associated with a traditional doctor visit.

  • Members connect with licensed doctors by phone or online.
  • Appointments cost between $30 and $55.
  • Doctors can order lab work and write prescriptions.
  • Every new member gets $75 toward medical care.
  • Members can also save up to 70% on prescriptions, no insurance required.

You don't need insurance, and you only pay for the services you need.

How Doctor Appointments Work

  1. Select the type of consultation you want
  2. Share your health history and your questions
  3. Discuss with the doctor

It's really that easy. Based on your appointment, the doctor may write an order for medication or lab tests when necessary, and your nurse care coordinator will be available to guide you through the next steps.

All physicians are board-certified, and supported by licensed nurses and registered pharmacists.

Additional Benefits: Discounts on Health Services

Another benefit to membership: Big savings. Our partner has negotiated significant discounts on the price of prescriptions, labs tests, imaging studies, dental and chiropractic visits, and even vitamins and weight loss programs.

These are available to members regardless of whether the order comes from a Teleconsult, eConsult, or a traditional doctor visit outside the program.

All you need is your QualityHealth Convenient Care & Rx card.