Leave Your Worries Behind

If you suffer from allergic rhinitis, you know all too well that when the trees, pollen and grass spring into full bloom, so do your seasonal allergies and all of the misery they bring. This can include sneezing, coughing and itching eyes, nose and throat. Therefore, you may be desperate to find a destination that is free of your biggest triggers and will allow you to relieve allergies quickly and easily.

Opposites Attract

Depending on the type of setting that appeals to you and the budget and time frame you can allot to your travel plans, you may want to try a simple rule of thumb that some allergists recommend. Some of them suggest when your symptoms are at their worst, you could consider heading to the opposite part of the country, where the climate, seasonal foliage and air quality will be a change from what your current conditions. For some people with severe seasonal allergies, this can provide a welcome, and often effective, intervention.

Explore Your Options

Here are some more specific suggestions of place you might like to visit when your seasonal allergies kick in:

  • Head for the mountains when the pollen in your neighborhood and the seasonal allergies that go with it is more than you can take.
  • Plan a ski trip. The snowy slopes are sure to be free from allergy triggers. Just keep in mind that if you suffer from asthma, breathing in the cold air while you ski can cause respiratory symptoms to flare.
  • Visit a desert location, where the hot, dry climate may be preferable to the plants, foliage and pollen that spark your allergic rhinitis symptoms.
  • Find your sea legs so you can cruise away to the middle of the ocean, where your seasonal allergies aren't likely to plague you.
  • Select a beach resort or a tropical island, where the sunshine, salty ocean air and beautiful setting may offer the perfect cure for your allergic rhinitis symptoms.[i]
  • Explore a big city, where you will be able to pass the time visiting museums, restaurants, and stores and engaging in a host of other activities, while at the same time escaping the brunt of your seasonal allergies.[ii]

Be Prepared

Regardless of where your travel takes you, it is always possible that your allergic rhinitis or other symptoms could end up going along with you. Therefore, it is essential that you be prepared. Be sure to bring any allergy medications, decongestants, nasal sprays and inhalers with you so you won't be caught unaware.[iii]


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