Allergies - Videos

Ticks That Trigger a Meat Allergy?

Learn about a rare meat allergy that can develop, as a result of a tick bite.

Should Mental Illness Be Treated Like Physical Illness?

Many healthcare plans cover mental illness and substance abuse disorders just like any other physical illness. However, there's still a stigma surrounding mental illness and the American Psychiatric Association is launching a campaign to discourage that way of thinking.

More Students Are Diagnosed with Food Allergies Every Year

The number of students dealing with "dangerous food allergies" is increasing and that means that school cafeterias have to adjust to the new reality.

Sinusitis: Sinus Therapies That Let You Breathe

Are you always sniffling and sneezing? At least once a year, more than 37 million people suffer from sinusitis. Most people can handle that, but when you're sinuses are jammed with fluids and germs all the time.. it's time to pick up the phone. Finding relief is usually done by trial and error.

Emma's Story: Growing Up With Anxiety

Emma Gray joins Caitlyn on set to talk about growing up with anxiety issues.

How to Detect Allergies Early

Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the importance of detecting allergies early in children.

How to Treat an Allergic Reaction

Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the importance of treating anaphylaxis.

How to Lower the Risk of Having Allergies

Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the ways to lower your child's risk of allergies.

How to Avoid an Allergic Reaction

Traci Mitchell with NAHU discusses the ways to avoid anaphylaxis.

Spring Allergy Secrets

It's spring, and if you can't stop sniffling and sneezing, you're not alone. 60-million Americans have seasonal allergies. We have the details on what to avoid to keep hay fever under control.

Mom Founds an Allergy Free Bakery for a Son with Celiac Disease

One in one hundred Americans have celiac disease. It's a digestive condition that leaves them unable to tolerate gluten. But that doesn't mean they have to give up bread and pasta they just need to know the secrets of how to cook gluten-free.

Food Allergy Versus Food Intolerance

Dr. Martin D. Fried MD, Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto - Pediatric Nutrition & Babies Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Med Ctr, NY - Pediatric Gastroenterology, talks about food allergy and food intolerance and how they differ.

NASA Air Purifier Could Remove Unwanted Pathogens

A new air purifier uses NASA technology to help get rid of airborne pathogens that cause allergies.

Why This Year Has Been Unusually Bad for Allergies

Expert on pollen counts explains why 2013 is an unusually bad year for allergies.

New Study Helps Kids Overcome Egg Allergy

For 15 million Americans what they eat could kill them. Find out how doctors are helping people beat a dangerous and common food allergy.

Top 5 Food Sensitivities

The differences between food sensitivities and food allergies are explored.

Taking Control Of Allergies

Allergists weigh in on the best way to stay informed on allergies. Also, hear some of the myths about allergies.

Is It Just a Summer Cold or Adult-Onset Allergies?

Runny nose, constant sneezing Do you have a summer cold or adult-onset allergies?

How to Tell If You Need Allergy Testing

Spring is here and so is allergy season. More than half of the American population tests positive to one or more allergies. So, how do you know if you need allergy testing?

Report Says Southeastern Cities Are Worst For Allergy Sufferers

The charm of a southern spring may be lost on those with allergies - as a new report ranks southeastern cities as the worst in the U.S. for allergy sufferers. Erika Edwards has more.

Walk Raises Awareness of Severe Allergies

Experts say severe food allergies are on the rise. This weekend, over 60 cities held walks to raise awareness of the condition.

Three Types of Allergy Treatments

Doctors are seeing a severe increase in allergy patients, due not just to a mild winter, but also the abundance of chemicals in the air and atmosphere.

What Is Hay Fever?

What is hay fever and when does it usually occur? Watch our video to uncover the secrets behind the roots of this summer spoiler.

How Can I Help My Son Deal with His Anxiety?

Skelley Skas discusses how to help a child out who has anxiety disorder.

Salt Therapy as a Possible Treatment For Severe Allergies

Some parents are using salt therapy as a natural remedy for their children's allergies.

Jerome Bettis' Shellfish Allergy

Former running back and future football Hall-of-Famer Jerome Bettis found out the hard way that he was allergic to shellfish. Learn more.

Allergic to Exercise?

Can you really be allergic to exercise? Learn about exercise-induced anaphylaxis.

Grass Allergies Are Hitting People Hard

It's allergy season, and grass is one of the biggest culprits.

How Meditation Cured My PTSD

US Army Veteran Stephen Lee joins Ricky to talk about how meditation cured his PTSD.

New Pollen Records For 2012 Are Causing Havoc Among Allergy Sufferers

As the warm weather slowly emerges, pollen counts are rising sky high, causing allergy symptoms to pop up as well.