Assistive Devices for Arthritis

Thanks to many products on the market, living with arthritis isn't as limiting as it used to be. These devices make daily tasks easier-from standing to cooking, bathing, dressing, walking and driving. We've rounded up some of the best:


Open-It Universal Opener: This is must-have tool for opening bags, cans, boxes, or containers. It has a "poke" for opening container lids and making holes in juice boxes, and a protected blade for openings boxes and bags. You can even use it for peeling fruits and vegetables.

The Freedom Dinnerware Scooper Plate with Suction Pad: This device helps people with restricted hand movement. It has extended rims so you can rest your hands, and is angled so that using utensils is easier. The no-slip base keeps plates in place.

Good Grips Utensils: These lightweight dining tools have large, soft rubber handles that mold to any grip and stay in your hands, even when wet. They can also be bent into different angles to avoid joint strain.


Toilet Safety Support: This product makes sitting or rising from the toilet a lot easier. Its sturdy steel design can support up to 300 pounds. It's a ground model so it fits snugly around your toilet seat with no complicated installation. Comes with cushioned arm rests and a magazine rack.

Safety Tub and Shower Bar: Standing and getting in and out of the bathtub is much safer with this bar. Two suction cups lock the bar onto smooth surfaces. A color-changing safety indicator alerts you when the bar is securely in place. To move or reposition the bar, simply lift the two levers to release the suction.

Swivel Tub and Wall Scrubber: Take the bending and straining out of bathroom cleaning with this aluminum pole scrubber. It extends 33 to 55 inches, and has a pivoting head and textured sponge that clean mildew and scum efficiently.


EaZy Adjustable Bed Rail: Want to reduce falls and ease getting in and out of bed? This is the only full-length bed rail. It can support up to 300 pounds and is easy to assemble. Dual safety straps secure it to the bed frame. It can be placed on either side of the bed and is collapsible.

The Raptor Reacher: This is a lightweight, flexible plastic reaching device with a hook-like extension. It opens to a width of 2 ½ inches and can be used to pick up items off the bedside table, in overhead closet shelves, or in lower drawers. It can snugly grip even small items such as coins. Good for use all around the home as well.


Wide Handle Couch Cane: This sitting and standing device can be attached to the side of any couch, large chair, or reclining chair. It has a wide grip that allows for various hand positions, and the height is adjustable, which helps achieve optimum balance. Anti-skid pads reduce slipping and floor damage.

Great Grips: If you suffer from arthritis in your hands or wrist take advantage of these soft, latex grips that attach to doorknobs or faucets. Just moisten with water and spread them over the faucet or knob. 


The Thermophore Arthritis Pad: Alleviate pain with this pad that converts moisture from the air into heat that penetrates your body. It soothes pain and stiffness, and improves circulation. It can be used on your bed or sofa for 20-minute cycles.

Medibeads Hand Wrap: Give aching wrists a heat-therapy treat. Put the wrap into the microwave for sixty seconds to create moist heat that penetrates your wrist joints, relaxes the muscles and reduces pain.


Car Caddie: If your knees make getting in and out of the car a challenge, this device that loops around your car window can help. It has a comfortable cushion grip and can adjust to your window's height so that it's at the perfect position to support you.

Easy-to-Reach Seat Belt Handles: Eliminate painful twisting and straining with these lightweight handles that extend a seatbelt by six inches. They easily snap over the existing seatbelt, so there's no complex installation. Their glow-in-the-dark feature makes them easy to find at night.


Upperhand: This handle attaches to your garden rake or snow shovel. It gives you more control and leverage and reduces muscle strain, especially in the arms. It can be attached to a wide range of garden tools.

Garden Seat Caddy: Arthritis can make kneeling in the garden impossible. This product allows you to sit instead. It's lightweight and has a caddy for all your trusty garden tools. It's also weather resistant so you won't need to worry about lugging it in and out of doors every time.