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Diabetes Caregiver Guide

If you’re caring for someone with diabetes, you understand the importance of proper disease management. For diabetics, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) suggests a 5 to 10 percent reduction of body weight, which can result in less reliance on insulin or other medications.

Easy Steps to Being Green

When George Clooney sports about in a Toyota Prius, or the Obamas install a swing set made from sustainable wood for Sasha and Malia, you know that the green trend is here to stay. You can make small changes today that make a big difference in the long run.

Could You Have Pre-Diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is just what it sounds like, a condition that precedes full blown type 2 diabetes. But how do you know you have it and how do most people find out? Unfortunately many don't find out until they have diabetes related complications like blurred vision and heart trouble.

Diagnostic Tests: Do you really need them?

When that nagging pain in your knee won’t go away, your doctor may recommend an X-ray to find out what’s going on. But you may have concerns about radiation exposure. Should you take the test? If you’re like most people, you’re reluctant to question your doctor’s advice.

What to Do if You've Been Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

Though you might be upset that you’ve been told you have high blood pressure, you should be glad for one thing: America’s “silent killer”—so called because about a third of the people who suffer from it are unaware that they have it—has fortunately tripped your body’s alarm system.

Can Pomegranate Extract Fight Arthritis?

It’s difficult and messy to eat. Its juice can stain your clothes or countertops. But these are minor nuisances to put up with so you can reap the benefits of the pomegranate fruit. A native fruit of the Middle East, it’s becoming increasingly popular in North America since gaining superfood status.

Recognizing the Signs of Hay Fever

This common allergic condition, which according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology affects about 20 percent of all Americans1sup>, actually doesn’t have anything to do with a fever or with hay. Rumor has it that the name simply originated when farm workers experienced seasonal allergies while out in the field during haying season.

Electronic Medical Records: Empowering or Intrusive?

Imagine that your doctor’s office is gutted by fire and all the patient files are destroyed. In an instant, it becomes clear just how important electronic medical records are to patient care. Some legislators and doctors believe that electronic medical records (EMRs) can reduce the cost of providing health care by the billions — savings that can be passed on to patients.

10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

Whether you call it soda, pop, Coke, or a soft drink, one thing is standard: it's not good for you. Even so, Americans, on average, drink more than 43 gallons of the stuff each year. That's over 5,500 empty calories a year. No wonder that drinking soda is connected with weight gain.

Can Crohn's Be Prevented?

Physicians and researchers are still trying to unravel the mystery of what causes Crohn’s disease. They have identified numerous genetic variations linked to Crohn’s, and believe certain lifestyle factors also contribute to a person’s likelihood of developing Crohn’s.

What Are the Symptoms of Crohn s?

The symptoms of Crohn’s disease mimic those of other gastrointestinal diseases, complicating an accurate diagnosis. Although Crohn’s patients experience many of the same symptoms, they may vary widely in frequency and severity from one patient to another.

The 411 on Crohn s Nutritional Deficiencies

Most of the food we eat is absorbed in the small intestines. Since Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease most often affecting the small intestines, people who have this disease have difficulty digesting and absorbing important nutrients (malabsorption).

The Lowdown on Natural Digestive Remedies

Digestive diseases are no fun. They prevent you from drinking regular milk or lying down after a meal. They send you to the toilet every hour or keep you from it for days. Whether they’re inherited, rare, common, or uncommon, they can be embarrassing to discuss and a hassle on your daily life.

Snapshot of Common Digestive Ailments

If you’re experiencing any digestive problems, it’s important that you see your doctor. Many are easy to fix, as long as you understand them. Here are five common digestive ailments. 1. Constipation. Bowel movement fewer than three times per week .

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