April 1-7, 2011 - Original Health Articles

What is Hemochromatosis?

Hemochromatosis, also known as hereditary hemochromatosis, causes the body to absorb too much iron from foods you eat. The excess iron then gets stored in your organs, especially the liver, heart, and pancreas, which over time can damage them and lead to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart problems, and liver disease.

Want to Live Longer? Commit to It

As most of us know, it's important to eat a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, avoid smoking, and reduce stress in order to live a long life. But there's another way you can extend your lifespan that has nothing to do with your daily health habits: get married and stay married.

New Device Helps Predict Asthma Attacks

Researchers now believe that a new, easy-to-use asthma predictor will give asthmatics a timely warning allowing them to stop an asthma attack before it begins. The New Asthma Device This hand-held asthma predictor, created by Siemens, is no bigger than a mobile phone.

Utilizing Yoga to Improve Your Mood

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or any other mood disorders, consider incorporating a few animals into your coping routine—animal poses that is. Cobra, monkey, cat, and cow are among the dozens of poses in a typical yoga practice. Although yoga advocates have long championed the physical and mental health benefits of yoga, the scientific community is slowly coming to the same conclusion.

5 Bad Habits that Cause Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Sometimes it's caused by a one-time injury. More often, back pain is a chronic condition caused by repeated irritation, injuries that don't recover properly, poor posture and body mechanics and simple wear and tear.

The Link between Chronic Pain and Obesity

It isn't news that chronic pain and obesity are two conditions that pervade the United States. New research is shedding some light on why. A new study in The Journal of Pain, published by the American Pain Society, reports that obesity and pain are also linked to family history and mood disorders.

Predicting if Cancer Will Spread

It's every cancer patient's fear that his or her cancer will spread and become more difficult to treat. Fortunately, new, innovative tools are helping physicians predict, with greater accuracy, whose cancers are most likely to spread. This could have important implications for treating patients.

12 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women

Having trouble getting in the mood? Given the stressful schedules and lack of free time that most people endure these days, it's hardly surprising that you lack the will or desire to be intimate with your partner. But you can feel amorous, sexy and ready for love without having to resort to pills or patches.

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