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Don't Let Diabetes Complicate Your Love Life

Only half of men and 19 percent of women with diabetes have raised the subject with their health care provider, according to a study in the journal Diabetes Care. The causes of sexual problems vary depending upon gender. For men with diabetes, especially if they are overweight or have type 2, the risk of having low testosterone levels is about twice as high as it is for those without diabetes.

5 Myths About Down Syndrome, Debunked

Meet Abby Braithwaite, the mother of two young children. Her oldest, Adara, now six, was just 12 hours old when Abby and her husband David learned she had been born with an extra 21st chromosome. Also known as Trisomy 21, the condition affects 1 in 691 live births and is the most commonly recognized genetic cause of intellectual disability.

5 Issues That Affect Aging Eyes

Age, heredity, medical conditions, sun exposure and other environmental stressors can all take a toll on your eyes over time. If you're lucky, the only vision issue you'll have as you age is adjusting to reading glasses. More serious conditions can affect your eyes, however, so it pays to see your eye doctor on a regular basis.

Adventurous by Nature or Addicted to Stress?

If you thrive on extreme living, tough challenges, and compulsive or risk-taking behavior that gives you something of a "high," you may have more than an adventurous nature; you may actually have an addiction. And the adrenaline that flows through your blood, feeding life on the edge, may be your drug of choice.

8 Symptoms That Mimic Menopause

If you're a woman of a certain age, you might assume all those weird symptoms you're experiencing are due to menopause. But what if they're not? What if you're too young for "the change," or what if you're a man? Many symptoms we often associate with menopause are actually caused by other hormonal, pharmacological or physiologic issues.

5 Things to Look for in an Online Pharmacy

When you buy medication online, you want to be sure you are dealing with a company that has a pharmacy license valid in the United States, Canada, or other approved country, and that the site has a verifiable privacy policy and transaction security. Here's how you can tell if an internet pharmacy is running a safe, legitimate business: Contact information, including address and phone number, should be available on the website.

6 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Arthritis

In the past, people with arthritis were advised to limit their physical activity and get as much rest as possible so as not to put any unnecessary stress on their joints. But years of research have shown that all this does is leave you less fit. Arthritis may limit your activity to some degree, but there's no reason for you to limit yourself any further.

4 Supplements for RA: Pros and Cons

If you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), you would probably try anything that promises relief from the joint pain, stiffness and swelling that are typical of the disease, and you would certainly want to try anything that might help halt its progression.

Nomophobia: Could You Have It?

Donna Talarico, who works in marketing at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA, realized she was addicted to her cell phone when it "died" and she had to leave it charging in her car. That night, as she listened to a band at a nightclub, Talarico found herself clutching a small rectangular box of crayons "for comfort" while she didn't have her phone.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Myths and Truths

Public health experts recommend that you protect yourself against germs that can make you sick. But if you find yourself taking this advice to the extreme by washing your hands repeatedly until your skin is raw and avoiding contact with others so much that this focus interferes with your daily activities, you could have a condition called obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD.

Can Worrying Lead to PTSD?

Anxiety isn't all bad. Being anxious can have a purpose. It can motivate you to be well prepared for an important presentation, test, or job interview. In addition, worry warts are often conscientious workers and make wonderfully attentive friends. But there's nothing good about excessive anxiety.

Is a Virtual Affair Real-World Cheating?

"A virtual affair is when a man or woman cheats by proxy," says Carole Lieberman, MD, author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.  "The person would like to have a real-life affair, but is just too scared at the moment.

How to Treat 5 Different Types of Migraines

Most migraines fall into one of two categories: Migraine without aura, also known as a common migraine. Migraine with aura, also known as a classic migraine. Migraines without aura can include any or all of the symptoms commonly associated with migraines:...

5 Great Things About Growing Older

Aging experts agree that these are some of the best reasons why you should look forward to getting older. 1. Wisdom and Intelligence "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." -Albert Einstein Despite dated research to the contrary, intelligence remains stable, and in some ways gets sharper, as we age.

Nuts: A Nutritional Superstar for Diabetes

Individuals who consume tree nuts on a regular basis reduce their risk not just for type 2 diabetes, but for metabolic syndrome and heart disease as well, according to researchers at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.  The study, funded by the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research & Education Foundation, was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

How to Prevent Nighttime Panic Attacks

If you've ever woken up in a complete panic, you know what a frightening experience it can be. Your breathing quickens, your heart feels like it is beating so hard it might come out of your chest, and you feel irrationally afraid. "I see this sort of thing all the time," says Carl Bazil, MD, director of the Epilepsy Sleep Division of the Department of Neurology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

Should You Trust Your Tap Water?

Water is one of the most abundant substances on earth and may be the most important. Human beings can't survive more than three to five days without it. Deprived of fluids the body's cells and organs rapidly deteriorate. As the saying goes: where there is water, there is life.

RA Pain: Does Where You Live Matter?

Experts believe that rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the chronic inflammatory, autoimmune condition that strikes the joints of people throughout the world, is the result of interactions between genetic factors and the environment. But exactly what role the environment plays is the subject of debate, and the idea that where you live might affect your symptoms first intrigued researchers in the '60s.

Arthritis Pain and Substance P: What's the Connection?

There are no perfect arthritis drugs, but ongoing studies that delve deeper and deeper into the source of chronic pain provide hope that someday there might be. Since pain is directly related to your nervous system, understanding how that system works can help you understand how medical researchers approach pain, and develop treatments to control it.

One Size Doesn't Fit All: An Individualized Approach to Hyperglycemia

If you have type 2 diabetes, you're certainly familiar with hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar. Hyperglycemia occurs when the body doesn't have enough, or is unable to use, insulin (the hormone that metabolizes carbohydrates and regulates the amount of sugar in the blood).

What Is Occult Primary Adenocarcinoma?

Approximately 3 percent of cancer diagnoses are Occult Primary Adenocarcinoma. Despite its ominous-sounding name, this diagnosis simply means physicians cannot determine in what part of the body a patient's cancer originated. It's more commonly called Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP).

Crunch on This for Better Brain Health

You may have heard of salmon and blueberries being referred to as "brain foods," thanks to their nutritional properties that help keep the brain healthy. Now a new study suggests that certain vegetables qualify as brain foods as well. Veggies—specifically crunchy, colorful ones such as celery, peppers, and carrots—contain a plant compound called luteolin, which works to tamp down inflammation in the brain that can cause problems with memory.

Breastfeeding in Public: How to Have a Better Experience

It wasn't long ago in the U.S. that breastfeeding simply wasn't done. In the '50s and '60s, the thinking was that formula was superior to the food Mother Nature provides. But today, the culture has changed, and breast milk is widely regarded as the best source of food for babies.

Is Commuting More Stressful for Women?

Crowded subways, packed buses, traffic jams, and busy schedules make commuting a stressful experience for many people. But a new study says it's especially anxiety-producing for women—more so than for men. Multitasking and Mental Health Generally speaking, men spend more time commuting to and from work than women, but travel affects women's mental health more.

4 Types of Breast Cancer

Cancer clinicians currently classify breast cancer into three basic therapeutic groups: oestrogen receptor (ER) positive, HER2 (breast cancer that tests positive for a protein called Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2), and triple negative, or basal-like, breast cancer.

The Facts About Oral Cancer

Oral cancers are the 6th most common cancers worldwide, and account for about 3 percent of all cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), about 52,000 people in the U.S. were estimated to be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2012. Oral cancer is twice as common in men and the incidence generally increases with age.

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