December 22-31, 2007 - Original Health Articles

10 Ways to Help Kids Lose Weight

Parents can help control their children's weight by fixing their lunches as often as possible and keeping tabs on their eating habits at school, nutritionists say. In fact, kids who have lunches prepared by their parents are 25 percent less likely to be overweight than children whose lunches aren't prepared at home.

The Top 5 Hospital Risks

We've all heard the horror stories: A patient recovering from heart surgery catches pneumonia, a nurse gives her patient the wrong medication, a woman goes in for a routine procedure and suffers anesthesia-related complications. Unfortunately, people checking into hospitals may face some serious health hazards.

Weaning Your Baby Off Breast Milk

Deciding when to stop breastfeeding your baby is a very personal decision, and it varies by mother. Some babies make the transition more easily than others. After your baby has switched to formula, another question will surface: When is it OK to introduce cow's milk? Because the choices surrounding breast-feeding and supplementing with formula are very personal ones, pediatricians and doctors usually preface their answers by stating that everyone is different.

5 Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

New Year's is a time for fresh beginnings and lifestyle changes. So, making resolutions and sticking with them may seem easy for the first few weeks of the year. Once February rolls around, however, willpower often lags, and New Year's goals generally fall by the wayside.

Healthy Diets vs. Fads

Have you heard about the latest diet trend? You drink nothing but cranberry juice for seven days and drop 10 pounds. The next week, you go back to your regular eating habits, and the weight miraculously stays off. It sounds too good to be true, right? That's because it is.

New Year's Resolutions That Really Work

Many people ring in the new year with the best of intentions. They resolve to hit the gym, improve their eating patterns, and kick their bad habits to the curb. But just a few weeks later, those resolutions are usually forgotten, and they've reverted back to their old ways.

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