February 1-7, 2009 - Original Health Articles

How Can Women Achieve Optimal Digestive Health?

It may not be dinner-table conversation, but sometimes what we eat at the dinner table can affect us in negative ways. If you've ever left a meal feeling bloated, or suffered from heartburn or pain, your digestive system may not be operating at top capacity.

Be Happy, Live Longer

We all have that one co-worker, friend, or neighbor who is constantly (and maybe even annoyingly) happy.  And while some believe that people are just born optimists, recent exciting studies have shown that happiness is learned-much like crocheting or table tennis.

5 Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

Even if heart disease runs in your family, getting it is not inevitable. There are many steps you can take to minimize your risk and live a long, healthy life, from making smart food choices to bumping up your exercise. So ditch the excuses, and check out this list: Burn as many calories as you take in.

Is It Time for You to Go Organic?

If you haven't yet jumped on the organic bandwagon, now may be the right time. More supermarkets than ever are carrying organic products, many under their own labels, and the selection of organic foods and other items has expanded greatly. But the array of products and labels can be confusing.

Detox Your Home for Your Health

Did you know that the air inside your home can be more dangerous than what's floating around outside? Since people tend to spend a lot of time indoors in cold weather, winter often brings with it a buildup of toxic particles inside the house. Think about it-you probably haven't opened windows in weeks, if not months, and you rarely leave the door ajar longer than it takes to bring in a few bags of groceries.

Is There Such a Thing as Brain Food?

In general, any food that's good for you is good for your brain. That's because nutritious foods that lower your risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes naturally encourage blood flow to the brain. Your brain, like the rest of your body, needs quality nutrients to work at its highest level.

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