February 22-28, 2013 - Original Health Articles

Bleeding After Menopause: What It Could Mean

If you've gone a year without any bleeding, then start bleeding again (even if it's just spotting), you're having what's called postmenopausal bleeding. While most of the time it's not a cause for concern, occasionally postmenopausal bleeding can signal serious health problems.

Arthritis Management: Nature Heals

Call it eco-therapy, nature therapy, environmental psychology, or a day at the beach, but no matter how you look at it, a closer relationship with nature can restore and enhance your mental and physical well-being when you're living with arthritis. What Is Eco-Therapy? Naturalists, eco-therapists, and environmentalists view eco-therapy as a relatively new form of psychotherapy.

Medical Billing: Five Mistakes That Could Cost You

Whether your bills are from a doctor, hospital, medical laboratory, or insurance company, it pays to double check everything and read between the lines. Take a little time to go over your healthcare bills as soon as they arrive, and address any discrepancies immediately.

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