February 1-7, 2015 - Original Health Articles

Battling Antibiotic Resistance: A New Weapon

If you develop a bacterial infection, your doctor will treat it by prescribing an antibiotic, a type of medication that kills bacteria or stops its growth. But over time, many types of bacteria have grown in strength and become resistant to antibiotic treatment.

The Food Cure: Prebiotics to Ax Anxiety?

Itís known that healthy gut bacteria promote good physical health, but the idea that prebiotics, non-digestible ingredients in certain foods that increase the activity of "good" bacteria in the stomach, could be good for your mental health is more novel.

Emerging Infectious Diseases: Is There Cause for Concern?

Thanks in large part to the ease and frequency of international travel, the U.S. has seen the emergence of several "new" infectious diseases, like Chikungunya and Ebola, which were previously seen only in other parts of the world. But not all emerging health problems originate in exotic locales, nor are they necessarily a major concern in this country.

Staph Infections 101

Infections from staphyloccus bacteria are common and usually minor, but they spread easily and, if left untreated, can cause serious health problems. Staph Bacteria and the Most Common Kinds of Staph Infections There are many different strains of staphyloccus bacteria, but staphylococcus aureus (staph aureus) is the most common.

Vibration Therapy (and Other Exercise Options) for Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes widespread pain, affects approximately five million people in the United States. The majority of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women, but men and children can be affected as well. Symptoms usually begin in midlife, but can appear earlier.

Drink Up: Your Guide to Tea

Every day new studies seem to pop up recommending tea as the perfect remedy to protect your health, reduce aging, and calm your mind, body and spirit. If that seems like a tall order in one little cup, itís time to learn more about the tiny leaf with big healing properties.

7 Habits of Happy Couples

This Valentineís Day, instead of truffles or champagne, how about introducing some small but valuable changes to help your relationship go from good to great? Habits of Healthy Relationships A heart-shaped box of chocolates or a dozen red roses are classic romantic gestures that can bring a smile to your loved oneís face.

An Ounce of Yogurt for Plenty of Diabetes Prevention (Plus 10 Tasty Options)

The smooth, creamy taste of yogurt makes it a refreshing treat, and the health benefits it brings could be sweeter than you think. Some scientists believe that in addition to being delicious and providing significant amounts of calcium, eating an ounce of yogurt a day could also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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