February 1-7, 2016 - Original Health Articles

Managing Multiple Medications

Are you having a hard time managing your medication routine? To ensure effectiveness and avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions, it's important to take each of your medications in the dose and at the time prescribed by your healthcare provider.

The 5 Worst Habits for Your Libido (And Some Better Alternatives)

In your fast-paced daily life, you may find sex taking a back seat to all of the other responsibilities competing for your limited time and attention. If this sounds familiar, you should know that itís important not to let your relationship with your mate fall by the wayside.

Does Juice Fasting Actually Work?

Juicing is promoted for everything from weight management to internal cleansing or "detoxing," but are there any real health benefits? Embarking on a juice fast means consuming nothing but freshly made fruit and vegetable juices for a given period of time, usually anywhere from one to three days, though websites promoting seven-day, ten-day and even longer fasts can be found online.

The 8 Best Habits for Your Libido

Having trouble getting in the mood for love? The fact is that your libido (your sexual desire) can vary, depending on the many factors, including state of your relationship and what else is going on in your life. "Most people in a new relationship experience high sexual desire for one another the first few months of dating," says Kristie Overstreet, a mental health counselor and sex therapist with the Therapy Department in Jacksonville, Florida.

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