January 22-31, 2009 - Original Health Articles

How to Control Your Heartburn Naturally

Some of us are obsessed with medicine. We get a stomach ache and rush to the doctor, screaming for a prescription; our throat hurts so we down an over-the-counter (OTC) syrup, all the while carrying on with our everyday lives as if the meds will miraculously cure us.

Stress and Heartburn: What's the Link?

If you wake up before sunrise, down a cup of coffee, rush to work, spend all day in the office, eat a large dinner, then lay on the couch watching TV before bedtime, you're like most stressed Americans. And if you suffer from heartburn, your lifestyle is almost definitely a contributor.

Medications for Your Allergy Symptoms

You're all too familiar with the discomfort that comes with an allergy attack all too well: the runny nose, red eyes, itchy throat and dry cough. These classic symptoms can prompt you to rush to your nearest drug store in search of relief, but the vast array of medications on the market today may be confusing enough to make your head swim.

Sleep and Heartburn: What's the Link?

Most people probably wouldn't rate getting enough sleep as the most important aspect of their life, but maybe they should. In addition to feeling rested and invigorated, studies have shown that a lack of sleep can increase your odds of becoming overweight, incurring an emotional disorder, and performing poorly in the workplace.

A Special Security Blanket for Special Kids

You Are Not Alone We all know that being a parent means overseeing and planning for our children's health, welfare, safety and happiness, both now and into the future. But being a parent of a child with special needs means all that and so much more.  It means understanding and providing for their specialized medical, educational, legal, and financial needs now, and as those needs continue to change in the future.

"Memory Matters"

As the nation faces an aging population and an escalating public health crisis related to Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) released its new research report entitled "Memory Matters".  This report shatters unsubstantiated criticism over the value and utilization of memory screenings; emphasizes the safety and cost effectiveness of these tools; and calls on Congress to develop a national dementia screening policy.

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