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Can Talk Therapy Provide Pain Relief?

Could talking it out help relieve your pain? According to recent studies, it might. It might also make living with chronic pain less challenging and debilitating. Pain is a subjective sensation that's experienced both in your head and in your body. Your brain incorporates your mood, state of health, anxiety level and other emotional components while processing pain sensations and transmitting messages about how to handle it.

How to Interpret Cancer Study Results

Consider these two headlines, which announce the same study results: New drug cuts cancer risk by 50% Drug results in 2% drop in cancer risk In this hypothetical study described by the Annie Appleseed project, 100 women take a new drug for cancer and 100 women take a placebo.

How Pets Can Help Your Chronic Pain Symptoms

Pet owners love their companions for a variety of reasons. But can having a pet relieve your chronic pain? In fact, studies have found that, yes, pets can help relieve many of the symptoms associated with chronic pain conditions and help patients live better lives.

Are Stylists Your Best Line of Defense Against Skin Cancer?

There's no question that the best way to beat skin cancer is to spot it early. Unfortunately, it's hard for you to see what may be growing on your own scalp or on the back of your neck. However, there is someone who already looks at that area carefully—your hairdresser.

Keep Hydrated While Working Out: 7 How-To Tips

You've been told your whole life that you need your eight glasses of water a day, and while how much one needs to take in is still up for debate, the truth remains that for optimal functioning, the body needs a consistent intake of water. For the average person, thirst should be your guide.

Well-Done Meat Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

In the study, lead author John Witte, PhD, professor at UCSF medical school and his colleagues compared about 500 men who recently had been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer to a cancer-free group. "Each participant filled out detailed questionnaires about their diets over the previous year, including the amount of meat they ate and how it was prepared," Witte wrote in an email.

10 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Kitchen Must-Haves

Want your kids to start enjoying the healthy meals and snacks you prepare for them? You may need to rethink your grocery shopping list. If you're buying the same items week in and week out, your child may be bored with your cooking. Switch things up a bit, nutrition experts suggest, by buying the makings for meals kids will love despite the fact that the meals are healthy.

Can a Heart Attack Occur Without Chest Pain?

How many times have you seen this act on TV? The character on the screen gets a glazed look in his eyes, stumbles, and clutches his chest as he slowly (and dramatically) falls to the ground. This is the classic Hollywood depiction of a heart attack. And while this scenario might accurately describe some heart attacks, it's not representative.

How to Choose the Right Birth Control

Half of all girls are sexually active by the age of 17 and menopause doesn't typically take place until a woman reaches 50, so there are a lot of years during a woman's life when birth control may be needed, according to the Associated Press. Yet choosing the right contraceptive can lead to confusion and uncertainty.

Emotional Benefits of Being a Working Mom

Several recent studies have demonstrated that working, especially part time, provides mental health benefits for women. A study in the December 2011 issue of the Journal of Family Psychology examined several aspects of well being in mothers who worked part time compared to those who worked full time or not at all.

Cancer Care Guide: Who Are the Doctors?

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is complex and multiple healthcare professionals play a role in providing comprehensive care to patients. Oncology Physicians Physicians are either medical doctors (MDs) or osteopathic doctors (OD) and many complete additional training in specific medical conditions, such as oncology.

Can Type 1 Diabetes Be Reversed?

Individuals with Type 2 diabetes are fortunate in that it's possible, with diet and lifestyle changes, to actually reverse the course of the disease. Even if they're unable to reverse Type 2, it's possible for them to avoid going on insulin by losing weight, watching carbs, and getting moderate exercise.

How Safe Is Your Child's Apple Juice?

Arsenic, a naturally occurring chemical has two forms-organic and inorganic. Organic arsenic which is found in our air and water supply, passes through the body quickly and according to the FDA, causes no harm.  Inorganic arsenic is more worrisome because it gets into the food supply via the use of pesticides, as an additive in poultry feed and from well water.

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