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The Biology of Weight Loss

What actually happens in your body when you try to lose weight? At one time, it was believed that weight control was simply a matter of balancing the amount of food you ate with the amount of exercise you got. Upsetting this balance resulted in either weight gain or loss.

Avoiding Overuse Injuries

"Mobility issues, or mobility impairments, are extremely common, whether temporary or permanent," says Kosta Kokolis, M.S., P.T., the founder and clinical director of Theramotion Physical Therapy Studio, which has multiple locations around New York City.

The Science of Hanger

Have you ever been so hungry that you felt cranky and irritable? If the need for a snack has brought out your inner toddler, you've experienced "hanger," hunger induced anger. We talked to registered dietician Alison Massey, Director of Diabetes Education at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore about what's prompting these episodes, why hanger only happens to some people, and how to avoid this unpleasant state.

Is It Better to Work Out With Music?

Forget the energy drinks—if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to enhance your next workout, how about turning on your favorite music to kick off the session? How Music Boosts Performance "The positive benefits of combining music and exercise are blatantly apparent, and have been known about for some time," says Scott Weiss, DPT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, the co-owner of Bodhizone Physical Therapy &  Wellness, PLLC in New York City.

Decoding 10 Nutritional Buzzwords

Are you tempted to buy foods with wholesome-sounding labels like "superfood," "all natural," or "energy-boosting"? Be careful: While these nutritional buzzwords sound good, the products themselves may not be all that healthy. That's because many of these terms have no specific legal definition, and can be used arbitrarily.

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