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Stenting vs. Bypass: What Are the Key Differences?

Questions of the heart aren't only for romantics and pop musicians. Cardiologists face plenty of them too. Of course, rather than ruminating on love, heart doctors have to weigh medical decisions that often have no clear right or wrong answers. One of their most common dilemmas is whether to recommend stents or bypass surgery to patients with severe coronary artery disease (CAD).

Update: Gum Disease, Heart Disease Connection

The link between periodontal disease and heart disease has been acknowledged by doctors for nearly a century. But the American Heart Association recently released a statement questioning the association between the two health conditions. According to the statement published in the journal Circulation, there is not strong enough evidence to support  the notion that treating gum disease can reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Low Libido? 5 Surprising Reasons Why

Evening rolls around, and once again, you have about as much interest in having sex as you do in ironing a week's worth of work outfits. It's not that you're angry at your partner. You simply aren't interested. Low libido can have many causes, including certain medications, a heavy load of unresolved conflict in a relationship, depression, and headaches are the classic reasons for saying, "Not tonight dear.

Age-Related Memory Loss for Men: What You Should Know

Having "senior moments" before you're a senior can be alarming. After all, everyone loses car keys and struggles with names on occasion. But if you notice a decrease in your cognitive abilities, experts recommend getting the problem assessed sooner rather than later.

4 Instant Energy Boosts

Everyone has natural energy peaks and slumps throughout the day. Ideally, you know when you work best and have scheduled your to-do list to reflect this, but sometimes life requires that we get things done even when we're feeling sluggish. 1. See the Light If you're stuck in a dark room, your mood may come to reflect your surroundings and you may feel grumpy and sleepy.

Low Testosterone: Causes and Treatments

Low testosterone is an unfortunate consequence of aging that currently affects about five million men. Secreted in the testes, testosterone peaks during puberty. Testosterone plays a role in hair growth as well as the development of the penis and testes.

Nightmares vs. Night Terrors: How Are They Different?

If your child or loved one suffers from frequent scary sleep disturbances, here's how to tell whether the problem is night terrors or nightmares and what you can do about them. Night Terrors Also known as sleep terrors, these are more common in children than adults.

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