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Nomophobia: 2 out of 3 Adults Have it, Do You?

Donna Talarico, who works in marketing at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, realized she was addicted to her cell phone when it "died" and she had to leave it charging in her car. That night, as she listened to a band at a nightclub, Talarico found herself clutching a small rectangular box of crayons "for comfort" while she didn't have her phone.

Could Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Also Prevent Depression?

Approximately 36 million Americans are eligible to take statins for the prevention of coronary heart disease, making them the most commonly prescribed medications in the country. Many of these drug names are familiar, such as Crestor, Lipitor, Vytorin, and Zocor, even to people who don't take them.

5 Lifestyle Changes for Coping With Chronic Pain

After your doctor tells you how to manage your medications, he'll recommend certain lifestyle changes to help you live better despite your chronic pain. It's easy to think the power to improve your symptoms is all in the pills, but it's really in the lifestyle changes that help you live well, support your body to heal, and promote your own well-being.

Back Pain Could Be a Sign of Depression

There's no greater evidence of the mind-body connection than when it comes to back pain and depression. Studies show that back pain can cause depression and depression can manifest as back pain. Find out what you need to know about back pain and depression.

Brain Freeze: The Science Behind It

Picture this: You're outside with the kids on a hot summer day. All you can think about is cooling down—so you reach for an ice cold drink or an ice cream. But the refreshment is short lived due to the piercing headache associated with "brain freeze.

How to Be a Healthy Father and Grandfather

Let's face it—men are notorious for avoiding the doctor and neglecting their health. Still, even though this may be true for most, it doesn't mean it has to be true for you. As a male, there are specific aspects of your health that you need to be cognizant of.

Can You Reverse Heart Disease?

A diagnosis of heart disease can be frightening. But did you know that with some simple lifestyle changes, you can get back on the road to better cardiovascular health? Follow these tips from Life's Simple 7 program, designed by the American Heart Association (AHA): 1.

Men: Please Take Care of Your Feet

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), nearly 53 percent of men ages 18 to 60 reported experiencing foot pain severe enough to hamper daily activities. Most of this stems from neglect. But this doesn't have to be the case. With a few preventative measures, you can avoid nauseating odor, itchy athlete's foot, and other foot afflictions.

4 Natural Cures for Jet Lag

The lethargy, fatigue, and moodiness associated with jet lag can make the first days of any trip almost unbearable. Even though it's a temporary disorder, jet lag can throw your internal clock for a loop which can make it difficult for you to bounce back.

Want to Stave Off Diabetes? Slow Down

Do you devour your dinner as if it were your last meal? It may be time to start slowing down. Individuals who eat at a fast pace have a 2.5 times higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to research reported in The Huffington Post. Researchers focused on the eating habits of 700 people, some without Type 2 diabetes and some newly diagnosed with the disorder.

Does Asthma Give You Bad Breath?

At one time or another, almost everyone has had to cope with a bit of halitosis—the technical term for bad breath. While most people associate such bad breath with poor oral hygiene or dietary choices, doctors now recognize that breath problems can be a big clue to asthma or other respiratory problems.

Should You Shake Your Salt Habit?

The body needs sodium. It helps regulate blood pressure and blood volume. It's also essential for muscle and nerve functions. The problem? If you consume too much, it can raise blood pressure, which increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. And it's easy to consume too much.

What Does Smoking Do to Your Heart?

If you're a smoker, nothing is likely to have as profound an impact on your health as putting out your cigarettes. Cigarette smoking accounts for more than 440,000 deaths in the United States annually with more than 135,000 of those related to cardiovascular problems.

Safety Measures to Prevent Asthma Deaths

You know the signs: wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing. When an asthma attack strikes, its presence can stop you in your tracks. A Highly Publicized Asthma Death One of the most publicized examples of this is the asthma death of 43-year-old journalist Anthony Shadid.

Midday Workout: 5 Freshening Tips

A growing number of busy fitness buffs are scheduling workouts for their lunch hours. The upside? Better health, less stress, increased productivity, and more energy that can keep you charged up throughout the rest of the workday. The downside? Sweaty hair, damp clothes, body odor, and not enough time to freshen up.

Which Supplement Could Ignite Your Allergies?

In recent years the medical community has become increasingly aware of all of the ways fish oil supplements can improve your health. But if you suffer from fish allergies, fish oil can put you at increased risk for having a reaction. That's why it's important to learn more about the pros and cons before you take your next dose.

Weathering Summer Asthma

Long sunny days and warm temperatures can be ideal for lounging on the beach, swimming, taking a long walk, and playing a game of tennis. Yet the fluctuating temperatures, high levels of humidity, air pollution, pollen, and the prevalence of other seasonal allergens can often be to blame for triggering a host of asthma symptoms.

Can French Pine Bark Treat Asthma?

While some experts are skeptical, other people swear by pine bark and believe that it brings a number of benefits including better control of asthma symptoms. Benefits of French Pine Bark French pine bark extract is often sold in a tonic form. It's said to have properties that help to relieve the inflammation that goes along with asthma and other common chronic conditions.

Should You Cook With Coconut Oil?

If you've visited your local progressive grocery store these days, you may have noticed something on the shelves next to the olive, peanut, and sesame oils—coconut oil. In addition to providing you with rich-tasting, fresh, and nourishing milk, the tropical coconut is a source of oil that proponents say lends a deep, nutty essence to foods that are cooked or baked.

Hives: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Hives are skin welts that can range from tiny spots to blotches that span a dozen inches in diameter. These welts often itch terribly, and are occasionally painful. Hives commonly appear in clusters and may be accompanied by skin swelling. Most hives go away within 24 hours, though new ones can form in their place.

The Best Foods for Better Skin

No matter what products you slather on, your nutritional habits will show up on your skin's surface. Include these foods in your diet to ensure that your skin gets the essential vitamins and nutrients to look healthy and beautiful. Avocados This super-source of vitamins A, D, and E helps preserve skin's moisture.

The Limits of "Good" Cholesterol

You eat well, exercise regularly, and take medication to keep your "good" cholesterol-or high-density lipoproteins (HDL) -at optimal levels in order to lower your risk of heart and stroke. But are you really protected? While living a healthy lifestyle is always essential, a new research study questions the specific health benefits of using medication to raise HDL.

Have Diabetes? How to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

While basking in the summer sun may be great for your mental health, it can be dangerous if you have diabetes. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of complications. Use sunscreen. "It's important to heed the basic sunscreen rules," says Donna Bilu Martin, MD, a dermatologist.

How to Help a Child Cope With Loss

Losing a loved one—or beloved pet—is one of the hardest parts of life, but death is a particularly tough concept for young children to understand. It can be confusing and frightening. Grieving is a process, and children take their cues from you.

Gluten Intolerance: Why It's a Growing Problem

You've probably noticed a growing selection of gluten-free products on your grocery store shelves over the past few years. An increasing number of people today seem to have trouble tolerating gluten—a substance contained in wheat and other grains.

Painkillers and Kidney Cancer: What's the Connection?

If you regularly take painkillers, you may be putting yourself at an increased risk of developing kidney cancer. Results of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, September 2011 issue, suggest that men and women who take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which include the over-the counter painkillers ibuprofen and naproxen, and the prescription Celebrex, are equally at risk, and the longer you use such drugs, the higher your cancer risk.

5 Habits That Hurt Your Ears

About 10 percent of the American population has a hard time hearing. And the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates one-third of adults ages 65 to 75 have significant hearing loss. Some have just a little trouble, like in noisy restaurants, while others are profoundly deaf.

Exercise to Reduce Heartburn

One of the main reasons people exercise is to lose weight, but fitness can also play a role in treating heartburn and acid reflux disease. "It's one of the lifestyle modifications that we stress," says David A. Peura, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville.

New Diabetes Gene Identified

If you're thin, you may think you'll never have to worry about getting Type 2 diabetes. But that's not the case. Lean people get the disease as well, and new research suggests that when they do, they tend to have a greater genetic disposition to the disorder than obese Type 2 diabetes patients.

Doctor Fears? Tips to Cope

It's normal to feel nervous about seeing the doctor or dentist. But what if it's preventing you from getting the medical care you need? Most people say their biggest medical fears are about pain, needles, being embarrassed or vulnerable, being judged, receiving bad news, appearing ignorant, or having to make big lifestyle changes.

Summertime Activities to Get Kids Moving

The vision of children spending summer break splashing in the lake or playing outdoors for hours seems to have been replaced by a more common scene: school-aged kids lounging in air conditioning and glued to a screen for much of their vacation. Of course, staying active over the summer isn't just a nostalgic ideal.

Eating Disorders: Not Only for the Young

When we think about eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, we usually think of young women and teenage girls. Health officials are now looking at an entirely different age group as a growing concern. It turns out, when it comes to eating disorders, all women (and men) are at risk.

Why Seasonal Allergies Are Good for Your Health

To understand the benefits of allergies, you need to understand how your immune system functions. When your body is working properly, coming into contact with various germs and substances should prompt your system to launch an attack to keep it from getting you sick.

The Brain Benefits of Concord Grapes

Like berries, grapes contain beneficial phytochemicals, plant substances that work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to protect body cells from damage and fight age-related diseases. The phytochemicals in grapes, known collectively as polyphenol compounds, have been associated with improved brain function in aging men and women.

The Hidden Dangers of Herbal Supplements

Bee pollen supplements are believed to help relieve asthma, allergies, stomach issues, and rashes, among other health problems, although there isn't much clinical data at the present time to substantiate these benefits. However, there are numerous examples of people without insect allergies who've suffered from an allergic reaction after taking bee pollen supplements.

3 Super Fruits for Diabetes

Can eating a sweet, juicy treat really lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes? Quite possibly. It appears that consuming more blueberries, apples, and pears may be linked to a decreased risk of developing the disorder, according to research reported by Reuters.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Look for Less

Need a fast, inexpensive way to boost your confidence? Try upgrading your appearance. When a woman feels confident that she looks her best, it bumps up her self-esteem in other areas of her life, too. But, you don't need to break the bank to finance your beauty boost.

Is Thermography a Good Option for Breast Cancer Screening?

Many women looking for an alternative to mammography wonder if breast thermography works for breast cancer screening.   Unlike mammograms, which look at the anatomy of the breast for lumps or masses, thermography is a physiological test: it reads the infrared heat radiating from the surface of the breast.

Does This Spice Promote Heart Health?

A simple household spice may have the power to protect your heart. Turmeric, a spice from Southeast Asia, has long been touted as having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine (which originated in India) have used turmeric extracts for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses.

Type 2 Diabetes: Benefits of an Intense Approach

The first line of treatment for an individual who's just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is often lifestyle changes (losing weight and exercising) and a prescription for metformin (the standard medication used to treat the disorder). But a new study from UT Southwestern is suggesting that intensive early treatment with insulin, followed by a drug regimen, can actually preserve the body's insulin-producing cells for several years after diagnosis.

Ticks and Meat Allergies Share a Surprising Link

Researchers now believe that a tick bite can lead to the development of serious meat allergies. Tick Bites and Meat Allergies While most food allergies occur when the body launches an attack against the protein contained in the offending foods, tick meat allergies work differently, according to scientists affiliated with the University of Virginia.

All About Orthotic Inserts

If you're living with arthritis pain or fatigue in your feet, custom-made shoe inserts can provide significant relief. Here's the scoop on what you need, why you need them, and how to go about getting them. What is an Orthotic? An orthotic is a custom-made, prescription shoe insert designed to correct the way you walk in order to relieve pain caused by any abnormalities in your feet that affect your walking pattern.

4 Ways to Beat Afternoon Fatigue

You know the feeling: heavy eyelids staring wearily at the clock that cruelly reads 3:00 p.m. Afternoon fatigue, otherwise known as the afternoon slump, is an all too common occurrence has become part of working life. What's Causing Your Tired Eyes? Disrupted sleep.

Your Guide to Canes, Walkers, and Wheelchairs

Mobility equipment may not be on your list of "must-have" fashion accessories, but using them can help relieve you of pain and give you more independence. You can use assistive devices to change your life in a very positive way. Only a relatively small percentage of people who suffer from arthritis ultimately require the help of assistive devices and age is often, but not always, a factor.

Should You Try the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet—it sounds like something our hunter-gatherer ancestors might have followed. In fact, that's exactly what devotees love about it. Although not as high profile as some other recent diet trends, the paleo diet has developed a definite fan following—if Meetup groups, dating web sites, and message boards are any indication.

Here's How Your Friends Influence Your Weight

Friends can be one of the biggest influences, especially when it comes to the way you eat. It's easy to indulge in just one more drink or a dessert if your friends are doing it, too. But can your friends also help you keep the weight off? Here are five ways your pals play a role in what you consume: They bring the party.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age

Are you giving your age the respect it deserves? Ask yourself if you're committing any of these eight offenses: Assuming that aging means accepting declining health or beauty. You hear it every day: "I'm not as healthy (pretty, vibrant, strong) as I used to be, but that's what you get with aging.

Gym-Free Ways to Get Fit

Maybe you're bored with the gym or you're looking for ways to cut costs. Maybe you prefer exercising outdoors or you're ready for something fresh. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to get fit without the gym. We've broken down our favorite workouts for city, beach, country, and suburb dwellers.

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