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5 Symptoms That May Not Be What They Seem

Some symptoms—like sneezing, coughing, congestion—are pretty obvious signs of allergies or the common cold. But sometimes even the most familiar symptoms can actually be caused by something completely unexpected. Below are five common symptoms that may look like one thing but could be the result of an unrelated diagnosis.

All About Meditation

All of a sudden, everyone seems to be meditating. Whether it’s for greater health and wellbeing, improved productivity or deeper spirituality, meditation has something to offer everybody—including you. Some people think that they can’t meditate because they don’t have time, they can’t clear their minds, or they don’t want to sit on the floor.

How to Detox From Sugar

Sugar makes so many foods taste good, but regularly indulging your sweet tooth could make you feel bad: Eating too many foods with added sugar can cause serious health issues, including obesity, elevated blood pressure, and a higher risk of diabetes. A sugar detox could be just what you need to jumpstart your health.

Your Metabolism: What it is and How it Works

You may hear the word metabolism all the time—especially when you're talking about your weight. But just what does it really mean? Metabolism is the set of body processes and chemicals that converts calories from the foods you eat into the energy you need to live.

Working Out Can Improve Asthma Symptoms

Are you worried that exercise could trigger an asthma attack? It's a not uncommon fear, and in the past, "There was a belief that people with asthma shouldn't do physical activity as it might trigger an asthma attack," says Simon L. Bacon, PhD, professor of exercise science at Concordia University in Montreal.

Mental Health by the Numbers

Do you know someone who's suffering from a mental health condition? Probably: They're very common, affecting millions of Americans. Some disorders cause chronic mild discomfort while others can have devastating, even fatal consequences. The good news is that there are effective treatments available for each and every problem.

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