June 1-7, 2015 - Original Health Articles

4 Questions and Answers About Kampo Medicine

Have your heard of Kampo? This Japanese integrative medicine relies on a variety of herbs to restore the body’s balance and treat a multitude of troublesome conditions. In this, it resembles traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), from which it originates.

A Food to Lift Your Mood?

Probiotics, the live bacteria and yeast found in yogurt, fresh sauerkraut, and other fermented foods—as well as dietary supplements—have long been known to support digestive health and immunity. Now, researchers have discovered that probiotics may also ease mood-related disorders, like anxiety and depression.

5 Healthy Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades From Around the World

If the sunny weather has you craving fresh flavors and new ways to spice up dinner without adding unhealthy fats and processed ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Try these five new recipes for healthy sauces, spices, and marinades from around the world.

Is This Common Household Appliance Threatening Your Kids’ Health?

You may believe you’re doing your family a service by investing in a dishwasher—not only are they a time saver, they're scientifically shown to be more effective than hand washing when it comes to removing bacteria from tableware, glassware, pots, and pans.

The Pain of Suicide: Preventing and Coping With Tragedy

More than 40,000 Americans commit suicide each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. That’s approximately 110 people every day. In this country, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death overall, but the second leading cause for young people between the ages of 10 and 25.

7 Fiber Myths and Facts

By now, you've probably heard that fiber is good for you, and maybe you've even made an effort to get your daily recommended amount. Fiber is the indigestible part of edible plants like fruits, vegetables, and grains that has been linked to numerous health benefits, including normal bowel function, lower cholesterol, balanced blood sugar levels, and even weight loss.

Are Your Supplements Safe?

Are dietary supplements part of your regular routine? You’re not alone; about 53% of Americans take supplements, mostly in the form of multivitamins, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But unlike conventional medications, dietary supplements are unregulated and often untested for quality.

The Food to Reduce Diabetes Risk?

Can eating ice cream and other high-fat dairy products reduce your risk of diabetes? A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals a possible connection between eating large amounts of full-fat dairy and preventing the onset of diabetes.

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