March 1-7, 2008 - Original Health Articles

Are You Learning From Your Mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But the way people deal with their errors is often vastly different. While some people dwell on their missteps or simply refuse to acknowledge them, others view their blunders as unique opportunities for self-improvement and personal growth.

How to Control Emotional Eating

When you're feeling sad, angry, or stressed, do you turn to certain foods to soothe your feelings? When you're eating, do you feel a sense of comfort that turns to discomfort after you're done? Do you eat when you're not really hungry, consume certain foods in secret, or binge when you're having a bad day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you're an emotional eater.

How to End a Friendship

Whether your buddy is behaving badly or you've simply grown apart, sometimes friendships must come to an end. But how can you conclude your relationship without starting a fight? The key, experts say, is to behave maturely, be as honest as possible, and follow a few strategies for a smooth transition.

Nixing Nighttime Binges

You finally get home from a stressful day at work. You're looking forward to eating dinner and watching your favorite TV show. After dinner, you sit down in a comfortable spot on your recliner or couch. Without even thinking, you grab some snacks and polish them all off before you head to bed.

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