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4 Healthy Dinners Under $5

Sure, we'd all love to be able to take our families out to a gourmet dinner night after night. The truth is, in these tough financial times, cutting corners is paramount. But fear not. Just because you're streamlining costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste—or your waist.

Dealing With Mental Health Issues During a Financial Downturn

The economy is scary. In the past few years our national mood has gone from optimistic to pessimistic. Salaries have been slashed, retirement portfolios have tanked, and many jobs have been lost. Those who still have jobs are often afraid that they will lose them.

How the Recession Affects Relationships

While investors are still busy trying to recover their losses, many couples are still reeling from the effects the economic downturn has had on their relationships. A survey commissioned by Caron Treatment Centers, one of the nation's leading non-profit addiction treatment centers, has shown that the economy has a profound impact on relationships-from decreasing intimacy to eroding communication.

How an Economic Downturn Affects Your Health

There's no doubt, America is suffering from the economic downturn. Stress levels are through the roof. Kitchen tables are groaning under the weight of too many bills. One of the worst side effects of the economy is what it's doing to our health. Here are six common reasons why health is placed on the backburner during difficult financial times: The Stress Factor When times get tough, our body does its best to hold up under stress.

6 Ways to Save $50 a Week

Now is definitely the time to figure out how you can save a dime—or, better yet, 500. Think of it like this: If you can hold on to just $50 a week, in one year you would save $2,600, which is a decent sum to feather your nest egg with. But if your budget is already tight, you're probably wondering what you can do to set side such an amount.

6 Ways to Save on Your Commute

It's not news that ever-rising gas prices can be a burden on your bank account. The average family spent $4,155 filling their tanks in 2011—that's 8.4 percent of the median family's income. Numbers like these are troubling at best and many are taking measures to cut down on their expenses.

Stay Healthy for Less

The worst economic climate in decades continues to take its toll on Americans. Most of the focus has been on the loss of jobs and homes, however, several reports indicate that the recession is also putting the health of workers and their families in jeopardy.

10 Sneaky Ways to Get Good Gas Mileage

Do you find yourself driving across state lines to cut the cost at the pump? Do you fill up on certain days of the week because you know it typically costs less? There are easier, more efficient ways to beat the upward tick in gas prices. The following ten steps can help you to gain a few extra gallons (not to mention save some much needed cash).

5 Outdated Fitness Trends

Exercise trends come and go and sometimes for good reason. Here are five fitness trends that have fallen out of fashion: 1. All Aerobics All the Time: When fitness videos first became popular, aerobics was all the rage. All you had to do was pop in your videotape, do your hour of cardio exercise in your living room and voila—you thought all your fitness needs were met.

The Best Workout for Your Body Type

Every body is unique, yet many people are frustrated that their one-size-fitness-plan isn't helping them achieve their goals. Mike Ceja, a sports therapist in Portland, OR, says, "Most people are a blend of two body types. That means they need to work in more than one fitness area.

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