May 22-31, 2015 - Original Health Articles

Statins and Diabetes Risk

If you take statins to lower your cholesterol, you may be putting yourself at a sharply increased risk for type 2 diabetes, says a new study. In fact, men on statins faced a 46 percent higher risk of diabetes than men who were not treated with statins.

The Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet?

You know that eating a balanced diet fuels your body—but did you know that making smart food choices may help keep your brain healthy, too? At least that’s the conclusion that researchers came to after looking at the connection between diet and Alzheimer’s disease, a neurological condition that causes memory loss and dementia.

A Vitamin for Better Bones?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease in which the cartilage and tissue around a joint break down and cause pain and loss of mobility. About 27 million American adults have osteoarthritis; the prevalence of this "wear and tear" condition increases with age, with sufferers typically noticing symptoms after the age of 40.

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