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Dirty Dining: 8 Steps to Cleaner Cuisine

Dining horror stories abound. Rats falling out of the ceiling, a deep-fried mouse found in a bucket of chicken, chewing gum discovered in a taco, employees not washing their hands after using the restroom. It seems everyone has a tale of something revolting that has happened at a restaurant.

Disgust - Can't Live Without It

We people eat some very disgusting things. Fish heads in Scotland, ox penises in China, pig intestines the American south, spiders in Cambodia, field rats in North Korea, cow kidneys in England, hog brains in the Ohio River Valley, cow tongue in Mexico, and even duck fetuses in the Philippines.

10 Naughty and Nice Holiday Cocktails

  Whether you're toasting at midnight on New Year's Eve, topping off a filling holiday meal, or simply raising a glass to good health, there's a good chance you'll imbibe a cocktail or two this holiday season. If you're washing down sinful treats with equally delicious beverages, you may have to worry about more than just tomorrow's hangover.

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