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Battling Frozen Joints

Why Joints Freeze The shoulder is actually the most moveable—and the most unstable—part of the body, so it is particularly susceptible to injury. Here's what arthritis patients need to know about frozen shoulder. A capsule of connective tissue encases the bones, ligaments and tendons in your shoulder.

Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis? The Differences You Should Know

One of the most difficult aspects of treating fibromyalgia (FM) is the diagnosis. This condition, which causes fatigue and widespread pain and tenderness, shares symptoms with several other diseases, particularly rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Both fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis affect women more often than men, and the symptoms vary from person to person.

Reduce Holiday Stress to Manage Asthma

Stress and Asthma If you find that all of your seasonal planning, socializing, and shopping leaves you gasping for air, it could well be that the stress of these and other activities could be causing your asthma to flare. The reality is that stress and asthma aren't ever an ideal combination.

Is Sciatica Caused by Herniated Discs?

Forty million people are estimated to suffer from sciatica. However, I believe that what causes the condition is often misconceived. In my experience,  I have found that the cause is often the result of a muscle called the piriformis impinging on the sciatic nerve in the gluteal region or buttocks.

Erectile Dysfunction May Be a Sign of Heart Disease

At some time in their life, all men will experience erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. Although erectile dysfunction is sometimes called "impotence," impotence refers to other problems that interfere with the sexual act, such as low libido, or lack of sexual desire, and problems with ejaculation or orgasm.

Understanding Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is a frightening experience. But a diagnosis of skin cancer may be particularly scary, because in many cases, the patient has limited knowledge about what contributes to the condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed malignant form of cancer in the United States, surpassing lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

6 Quick Hair Loss Treatments

Did someone forget to let scientists know it's 2009? In 2004 they boldly predicted that a cure for baldness would arrive in about five years, due to stem cells that could regenerate hair growth. Men (and women) suffering from baldness eagerly awaited the cure, but, as of now, there's no cure for hair loss.

What to Expect after a Stroke

If you've suffered a stroke recently, you are not alone. Each year, nearly 800,000 people--and about 55,000 more women than men--will have a stroke. Stroke is a sort of "brain attack" in which a blood clot blocks an artery from carrying blood from the heart to the body or a blood vessel breaks, cutting off blood flow to the brain.

Is This Metal Making You Itch?

If being allergic to money sounds far fetched to you, think again. Such an allergy does in fact exist—and it's triggered by the nickel coin. These silver five-cent pieces are created using a combination of metals, and one of these substances-nickel—can cause sensitive people to break out in an itchy rash called allergic contact dermatitis.

The Great Mammogram Debate

For years, it's been medical protocol that women get a baseline mammogram at age 35 and a yearly one starting at age 40. But recently the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), cited by the government as an "independent panel of experts in primary care and prevention," raised questions by issuing a recommendation that women between the ages of 40 and 49 not get yearly mammograms.

Does Being a Workaholic Jeopardize Your Health?

As more Americans put in 60, 70, or 80 hours at work each week, concerns about the health consequences increase. In some cases, workaholism fuelled by fear, a need for financial security, or even poor self esteem. Being a workaholic isn't all bad. In some cases, it results in products and services that benefit millions such as the light bulb or telephone.

Why Not to Settle in a Relationship

Tough times often make us choose or stay with partners we might not select when our lives are more stable. Increased family responsibilities and long hours at work leave less time and energy to meet new potential dates and mates. Furthermore the economic downturn puts greater financial burdens on singles and main earners.

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep Needs If you wonder how long your child should be sleeping each night in order to feel refreshed, it's important to know that this amount really depends on her age. We've broken down the ages below to get an idea of what the experts recommend for each childhood stage.

The Importance of Breakfast for Diabetics

Your mom was right. Breakfast is the day's most important meal, especially for those with diabetes. "Metabolically and nutritionally, breakfast can help with blood sugar control," says Ericka Arrecis, diabetes educator and registered dietitian at the Naomi Berrie Center for Diabetes at New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Managing Food Allergies Over the Holidays

Why Worry? Holiday season is a time to be merry, but for people with food allergies, you also have to be prepared for anything. The fact is that when you cook meals at home, you know exactly what foods you need to avoid and you can take complete control.

10 Simple Mood-Lifting Tips

Depression is one of the most common health conditions in the world. It ranges in seriousness from mild, temporary episodes of sadness to severe, persistent depression. Doctors say that for most forms of depression, symptoms improve with psychological counseling, antidepressant medications, or a combination of the two.

How Where You Live Can Impact Asthma

When it comes to asthma causes, researchers have identified strong links to some interesting factors, including where your neighborhood is situated, its proximity to traffic, and even the level of stress you encounter while living there. All of these variables can affect your children's chance of having respiratory problems.

Battling Chronic Lupus Complications

Lupus erythematosus, more commonly referred to as lupus, is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects about 1.5 million Americans. There is currently no cure. While significant advances have taken place in the treatment of lupus over the last two decades, some serious lupus complications can still occur.

Can Red Wine Help With Radiation Treatment?

Radiation is one of the most common forms of cancer treatment. You may receive radiation therapy along or in conjunction with other cancer therapies. Radiation therapy uses high-energy waves to kill or damage cancer cells so they cannot divide. Although radiation therapy is effective for many types of cancer, physicians often use it to treat head and neck cancers, breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer and Hodgkin disease.

The Digestive Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

If you think smokeless tobacco isn't as dangerous as cigarettes, think again. Numerous studies are showing similar health problems associated with smokeless tobacco as with smoking. There are two types of smokeless tobacco: snuff and chewing tobacco. Snuff tobacco is finely ground and is typically placed between the cheek and gum.

Battling Arthritis Over 40? 5 Ways to Feel Great Again

Life begins at 40--or so they say. But, when you're living with arthritis--and the subsequent pain, swelling and stiffness--you may feel closer to 80. Many people with arthritis manage to remain active, and to control pain and inflammation effectively even when they're over 40.

Can Vinegar Help You Drop Weight?

It dresses up your salads, puts the pucker in your pickles and now, researchers say, vinegar may help you fight body fat. Japanese scientists found that laboratory mice who followed a high-fat diet but were also given vinegar grew up to develop less body fat, than mice who were fed a high-fat diet that didn't include vinegar.

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