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What Are Your Depression Treatment Options?

It's normal to feel down after the breakup of a relationship, death in the family, or loss of a job. But when the feeling persists for several weeks or more, or isn't related to any identifiable cause, you could be suffering from depression, says Jeffrey H.

7 Health-Food Impostors

If you're trying to lose weight to improve your diabetes, you may think you're eating foods that will be effective in helping you meet your weight loss goals, while in fact, you may be indulging in snacks and sweets that only seem good for you. Beware these health halos: The following seven foods can potentially derail your best-laid plans for maintaining tight blood glucose control.

6 Tips for a Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen

You make every effort to keep your blood sugar in the normal range—you count carbohydrates, get regular exercise, and eat a healthy diet—but others in the household are sabotaging your stay-healthy efforts. Here's how you can stay on track when dietary minefields seem to be everywhere in your house 1.

How to Handle Bad Breath

While bad breath, or halitosis, may indicate a more serious health problem, it's often triggered by factors we can easily control. Here, five common culprits of halitosis. 1. Food. Some foods, such as onions, garlic, cheese, pastrami, orange juice, soda, sugar, caffeine, and certain spices release oils.

A Sweet Way To Lower Your Type 2 Risk

Want to lower your risk for diabetes? Grab a piece of fresh fruit—but steer clear of fruit juice. Individuals who eat at least two servings a week of whole fruit have a 23 percent lower risk of diabetes when compared with those who get less than one serving a month, according to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health reported in the Huffington Post.

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