November 1-7, 2015 - Original Health Articles

10 Ways to Help a Home Accident Victim Until the Ambulance Arrives

Home sweet home. It’s our go-to place for comfort, security and refuge. But it’s also a place where accidents can happen. Cleaning products, medication, electricity—even food and water—cause more unintentional injuries than you may realize. An astounding 31 million people are treated in hospital emergency departments every year following an unintentional injury.

8 Foods for Being your Healthiest After Menopause

While it is not possible to avoid menopause altogether, you can avoid or lessen some of the physical changes many women experience, including weight gain and the potential for osteoporosis and other health complications. Alison Massey is a registered dietician and Director of Diabetes Education at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Helping Your Teen Through Their First Breakup

It’s still probably your most vivid memory, your first love. The butterflies in your stomach, your first kiss, the heart-wrenching, tear-filled breakup. You survived, and so will your teen. With time, your son or daughter will be ready to explore other relationships.

Is Genetic Testing the Key to Better Skincare?

The latest development in skincare goes much further than skin deep. Several companies now offer genetic testing to help clients customize skincare regimes. The idea is to choose the most appropriate and effective skincare products and therapies by understanding your skin at the genetic level.

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