October 1-7, 2012 - Original Health Articles

East Meets West for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

An ancient Chinese herbal medication, used for centuries to treat fever and malaria, is finding a new purpose in a modern Harvard research lab. This could be good news for people living with rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions. Researchers at...

Your Checklist for Senior Safety and Comfort

When it comes to providing well-designed products and environments for older people, manufacturers have always focused on safety. While that is still the first and foremost consideration, physical and emotional comfort is also becoming a priority. Many hospitals, emergency rooms, hospices, and senior housing facilities are building and modifying their premises to make life easier and more accommodating so their elderly patients can reside in safe and comfortable surroundings.

Why Does the Body Feel Pain?

Pain is your body's warning system that tells your brain something's wrong. It's part of your body's safety net that protects it in times of injury, illness, and trauma. While nobody likes feeling pain, imagine what might happen if you never felt the cut that's causing you to bleed profusely or the heart attack that's threatening your life? In both of these situations, pain is what grabs your attention so you can take immediate care of your body.

7 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Nearly all relationships—whether with your spouse, your co-workers, or your friends—go through some bumpy times. But sometimes, a relationship can be so toxic that it simply may not be worth continuing. Here are some tips for how to spot negative patterns in relationships.

5 Common Rheumatoid Arthritis Mistakes

The secret to living a healthy, productive life when you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is all in how you manage your health. But for too many RA patients, their management style leaves room for improvement. Check out (and be sure to avoid) these five mistakes many RA patients make.

His and Her Permanent Birth Control Options

When you are truly certain that you don't want to ever be pregnant again, permanent birth control may be worth considering. It buys you peace of mind, means you can be more spontaneous about your sex life, and can be a great choice for those who've completed their family.

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