October 1-7, 2014 - Original Health Articles

3 Popular Exercises to Avoid--and Ones to Perform Instead

Fitness magazines abound with exercises that promise to get you bikini ready or provide you with ripped abs. Still, not all exercises are created equally. In fact, some can increase your risk of injury. So, how can you sift through the hype and get to the exercises that actually work? We’ve collected three common exercises to avoid, and the beneficial movements to replace them with.

Lengthen Your Stride, Extend Your Life: 4 Tip to Jumpstart Your Running Practice

Good news for runners: a short jog every day could extend your life. In a recent study, runners had a 30 percent lower mortality rate from all causes and a 45 percent lower risk of dying due to cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) causes than non-runners.

Are You Ready to Eat For Life?

If diets have proven unsuccessful and exercise hasn’t helped you achieve your weight loss goals, maybe it’s time to put mind over matter. That’s the idea behind a wellness program developed by researchers at the University of Missouri.

Tests for Diagnosing and Monitoring Diabetes

For people at risk for or who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, blood tests provide invaluable information about how your body is using glucose (blood sugar). This helps physicians assess and treat the condition. Some blood tests will be performed infrequently, while some have to be performed every day or even several times a day.

PANDAS: A Puzzling Illness in Children

Most people take their child’s health for granted. But one mother recently learned the hard way that things can suddenly and dramatically change. It all began about a year and a half ago, when her previously healthy and energetic son Andrew suddenly came down with a severe sinus infection and flu-like symptoms right before his sixth birthday.

Breast Cancer by the Numbers

Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and thousands will die. It’s the most common form of cancer in women in the US, representing 14 percent of all new cancer cases. But the good news is that more people are living longer following their diagnosis.

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