September 22-30, 2011 - Original Health Articles

5 Key Nutrients for Bone Health

Your bones are the foundation of your body supporting you throughout your life. Just as you need to take care of your major organs, you need to tend to your bones in order to maintain optimal health. The best way to boost your bones, besides weight-bearing exercise, is to take in enough of the substances that strengthen and build your skeleton.

How to Cope With the Loss of a Pet

For many of us, a pet is a valued member of the family. In honor of the love, support, companionship and acceptance they show us, we celebrate their birthdays, buy them gifts, and provide top-notch medical care. We brag about their accomplishments, keep photos of them on our desks, and add their names to the holiday cards we send.

The Benefits of Small Group Fitness Training

Everyone needs a little push every now and then. That's what personal trainers and group exercise classes are for. But if you're tired of exercising in a crowd and can't afford one-on-one sessions with a fitness instructor, then small group training might be just what you need to kick your workout into high gear.

5 Ways to Ward Off Arthritis-Related Morning Stiffness

One of the most frustrating symptoms that arthritis patients must deal with when they wake up is stiff, aching joints. It can seem at times that the joints lock up overnight, making getting out of bed and preparing for the day very difficult. For some people, the process can take hours.

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